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					                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001

A. The History of the John H. Whitaker Place:
The John H. Whitaker Place is an affordable assisted living residence located in a rural area seven miles
north of Concord, New Hampshire known as Penacook. This assisted living is the successful
culmination of a community‟s collaboration and the state of New Hampshire‟s innovation to bring
assisted living to low and moderate income people. The project is a not for profit (501 (C) (3)) agency
and the Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders, healthcare providers, neighbors,
residents‟ family members and interested persons.

The Department of Elderly and Adult Services had initiated a Medicaid waiver program known and the
Home and Community-Based Care for Elderly and Adults (HCBC) for Medicaid recipients who were
eligible for nursing home placement. This program offers individuals the ability to remain living in the
community by providing supportive skilled and personal care services. The Department, with the
assistance of the Housing Finance Authority, issued a request for proposals in 1998. The request was
for “pilot” projects to implement affordable assisted living utilizing tax exempt financing for
development, housing assistance for rent and HCBC for services.

Providers and community leaders in Concord, recognizing the need for affordable supportive housing
with services in this area, formed a community collaboration and responded to the request to develop
the John H. Whitaker Place. Riverbend Community Health Center with the Elder Services program and
housing initiatives became the lead agency and the sponsor of this very comfortable assisted living

In the initial proposal for financing and development, the John H. Whitaker Place had to set aside half
the apartments (25 units) designated for low income, HCBC recipients. Riverbend had done extensive,
successful fundraising through grants to raise the additional needed capital funds to fulfill development
needs. In the final stages of program development, the Department of Elderly and Adult Services
decreased the number of low-income persons to eleven leaving thirty nine at “market” rate. Given our
commitment to serve low and moderate income people, we have kept the rents in these 39 apartments
well below market costs.

Opening in May, 2000, the John H. Whitaker Place won raves from consumers, providers and the state
as a “very beautiful, welcoming home”. Visitors compared the residence to the market rate assisted
living in the area and had difficulty believing that this was an affordable model. The eleven apartments
for low-income individuals were filled quickly prior to opening and the demand for these apartments
continues with a growing waiting list. Additionally, the John H. Whitaker Place, during its first year of
operation, partnered with the New Hampshire Nursing Home Transition program and added two more
residents to their low-income participants. The moderate (but below market rate) apartments filled to
90% occupancy by the first anniversary of operation and the marketing slogan of “Welcome Home”
became a reality to the residents of the John H. Whitaker Place.

As part of the collaborative spirit of this project, the sponsor, Riverbend, partners with the Concord
Regional Visiting Nurse Association to provide the Wellness Services of a full time registered nurse for
case and medication management and personal care service providers who are available twenty-four

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
hours per day. Additionally, Riverbend contracted with Covenant Health Systems, Inc., an experienced
assisted living provider to assist with development and the first year of operation.

B. Tenants:
The John H. Whitaker Place is currently home to people aged 58 to 96 years of age with an average of
81. Presently, forty women and eleven men are residents. The residence does not have a dementia
specific wing. Our residence is shared with Riverbend Elder Services, a community mental health
outpatient office serving older adults. They provide educational programs, counseling and crisis
intervention to the residents as well as the community at large.

Ninety percent of the residents receive assistance with the activities of daily living. The majority of
these residents also need medication management. Two independent residents require assistance with
medication management and the remaining residents live here because their spouse needs assistance.

The needs of the residents vary. Some residents need assistance due to physical impairments, mental
health impairments, chronic and/or acute episodes of long-term chronic disease processes. Most of the
residents have a complexity of needs, yet are “spirited” and are in charge in their decision-making.
Twenty of the residents have short-term memory changes. Four of the residents are in the moderate
stages of memory impairment, yet are doing very well due to the supervised, structured environment.
Family involvement and support is a major factor that enables even the frailest resident to remain
independent at the John H. Whitaker Place. Families are here for their loved ones and are active in the
various activities that take place. Two of the residents‟ family members serve on the Board of

Incomes of the residents: The John H. Whitaker Place is a low and moderate income assisted living
residence and presently the average of resident incomes is $23,336.00 annually. The residents‟ annual
incomes range from $6,360.00 to $64,531.00. The mean income in the Concord, New Hampshire area
is $59,090.00.

C. Rent Rates:
Include all utilities except telephone and cable. Low-income residents pay 30% of their income for rent,
and housing subsidies contribute the remaining funds. The rents are $505.00 per month.

Moderate Rents: See section D.

D: Service Rates:

Low income Apartments:

The service costs of $50.00 per day are paid by the New Hampshire Department of Elderly and Adult
Services Program of Home and Community-Based Care for Elderly and Adults (HCBC).
Moderate Rate Apartments:

Rates for moderate apartments include services and rent. It is in a “bundled” package of services.

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
                                                        Ma 2000     Ma 2001
 Studio Apartments                                     $1950.00     $2048.00
 One Bedroom Apartments                                $2450.00     $2573.00
 Two Bedroom Apartments                                $2750.00     $2888.00

There is no apartment selection criteria based upon income abilities. Therefore, residents are placed in
an apartment that fits their needs. Residents are not able to discern low income from moderate rate

E. The Affordability of the John H. Whitaker Place:
Twenty-six percent of the residents are low-income individuals that are on Medicaid. These individuals
are assessed as being eligible for nursing home placement and may receive up to one hour a day of
personal care and skilled nursing services. The remainder of the apartments are for moderate-income
eligible individuals with incomes up to 175% of the median area income. All the residents meet the
requirements and fulfill income testing.

In the Concord, New Hampshire area, two other assisted living residences are in operation. Rates
include rent and services:

    1. A not for profit religious home which converted to assisted living:
       Rates range from a one room with a shared bath at $1600.00 per month to $2829.00
       Per month for a two room with bath.

    2. Market rate assisted living (traditional assisted living residence):
       Studios range from $2,785.00 to $3,150.00 per month.
       One bedroom ranges from $3,150.00 to $3,225.00 per month.
       Two bedroom ranges from $3,570.00 to $3,780.00 per month.

    3. Two additional residences for older adults are in operation including a CCRC, which admits only
       independent older adult and an independent living residence on the campus with a nursing
       home. Rates are not available for assisted living.

F. Development Costs:
See enclosure

G. Operational Costs:
See enclosure

H. Level of Services Available and Adaptability to Allow Aging in Place:

The John H. Whitaker Place is a 50 unit, accessible residence that is “elder friendly” with features of
adaptability of apartments to meet the needs of the residents as they age in place. Twelve apartments
were planned and constructed as fully accessible with thirty-eight adaptable apartments.

As an affordable assisted living, the residence was developed to meet the needs of frail older adults
with a variety of impairments. The building being accessible and barrier-free was essential as we have
adults in manual and motorized wheelchairs due to chronic disease processes such as muscular
sclerosis, kidney failure and physical impairments such as cerebral vascular accidents. Two residents
are totally visually impaired, most have hearing loss, two are on kidney dialysis and the majority are
                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
ambulating with walkers and canes. Our residents are like most assisted living residents, frail yet

The design of the building with a center elevator allows accessibility to all common spaces the central
core. Residents come from all wings into the central core to an open living room, adjacent dining
room, community room and library. This plan offers frail residents the ability to gain access to meals
and activities at very short distances. Resting benches are placed near the elevator and in the hand-
railed hallways. Escorting is part the John H. Whitaker‟s service package, but it was our intent to build
an assisted living so the resident would be able to get to meals and activities independently for as long
as possible.

The service package was also developed to meet the needs of the residents. The apartments were
planned with a kitchen including a two burner stovetop, microwave and full refrigerator, if residents
choose to cook their own meals. We offer a continental breakfast, as well as offering an early dinner
hour for those residents who had not eaten a full breakfast.

I. Construction and Operating Subsidies Utilized:
The John H. Whitaker Place utilized low interest financing (tax-exempt bond) through the New
Hampshire Housing Finance Authority for development of elderly housing. In addition, a federal HOME
Loan was accessed in the amount of $600,000.00 and a developer loan was contributed in the amount
of $128,000.00.

J. Quality of Common Rooms:
John H. Whitaker Place chose “Welcome Home” as our marketing logo. The project was planned to
offer the resident a warm, inviting atmosphere that was welcoming, attractive and comfortable. We
wanted the residence to be nice but not overwhelming to people who had lived modestly most of their
lives. To quote Alice Madsen, a resident, “The dictionary defines home as „one‟s residence in a
congenial environment‟. I searched for other meanings starting with the letter H: Habitat, Hacienda,
Hang Out as your favorite place to be, Harbor, a place of security
and comfort, Hearth, we have a hearth here in the living room and it has been lit on cool mornings.
Next is the letter „O‟: Opportunity, a favorable combination of circumstances, time and place,
Octogenarians, people in their 80‟s, we have them here. The letter „M‟: Magnificent, splendor of our
home marvelous surroundings, just look around you, Mealtime, our chef and crew have provided great
meals and friendliness to all. By the way, we do not have assigned seats, so we get to know one
another and are never “clique-y”. Medical care has provided tender loving care with smile on their
faces. Merriment, we have had several trips in the van. We appreciate this vehicle and look forward to
Kim planning trips in the future. Last but not least, the letter E: exercise, which we do sitting in a
chair. But still get the muscles limbered up. Entertainment, we enjoy videos on the large screen. We
have singing groups where we join in with the old “oldies”. That‟s not all but it gives you an idea of
why we call this place HOME!”

Horton Associates, the Interior Designer, worked with our limited interiors budget of $150,000.00 to
furnish and equip the residence. The team was concerned that our new home was not scantily
furnished. The goal was to furnish the common spaces as attractively as possible while purchasing the
best quality of fabrics and “elder friendly” furnishings within our budget. Choosing furnishings that
would enable the resident to remain as independent as possible was the major goal. For example,
ease and safety when getting in and out of chairs/furniture was very important. Arranging furniture
and placing resting benches in areas that would enable the residents to rest, encourages the resident
to ambulate independently. A main staircase was added. Although a luxury item, the team felt the
staircase not only added a more attractive “homelike” setting, but would also encourage residents to
use the stairs.

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
Furnishings that were absolutely needed were purchased with the understanding that as the number of
residents grew we would have to add tables and chairs to the Community and Dining Rooms.
Additional bookcases would be added to our library as we grew our book collection.

With a limited budget, wall coverings were not a possibility, and Horton Associates chose a variety of
paint colors to add interest and enhance the natural lighting in the building. The effect of the various
paint choices added a variation to the rooms and pleasant change as you move from area to area.

Floorings were probably the most challenging part given our limited budget. Carpeting is expensive,
and hard choices had to be made again utilizing the best quality within the budget. Ready-made
patterned carpets were inland in the living room and dining room to give these high visibility spaces a
“special” or more expensive feeling.
Lighting was a consideration. Enhancing the brightness of the residence while adding a softness to the
walls was accomplished by adding a chandelier to the two story living room to match our “donated”
chandelier that was going in the open staircase that is utilized at all times by residents, family and the

Window treatments were chosen to add color and an “environment” to the various rooms. For
example, simple green and white drapes on wooden rings and rod added a traditional feeling to the
living room. While a box pleated valance in a stately plaid added dignity to the library. The huge
window areas in the Community, Dining Room and Solarium were treated with cheerful valances and
end panels, as we knew these rooms would be bustling with activity. All the
windows in the residence were covered with vertical blinds, so glare and brightness could be softened
to accommodate the resident‟s vision while giving privacy as it is needed.

To stretch our resources, we applied for funding from grants to purchase exercise equipment and a
whirlpool tub for the spa.

Accessories and artwork were kept simple. Major traffic and visibility areas were highlighted with
artwork that added to the décor. The team knew that additional artwork would be added over the

Visitors have raved about the wonderful sense of comfort and welcoming feeling that the interiors
accomplished. Most people never recognize a difference between the John H. Whitaker Place and the
market rate assisted living residences in the area. Our residents enjoy the comfort of their new home.
All of this was accomplished through the “sweat equity” of staff who spent considerable time
developing quality solutions given our limited budget and need to ensure affordability.

K. Quality of Residential Units:
The apartments were planned to meet the needs of the residents while offering privacy, comfort and a
feeling of enough space to meet their living needs. Twelve apartments are fully accessible and the
remaining apartments are all able to have the kitchens adapted for accessibility. Planning decisions
included the principle that most people prefer a separate bedroom from their living space. Forty of the
fifty apartments were prepared as one-bedroom units. The size of the one-bedroom units does vary
because architectural exterior extensions of interest were added features, which enlarged living space
that is enjoyed by couples living there.

The kitchen in each apartment includes: a two-burner stove top unit, microwave, cabinetry and a large
refrigerator. The area was planned with a small area leading to the living room that would
accommodate a narrow table and chairs so residents could enjoy a meal in their apartment or a cup of
coffee and the morning newspaper. Two meals per day were included in the Service Package so the
planning of the kitchen needed to be inclusive enough to allow the resident the ability to cook breakfast
or a snack. Space for a washer/dryer was incorporated into each kitchen. In the choices made during

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
cost cutting the project, washer/dryer appliances were not added to the space but the hook-ups were
available. These spaces have become very handy, large storage areas for some residents, including an
area for one resident‟s library. Washers and dryers have been added by only two residents as most
residents prefer the storage space with the convenience of a free community laundry only steps away.

Bedrooms are large enough to accommodate twin beds or a full size bed and chests. An emergency
response system is located in each bedroom. A night light is located just outside the bedroom in a
small entryway that is large enough to be furnished with a small table and lamp, chair or bookcase.

The bathrooms are elder friendly and equipped with safety devices such as grab bars, an emergency
response system, a large shower and separate small cabinet for storage. The bathrooms are very large
with an elevated water closet, a tilt mirror with a hung sink so the resident is able to sit while
accomplishing their activities of daily living. Lighting is bright and ventilation is provided.

L. Therapeutic Quality of Residential Environment:
The John H. Whitaker Place offers the residents, their families, staff and visitors a sense of warmth and
comfort even from Bourough Road. The residence looks like a big house and not an assisted living
facility. A brick end of the residence was added to the street side offering the eye that residential
feeling of a fireplace. An inviting front porch offers residents a cool spot on a summer afternoon and a
covered exit and portico to enter the bus or family car.

Safety and a feeling of comfort were our therapeutic goals. All exits are alarmed and coded as the
residence is located in a rural section of Penacook off the main road yet within a short walking distance
of a grocery, a post office, a bank, a pizza parlor and video rental. Residents and their families are
given keys to the front entrance, as they are encouraged to come and go at any time. Parking is
available for residents and their guests. Families are welcomed at any time and are encouraged to
drop by or come for any of the many activities that are planned.

The Resident Council‟s Activity Committee plans recreational activities seven days per week at different
times from morning to evening. Residents are not entertained, yet the programs give a structure to
each day and allow residents to gather at will or join a planned session. Residents are very much like a
family and very open to new people.

Residents are encouraged to continue the various activities in which they have participated throughout
their lives, church activities, luncheon groups, bridge clubs, etc. Residents, most who come from the
area, continue to maintain their lifestyle and thus friends, neighbors and families are very much part of
the fabric of the residence‟s everyday life. This factor adds therapeutic value to the residents, while
they maintain active and contributing lifestyles. One of the residents, a retired firefighter, visits the
firehouse just around the corner each morning to have
coffee and check up on the station.

M. Operational Efficiencies:
The John H. Whitaker Place was designed to be an elder friendly building. The physical plant, a wood
frame structure, was developed utilizing a center core extending into four wings and includes the
elevator. This feature accomplished easy accessibility for residents to enjoy the common rooms and
short distances to walk to their apartments. Located in the center core is the dining room, postal
services, community room, solarium, spiritual area, wellness center, hair salon and laundry area. The
office area for the personal care service providiers is also centrally located for easy access to resident

A full fire detection system is in place and all life safety codes are met. A full-time maintenance
director monitors all aspects of the plant systems and has a preventative maintenance plan in place.

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
Energy saving features include: R19 insulation in all sidewalls, R38 insulation on the cap,
programmable HVAC for efficient use of heating and cooling energy.

N. Life Safety Features:
This project included all local and state life safety requirements including emergency generator sized to
handle all critical circuits, including the heating system and critical kitchen appliances and walk-in
refrigerator and freezer. A full-sized elevator and emergency response system were installed for
resident safety.

O. Integration of the Project into the Community:
Most of the residents come from the Pencook/Concord area and are longstanding residents of the
community. Many have lived, worked and raised families here. We suggest to incoming residents that
they change their address but not their lifestyle. So, residents continue attending the same chruches,
attending the same luncheon/bridge groups, volunteer opportunities and their families drop by
whenever in the neighborhood.

Our doors are always open and the residents and staff have incorporated many civic activities into the
daily activities of the John H. Whitaker Place. The Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary and even the
City Council have met here. The staff, realizing that the residence is a community resource, co-
sponsors programs with other senior organizations and invites the local senior center to join all the

The activities have incorporated the local nursery school, Brownie and Cub Scout Troops, grade and
high school students either into the planned activities or they entertain for the residents. The goal of
the intergenerational programming is to provide the opportunity for better understanding between and
about the other generation. The residents love any program with kids.

The residence has become a volunteer experience for outside groups or individuals. In the fall and
spring, high school students work along with residents to clean up the outside area and plant for the
season. Residents, because they have always been active volunteers, continue to work on projects for
outside organizations such as the Home Care Corporation and other not for profit agencies. Residents
work on mailings, events and prepare holiday art projects for the local
pediatric unit of the hospital. Residents are contributing to the community and feel very much a part of
it. One of the resident is a volunteer at the state capitol building in Concord and never fails to market
her home to the various visitors.

Probably the funniest example of the John H. Whitaker Place being part of the community is the
participation of the residents and staff in the local holiday parades. The group is already planning on
the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving events.

The residents love to participate in local events and take part in all the outings to their favorite haunts
of the past and the places just opening. Being active in the community and having our doors always
open is a central theme at the John H. Whitaker Place.

P. Integration of the Project into the Local Health Care System:
The John H. Whitaker Place is an integral part of the healthcare system within the Concord, New
Hampshire region. An affiliate member of the Capital Region Health Care, the affordable assisted living
project was founded in a spirit of serving the community. Being part of a rural area and small town
feeling, providers worked together to develop a needed component for Penacook. This spirit of
working together continues. The John H. Whitaker Place‟s active mission of “caring” reaches beyond
the building, the residents and their families to include the local seniors and the community at large.

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
Recognizing that the John H. Whitaker Place is a community resource in a small town, the staff reaches
out to the community to provide space for health care promotions such as flu shot clinics, health
education programs and meetings for healthcare providers. The John H. Whitaker
Place sees itself as a project belonging to and for the community.

The service component of this project is a partnership with the Concord Regional Visiting Nurse
Association. This regional home health agency provideds wellness programs and personal care services
for the residence. Through this healthcare component, the John H. Whitaker Place extends itself into
the hospital and physician community through care management of the residents. Residents use most
services of the physician and hospital community. Our van transports residents to services and has
become a part of the fabric of everyday visits to the hospital and the community.

Q. Replicability of the Project:
The development and operational team strongly believes the John H. Whitaker Place is a project that
has brought such a sense of pride and ownership to its residents that is is indeed replicable and
particularly in a not for profit, community collaboration.

Many people were skeptical about this project during the development phase. It was felt that because
of the rural area and historically lower socioeconomic status of Penacook, the concept of assisted living
would not be accepted. People were concerned that older adult and their families wouldn‟t be willing
to make such a “bold” move or be willing to make this kind of financial commitment. This sentiment
proved to be incorrect and it further emphasizes the need for community leaders to come together and
work of projects that offer people a choice when they are unable to remian living in their own homes.
This project also demonstrates the need and the ability of people who had previously lived in
unhealthy, isolated living situations to be able to transition to the John H. Whitaker Place. This
transistion was a move into an unknown environment that not only offered services but safety, security
and the camaraderie of an active, caring family.

Replicating projects such as the John H. Whitaker Place meet many challenges due to ever climbing
costs of development, as well as operating within such limitied funding due to the affordable and
moderate charges.

Financially, affordable projects demand the continous support of many partners. The state agencies
need to provide a long-range commitment of funding for the services component in a community
setting. Support from local communities to continue the tax-exempt status on property allows
additional resources to be directed to capital needs and services to residents. Further, the commitment
and collaboration of financially and operationally stable healthcare and community agencies are needed
to continue their missions to meet the needs of the community in a financially unstable environment.
Staffing costs including salaries and benefits are a major challenge in any successful assisted living. In
an affordable project, these considerations are even greater with escalating wage demands that make
replicating this project more challenging. The staffing costs (wages and benefits) for this project have
increased 7% in our first year of operation. This, with the additional capital needs that were
postponed, has required grant writing to meet the financial need.

R. Significant Obstacles Your Project Faced and Overcame:
The two most significant obstacles that we need to conquer dealt with the question of mission and the
other dealt with the financing vehicle.
1. Our Board of Directors struggled extensively to commit to the risks and uncertainities of this
   type of program. Issues discussed included the expansion of our social mission, the
   economic benefits and community acceptance. Relative to the social mission, the Board
   accepted the fact that we would offer assisted living service to 25 very low-income residents.
   This was predicated on the fact that the State would be offering 50 such subsidies statewide
   and that only two projects were finalists. However, at the very last minute, we were

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
   informed that only eleven of the very low-income units would be made available to us. The
   Board again struggled with this extensively, yet decided that even benefitting the eleven
   residents would be more than the community currently had. At the same time, we have
   worked hard to keep the cost for the other 39 apartments well below market rates.
   In conjunction with this reduction of low-income residents, we lost our opportunity to receive
   a $440,000.00 grant from the Community Development Block Grant program. We had
   submitted our application and had gone through multiple hearings and notices as part of this
   process. Ultimately we had received notice from the funding agency that we had scored well
  (highest in the state). However, upon the reduction of the low-income benefit, our project
   became ineligible for the award.

2. The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority typically puts these projects together utilizing
   tax credit investment opportunities. As such, we would have needed to be a taxable entity.
   Without the tax credit financing, the NHHFA was reluctant to proceed with this project.
   However, by increasing the tax-exempt bond, receiving Federal HOME funds and by
   contributing some of the developer‟s fee to the project, we were able to complete the
   financing package.

S. Lessons Learned and Suggestions:
From the architect:
1. In the process of managing the John H. Whitaker Place Construction Project, we learned a
   great deal from the mistakes we made. One of the things we would do differently is to add
   involvement of a consultant specializing in the assisted living industry in the early phases of
   the design of the project. This is far from a standard apartment facility and the idiosyncrasy
   involved with the industry really does require an expert. Bringing someone on board after
   design is complete can be very expensive with change orders and design alterations.
2. If there is any possibility that the construction cost will excced the budget by a significant
   amount, pay to get the project estimated by a construction firm prior to the bidding process.
   If the contractor has to make design changes in order to meet the budget, the owner will lose
   approximately $.40 in value per $1.00 in cuts. It is much more advantageous to redesign
   before the project is put out to bid. The best approach is to assure a good match between
   the budget and the construction before the project is put out to bid.
3. If design changes are required to be made by the contractor in order to meet the budget after
   the bid has been accepted, make sure that the subsitutions are thoroughly thought through.
   More often than not, the contractor (or subcontractor) will offer a substitute design without
   thoroughly researching the effect and potentially added costs the change will have on other
   elements of the design.
4. Agree to a reasonable completion date from the start. Don‟t rush the project as frequently,
   expensive mistakes are made, corners are cut to make the deadline, etc.
5. Get a clear definition of what the “impact” fees will be, and whose responsibility it is to pay
   them. Our local governmental unit required us to pay for increased infrastructure costs.
   These substantial costs were not necessarily based on usage, but on the availability of
   services such as sewer and water.
6. Be exceptionally diligent intrying to anticipate the unexpected—surprises can be expensive.

From the Development Team:

1. Experience assisted living management consultant should be utilized early in project plan
   prior to mechanical design completion and bid.
2. Including certain features in the residence that increase/decrease staff demands should be
   discussed before initial phase of project is complete, i.e. number of common bathrooms that
   demand frequent cleaning.

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
3. Not to include the space for washer/dryers in each residential unit when space is limited in
   the unit.
4. Storage is an important aspect for residents moving into assisted living. These areas should
   be provided for either in the residential units or in adjacent storage rooms.
5. Increased parking spaces for frail and disabled residents in very close proximity to the front
   entrance of the residence.

From the Operations Team:

1. Cost cutting during the project should not include items that infringe on the safety and ability
    of the resident to be independent even if high profile equipment must be postponed (i.e.
    chandelier in living room).
2. Essential mechanical items should not be postponed until financial stability is reach if they
    impact the staffing needs of the residence i.e. computers, emergency response pendants.
3. The Executive Director should be brought on board at least six months prior to opening the
    project for marketing and program development.
4. A fireplace shoud be included in every project (as it was in this one) as it is an essential
    gathering place for residents and adds a great sense of warmth to the environment.
5. Incorporating the community room within easy access/proximity to the core of the residence
    has increased the utilization of this room from morning to night and makes it the heart of our
    home. Including a full open kitchen in the community room enabling cooking projects to be
    done in this area. A sink cabinet was added for the serving of coffee/food and activity
    storage and clean up. A refrigerator and range was not added as it was thought that it
    would not be used by the residents and would detract from the residential environment of
    the room.
6. Front porch seating shoud be included if prospective residents are from areas where porches
   are common. Residents of this project rarely utilize patios outside the community room and
   dining room because of sun/heat. They are much more comfortable on the front porch of the
   residence. Porch sitting doesn‟t not detract from marketing or the attractiveness aspect of the
   front entrance.

T. Letters of Support:
See enclosures

U. Biographies of Key Members and Contracts:
See enclosures

V. Award Proceeds:
The residents and staff of the John H. Whitaker Place hope to use the proceeds for the purchase of
video and photography equipment. Many wonderful activity programs have been recorded with a
“throwaway” camera with the wish that we would be able to records these events with a video and
slides. Recently, we had to borrow a camera to take pictures of an event because ours was not longer
operational. Both residents and staff at many events have said how wonderful it would be to see this
event again on video. A video camera would provide another activity for our residents, gathering
together and watching home movies.

                             John H. Whitaker Place
                           Penacook, New Hampshire
             Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
USES OF FUNDS                               ACTUAL COSTS
Acquisition & Construction
Land:                                       $220,000
New Buildings:                              $3,784.241
Site Work:                                  $0
General Requirements:                       $0
Contractor OH & Profit:                     $0
Construction Contingency:                   $173,259
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment:            $150,000
Impact Fees:                                $25,000
Offsite Improvements:                       $0
Van:                                        $0
Subtotal:                                   $4,352,500
Architectural & Engineering
Architectural Fee-Design:                   $150,000
Architectural Fee-Inspection:               $0
Engineering Fees:                           $20,000
Soil & Concrete Testing:                    $5,000
Subtotal:                                   $175,000
Interim Costs
Construction Loan Origination Fee:          $0
Construction Interest:                      $120,000
Construction Insurance:                     $12,500
Construction Counsel:                       $0
Clerk of the Works:                         $0
Permits:                                    $0
Inspections:                                $0
Subtotal:                                   $132,500
Financing Fees and Expenses
Perm. Loan Origination Fee:                 $63,250
Application Fee:                            $0
Tax Credit Fees:                            $0
Title Insurance and Recording:              $10,000
Transfer Tax:                               $2,250.00
Bond Premium:                               $0
Credit Report:                              $0
Lender Legal:                               $10,000
Subtotal:                                   $85,000

Other Soft Costs
Property Appraisal:                                $4,000
Market Study:                                      $5,000
Environmental Report:                              $3,000
Site Survey:                                       $3,000
Relocation:                                        $0
Legal Fees:                                        $45,000
Accounting Fees:                                   $0
Soft Cost Contingency:                             $25,000
Marketing:                                         $75,000
Insurance:                                         $12,500

                             John H. Whitaker Place
                           Penacook, New Hampshire
             Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
RE Taxes:                                         $15,000
Pre-paid TC Monitoring Fee:                       $0
Subtotal:                                         $187,500
Syndication Fees
Legal                                             $0
Accounting                                        $0
Syndication Fees                                  $0
Syndication Consultant:                           $0
Bridge Loan Origination Fee:                      $0
Investor Servicing Fee:                           $0
Organizational:                                   $0
Subtotal:                                         $0
Developer‟s Fee
Developer‟s Profit and Overhead:                  $530,000
Consultant:                                       $0
Subtotal:                                         $530,000
Project Reserves
Operating Reserves:                               $115,000
Replacement Reserves:                             $15,000
Rent-Up Reserves:                                 $465,000
Subtotal:                                         $595,000

Total Uses of Funds:                              $6,058,000

                                     John H. Whitaker Place
                                   Penacook, New Hampshire
                     Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
EXPENSES                      ANNUAL               COST              PUPM           COST/SF
                              COST                 PER
Management Fee                                     $659              $55            $1.36
Payroll-                                           $0                $0             $0
Administrative                $0
Payroll Taxes &                                    $0                $0             $0
Benefits                      $0
Legal                                              $25               $2             $.05
Audit                                              $100              $8             $.21
Marketing                                          $160              $13            $.33
Telephone                                          $160              $13            $.33
Office Supplies                                    $40               $3             $.08
Accounting/Data                                    $0                $0             $0
Processing                    $0
Investor Servicing                                 $0                $0             $0
Van Lease                                          $291              $24            $.60
Other                                              $0                $0             $0
Subtotal:                                          $1,43             $120           $2.96
                              $71,781              6

Maintenance                                        $360              $30            $.74
Payroll                       $18,000
Payroll Taxes &                                    $90               $8             $.19
Benefits                      $4,500
Supplies                                           $120              $10            $.25
Landscaping                                        $40               $3             $.08
Decorative &                                       $60               $5             $.12
Painting                      $3,000
Repairs                                            $40               $3             $.08
Van Maintenance &                                  $80               $7             $.16
Insurance                     $4,000

                                     John H. Whitaker Place
                                   Penacook, New Hampshire
                     Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001

EXPENSES                      ANNUAL               COST              PUPM           COST/SF
                              COST                 PER
Trash Removal                 $3,600               $72               $6             $.15
Snow Removal                  $5,000               $100              $8             $.21

Extermination                 $400                 $8                $1             $.02
Laundry Repair                $500                 $10               $1             $.02
Other Repairs &               $4,500               $90               $8             $.19
Subtotal:                     $53,500              $1,07             $89            $2.20
Electricity                   $42,000              $840              $70            $1.73
Oil                           $0                   $0                $0             $0
Gas                           $22,500              $450              $38            $.93
Water/Sewer                   $9,000               $180              $15            $.37
Other                         $0                   $0                $0             $0
Subtotal:                     $73,500              $1,47             $123           $3.03
Real Estate Taxes             $50,000              $1,00             $83            $2.06
Insurance                     $15,000              $300              $25            $.62
Land Lease                    $0                   $0                $0             $0
Subtotal:                     $65,000              $1,30             $108           $2.68
Resident Service
Nursing                       $295,609             $5,91             $493           $12.17
Staffing/                     $177,465             $3,54             $296           $7.31
Administration                                     9
Meals                         $114,252             2,285             $190           $4.70
Other                         $0                   $0                $0             $0
Subtotal:                     $587,326             $11,7             $979           $24.18
Total Annual                  $851,107             $17,0             $1,41          $35.04
Expenses:                                          22                9
Replacement                   $15,000              $300              $25            $.62`
Total Expenses and            $866,107             $17,3             $1,44          $36
Replacement                                        22                4

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001

     FY ’02 OPERATING BUDGET (approved by BOD 6/19/01)
INCOME                                  FY „02
Rental Income-HCBC Units @              66,660
Rental Income-Moderate Units            1,145,745
Service Income-Medicaid Units           198,000
Vacancy Rate of 6%                      (70,520)
Rental Income-Leased Space              24,576
Donations                               5,000
Interest Income                         13,000
Miscellaneous Income                    20,660
Total Income:                           1,403,121

Salaries-Kitchen                        95,844
Salaries-Housekeeping                   75,055
Salaries-Recreation, Activities,        44,996
Salaries-Administrative                 43,731
Health & Dental-Kitchen                 14,399
Health & Dental-Housekeeping            7,200
Health & Dental-Recreation,             7,200
Activities, Transportation
Health & Dental-Administrative          3,600
Life Insurance-Kitchen                  161
Life Insurance-Housekeeping             126
Life Insurance-Recreation,              76
Activities, Transportation
Life Insurance-Administrative           73
LTD Insurance-Kitchen                   623
LTD Insurance-Housekeeping              488
LTD Insurance-Recreation,               292
Activities, Transportation
LTD Insurance-Administrative            484
FICA Tax-Kitchen                        7,332
FICA Tax-Housekeeping                   5,742
FICA Tax-Recreation, Activities,        3,442
FICA Tax-Administrative                 3,345
Unempl. Tax-Kitchen                     144
Unempl.Tax-Housekeeping                 113
Unempl.Tax-Recreation,                  67
Activities, Transportation
Unempl.Tax-Administrative               66
Workman‟s Comp.-Kitchen                 479
Workman‟s Comp.-                        375
Workman‟s Comp.-Recreation,             225
Activities Transportation

                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
EXPENSES                                FY ‘02
Workman‟s Comp.-                        219
Contracted Services-Equipment           0
Audit Services                          3,500
Legal Services                          500
Property Management Services            35,078
Contracted Services-VNA                 307,656
Marketing Services                      15,000
Contracted Services-Trash               3,150
Contracted Services-Elevator            2,100
Contracted Services-Kitchen             1,500
Contracted Services-Snow                5,250
Contracted Services-Dietary             1,400
Computer Expenses                       7,600
Heat                                    15,000
Electricity                             45,000
Water/Sewer                             7,000
Building Maintenance, Repairs,          17,025
Maintenance Supplies                    12,860
Kitchen Supplies                        5,000
Telephone                               8,000
Postage                                 1,000
Office Supplies                         2,000
Office Machine Maintenance              500
Furniture                               (1,000)
Equipment                               (1,000)
Vehicle Lease                           11,820
Auto Repairs                            2,000
Staff Travel                            0
Staff Development                       1,500
Food                                    65,000
Professional Materials                  0
Dues                                    1,000
Books & Publications                    100
Advertising & Promotional               1,500
Printing                                1,500
Medical SVC/Supplies                    0
Professional Liability Insurance        0
Board Liability Insurance               1,194
Comp Prop Insurance                     2,132
Auto Insurance                          1,453
Property Taxes                          25,000
Activities & Entertainment              6,050
Depreciation Expense                    0
Replacement Reserve                     15,000
Principal Interest Expense              407,986
Miscellaneous Expenses                  500
                              John H. Whitaker Place
                            Penacook, New Hampshire
              Award for Excellence in Affordable Assisted Living 2001
Total Expenses                          1,359,507

Net Surplus (Deficit)                   43,614
Debt Coverage Ratio                     1.11


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