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									                               NORTH CAROLINA EDUCATION LOTTERY

The following position is available at the North Carolina Education Lottery. All candidates must complete
a North Carolina Education Lottery Employment Application. Completed applications may be mailed to:

                                        Employment Opportunities
                                      North Carolina Education Lottery
                                        56886 Mail Service Center
                                          Raleigh, NC 27699-6886

               Or, e-mailed to: NCELemployment@lotterync.net
The North Carolina Education Lottery (“NCEL”) is an at-will, Equal Opportunity Employer.

Executive Director: (1 position, Corporate): Position #60088334. The purpose of this position is to
lead and direct the overall operation of the NCEL whose primary purpose is to market lottery games to
raise revenue for educational programs as outlined in Article 18C of the North Carolina General Statutes,
also known as The North Carolina State Lottery Act (the “Act”). Oversee the operational functions of the
NCEL. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: make strategic business and policy
decisions pursuant to the authority granted by the Act and as delegated by the North Carolina State
Lottery Commission (the “Commission”); plan for current and future games, promotions, events,
sponsorships and other generally accepted marketing concepts to maximize revenue raised for
educational programs; oversee the information security of the lottery gaming systems; oversee, lead, and
direct the day-to-day operational activities of the NCEL, while ensuring the highest level of operational
integrity and security; supervise direct reports and a total staff of 200-250 employees; maintain ongoing
communication with the Commission between meetings in a manner designated by the Commission; work
in cooperation with lottery retailers, retailer associations, vendors and other state agencies in order to
achieve the NCEL’s goals and objectives; serve as primary NCEL spokesperson to the legislature, media,
and citizens of North Carolina; testify before legislative committees and/or meet with individual legislators
as requested or necessary; serve as primary liaison and representative for the agency with national
industry organizations. Education and experience: Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and 5+
years of executive level management experience preferably in a market-driven organization, or any
equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provide the requisite knowledge,
skills, and ability for this job; must be a strategic and logical thinker with strong leadership, organizational,
and motivational skills; must possess excellent communication (speaking, writing, listening, influencing)
skills; must have a general knowledge of finance, budgeting, forecasting, sales, marketing, and human
resources; knowledge and ability to work in a dynamic and politically sensitive organization where the use
of proper judgment and discretion is critical; ability to lead, collaborate and work with members of the
executive management team; ability to analyze business operations and make the appropriate judgments
or recommendations in complex situations under constant public scrutiny; ability to prepare written and
verbal operational reports and effectively present them to a variety of public audiences, including the NC
Lottery Commission, the NC General Assembly, and the Governor; ability to oversee and guide the NCEL
in an efficient and effective manner; provide effective leadership to direct reports in order to meet goals;
serve as head of the NCEL’s executive management team and participate in the strategic planning and
implementation process; and in collaboration with the NC Lottery Commission, participate in the
development of policies, procedures, and strategic planning for the agency as a whole. Salary negotiable
based on experience and current compensation package. All applications must be received by
November 15, 2010.

                                                                                                November 2, 2010
The NCEL is a drug-free workplace. Our pre-employment process includes: drug screening,
financial and criminal background check and fingerprint processing (depending on position).
Some positions require a valid NC driver’s license & satisfactory driving record.

Per North Carolina General Statutes §126, Article 7, your name, as an applicant for State
employment, may be disclosed pursuant to a public records request.

The North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL) and its authorized vendors will obtain a consumer
report and/or an investigative consumer reports which may include the following:
   Applicant’s employment records.
   Records concerning any driving, criminal history, credit history, civil record and drug testing;
   Verification of the applicant’s academic and/or professional credentials; and information
   and/or copies of documents from any military services records.
   The NCEL may utilize the results from such reports to determine a candidate’s eligibility for

                                                                                     November 2, 2010

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