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					Title of Book/Video-DVD                                 Disabilities

LoTTIE Kit for Organization                             AT

Let me hear your voice - A Family's Triumph over
Autism                                                  Autism

Mindblindness - An Essay…                               Autism
Jeffrey the Despondent Dragon                           Autism
Autism Treatment Guide                                  Autism

Views from Our Shoes - Growing Up w/ a brother…         Autism
Aspergers Huh?                                          Autism
Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students w/
special needs                                           Autism

Social Skills Activities for Special Children           Autism
The Explosive Child                                     Autism
Aspergers Syndrome - A Guide for Educators and
Parents                                                 Autism
Teaching Children w/ Autism - Stragegies to Enhance
Communication                                           Autism

That's Life! Social Language                            Autism
Higher Functioning Adolescents & young Adults w/
Autism - A Teacher's Guide                              Autism
Supporting Students w/ Autism Spectrum Disorders:
The                                                     Autism
How to Be a Para Pro                                    Autism
Social Skills Solutions A Hands-on Manual for
Teaching Social Skills to Children w/ Autims            Autism
Hands-on Manual - a tool for teaching children with
autism                                                  Autism
Transition Planning Process for Students w/ ASD         Autism
New Comic Strip Conversations                           Autism

Asperger Syndrome - a practical guide for teachers      Autism
Autism - PDD - creative ideas during the school years
- revised and expanded                                  Autism
Autism - PDD - introducing strategies for parents and
pros                                                    Autism
This is Aspergers Syndrome                              Autism
Trevor Trevor                                           Autism
Solving Behavior problems in autism                     Autism

Teaching your child the language of social success      Autism
Teaching chidren with autism to mind-read               Autism
Tried and True - Strategies for Classroom Teachers
Working with Students on the Autism Specturm         Autism
Asperger Syndrome - Practical Strategies for the
Classroom - A Teacher's Guide                        Autism
Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism
Spectrum Disorders - Recommendations for
Designing Effective Programs                         Autism
What is Asperger Syndrome, and HowWill it Affect
Me? A guide for young people                         Autism
Preschool Education Programs for Children with
Autism                                               Autism
Inside Out: What Makes a Person with Social
Cognitive Deficits Tick?                             Autism
Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children           Autism
Solutions to Elementary Discipline Problems          Behavior

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom - A Problem-
by-Problem Survival Guide (x2)                       Behavior

The Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management    Behavior
Thinking, Feeling, Behaving - An Emotional
Education Curriculum for Adolescents                 Behavior
PRIM                                                 Behavior
From Emotions to Advocacy                            Behavior

Solutions to Secondary Discipline Problems           Behavior

Cafeteria Discipline: Postitive Techniques for
Lunchroom Supervision                                Behavior
The Solution Book                                    Behavior
National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Trainin
Materials                                            Behavior
Solutions to Elementary Discipline Problems          Behavior
A Teacher's Guide to Children's Menta Health         Behavior

Working with Substance-Exposed Children              Behavior

Moving to Inclusion Series - Active Living Through
Physical Education                                   DAPE

Hand in Hand: Essentials of Communication and
Orientation and Mobility for Your Students Who Are
DeafBlind                                            Deaf/Blind
Lighthouse                                           DHH
The Cued Speech Resource Book - For Parents of
Deaf Children                                        DHH
Knowing the R.O.P.E.S.                               DHH
The Lindamood Pheneme Sequencing Program for
Reading, Spelling, and Speach                        DHH
Menus Manual                                         DHH

My Baby and Me                                       DHH
EHDI                                                 DHH
Auditory -Verbal Theapy & Practice                   DHH
50 Frequently Asked Questions About Auditory-
Verbal Learning                                      DHH
School Professional Workign with Children with
Cochlear Implants                                    DHH
Listen to This                                       DHH
Minnesota Auditory Learning Project:                 -
Auditory Discrimination Hierarchy                    -
Assessment of Spoken Language                      -
Ling Speech Method                                 -
Pragmatics: Developing Conversational Competence
                                       -Auditory -
Oral Patterns for Teaching Syntactical Structures
                                      -Reading with
Children who Have Hearing Loss                         DHH
The Ounce Scale -Your Baby's Life Watch Wonder
Enjoy!                                                 DHH

Cohclear Implant - Compass Cards                     DHH

Literacy and Deafness - Listening & Spoken Language DHH

What Professionals Need to Know for Cochlear
Implant Rehabilitation                               DHH
Literacy, Classroom Amplication and the Brain        DHH

Chemical Abuse & Dependency                          DHH

Letters From Cue Adults                              DHH

The ABC's of AVT                                     DHH

Hear & Listen! Talk & Sing!                          DHH

Cochlear Implant - Auditory Training Guide with CD's
2nd Edition                                          DHH

Before the Bell Rings: What Every Paraeducator
Should Know                                          Para
Paraprofessional Traning Manual                      Para

Enhancing the Skills of Paraeducators                Para
Working with Paraeducators and Other Classroom
Aides                                                   Para

MOVE - Mobility Opportunities via Education             PHD

Children and Youth assisted by medical technology in
educational settings: Guidelines for Care            PHD
Playing for Language: Infants & Preschoolers with
Down Syndrome                                        Sp Ed.

Traumatic Brain Injury Training Module Kit 2002         TBI

Life Centered Career Education                          Transition
Expanding the Circle - Respecting the Past, Preparing
for the Future                                          Transition
Low Tech No Tech - Adaptations for Algebra              VI
Low Tech No Tech - Adaptations for Geometry             VI
Accessible Graphing Calculator                          VI

RFB&D                                                   VI

Communication                                           VI

Safe Without Sight                                      VI
A Guide to O & M In Regions 9 & 10                      VI
A Guide to Helping Young Children with Visual
Impairments Make Better Use of Their Vision - Book
2                                                       VI

Minnesota Braille Skills Inventory: A Resource
When You Have a Visually Impaired Student with
Multiple Disabilities in Your Classroom: A Guide for

Supervising Paraeducators - A Team Approach

Paraprofessional Portfolio Building a Connected
System for Instructional Paraprofessionals: Special
Ed., Title I, Vocational Ed., ESL, and LEP

Assessment in Emergent Literacy
Author           Description   Location (on shelf)

Onion Mountain
Randall Sprick
                  This practical resource gives
                  teachers tenchiques for
                  dealing immediately with
                  classroom behavior
                  problems and developing
                  more effective discipline
                  policies and procedures
Randall Sprick    over time.
                  A book designed to assist
                  teachers in helping students
                  learn to behave more
                  responsibily. It includes
Randall Sprick    model plans.


Wright & Wright
                  5 Videos, Instructional
                  Manual, and Discipline in
                  the Secondary Classroom
Randall Sprick    Text - Secondary Version.
                  (2 videos & manual)
                  Everything you need to
                  analyze and improve the
                  cafeteria setting in your
Randall Sprick    school.
                               5 Videos, Instructional
                               Manual, and the Solution
                               Book. This video inservice
                               course and printed material
                               is designed to help staff
                               expand their knowledge and
                               skills in the area of
                               classroom management,
                               student motivation, and
Randall Sprick                 discipline.
Edited by Cordelia H.
Puttkammer                     Strategies for Professionals

                               Consists of 9 distinct
                               disability-related resources
                               in more complete and
                               abridged versions. Each one
                               focuses on a specific
                               Volumes 1 & 2, Trainers
                               Manual (selected reprints
                               and annotated
AFB Press                      bibiliography, Video)
HI Preface

Cornett & Daisey
Carolyn Anderson

Patricia & Phyllis Lindamood

                               A Book About Teaching Your
Betsy Moog Brooks              Child to Talk
Regoin 10 EHDI Network

                               Auditory discrimination
                               exercises & Placement test -
Dave Sindrey                   CD print program #2

Lyn Robertson

                               For Teachers, Therapists,
                               Audiologists, University
                               Training Programs, Speech
Bader,                         Language Pathologists
Dr. Carol Flexer               CD
                               An Information Book for the
                               Hearing Impaired
                               Updates personal stories
                               from individuals, some of
                               whom are featured as
                               children in the Cued Speech
                               Resource Book.
                               An Educational Tool for
                               Songs for young children
                               who are deaf or hard of
                               hearing and others who
                               need help learning to talk

                               For parents and
Dave Sindrey, M.CI.Sc. Cert.   professionals working with
AVT                            children age 5 and up.

                               This new 60 min. video is
                               organized around one phase
Anna Lou Pickett               of training and development.
Title I
                               A Video-Assisted Training
                               Program - Facilitator's
                               Manaul, Paraeducator's
                               Workbook, videos
                             The authors provide
                             straightforward advice and
                             focused activities that can
                             help forge productive
                             working relationships
Jill Morgan and Betty Y.     between teachers and
Ashbaker                     paraeducators.

                             A top down, activity-based
                             curriculum designed to
                             teach students basic,
                             functional motor skills
                             needed for adult life in home
Linda Bidabe                 and community.

Porter, Haynie, bierke,
Heintz-Caldwell, & Palfrey
National Down Syndrome
Ed. & Research Institute

Council for Exceptional
Children                     Transition Curriculum

Ness & Huisken
Susan A. Osterhaus
Susan A. Osterhaus
Texas School for the Blind
                             Institutional Membership -
RFB&D                        Teacher's Guide
                             A Guide for Teaching
                             Students with Visual &
Linda Hagood                 Multiple Impairments
                             CrimePprevention and Self-
                             Defence Strategies
                             forPpeopl who are Blind
Regions 9 & 10

Topor, Baily, & Houghton

                             Minnesota Educational
                             Services: The MBSI
                             documents a student's
                             knowledge and process in
                             reading and writing Braille.
                          Provides essential
                          information for special
                          educators and classroom
                          teachers on how to work
                          effectively with students
                          who have visual
                          impairments and additional
AFB Press                 disabilities.
Anna Lou Pickett & Kent

                          It is a framework that can be
                          used to assist paras who
                          work in spec. ed. and Title I
                          instructional programs, with
                          recording the evidence of
                          knowledge and skills
                          necessary to meet the
                          legislative requirements
MN Paraprofessional       relating to preparation and
Consortium                training.
                          A Volume in the Emergent
Khara L. Pence            and Early Literacy
Yes   cation

No    e Access




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