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Itinerary Templates

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Creating contract itineraries from templates

This overview describes how to set up itinerary template(s) and use them to auto-populate the itinerary of a
contract. This function is used when soloist or conductor contracts have similar or repeating data and saves the
time/effort of manually typing in those itinerary items.

Step One – Create the Itinerary Template(s)
All itineraries must be attached to contracts and so to create an itinerary template you must first create a
contract. For the purposes of itineraries, the contract itself can and should be as generic as possible, containing
only a Project (typically ‘Administration’ or
something equally general), a Season (so that
the copy function uses only templates from the
appropriate season), and an Artist (for
example, your own orchestra). It’s also a good
idea to include a Title just to keep these
‘Itinerary Template’ contracts separate from
other contracts.

All other fields on the Main screen can be left

On the Itinerary screen for this contract, enter each of the items that comprise a typical artist itinerary. You can
include as many or as few items as you wish. Each collection of items will likely include air travel, ground
transportation, hotel information, conductor meetings, etc. – all those items or happenings that tend to repeat for
each itinerary you create.

For each item or activity within the itinerary:

    a. Leave the Date blank; you’ll fill that in when you
       copy the template into a ‘real’ contract
    b. Fill in the Time(s) only when they are consistent
       among all the itineraries you create. Otherwise,
       these too can be left blank
    c. Text, Address and Notes can all be filled in or left
       blank as required by the specific item in question

                                                              When finished, you’ll have a set of repeating itinerary
                                                              items assigned to this otherwise blank contract
Step Two – Assign the items from the template itinerary to a
‘real’ contract

In the Contracts area of OPAS, when you create a
contract for any Project:

Simply click the Function icon at the top left of the
OPAS screen. Select ‘Copy Itinerary from..’ and
click the Start Function button (top right of that

OPAS will display a list of all your contracts within that current season. Among those contracts will be your
Itinerary Template(s):

Select the appropriate Itinerary Template and click the green OK button at the bottom of the “Select Contract”

OPAS will copy the itinerary items from your template to the current soloist or conductor contract. On the Itinerary
screen, you then simply need to enter the proper Dates and Times for the activities.


    •   Important!! – Note that the ‘Copy Itinerary From…’ function replaces any itinerary items that may
        already be attached to the contract in question. So be sure to run this function first, before you add any
        other items to the itinerary!

    •   Remember that you can have as many different itinerary templates as you like (one for soloists, one for
        conductors, one for contracts that include run-outs, etc).

    •   Remember that the template is linked to a Season, so to make it available ‘next season’ simply change
        that field on the Main screen and save.

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