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					                       Document For Analysis: Request Refusal

Your Task. Analyze the following letter. List its weaknesses. If your instructor directs,
revise it.

Current date

Ms. Ashley Puckett, Manager
Desert Design and Contracting
202 New Stine Road
N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

Dear Ms. Puckett:

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to convert the payments you have been making on
your Canon X1000 color copier toward its purchase, much as we would love to do so. We
understand that you have been making regular payments for the past 14 months.

We operate under a firm company policy prohibiting such conversion of leasing monies.
Perhaps you have noticed that we offer extremely low leasing and purchase prices.
Obviously, these low prices would never be possible if we agreed to many proposals such
as yours. Because we would like to stay in business, we cannot agree to your request
asking us to convert all 14 months of rental payments toward the purchase of our popular
new equipment.

We understand, Ms. Puckett, that you have had the Canon X1000 color copier for 14
months, and you claim that it has been reliable and versatile. We would like to tell you
about another Canon model – one that is perhaps closer to your very limited budget.

                         Document for Analysis: Favor Refusal

Your Task. Analyze the following letter. List its weaknesses. If your instructor directs,
revise it.

Current date

Ms. Lindsey Lazarovich
Strategic Marketing
309 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Dear Ms. Lazarovich:

I have before me your unusual request inviting my company to participate in your
research for a proposed article about “sales stars who are ascending.” Unfortunately, your
request involves salaries of young salespeople. As must be apparent to any clear-thinking
executive, we cannot accept your invitation to release salary information. Exposing the
salaries of our salespeople – regardless of how outstanding they are – would violate their
privacy, jeopardize their careers, and reveal insider information. Doing so might even
violate the law.

We do, however, have many outstanding young salespeople who command top salaries,
and we are proud of their success. Unfortunately, during salary negotiations several years
ago we reached an agreement. Both sales staff members and management agreed to keep
the terms of individual contracts confidential. We could not possibly reveal specific
salaries and commission rates.

Since your article is to focus on star performers, you might be interested in our ranked list
of top salespeople for the past five years. As I glance over the list, I see that three of our
current top salespeople are under the age of 35. We have a fact sheet about all of our top
salespeople, and I will include that sheet.

Perhaps you can include some of this information in your article because we would like
to see our company represented.

                 Document for Analysis: Saying No to a Job Applicant

Your Task. Analyze the following letter. List its weaknesses. If your instructor directs,
revise it.

Current date

Mr. Robert W. Margolies
9410 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45235

Dear Mr. Margolies:

Ms. Martineau and I wish to thank you for the pleasure of allowing us to interview you
last Thursday. We were delighted to learn about your superb academic record, and we
also appreciated your attentiveness in listening to our description of the operations of
Vortec Enterprises.

However, we had many well-qualified applicants who were interested in the advertised
position of human resources assistant. As you may have guessed, we were particularly
eager to find a minority individual who could help us fill out our Affirmative Action
goals. Although you did not fit one of our goal areas, we enjoyed talking with you. We
hired a female graduate of Ohio University who we had most of the qualities we sought.

Although we realize that the job market is difficult at this time, you have our heartfelt
wishes for good luck in finding precisely what you are looking for.

          Request Refusal: Thumbs Down on PDAs for Charleston Agents

George R. Hollings, president of Hollings Carolina Realty, is not keen on using
technology to sell real estate. As you learned in Chapter 10, Activity 10.8, he was asked
to purchase PDAs plus software plus monthly updates for all 18 sta ff members of his
firm. He did the math, and it figures out to be something like $6,000 for the initial
investment plus $4,000 per year for updates. That’s a lot of money for technology that
he’s not convinced is needed. He appreciated the tactful, logical, and persuasive memo
that he received from a talented agent requesting this PDA support. He wants to respond
in writing because he can control exactly what he says and a written response is more
forceful. His memo will also make a permanent record of this decision, in case agents
make similar requests in the future. The more he ponders the request, the more Mr.
Hollings thinks that this kind of investment in software and hardware should be made by
agents themselves – not by the agency.
Your Task. Put yourself in the place of Mr. Hollings and write a refusal that retains the
goodwill of the agent yet makes it clear that this request cannot be granted.
        Claim Denial: Refusing Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy Circus Refund

As manager of Promotions and Advertising, Five Flags Lake Point Park, you must
respond to a recent letter. Nataleigh Haggard complained that she was “taken“ by Five
Flags when the park had to substitute performers for Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy
Circus “Summertime Slam” performance Sunday, July 4 (see Chapter 10, Activity
10.21). Explain to her that the concert was planned by an independent promoter. Your
only obligation was to provide the theater facility and advertising. Three days before the
event, the promoter left town, taking with him all advance payments from financial
backers. As it turned out, many of the artists he had promised to deliver were not even
planning to attend.
        Left with a messy situation, you decided on Thursday to go ahead with a modified
version of the event since you had been advertising it and many would come expecting
some kind of talent. At that time you changed your radio advertising to say that for
reasons beyond your control, the Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy Circus bands would not
be appearing. You described the new talent and posted signs at the entrance and in the
parking lot announcing the change. Contrary to Ms. Haggard’s claim, no newspaper
advertising featuring Wounded Buffalo or the Pigs appeared on the day of the concert (at
least you did not pay for any to appear that day). Somehow she must have missed your
corrective radio advertising and signs at the entrance. You feel you made a genuine effort
to communicate the changed program. In your opinion, most people who attended the
concert, thought that Five Flags had done everything possible to salvage a rather
unfortunate situation.
        Ms. Haggard wants a cash refund of $150 (two tickets at $75 each). Five Flags
has a no- money-back policy on concerts after the event takes place. If Ms. Haggard had
come to the box office before the event started, you could have returned her money. But,
she stayed to see the concert. She claims she didn’t know anything about the talent
change until after the event was well underway. This sounds unlikely, but you don’t
quarrel with customers. Nevertheless, you can’t give her cash back. You already took a
loss on this event. But you can give two complimentary passes to Five Flags Lake Point
Your Task. Write a refusal letter to Ms. Nataleigh Haggard, 9684 Middletown Road,
Germantown, OH 45327. Invite her and a friend to return as guests under happier
                    Damage Control for Disappointed Customers:
                      J. Crew Goofs on Cashme re Turtleneck

Who wouldn’t want a cashmere zip turtleneck sweater for $18? At the J. Crew Web site,
many delighted shoppers scrambles to order the bargain cashmere. Unfortunately, the
price should have been $218.00! Before J. Crew officials could correct the mistake,
several hundred e-shoppers had bagged the bargain sweater for their digital shopping
        When the mistake was discovered, J. Crew immediately sent an e- mail message to
the soon-to-be disappointed shoppers. The subject line shouted “Big Mistake!” Emily
Woods, chairwoman of J. Crew, began her message with this statement: “I wish we could
sell such an amazing sweater for only $18. Our price mistake on your new cashmere zip
turtleneck probably went right by you, but rather than charge you such a large difference,
I’m writing to alert you that this item has been removed from your recent order.”
        As an assistant in the communications department at J. Crew, you saw the e- mail
message that was sent to customers and you tactfully suggested that the bad news might
have been broken differently. Your boss says, “OK, hot stuff. Give it your best shot.”
Your Task. Although you have only a portion of the message, analyze the customer bad-
news message sent by J. Crew. Using the principles suggested in this chapter, write an
improved e- mail message. In the end, J. Crew decided to allow customers who ordered
the sweater at $18 to reorder it for $118.80 to $130.80, depending on the size. Customers
were given a special Web site to reorder (make up an address). Remember that J. Crew
customers are youthful and hip. Keep your message upbeat.
                Credit Refusal: Risky Order for Cool Came ra Phones

As a CellCity sales manager, you are delighted to land a sizable order for your new T-
Mobile Nokia digital video camera phone. This great phone is too cool with its full-color
LCD, multimedia layer, speaker phone, and voice dialing.
        The purchase order comes from Beech Grove Electronics, a retail distributor in
Indianapolis. You send the order on to Pat Huckabee, your credit manager, for approval
of the credit application attached. To your disappointment, Pat tells you that Beech Grove
doesn’t qualify for credit. Experian Credit Services reports that credit would be risky for
Beech Grove.
        Because you think you can be more effective in writing than on the telephone,
you decide to write to Beech Grove with the bad news and offer an alternative. Suggest
that Beech Grove order a smaller number of the camera phones. If it pays cash, it can
receive a 2 percent discount. After Beech Grove has sold these fast- moving units, it can
place another cash order through your toll- free number. With your fast delivery system,
its inventory will never be depleted. Beech Grove can get the camera phones it wants
now and can replace its inventory almost overnight. Credit Manager Huckabee tells you
that your company generally reveals to credit applicants the name of the credit reporting
service it used and encourages them to investigate their credit record.
Your Task. Write a credit refusal to Jacob Jackson, Beech Grove Electronics, 3590
Plainfield Road, Indianapolis, IN 46296

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