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					Arkansas Emergency Medical
Services for Children Program
                Arkansas Department of
               Section of EMS & Trauma
                 5800 W. 10th Street, Suite 800
                    Little Rock, AR 72204

                  FY 2009 – FY 2010
                  Program Overview
Arkansas EMSC Program Staff
 EMSC Program Principal Investigator
              Brian Nation
      EMSC Program Manager
          Addie Grigsby-Roshell
       EMSC Medical Director
    EMSC Family Representative
•   Background
•   Program Mission
•   Program Status
•   Program Goals
•   Performance Measures
•   State Program Goals
•   EMSC Activities
•   EMSC Advisory Committee
           EMSC Background
• 1984 the U.S. Congress enacted legislation
  authorizing the use of federal funds for EMSC
• The Health Resource and Services Administration
  (HRSA) funds the EMSC Program through a State
  Partnership (SP) Grant
• States and U.S. Territories are eligible to apply for
  SP grants.
• State governments and accredited schools of
  medicine are the only qualified applicants.
• EMSC is ideally located in State EMS offices.
     EMSC Mission Statement
The EMSC Program is designed to reduce child and
  youth mortality and morbidity resulting from
  severe illness or trauma. It aims to:
     1. Ensure that state-of-the-art emergency medical care for
     the ill or injured child and adolescent is available when
     2. Ensure that pediatric services are well integrated into the
     existing state emergency medical services (EMS) system and
     backed by optimal resources.
     3. Ensure that the entire spectrum of emergency services,
     including primary prevention of illness and injury, acute care
     and rehabilitation, is provided to children and
     adolescents at the same level as adults.
        EMSC Program Status
• The Arkansas EMSC Program received an Award
  Letter from the EMSC National Resource Center
  (NCR) on the March 1, 2009 granting funds for
  the 2009 – 2010 fiscal year.
• The Wakefield Act HR 479 would authorized
  federal funding for the next 5 years; however, this
  bill has not become law…more information to
  come as provided by our national office.
            Program Goals
         (Performance Measures)
• HRSA requires grantees to report on
  specific performance measures related to
  their grant-funded activities.
• Purpose of EMSC State Partnership
  Performance Measures:
      * demonstrate national outcome
      * improve the delivery of emergency
        care to children.
         Summary of Performance
•   On/Offline Medical Direction
•   Pediatric Equipment on Patient Care Units
•   Hospital Recognition for Trauma/Medical Emergencies
•   Interfacility Transfer Guidelines/Transfer Agreements
•   Pediatric Education Requirements during Recertification
•   EMSC Advisory Committee with Required Members
•   Pediatric Representation on EMS Board
•   Full time EMSC Manager
•   Integration of Priorities into State’s Statues, Rules, Regulations or
    other Policy
     Arkansas EMSC Program
• Recruit / Hire Medical Director
• Reviewing Ambulance Equipment
• Hosting / Sponsoring Pediatric Medical
  Emergency Training
• Improve EMS Data Activities
• Improve Community Disaster Preparedness for
• Improve/Develop Pediatric Protocol and
           EMSC Activities
• EMSC Advisory Meetings (schedule attached)
• National EMSC Day – Wednesday, May 21, 2009
• Annual EMSC Program Meeting – June 9 –12,
  2009 Alexandria, VA
• National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center
  (NEDARC) Workshops
• EMSC Sponsored / Hosted PEPP Training
      EMSC Advisory Committee
Grant Principal Investigator         Emergency Nurse
Brian Nation                         Christine Duellman
EMSC Program Manager                 EMT
Addie Grigsby-Roshell                Garry Odom
State EMS Administrator              EMS Training Manager
David Taylor                         Danny Bercher
State EMS Administrator              School Nurse
Raymond New                          Margo Bushmiaer
Emergency Physician / Pediatrician   Highway Traffic Safety
Dr. Tonya Thompson
                                     Bridget White
Emergency Physician / Pediatrician
                                     State Hospital Association
Dr. James Graham
Emergency Physician / Pediatrician
                                     Don Adams
Dr. Mary Aikens
Emergency Medical Services for
How Are The
Emergency Medical Services for
The Children
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