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					                     The      LEGEND
                      The Voice of The Legends Civic Association
Volume 6 Number 1`
January 2008
                MEETING, JANUARY 23                            Michele Woodson, Brenda Crowley, Michele DelleDonne,
                                                               and Nichole DelleDonne for their help in organizing and
The next Membership Meeting of The Legends Civic                “crowd control”.
Association will be held on Wednesday, January 23, 7:30
P.M. at The Clubhouse.                                                     BREAK INS IN THE LEGENDS

Mayor Ken Branner will be in attendance to field your          The Middletown Police Department has recently arrested
questions. Matt Richter, Golf Course Superintendent for        several people for break ins / thefts in The Legends. Of all
Signature Golf (and Legends resident) will also be present     the thefts from vehicles during from November to
to talk about some of the boundry issues between               December 2007, some 80 percent were from unlocked
homeowners and the golf course.                                vehicles. The number of thefts from unlocked vehicles
                                                               may be even higher, since many times what is stolen is
              LIGHT UP THE LEGENDS                             small, such as change, and the victim does not notice. The
                                                               crimes usually occur in the late evening and early morning
                                                               hours, when most people are asleep. The suspects can also
An exciting event in the Legends that has expanded\            steal quietly this way and don’t need to make a lot of
with a more than 200 homes participating this year is Light    noise. To avoid becoming a victim, put your garage door
Up The Legends, December 22. The community looked              opener out of sight, do not leave your keys in your car or
so beautiful with lights following the curbs flickering with   keep any valuables in your car. If you must, put them in
the slightest breeze. There were so many participating this    the trunk where they are not visible.
year that we ran out of sand to hold the bags in place. (We
 will correct this next year.)                                 It is also good to write down the clothes, car make, car tag
                                                               or any other information if you spot a suspicious person in
Santa’s caravan toured the neighborhood in three               your area, Police Chief Hank Tobin said. In neighborhood
convertibles driven by Len Gratteri, Vicki Loesch,             canvases, he often hears people say they heard something
and Jay Wlloughby. Santa (Ed Clark from Carney’s               suspicious and never reported it.
Point, NJ) and elves Ariana and Trey Woodson handed
out MistleToads and lollipops.                                 He also said residents should keep their home secure.
                                                               “Even when you’re home, your door should be locked,
                                                               because you never know,” Tobin said.
Earlier in the day Santa had brunch with the community’s
kids. Two seatings at The Pub were sold out.                                 LANDSCAPING/ SIGNAGE
                                                               Update at the meeting!
The latest addition to the list our merchants offering                    PRIDE IN YOUR COMMUNITY!
discounts to Legends Civic Association members is The
Frog Hollow Golf Course. Frog Hollow is offering a             We need your help and your dues to keep The Legends at
10% discount on membership fees to members of the Civic        the top of the communities in Middletown!
Association. If you’re a golfer that seems like a no-
brainer! The discount exceeds your membership dues.

                   HOLIDAY PARTY

Our first “adult” social event was held on Saturday,
December 1, at the Frog Hollow Clubhouse. 90 plus
people enjoyed cocktails, hors dourves, music and
conversation. Paul Whelton was the originator of the idea
and worked out the details with The Pub/Clubhouse.
Everyone present seemed to really enjoy themselves.
We’re looking for ideas for the next event If you have
any thoughts please contact a member of your Board.


On Saturday, October 27, a host of witches, ninjas, bugs,
and assorted other animals and characters invaded the
rotary on West Whittington Way for our Annual Harvest
Festival Costume Parade. More than 60 local kids , in 5
age groups) showed off their costumes. Thanks to
Michaelene Whelton, Jen Alexander, Tammy Fink,

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