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					ILR Programs Expand in 2007-2008

Agency Adds New Programs & Expands Partnerships

By Barry K. Quamme, ILR Executive Director

As you look around ILR, you may notice some new faces over the last six months.
ILR has already welcomed quite a few new people in 2008. We continue to expand
and diversify in response to community needs.

The Work Incentives Network (WIN) is a state-wide project operating out of
Centers for Independent Living. In May, we welcomed Jaime Head and Jay Dye to
WIN and hope to be able to expand with another position. The project helps
people with disabilities coordinate Social Security Benefits with the goal of
retuning to work.

In the winter, ILR also launched a new project with Vocational Rehabilitation
(VR) in the Portland Metro Area. Angie Smith is now a regular weekly presence
at each of the five tri-county VR Branches. There she provides
Pre-Employment Counseling and emphasizes Information & Referral to community
resources. Her work has resulted in a growing number of referrals to ILR for
more in-depth Peer Counseling. Much of the need focuses on applying for social
security benefits, as well as seeking affordable housing and health care

In the coming months, we will all get to know some other friendly faces. Debra
Jarcho is our new Records/Database Specialist. She is training with Gloria for
a couple of months before Gloria retires. We also have a new Independent Living
Specialist, Sarah Gerth, who joins ILR in August, as Christopher cuts back.

We are also fortunate to host various long-term volunteers through Seniors Make
Sense and internships. Marcia Lee is the STEPS Project assistant and also
welcomes people at reception periodically. Cyndy staffs reception in the
mornings and helps Kathryn with filing and clerical tasks. David Gordy is a
regular volunteer working to help consumers learn basic computer skills.
Kristin is a summer intern from Philadelphia’s Swarthmore College and is helping
advocate for consumers to attend ―A Roll in the Park‖ on September 27th.

As we add special projects, we open our doors more widely to a community in
need. As a result, more people seek services at ILR, general referrals go up
and overall demand increases. In order to meet these expanding needs, we will
continue to seek new and broader funding partnerships. Thank you for supporting

NW Independent Living Matters
is the quarterly newsletter of Independent Living Resources distributed to
consumers, families, professionals, and friends.
We welcome comments and articles. Submission deadlines are: 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and
Please send submissions to NWILM Editor, at:
E-mail:, or
Mail: Independent Living Resources
           2410 SE 11th Ave.
           Portland, OR 97214-5308

If you currently do not receive the NWILM we will gladly add you to our list.
Please let us know if you prefer this newsletter on tape, in Braille, computer
disk, or large print. Direct subscription requests or address changes to:, or call 503-232-7411.
NWILM is also available on-line. Go to to sign up.
Advertising in NWILM implies no endorsement of any product, service or
individual by ILR, its staff, or Board of Directors. Each advertiser bears sole
responsibility for the accuracy of their advertisement, and for any liability
that may result.

ILR Board of Directors
Steve Weiss………… President
Connie Kramer………Vice-President
Barbara Spencer……Treasurer
Roger Meyer…………Secretary
Matthew McClellan
Marc Pettibone
Sue Vonderheit

Barry Fox-Quamme, Executive Director

Cathy’s Corner
By Cathy Blahut, IL Services Coordinator; Our Resource Guru . . . is a wonderful resource database that provides
information about services, products, and healthcare needs. Among their
offerings is information to help find home health care workers and inclusive
child care. If a resource is absent from the database people are always welcome
to add it. DisabilityCompass also offers a newsletter that anyone may request.

Mobility International USA . . . empowers people with disabilities worldwide to
achieve their human rights through international exchange and development. This
Eugene, Oregon based organization has promoted international exchange for all
persons with disabilities since 1995. By promoting human rights they advocate
for all people with disabilities. You can contact them by calling 541-343-1284
(V/TTY) or

The Disabilities Mega Conference . . . held in Bend last May was a cross-
disabilities gathering where one could learn, share and be inspired. This three
day conference featured wonderful speakers and presentations for anyone touched
by disability. I am pleased to say that issues affecting people of all ages
were addressed. Issues such as safe transportation for children, accessible
public transportation, inclusion in preschool, guardianship, and living and
working overseas with disability all came to light. There were wonderful
presentations on Tourette’s Syndrome and Literacy among Deaf & Blind Children.
The Keynote speakers included:
Ollie D. Cantos VII, Special Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil
Rights, U.S. Department of Justice, blind since birth.

Andrea Friedman was born with Down’s syndrome and became a successful actress
and motivational speaker. She has appeared on television shows such as Law and
Order, and Life Goes On.

Bob Lujano is a quadruple amputee due to Meningococcemia, a rare form of
meningitis. He competed in the Para Olympics, and has won five U.S. national
championships in quad-rugby.

People Are Talking About STEPS
By Suzanne Huffman, IL Training Coordinator

Since March, 2007, ILR has trained over 300 participants (consumers and/or their
designated representatives) in this unique program. STEPS educates and empowers
consumers to be more effective employers of Homecare Workers. Here are some of
the comments participants in the program have offered:

Consumers Describe STEPS as . . . Worthwhile . . . Informative . . .Helpful . .
. Easy to Understand

I've been waiting for a program like this to come along.

I wish I had had this before I needed a HCW.

I like the forms you've developed.

It helped me understand that I have to take charge and do it in a positive way.

I really appreciate the trainer coming to my home to go over this info and being
so clear and informative.

This is a wonderful "set of tools" for a consumer of Home Care.                 Thank you.

The gift card is pretty sweet.       I recommend this training!

If you receive in-home services through the Client/Employed Provider (Medicaid),
State Plan for Personal Care (for people with physical disabilities,) Oregon
Project Independence, or Spousal Pay program, you can receive 1) Free Training,
2) Snacks & Lunch, 4) A Comprehensive Handbook and 5) A $25 Gift Card.

Find out for yourself how STEPS supports your independence! Attend one of the
Summer Workshops below:
To Register, and if you have any questions, please call Suzanne (503) 232-7411
or email
                              STEPS Summer Workshops

                        Tuesday, July 15th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
                       Tuesday, August 19th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
                      Tuesday, September 16th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
                               All at Independent Living Resources
                               2410 SE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97214

                          Tuesday, July 29th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
                                     Hillsboro Senior Center
                               750 SE 8th Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97123

New Faces at ILR!
New WIN Staff – Jaime Head & Jay Dye

ILR is pleased to announce two new staff, Jaime Head and Jay Dye. Jaime and Jay
fill our positions as Work Incentives Network (WIN) Information and Referral

As many of you know, the WIN project is a state-wide effort that creates
opportunities for people with disabilities to access information on work
incentives available through the Social Security Administration. The project
rolled out last fall and is housed in other Centers for Independent Living
(CILs) throughout the state.                                Jaime

Jaime and Jay will be available to assist consumers considering employment but
who are unsure how to proceed. They will provide information about available
incentives. Then, if consumers wish to take advantage of those incentives, they
are connected with our partner, Disability Rights Oregon (formerly Oregon
Advocacy Center) for a more tailored service.

Jaime and Jay each bring a rich background to these positions. They both have
sensitivity to the disability experience as well as backgrounds in the business
community. This combination makes them effective and compassionate advocates.
We are thrilled to have them on board! Welcome Jay and Jaime!

Independent Living Specialist (OVRS Project) – Angie Smith

In the winter, ILR launched a special project with OVRS. Each week, Angie Smith
spends 3-4 hours at each of the five Portland area Vocational Rehabilitation
Branch Offices – North, East, Central, Clackamas and Tigard. The project
focuses on pre-employment counseling and directs consumers to needed community
resources. Welcome Angie! You’re off to a great start!

Summer Intern   –   Kristin Caldwell

We are happy to welcome Kristin to ILR for a two-month internship for July and
August. A senior psychology major in the fall at Swarthmore College in
Philadelphia, Kristin is working about 20 hours a week. She is focusing her
work on learning about Advocacy at ILR by meeting with consumers and community
partners to expand participation in ILR’s 3rd Annual ―A Roll in the Park‖ set
for September 27, 2008 at OMSI Courtyard. The event is an opportunity to expand
awareness of ILR’s mission in the community and empower consumers as self-
advocates and community advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.

Computer Education/Reception                  –    David Gordy

ILR consumers are now studying computer software with volunteer David Gordy.
Look for David and his guide dog Haley as you are greeted at the reception desk
too, as he is splitting his time between the computer lab and the front desk.

Multnomah County Opens the Door
Housing Applications Open Briefly
By Lina Bensel, Independent Living & Housing Specialist

The Multnomah County Housing Authority of Portland (HAP) briefly re-opened its
waiting list for Low Rent Public Housing in June, but then closed again by July.
In the past, a tenant could apply to ―whichever opening comes up first.‖ In
June, tenants needed to choose a building—could choose as many as three—at which
to apply. Low Rent Public Housing charges tenants around 30% of their income for
rent. That amount may be lower if the tenant has significant medical bills, pays
out-of-pocket for a caregiver, is paying for childcare, or a service animal. Low
Rent Public Housing is owned and operated by HAP; Housing Authority is the

Other counties have their own Housing Authorities and maintain separate waiting
lists. For a booklet of housing properties you may want to call the Housing
Authority at 503-802-8300.   In the future, look for the possibility of a
lottery again for Section 8 Vouchers in the Fall of 2008.

Consumer Corner
“To Live Again”
By David Rieger

November 21, 1979 ~ I was driving to work on the freeway when I was hit head -on by a really drunk lady. We were both
going about 50 mph. The State, Oregon City, and West Linn Police came. The “Jaws-of-Life” got my body out of the
car. I was med-evacuated to Emanuel Hospital which specialized in blood transfusions because I had lost so much
blood. I wasn’t supposed to wake up; every bone except my spine and left arm were broken; my brain was badly
bruised. I was in a coma for ten weeks and in the hospital for ten months. But thanks to God, to my age, and to a quick
response, I survived at age 29.

Since then, I have had five other accidents with cars hitting me as a pedestrian ~ non e of them as serious as the first.
Presently, I walk with a cane, am blind in the left eye, and the right side of my body is paralyzed, and there are some
intangible problems with my thinking. I was in the Viet Nam War with no problems. Now I’m almost 58 and reflecting
back, I could be an Evel Knievel wannabe.

                         David attends ILR’s Crossroads Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group.

ILR Calls on Portland City Council to Preserve Disabled Parking Placards
In March    2008, the ILR Board of Directors called on mayors across our service
areas to    implement a moratorium on the implementation of a new Oregon law –
SB 716.     Implementing the law could result in restricted use of disabled parking
placards    and reduced access for people with some types of disabilities.

In June 2008, the ILR Board of Directors asked that a second letter be sent to
Mayor Potter. Below we endorse two of the eight findings that came out of a
task force studying options for implementing the law in Portland.

                                                                    June 12, 2008

Mayor Tom Potter
City of Portland
1221 SW Fourth Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Mayor Potter,

Earlier this spring, I wrote to you on behalf of the ILR Board of Directors.

In our capacity as advocates for the needs and rights of people with disabilities, the ILR Board of Directors
respectfully requested that the City of Portland implement a moratorium on the implementation of SB 716.

We asked that you take the time to study the negative implications of this bill and explore alternatives that
would preserve access for people with disabilities.

Thank you for taking the time to develop a task force and consider the issues.

At this time, we are writing again to ask that you and the city commissioners preserve the rights of people
with disabilities to reasonable access to the city.

In order to preserve these rights, we respectfully ask that you support the implementation of the following
task force findings.

        ENFORCEMENT – We support efforts to reduce abuse and misuse of the placard accommodation. We
        believe that if measures are taken to reduce the misuse of this accommodation, then the concerns
        of the business community will be addressed and that reasonable access for placard users will be

        EDUCATION - We also support educational outreach be taken. These measures would include
        outreach to the public through the Department of Motor Vehicles and the media, as well as outreach
        to the medical community to stress the need for caution in the issuance of suitable duration for
        We recommend increased parking enforcement and increased fines to reduce fraudulent placard
        use, as well as education about suitable placard issuance.
Our belief is that if the placard accommodation is used in the manner in which it was originally intended and
only by those for whom it was originally intended, most, if not all, of the concerns raised by the business
community would be adequately addressed.

We explicitly reject the task force findings below as steps that will harm people with disabilities by reducing
access and independence.

    1. Do away with the accommodation altogether for placard holders not using

    2. Limit accommodation to 3-4 hour time span. Tickets would be issued if placard user parks for
       longer than that amount of time.

    3. Encourage TriMet Lift ridership in lieu of independent driving.

    4. Force (encourage) usage of off-street garage hp spaces (for associated fee) in lieu of on-street
       metered accommodation.

    5. Usage of inconvenient and impractical in-vehicle meter system in lieu of on street accommodation.

    6. Issue special exemption permits on a case by case basis. The problem with this option is that the
       accommodation would be available to only a select few and the rest of those with placards wouldn’t
       receive any accommodation.

Implementing any of these task force findings would make it impossible for many people with
disabilities to maintain their current level of activity & independence.

We appreciate any attention you can give to this matter.


B arry Fox-Quamme

Barry Fox-Quamme
Executive Director
Independent Living Resources (ILR)

             Celebrating 50 Years of People with Disabilities Serving People with Disabilities
                 ILR: A Center for Independent Living Serving All People with Disabilities
                            In Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties

ILR Continues 50th Anniversary Celebration
Community Sponsors Help ILR Roll Over the Years!
As we mark 50 years of creative and dedicated services to the community, we
thank our sponsors and honor our founders.   Anniversary Sponsors include:
Washington Mutual, Kaiser Permanente, Performance Mobility and Eastco
Diversified Services. Thank you!

Our history comes alive in our visionary founders, as well as today’s faces that
will soon become new legends.

* The Sisterhood of Temple Beth Israel who formed Volunteer Braille Services
(VBS) in 1957,

* VBS leaders memorialized in 1972 with the Miriam Rosenfeld Memorial Endowment
Fund (still benefiting ILR Consumers today),

* Early Oregon advocates of the Independent Living Movement who founded Access
Oregon, and

* Vision Resources for Independent Living (formerly VBS) and Access Oregon
merged into ILR in 1994.

Thank you to everyone who makes our work possible!

‖A Roll in the Park‖
September 27th
Join the Fun!

                                                 Easy Steps to a Fun Day!!!

    1)       Win a 5-Day Trip to Las Vegas (ILR Consumer Raising Most $$$)
             Trip donated by: Search Beyond Adventures, Inc.

    2)       Register Today “A Roll in the Park!” @ or stop by ILR

    3)       Get Sponsors to Make a Donation (friends, family, businesses)

Free Tuesday Lunches – Learn How to Succeed & Get Sponsors!

Meet at Noon at ILR – Every Tuesday in August & September!

August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Join us each Tuesday and together we’ll create a fun event for everyone!!!

Contact Kristin Caldwell for more info @ 503-232-7411

                                      We See the Benefits of Our Work Every day!

Creating Opportunities, Encouraging Choice and Advancing Equal Access

         For all people with disabilities is challenging and takes a lot of work!
We accomplish our goals with a wonderful mix of staff, volunteers and board members

        People with Disabilities, Serving People with Disabilities!

Dedicated consumer volunteers and staff working for 50 years to create today’s ILR!

                                  EXCITING NEW & ONGOING ILR ACTIVITIES!

Advocacy Committee..…………………………1st Monday                              1:00-3:00 pm

Board of Directors Meeting……………………4th Thursday                        4:00-6:00 pm

Crossroads: TBI Support Group……………...2nd & 4th Friday                 1:00-3:00 pm

SAILS Orientation to ILR Service……………..Fridays                         1:00-2:30 pm

STEPS Workshops.……………………………..3rd Tuesday                              10:00-3:00 pm

Vision Impairment Support Group……………2nd Monday                        10:00-12:00 pm

Women’s Support Group ………………………2nd & 4th Tuesday 10:30-12:00 pm

Watch for the return of the ILR Art Class . . . contact Jeanne

Reuben’s Continuing Education
By Patricia Kepler, Independent Living Specialist
In the last newsletter I shared with you the story of Reuben being shocked on
the light rail. The episode did not cause Reuben any physical harm, but it did
frighten him and reduce his confidence. Since this incident in January, Reuben
has become more distracted by disruptive dogs, and increasingly hesitant about
guiding me across things like hoses crossing sidewalks.

Reuben was trained at a small school in Arizona. This school, however, does not
have the funds to send a trainer to Oregon to work with us. Fortunately, the
Seeing Eye School of Morristown New Jersey had a trainer working with a graduate
in the Portland area. I spoke with the trainer over the phone and he agreed to
spend some time working with us. Mr. Torrens observed Reuben’s reactions to one
dog in particular, and gave me some great tips. Reuben is steadily improving; I
am confident that he will continue to do so.

Tri-Met has assured me that the problem with the tracks has been addressed, and
that our dogs are again safe to board the train. I have not yet taken Reuben
back to the station where he was injured. I hope to do that within the next
couple of weeks.
Thanks to all of you who called or wrote to express your concern for Reuben.

Our Summer Recreation Events

By Patricia Kepler, IL Specialist & ILR’s Recreation Maven!

                                 Please RSVP to Patricia 1 week in advance for all events.

Wednesday, August 13—ILR Annual Summer Picnic
We will return to Washington Park for another day of food, fun and friendship. Events will start at 11 a.m., concluding
at 3 p.m. Please RSVP by Friday Aug. 8 th

Tuesday August 26—A Day at the Zoo!
The Oregon Zoo is again sponsoring the ILR recreation group with a day at the zoo. Group will depart ILR at 10 a.m. to
return by 2:30 p.m. RSVP by Friday August 22 nd.

Saturday September 13—Roughin’ it with ILR
Pack up your things. ILR has partnered with the Oral Hull Foundation for a weekend of fun. Come spend the night in
Sandy at the beautiful, Oral Hull lodge. Space is limited so RSVP soon.

Saturday September 27—ILR’s 3rd Annual “A Roll in the Park” @ OMSI Courtyard
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Consumers, Friends, Volunteers, Register at or stop by ILR!

Friday October 24—the Great Pumpkin!
It’s time for our annual search for the great Pumpkin. The recreation group will be travel to a nearby farm to look for that
perfect pumpkin, possibly explore a corn maze and just have a lot of fun. For those who don’t want that much out door
time, a fall reception at ILR follows the event. Please join us for one or both of these events. Pumpkin patch trip -10 a.m.
to 2:30 p.m. Fall Reception 3 to 5 p.m. Because space is limited and we want to make sure there is enough food available
for all who come. Please RSVP by Friday October 17 th.

Do you have recreation ideas?
Contact Patricia at 503-232-7411 or by E-mail

Sweet Success
By Patricia Kepler, Independent Living Specialist

Assistance in writing PASS plans is one of the services                                offered at ILR. PASS
stands for Plan to Achieve Self Support. A PASS Plan is                                available to social
security recipients that meet certain qualifications. A                                PASS recipient must have
a work goal that will result in no longer needing SSDI,                                or being less dependent
on SSI.

Over the past four years, I have written many plans with ILR consumers. Some
have been for equipment, some for cars.   I am so excited about a recent PASS
that I asked the recipient if I might share it with our readers.

Following a vaccination Dana lost her hearing as a small child. Dana is quite
talented in the kitchen and has her Cordon Bleu Certification in Patisserie and
Dana has always enjoyed cooking and baking – trying new recipes, and sharing her
treats with family and friends. She dreamed of one day selling her creations in
her own business. The pursuit of this dream led her to ILR. Dana wanted to
receive a PASS plan to start up her business.

Dana’s new company is called Dolce Divas. In Italian this means Sweet Women of
Success. She will be selling both vegan and non-gluten baked goods that look
like special European style desserts. She is aware of the trend toward
healthier eating; she has friends and relatives with wheat allergies who prefer
a vegan diet. She believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste, and wants to
offer treats that not only look decadent but taste delicious.

Starting June 21st Dana’s cookies, muffins, and cheesecake treats will be sold
at the Sunday Orenco Station Farmer’s Market. Her baked goods will also appear
at the Wednesday Beaverton Farmer’s Market. The Aladdin Restaurant on NE 33rd
will offer her cheesecakes on their dessert menu. She is negotiating with the
Corbet Fish House Restaurant near John’s Landing to offer her cheesecakes and
tarts. Dana hopes her delicious products will be sold in New Season’s Markets in
the fall.

Reach Dana by text at, or leave a voice message
for her at 503-201-6985.

ADAPT of Oregon will now be meeting at Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) – formerly known as Oregon Advocacy
Center (OAC). The address is 620 SW 5th Ave, Suite 500, Portland. We will meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
Our new schedule is:

                                   Thursday, July 17 th                  4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
                                      Thursday, August. 21 st        4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
                                   Thursday, September 18 th             4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Please join our list serve at:

                                                  ILR Job Opportunities

Join a vibrant staff – people with disabilities serving people with disabilities.

Each position is open until filled, so apply with resume & letter to:

J ob Opening #1                                 Work Incentive Project (WIN)
                                                Work Incentives Coordinator
                                                Full-Time Position, Benefits & Certification
Summary: Assist consumers with disabilities seeking employment with Work Incentive Counseling. Provide general
information about Work Incentives, gather relevant information from consumers to compile Beneficiary Profile, conduct
a Benefits Analysis, provide Work Incentive Planning Services, and manage caseload. Provide support services to
enhance consumer’s Long-Term Benefits Management Plan. Travel required. Conduct planned outreach. Training &
certification exam provided, certification required before seeing consumers.

           Good Math Skills?            Organized?            Computer Skills?                 Enjoy Outreach?

J ob Opening #2                                 STEPS Trainer – Tillamook/Clatsop Counties
                                             Part-Time Position, Training provided
Summary: ILR is recruiting for an on-call, part-time position (5-10 hours a week) to offer group and individual STEPS
training on the North Oregon Coast. The successful candidate will reside between Tillamook and Astoria, have
experience as a trainer, a case manager working with people with disabilities and be familiar with services provided by
home care workers.

Michael James Malinowski (1965 – 2008)

Oregon lost an energetic advocate for the rights of people with disabilities
when Michael Malinowski passed away suddenly in June. For a short time, ILR was
privileged to benefit from Mike's generous smile and vibrancy as a staff
member. We all recall fondly his memorable Bingo Calling at the ILR Spring
We miss you Michael!

Michael James Malinowski was born Sept. 20, 1965, in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
He graduated from the University of Holy Names in Oakland, California, and moved
in 1993 to Amboy, Washington. An advocate for the disabled at Portland State
University, he had been the coordinator of the Disability Advocacy Cultural
Association. In 1999, he married Yukiko. Survivors include his wife; parents,
Judi and Jim; and brother, Gregory. Remembrances to the PSU Disabilities
Resource Center.

residential service protection fund


Oregonians who are on a qualifying state assistance program may receive a
reduction in their monthly bill for local residential telephone service.

Loans specialized telecommunication equipment at no cost and with no income
restrictions to eligible Oregonians who are deaf, hearing, vision, speech and
mobility (upper extremities) impaired.

         550 Capitol St NE, Suite 215
         Salem, OR 97301-2551

         PO Box 2148
         Salem, OR 97308-2148

      PHONE: 800-848-4442 Voice
800-648-3458 TTY
503-378-6047 FAX
Download or complete applications at
E-mail: or

Homeownership Opportunities

Bridges to Mobility® now has a new, expanded provide resources and
guidelines for accessible living to professionals and to the general public.

Are you looking to build a new home or searching for an existing home with
accessible features? There are homes available! In association with Home Search
One, Inc, we proudly present HomeBridge.Org. The Accessible Homes Portal.
Homebridge.Org uses special formulas to filter through the database of listings
to bring you a clear display of homes specific to your accessible needs and
desires. It is the first and only website where you can view research MLS
listings with accessible features as they come onto the market. Go to to locate your home today!

Mobility Rules™ has created powerful tools that will assist anyone in learning
more about accessibility, quickly and simply. We also work with realtors and
contractors in the Portland metro area who specialize in these areas. Please
contact us at for more information.

Your Support funds a wide variety of IL programs and services. ILR is a non-
profit organization that benefits people with disabilities with funding from
donations from individuals like you. Your contributions
are deeply appreciated and tax-deductible within the rules and requirements set
by the IRS.

Support Independent Living
ILR Offers Many Opportunities to Support Our Mission

                                     Your Gift Changes a Person’s Life

Every Gift to ILR is Honored with:

Peer Counseling
Information & Referral
Independent Living Skills Training           Special Project Gifts
Advocacy: Individual & System Change                “A Roll in the Park”

Annual Program Gifts
Arts, Advocacy
Future Building Fund
Support Groups

With Your Help We Empower People
with disabilities to live more fully as
interdependent members of our communities.

Gifts of a Lifetime
ILR Endowment Fund
Life Insurance, Real Estate
                                      Consider an Estate Gift to ILR:
                      Your bequest in your Will serves the community for generations.

Shop Online at over 350 Stores
Merchants listed with Buy for Charity agree to pay a commission on purchases at Simply use this website to contact your merchant and
designate ILR as your favorite cause.

Support ILR Services by buying groceries and using your Albertson’s card when
you shop. Go to Click on ―In the Community‖ then click on
the Community Partners logo link. Once you log in, click on ―Sign me up‖. ILR’s
ID is #49000129486. It’s just that easy! Your Albertson’s card is activated and
every time you present it to your cashier, 2% of your purchase will be refunded
to ILR!

Donate Your Vehicle to Us
Donated vehicles help raise funds for ILR and Volunteers of America. In the
process you get a great charitable deduction. The towing is free; we do all the
work. If you own a vehicle just taking up space, please give Kathryn a call at
503-232-7411. We offer our thanks to all of you who have made a donation in the

Thank you for the ways each of you support our mission to serve people with

Save the Date
Saturday, September 27 th
3rd Annual ―A Roll in the Park‖
OMSI Courtyard: 11 am to 2 pm
Register Today:
Celebrate ILR Volunteers & Community Partnerships.

5-Day Las Vegas Trip to ILR Consumer Raising the Most $$

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