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									                                                                                                                                           May 2009

                                                 Working Women Luncheon
                                                 Matching our Thoughts with our Desires
                                                 Join us in exploring some of today's most personally asked questions.
Business After Hours                             • Focusing on our Desires • Visualization of our Goals
        Harmony Assisted Living of               • The Power of Gratitude • Belief or Faith in a Higher Power
             Wisconsin Rapids                    • Trust in Yourself, Letting Go of Others Expectations
          2230 14th Street South                                                                                                    Presenter: Juel Grams,
                                                 Tuesday, May 19, 2009
        Wednesday May 20, 2009                                                                                                      Licensed Clinical Social
                                                 Lake Arrowhead • 1195 Apache Lane • Nekoosa, WI 54457
                                                                                                                                           Worker with
             5:00 – 6:30 p.m.                    11:15 am - 1:00 pm                                                                    Clinical Services in
               Raffle Prizes                                                                                                           Wisconsin Rapids
              Hors d’oeuvres
                                                 Member $20.00 • Prospective Member: $30.00
    Join us for an evening of business           Cost Includes: Lunch and Program
   networking with your guests, friends
          and Heart of Wisconsin                 Register online at Click on calendar of events and May 19th.
                                                 Or email Krista Dhein at or call 715.423.1830
       Business Alliance Members.
                                                 Please make check payable to:
                                                 Heart of Wisconsin • 1120 Lincoln Street • Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Mark your Calendars for these upcoming
         Business After Hours:                   Event Sponsors Include: Tri-City Refrigeration, Inc. and Heart of Wisconsin
                                                 Bag Sponsor: Wood Trust Bank
        July 21 – Marathon Travel
              August – Open
   September 15 – Health & Wellness                  BUY LOCAL CLUSTER FAMILY OF THE YEAR 2009
             Expo – Y Camp
 October 13 – Taste of Inner Wisconsin –
         Biron Municipal Center                                                                              Mead each year, was a wonderful opportunity
                                                                                                             to display the submissions and gain tie break-
       November 10 – Rapids Mall                                                                             ing votes from the guests and vendors. As it
       December – Angel Gardens                                                                              continued to be a close race, the Mari
                                                                                                             Peterson family emerged as victorious.
To host a Business After Hours please contact:                                                               The essay setting was in a court room where
               Krista Dhein                                                                                  the character was being charged with “buying
  Director of Member Services & Events                                                                       local”. The story ends on a very positive note
                                                                Pictured: Marvel Olstad and Mari Peterson.   with a plea and verdict of “GUILTY”. The
                                                 The Buy Local Cluster is proud to announce                  sentence was a $500+ valued package of
                                                 the Family of Year 2009. Mari Peterson, a                   gifts and services from local businesses
                                                 teacher at Lincoln High School, proudly                     who donated to the cause.
 Wanted:                                         accepted the $500 + gift package on behalf                  Please join this Cluster with your buy local
    Artists,                                     of her family at the Morning Magazine                       ideas at noon, May 12th at Solarus.
  Crafters &                                     production at WFHR in April. You can
   More For                                      listen to the re-broadcast online at                        The Buy Local Cluster would like to send
                                                                 out a special thank you to the businesses
 Lunch by the                                    Select the Morning Magazine edition of                        that provided such fabulous gifts and
     River                                       20090407.mp3.                                                       services to this family and
                                                                                                                          our community.
 Be a weekly artist, crafter & more              The family of year contest produced
                                                                                                                Hotel Mead • Cellcom • Furniture Studio
      for Lunch by the River.                    several essay submissions from local
                                                                                                                           • In Touch Massage
                                                 residents to be reviewed by the Buy Local
                                                                                                                     • Neumark Stensberg Printing
 The cost is $10 for members for                 Cluster (a like minded group of interested
                                                                                                                • Mary Kay Cosmetics, Jane Langemeier
                                                 business representatives and residents who
each week and $20 for prospective                encourage and support our local economy).
                                                                                                             • American Family Insurance, Tom Schneider
    members for each week.                                                                                   • Opportunity Development Centers, Inc ODC
                                                 The reviewing committee came to a tie for the
                                                                                                                        • Lia Sophia, Holly Fluno
                                                 Grand Prize winner. They decided to present
     For any questions, please                                                                                         • Charter Communications
                                                 the essay submissions at the February Heart
    contact : Krista at 422-4860                                                                                • DNL Recreation Inc. • RCO Computers
                                                 of Wisconsin Business Alliance Mardi Gras
                                                                                                                      • Cell Plus • The In Boutique
or email:                event. This annual event held at the Hotel
    Get Involved Opportunities

                                              Citizens for a Clean,                         In a little more than a year, this new
                                                                                            collaboration has helped increase
    Connie Loden                              Green & Welcoming                             environmental awareness and educa-
                                                                                            tion through meetings, tours, newspa-
                                                   Community                                per articles, events and community                                         Our Mission:               conversations. Direct benefits seen
                                                                 “We create a sus-          already include:
    Melissa Loken
                                                                 tainable community
    Director of Economic Development                                                        • Increased awareness of paper
                                                                 through education,
                                                                                              recycling at Corenso and a new                                            recycling and
                                                                                              partnership between Corenso, Veolia
                                                                 conservation efforts.”
    Krista Dhein                                                                              and Opportunity Development Center
    Director of Member Services & Events                         This is a group              to establish an east-side paper
    715.422.4860                                                 created through the          drop-off site;                                       Community Progress         • Introducing Choose to Reuse
                                                                 Initiative a little over     (freecycle program) in Town of Rome
    Sharon Zeman
                                                                 a year ago. Several          and cloning it in Town of Grant and
    Office Manager
                                             residents saw an opportunity to focus            other area villages and towns.
    715.422.4859                     on improving recycling efforts locally to      • Working with League of Women
                                             benefit both the environment and local           Voters to complete reading and
    Marvel Olstad                            businesses. To see if community mem-             discussion of, The Natural Step for
    Business and Workforce Development       bers shared this interest, an inaugural          Communities using study circles, and
    Specialist                               meeting was held in January 2008. The            develop achievable long- and short-
    715.422.4856                                                                              term goals for sustainability as a
                                             22 participants who attended included                                                                         result of these sessions.
                                             a broad representation from municipali-
    Jill Fancher                             ties, local businesses, high school
    Member & Customer Service Support
                                                                                            Specific achievements directly related
                                             students, environmental experts, the
                                                                                            to Green and Healthy Schools’ efforts
                                             League of Women Voters, and from                                                                      include:
                                             individuals who just considered them-
                                             selves ‘concerned citizens’.                   • Working to provide recycling
    Board of Directors
                                                                                              containers for area schools
    Chairperson: Dave Stark,                 The group consensus was that
                                                                                            • Supporting the Safe Routes to
    Bull’s Eye Credit Union                  recycling was important, but there
                                                                                              School grant
                                             were other environmental priorities.
    Vice-Chairperson: Jason Deitz,                                                          • Attending conference solar schools
                                             This grassroots, citizen-led group is
    WoodTrust Bank                                                                          • Introducing Dr. Anderson and MSTC
                                             now looking at specific ways to create
                                                                                              Alternative Energy Technician
    Treasurer: Bob Miller,                   a greener future for the greater South
                                                                                              programs to students at LHS
    Miller Wendlandt, LLC                    Wood County area, focusing on four
                                             key areas:                                     Citizens for a Clean, Green &
    Secretary: Robin Koeshall,
    Paul Gross Jewelers                                                                     Welcoming Community meets at 4 p.m.
                                             • Creating Awareness Around
                                                                                            on the first Wednesday of the month in
    Immediate Past Chairperson:                Businesses that Recycle;
                                                                                            McMillan Library’s McCourt Conference
    Jackie Bredl-Dietrich,                   • Investigating Eco-Municipalities and
                                                                                            Room. All are welcome to join; bring
    Whole-Life Visions                         Sustainable Practices;
                                                                                            your input, ideas and dreams for a
                                             • Increasing Community Education
    Governance Chairperson:                                                                 sustainable community.
                                               Efforts about the Environment; and
    Joanne Keyzer,
                                             • Fostering Green & Healthy Schools.
    Domtar Industries Inc.

    Directors:                                    Meet the Heart of Wisconsin
    Ron Bushman, Party Connection                   Ambassador Sara Field
    Fred Siemers, River Cities Bank
                                                 North Central Real Estate Brokerage
    Joy Thomas, Jamaican Kitchens
    Kate Kaz, Mid-State Technical College   Sara Field has worked at North Central Real Estate Brokerage for
    Steve Berlyn, Urban Processing, LLC     over 16 years starting as a part time receptionist. Currently she is the
    Randall Smith, Hotel Mead               full time office manager/closing coordinator. Being a lifelong resident
    Jaime White, Furniture Studio, LLC      of this area she believes being an ambassador will give her the opportunity to help
    Matt Zacher, Express Recycling          give back to the community and keep it going strong for future generations. She and
    Dave Pryor, Quality Plus Printing
                                            her husband Scot enjoy spending their spare with their two german shepherds.

                         Heart of Wisconsin Community Leadership Program

                  Mauston Town Tour: HOW LEADERSHIP GROUP
                                                      March session 6
 On March 19, 2009, the Heart of Wisconsin      We continued on to Mauston and were             we introduced ourselves to and briefly
 (HOW) Leadership group toured the town         met at the Hatch Public Library by Sally        interacted with the Juneau County
 of Mauston, with Phil Hartley and Brian        Luehman from Century 21 Realty. Sally           Leadership group.
 Krykowski as our co-leaders of the day.        was our tour leader through the city of
 Thanks goes out to Pat from Lamers for         Mauston, taking us past parks, business         After lunch, we met with a panel of Juneau
 the enjoyable bus ride, as well as Security    areas and residential neighborhoods.            County leaders to discuss Juneau County’s
 Health for sponsoring our flavorful lunch      Mauston is built around the scenic              involvement with and role regarding the
 at the UW Extension in Mauston.                Lemonweir River, which flows through            seven towns within the county. The discus-
                                                town.                                           sion focused on progress being made
 As we traveled into Juneau County, we                                                          during these economic times. The Mayor
 all observed first impressions for later       After completing our city tour, we reorgan-     of Mauston joined us and spoke about his
 feedback. For our first tour, Paul Merk from   ized at the Library, where the City Historian   duties and role in his part-time mayoral
 Castle Rock Realty met us in Germantown        talked briefly about the beginnings of          position. We discussed with the panel
 Junction, located about six miles north of     Juneau County. A panel comprised of six         our first impressions of the area. Panel
 Mauston. The Castle Rock area was very         representatives from Mauston High School,       members appreciated the feedback and
 enlightening as it is relatively new, having   the Visitors bureau, Greater Mauston            are already in the process of identifying
 been developed within the last 15 years.       Development, and a realtor did a great          and working in these areas.
 Development started in the 80s, with Castle    job talking about what is happening in
 Rock Gardens as the first phase, Castle        Mauston presently and where they see            Our day was full and very interesting as
 Rock Condominiums the second phase,            the city progressing.                           we could see the parallels to our own
 and High Ridge the third phase. All these                                                      community. Our last stop was Car Valley
 developments are prestigious in design and     Before lunch, we were back on the bus to        Cheese, and everyone was happy to make
 setting. Beautiful homes are nestled within    tour Dumore Corporation, a machine shop         a purchase of cheese or gifts before
 scenic natural wooded areas and surround-      that provides strong support in Mauston         returning to Wisconsin Rapids. Thank you
 ed by lakes. Many homes are seasonal for       by employing approximately 65 people.           to all the leaders from Juneau County, the
 families living in Illinois, Minnesota, and    Dumore Corporation manufactures tools           Mauston area, and various businesses for
 southern Wisconsin. For residents’ and         and motors and has been a strong compa-         allowing us to interact and spend the day
 visitors’ enjoyment, there are seven           ny since 1913. We were then bused to the        with them.
 restaurants and bars located on the lake.      UW extension Center to enjoy a most
                                                                                                Submitted by: Sandy Sanger - Solarus
                                                flavorful lunch prepared by two caterers
                                                from Wisconsin River Meats. At that time,

Leaders Encouraged to Apply
1. Are you interested in becoming involved in the community?
2. Would you like to enhance your leadership skills?
3. Does learning about the local economic development interest you?
If you answered YES to all the questions above, then we want YOU to apply for the Heart of Wisconsin Community Leadership program.
   • The cost to participants is $595.
   • Apply for the class (October 2009 - April 2010).
Due by August 15, 2009.
   • Submit two letters of recommendation - one being from your immediate supervisor.
Please apply now and mark these dates on your calendar: One 1-1/2 day retreat and seven one day sessions, community service
project, plus ending graduation program, spread over eight months. Participants must attend all sessions.
Contact Krista Dhein at the Heart of Wisconsin to apply or for more information: 422-4860 or email

Tentative dates:
Session 1   Friday, October 2, 2009 from 12:30 p.m.
            until Saturday October 3, 2009 until 2:00 p.m.
Session 2   Thursday, October 29, 2009 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Session 3   Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Session 4   Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Session 5   Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Session 6   Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Session 7   Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Session 8   Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Graduation Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 6 p.m.
    Business Exposure

       Taste of                         Be a Taste of Inner Wisconsin                       Email Information Updates
                                               Sponsor – $250.00              Please help us keep our database records up to date. If you have
        Inner                             (Includes booth, listing as a        not been getting emails, we need to hear from you. Email Krista
      Wisconsin                            sponsor on all promotional
                                        materials, announced the night
                                                                               Dhein ( with the email address of the
     Tuesday, October 13, 2009                                                        primary contact at your organization. Thank you!
                                        of the event, listed in the Heart
         4:30 -6:30 pm Expo                 of Wisconsin Newsletter,
         Business After Hours             announced on the Morning                                     Be In the Spotlight
             5:00-6:30 pm                  Magazine and listed in the          Any Heart of Wisconsin member interested in being featured in a business
               Hosted by:                        Annual Report)                  spotlight column should contact Krista Dhein at the Heart of Wisconsin
       Biron Municipal Center
                                                                             (422.4860). The business spotlight is on a first come, first serve, rotating basis.
        451 Kahoun Avenue,              Be a Taste of Inner Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Rapids (423-6580)                Sponsor – $100.00             One business will be “in the spotlight” each month. New members are asked to
    An evening of networking with        (Includes booth and listing as      wait approximately one year as they get featured in the New Member Spotlight
    your guests, friends and Heart        a sponsor on all promotional                  when they join. Call today to reserve your spotlight month.
       of Wisconsin Business &          materials, announced the night
     Economic Alliance members.                    of the event)
      Come learn what Heart of               Cost for Booth is $25.00
     Wisconsin Members have to              (Booth size 8 Foot Table)
            offer and more!
                                        We would appreciate it if each
                                                                                                             Blossom Festival
           Don’t Miss Out!!             business could donate a raffle                                          Volunteers
         Here’s your chance to            prize! Booth set up begins
     showcase your best sellers,                  at 3:00 p.m.                                                 & Donations
       family recipe, hottest item,
     newest drink. Set up a booth       For more information or to sign                                        Appreciated
    with your delicious samples to        up to be a part of this great
    taste. The Heart of Wisconsin        event contact Krista Dhein at        Businesses wishing to donate a prize(s) or in-kind donation for
       members will vote on their           715-422-4860 or email             the Cranberry Blossom Festival children’s games are asked to
      favorites! Join us in the first            call Kathy Peters at 715-213-2027. Also volunteers are needed
    ever Taste of Inner Wisconsin!                                                      for Friday setup and the Saturday carnival.
                                                                             (Anyone age 12 and up is welcome to volunteer & join the fun.)

     Heart of Wisconsin Members... Advertise Your Business Here!
    Only $75.00 per month or $200.00 for three months Advertising copies may change during a three-month discount contract,
    provided deadlines are met. Scheduling is based on availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deadline for ad copy
                                             is no later than the 10th of the month.

                                                                            Health & Wellness Expo
                                                                                 Business After Hours 2009
                                                       Tuesday, September 15, 2009 • 4:00 – 6:30 pm Expo       Business After Hours • 5:00-6:30 pm
                                                                                             Hosted by:
                                                      South Wood County YMCA Camp Alexander • Hwy 13 Wisconsin Rapids
                                            An evening of networking with your guests, friends and Heart of Wisconsin Business & Economic Alliance mem-
                                           bers. Come learn about health, wellness, fitness and more! Free admission. If your Business is involved in Health
                                                          & Wellness or offers anything in this related field this is a great opportunity for you!
                                                                               Be a Health & Wellness Sponsor $250.00
                                               (Includes booth and listed as a sponsor on all promotional materials, sign by the food the day of the event,
                                        announced the night of the event, listed in the Heart of Wisconsin Newsletter, announced on the Morning Magazine,
                                                                              listed in the Annual Report.)
                        Be a Health & Wellness Food Sponsor $150.00 or Donate Food Products with a value of at least $150.00
           (Includes being listed as a sponsor on all promotional materials, sign by the food the day of the event, announced the night of the event,
                                     listed in the Heart of Wisconsin Newsletter and announced on the Morning Magazine)
                                                            Be a Health & Wellness Sponsor $100.00
     (Includes booth and listed as a sponsor on all promotional materials, announced the night of the event, listed in the Heart of Wisconsin Newsletter.)
                                                       Cost for Booth is $25.00 (Booth size 8 Foot Table)
    Please call Krista Dhein at 715-422-4860 or email her at for more information on to get signed up for this great opportunity!

                                                                                          Member News

                 Ribbon Cuttings
                                                                                 Welcome to these
                                               Rainbow Casino and
                                                                                  New Members:
                                               American Red Cross
                                                                                     Client Focus Connections
                                               March 31, 2009                              Dean Ramsden
                                                                                         241 Market Avenue
                                               Rainbow Casino                         Port Edwards, WI 54469
                                               949 County Road G                            715.887.2004
                                               Nekoosa, WI 54457         

     Party Time Cakes                                                                      Tonja Holmes
                                                                                    4011 8th Street South Suite 1
                 March 20, 2009                                                     Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
    Party Time Cakes, Inc.                                              
          2541 8th Street South
    Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494                                                             Mel’s Catering
                                                                                            Steve Zuege
 We are proud to see one of our                                                          344 Buehler Avenue
Boot Camp Graduates expanding                                                            Nekoosa, WI 54457
                  her business!                                                             715.886.5885

                                                                                           Nails by Sara
                                                                                            Sara Gilson
                                                                                         930 Pepper Avenue
                           Doris McAllister                                          Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
                           Joins the                                                       715.423.7272

                           North Central Wisconsin                                The Job Shop Specialty Sales LLC
                           Workforce Development                                           Kathleen Slavin
                                                                                      2040 Jaymar Road Suite 5
                           Board                                                          Plover, WI 54467

The North Central WI Workforce            Prior to joining NCWWDB, Ms.
                                                                                   E-Way Sales LLC & Pawnshop
Development Board (NCWWDB) is             McAllister worked as the Director
                                                                                           John Ruder
pleased to announce and welcome           of Workforce and Economic                    2220 8th Street South
Doris McAllister to their staff. Doris    Development at Mid-State Technical        Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
joined NCWWDB as the Outreach             College in Wisconsin Rapids. She                715.421.3929
Service Coordinator on March 23,          has almost 25 years experience in
2009. Her main role is to coordinate      the local workforce. She is a
                                                                                     Mailboxes & Parcel Depot
workforce development programs in         graduate of UW-Stevens Point with
                                                                                          Pete Derezinski
the nine-county area. In addition, she    a Bachelor of Science degree in               3521 8th Street South
will coordinate and staff sustainable     Business Administration. Doris looks       Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Sector initiatives, focusing on linking   forward to working with employers to             715.424.4300
the value of the workforce develop-       upgrade worker skills in the Board’s
ment system to business needs;            nine-county region. To learn more
promote WorkKeys as an assessment         about the outreach programs and                   T-Shirt Pros
tool for business, job seekers and        services available through the                    Rich Wilson
                                                                                        2020 6th Street South
students; and collaborate with busi-      NCWWDB, please call her at
                                                                                     Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
ness, partners and service providers      715-422-4714 or e-mail her at
on issues that involve developing
business workforce needs.

    Member News

    Community Foundation Partners with United Way to Distribute
                  “Help For Hard Times Guide”
                    The United Way of Inner Wisconsin is                 If your organization would like to display the “Help for Hard
                    partnering with the Community Foundation             Times Guide,” please contact the United Way of Inner
                    of Greater South Wood County to distribute           Wisconsin office at 715-421-0390.
                    the “Help for Hard Time Guide for South
                                                                         “We see this as a very useful resource for our communities”
                    Wood County.”
                                                                         said Tari Jahns, CEO of United Way of Inner Wisconsin.
                   The “Help for Hard Times Guide” is a listing
                                                                         Dawn Vruwink, Vice President of Research & Skill
                   of popular questions asked by individuals
                                                                         Development at Community Foundation of Greater South
                   who call United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Center in
                                                                         Wood County explained the grant is intended to help more
                   Wisconsin Rapids seeking services to meet
                                                                         people become knowledgeable about available services.”
social, human and informational needs. These questions
include: “how do I apply for unemployment?” or “where can                The “Help for Hard Times Guide” and the “familyWIZE”
I go to improve my reading or English skills?” The guide also            prescription drug discount card can also be downloaded from
includes a “familyWIZE” prescription drug discount card that             the United Way of Inner Wisconsin website at
can be cut out and used at participating pharmacies.                     For questions about community services call 2-1-1. A “Help for
                                                                         Hard Times Guide for Adams County” is also being planned.
The guide will be distributed to local schools, churches,
businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations.

                                               United Way of Inner Wisconsin Distributes
                                                        Emergency Grants to
                                                        Wood County Agencies

    The United Way of Inner Wisconsin has announced that the recent grant of $35,468 from the Emergency Food & Shelter
    National Board Program for emergency food and shelter services in Wood County has been allocated to local agencies,
    reported Tari Jahns, United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s CEO and local board chair of the program.

    The 2009 grant was distributed by a local board as follows: North Central Community Action Program, $24,059; Marshfield
    Service Unit of the Salvation Army, $4,000; St. Vincent de Paul Outreach, $4,700; Soup or Socks, Marshfield, $2,000; and
    the United Way of Inner Wisconsin, $709 for administering the grant.
    The grant is to supplement and extend local emergency food and shelter programs. Jahns said that last year’s grant was
    $37,522; the cumulative total of emergency help to Wood County people through this program since 1988 is $444,252.

    Qualifying persons can receive help for one month’s rent or mortgage, one month’s utility bill, and food items. Application
    for assistance should be referred directly to one of the foregoing service agencies that have been awarded the food and
    shelter allocations.

Winners Announced in Royal Fun Run/Walk for Non-Profits
                                   The Wisconsin Rapid Area Catholic Schools have announced the “Top Ten” participating non-profits in
                                   the first royal Fun Run/Walk for Non-Profits. The concept of the run/walk was an idea that originated from
                                   the recent US Cellular Sweepstakes which invited communities to place a vote for a specific school. In
     February, Assumption High School was announced as one of 10 schools nationally garnering enough votes to qualify as a top ten vote
     recipient. Each school received $100,000 for their efforts. Similarly in the Royal Fun Run/Walk, the top ten organizations garnering
     walkers will receive an additional $100 with first place to receive $500.
     Despite cold temperatures and the threat of rain, the run/walkers took on the elements and an estimated $3000 was raised for non-
     profits in South Wood county. “I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the participants. Nothing was going to stop them from
     completing the race.” said Brian Ruesch, Development for WRACS.
     The South Wood County Humane Society was awarded first place with the following organizations falling in the top ten and eligible for
     the bonus prize money: Grove School, Miss WR Area Pageant, Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish, ODC, LHS Vol. Program, Ministry
     Hospice Care, Pittsville Elementary, Big Brothers Big Sister, Boys and Girls Club.
                                                                                                        Member News

                              United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s                        United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s
                                  Volunteer Center                             Volunteer Center Announces
                                                                                    New Coordinator
                                    Outstanding                                United Way of Inner Wisconsin is pleased to
                                                                               announce its new Volunteer Center Coordinator,
                                  Volunteer Award                              Amy Neumann. Neumann replaces Angela
                                                                               Loucks, who is now Campaign/Communications
                                     Recipients                                Coordinator for United Way of Inner Wisconsin
                                                                               full time. Neumann brings to the Volunteer Center
                            United Way of Inner Wisconsin is proud to          ample experience as a volunteer coordinator and
                            announce the recipients of the 2009                a volunteer. “It is so important to recognize the
        Len Strigel         Outstanding Volunteer Awards. However,             importance of volunteers and show them
                            all of the 31 nominees are real winners!           appreciation,” said Neumann. “I am looking
                                                                               forward to meeting all the wonderful volunteers
 The award recipients were announced during                                    through a long and happy career at United Way
 the 18th Annual Volunteer Recognition                                         of Inner Wisconsin’s Volunteer Center.”
 Breakfast this morning at the Hotel Mead and
 Conference Center. They were selected by
 an independent award selection committee.                                    Wisconsin Rapids Leader
 Each nominee received special recognition                                    Elected to Wisconsin School
 during the breakfast. The event was spon-
 sored by the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune
                                                                              Safety Coordinators
 through a Gannet Foundation grant.                                           Association Board of Directors
                                                                              Tom Helgestad, Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools,
 The volunteer award recipients included:                                     Will Serve Two-Year Term
                                                        Lucas Feit
 •   Youth Individual: Lucas Feit                                                                         Tom Helgestad, Director of
 •   Youth Group: Lincoln High School’s Teens for Sobriety                                                Building and Grounds for
 •   Adult Individual: Len Strigel                                                                        Wisconsin Rapids Public
 •   Adult Group: Community Outreach of Faith Reformed Church                                             Schools, now has a few more
                                                                                                          responsibilities on his plate.
 To read more about these very deserving, outstanding volunteers visit:                                   Helgestad was elected to                                                                                     serve a two-year term on the
                                                                                                          Wisconsin School Safety
                                                                                                          Coordinators Association
                                                                                                          (WSSCA) board of directors at
Lake Arrowhead Invites You to Join e-club                                                                 the March 3 Annual School
Are you interested in saving money? Join the Lake Arrowhead Association       Safety and Health Conference. “Tom’s dedication to the
e-club to receive special golf rates and keep up to date on upcoming          Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools is apparent through his
events. E-club notices go out every 2-3 weeks to this group - the only way    involvement with WSSCA”, said Bryan Roessler, execu-
to receive specials on golf at their two championship golf courses. To join   tive director of WSSCA. “Tom cares about the safety of
the Lake Arrowhead e-club or if you have any questions about the e-club,      the students and everyone in his community. Serving
please send your name and e-mail address to Andy Cavanaugh at                 on the WSSCA board of directors will help him shape Lake Arrowhead will not sell or distribute your         the direction of the training initiatives offered to other
e-mail address to anyone and you are able to opt out at any time.             members of the school safety community statewide.”

                                                                                 Steve’s Plumbing, Inc.
                                                                               Partners with South Wood
ABR Employment Services Acquires                                                County Humane Society &
Kinsa Group                                                                    Humane Society of Marathon
                                                                               County at Area Home Shows
ABR Employment Services, a Wisconsin-based staffing solutions company,
completed its acquisition of the Kinsa Group and The Kinsa       Steve’s Plumbing, Inc. would like
Group is a national executive search and placement firm specializing in the   to thank the local Humane
                                                                              Societies for partnering with
food and beverage industry. is an interactive career website      them at this year’s Wisconsin Rapids and Wausau Area
and job board for the food and beverage industry.                             Builder Home Shows.
Jim McNett, ABR’s CEO, says Kinsa’s specialty niche in the food and bev-      The Steve’s Plumbing booth featured customer shower,
erage industry was attractive because the food and beverage industry is       bath & kitchen remodel information, green products and
                                                                              information on how to adopt some cute and cuddly friends.
large, diverse, and relatively unaffected by the recent economic downturn.    It is wonderful to report that some of the pets found new
The Kinsa acquisition is part of ABR’s strategy to become a complete talent   homes. Thank you to all the volunteers, cats and dogs that
search and development company that can meet all human capital needs.         made our day even more exciting.

                                                                                                            PRSRT STD
                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
                                                                                                            PERMIT 98
                                                                                                          WISC RAPIDS WI
      1120 Lincoln Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494-5229

                                                                                       Revolving Loan
            Mark Your Calendar                                                         Fund Applications
   May 19 – Working Women’s Luncheon – Lake Arrowhead
                                                                                       The Heart of Wisconsin Revolving
 May 20 – Business After Hours – Harmony Assisted Living of                            Loan Fund is now accepting
                     Wisconsin Rapids                                                  applications. The Heart of
June 3-4 - Inside/Outside Boot Camp - Turn Inside Knowledge                            Wisconsin Revolving Loan Fund
                 into an Outsourcing Business                                          is designed to be gap financing to
                                                                                       assist with filling equity gaps in
    June 5 - Wisconsin Rural Summit - Re-Frame, Re-Build,
                                                                                       loan packaging for business devel-
                   Innovate, Stevens Point
                                                                                       opment purposes, with a priority
   June 11 – August 28 – Lunch by the River – Veterans Park                            on job creation. It is not to be used
                 June 24-28 Cranberry Blossom Fest                                     to compete with private financial
                                                                                       institutions. This will be a revolving
              July 14 - Summer Hummer at The Ridges                                    loan fund which means that as the
        July 21 – Business After Hours – Marathon Travel                               original funds are paid back they
                                                                                       are available for re-lending to other
             August 25 – Working Women’s Luncheon –              businesses in perpetuity creating new job opportunities
                      Bull’s Eye Country Club                    for the area. Anyone interested in applying should stop
             September 15 – Health & Wellness Expo –             in at the Heart of Wisconsin office for an application or
                     YMCA Camp Alexander                         contact Connie Loden or Melissa Loken at 423-1830.
October 13 – Taste of Inner Wisconsin – Biron Municipal Center
        October 22 – Spooktacular Bowl – Bowlmor Lanes
          November 17 – Working Women’s Luncheon –
                    Biron Municipal Center                               Professionals and
                 November 27 – Rekindle the Spirit –                   Executives Boot Camp
                    Downtown Wisconsin Rapids
                                                                   Mark your calendar for June 3rd and 4th. Jack Ricchiuto,
                                                                   creator of, will lead you through our
                                                                   latest Entrepreneurial Boot Camp. Inside/Out is a boot
    Customer Service In Today’s                                    camp for professionals and executives interested in
                                                                   taking the talents they had inside corporations and
        Technological World                                        organizations and applying them outside in virtual work
                                                                   environments and new firms. Participants will learn how
                 May 21 st 8:00 am until noon                      to explore new possibilities of leveraging and combining
                  Wisconsin Rapids City Hall                       their strengths with those of others to create unique and
        Cost is only $49.00 or send 4 people from your             innovative opportunities to provide professional services
                   business for only $150.00                       remotely or virtually. To find out more call 715.423.1830
  Register online at or call 715.423.1830.       or visit

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