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					          Job Outlook?

          U. S. Dept. of Labor

According to the U.S. Department of
Labor, the Medical Billing & Coding field
is growing “much faster than average,”
and thousand of new jobs are created
each year.                                                                         Medical
There are many employment opportu-                                            Billing & Coding
nities for knowledgeable billing & cod-
ing personnel in medical offices, hospi-
tals and clinics around the country.
Skilled billing & coding personnel are in
high demand. In recent years, there ha
been a rapid increase in medical tests,
treatments, and procedures that will be
increasingly scrutinized by health insur-
ance companies, regulators, courts, and

                                              GRAY & ASSOCIATES, INC./
                                               THE LEARNING CURVE
                                                  710 W. Capitol St.
                                                  Jackson, MS 39203
                                                                              710 W. Capitol St.
                                                  Phone: 601-352-5321         Jackson, MS 39203
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     Medical Billing & Coding

        Program Overview                                 Admissions Process                            Medical Billing & Coding
The Medical Billing & Coding Program pre-          Application                                                Careers
pares individuals for employment in a medical      High School Diploma or GED                     Upon successful completion of this pro-
insurance billing or other medical-clerical        Career Counseling Session                      gram students may choose the following
position in a doctor’s office or clinic, or to                                                     occupations:
start their own home-based billing service.
For those individuals wishing to further their                                                        Coding Specialist
education in the medical field, this program                                                          Medical Office Receptionist
provides a firm foundation. They will under-                                                          Insurance Secretary
stand the importance of accurate, complete,                                                           Medical Information Secretary
and consistent coding practice for the pro-                                                           Medical Records Clerk
duction of quality healthcare data.

           Program Goals
Students in this program will learn to:

 Perform the day-to-day tasks associated
  with medical billing, medical coding and
  completing insurance forms
 Analyze medical records and assign codes
  to diagnoses and procedures                            Job Responsibilities
 Organize record to used for patient billing,                                                                Labor Statistics
                                                  Some typical tasks for the Medical Billing &
  insurance claims and account management                                                          According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor
                                                  Coding professional may include:
 Communicate with other healthcare per-                                                           Statistics, median annual earnings medical
  sonnel to clarify diagnoses or obtain addi-      Registering of patient information             billing & coding personnel were $28,850 in
  tional information, if needed                    Performing insurance verification,      pre-   May 2006. The middle 50 percent earned
                                                    authorization and referral tasks               between $24,080 and $34,970. The low-
This career-focused and fast track approach        Preparing and posting transactions on day      est 10 percent earned less than $20,140,
gives students the advantage of achieving these     sheets, charge tickets and patient accounts
                                                                        Phone: 601-352-5321        and the highest 10 percent earned more
goals within 4 to 6 months. A certificate is                 and
                                                   Coding E-mail:billing insurance claims         than $41,750.
awarded upon completion.                           Collecting patient payments and performing
                                                    collection activities                          For more information about this program
                                                                                                   call us @ (601) 352-5321.

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