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               ║     ASSEMBLAGE FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION        ║
               MES Water Quality Analysis Preventive Medicine
                          UA: 107A     LIN: Y36849
                            NSN 6545-01-507-4313
                        As of date: 22 January 2009
I.    Assumptions, Policies and Guidelines:
      A. The following international agreements pertain to water quality
standards under field conditions: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2136, 2885, and 2473; and Quadripartite
Standardization Agreement (QSTAG) 245.
      B. Presidential Review Directive 5 (PRD-5), Improving the Health of our
Military, Veterans, and their Families, directs the Military Services to
develop and maintain the capability to collect and assess data associated with
actual or anticipated exposures during deployments.
      C. Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 6200.04, Force Health
Protection, directs the Military Services to ensure that Armed Forces members
are physically and mentally capable of accomplishing their missions through
health promotion, preventive medicine, and clinical care.
      D. Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 6490.03, Deployment Health,
directs the Military Services to monitor and prevent Disease and Non-Battle
Injury (DNBI); to control or reduce Occupational and Environmental Health
(OEH) risks; and to link OEH exposures with the daily location of deployed
      E. AR 11-35, Deployment Occupational and Environmental Health Risk
Management, establishes policies for balancing the operational risk associated
with OEH threats during military operations.
      F. AR 40-5, Preventive Medicine, establishes policies, defines
programs, and assigns responsibility for preventive medicine and force health
      G. DA Pam 40-11, Preventive Medicine, defines programs, services,
functions, and procedures for implementing the essential elements of Army
preventive medicine.
      H. Field Manual 3-0, Operations, describes Force Health Protection
(FHP) as a key component of combat power which enables Commanders to
accomplish the warfighting functions of Sustainment and Protection.
      I. Field Manual 4-02.17, Preventive Medicine Services, provides
information on the mission, organization, and responsibilities for the various
PVNTMED support operations.
      J. USACHPPM Technical Guide 230, Chemical Exposure Guidelines for
Deployed Military Personnel, provides military exposure guidelines for
chemicals in air, water, and soil for use during deployments.
      K. Technical Bulletin Medical (TB MED) 577, Sanitary Control and
Surveillance of Field Drinking Water Supplies, establishes field water quality
standards and provides detailed technical guidance and recommendations for the
sanitary control and surveillance of land-based field water support.
II.   Limitations: This assemblage cannot quantify contamination levels, at
concentrations relevant to DoD Tri-Service standards, for the following
materials: Lindane, Coliform (presence/absence only), radioactivity, hydrogen
cyanide, Lewisite, sulfur mustard, nerve agents, BZ, and T-2 toxins.
III. Designated Primary Staff: Officer: Environmental Science & Engineer
Officer (AOC 72D); Enlisted: Preventive Medicine Specialist (MOS 68S).
IV.   Mission: Provides Preventive Medicine Teams with equipment necessary to
evaluate field water supplies, determine potability, and conduct regular
surveillance to protect and enhance the health and performance of the
V.    Capabilities: The equipment in this assemblage is capable of basic
characterization testing of raw and treated water, which includes the ability
to determine if contaminants exceed the safe limits established under DoD Tri-
Service Standards. This medical assemblage equips Preventive Medicine
Personnel with the tools to detect and quantify priority chemical and
biological hazards in raw and treated water sources, water distribution
systems, and potable water supplies to support the Commander’s Force Health
Protection mission. It contains the equipment and supplies necessary to
collect and analyze water samples for on-site analysis or shipment for
presumptive laboratory analysis at Level IV (Area Medical Laboratory, regional
US Laboratory, or equivalent Host Nation Laboratory) and confirmatory
laboratory analysis at Level V (CONUS laboratory – USACHPPM). Preventive
medicine personnel use this assemblage to document existing occupational and
environmental health conditions within a theater of operations. This
information is used to establish baseline conditions, to document change over
time, and serves as the foundation for operational risk management, preventive
medicine countermeasures, and health risk assessments. This assemblage
contains enough materiel to support operations for 72 hours.
VI.   Set Computations: Computations below are derived from USAMMA’s Theater
Enterprise-Wide Logistics System (TEWLS) database.

                     UA Section I           UA Section II
       Cost:         $8,687.63*             $10,681.44*
       Weight:       196.2133 lbs*          128.2500 lbs*
       Cube:         29.4602 cuft*          16.7480 cuft*
       Power Con:    0.050 kW               0.155 kW
       Line Items:   30                     2

* These are estimated price, weight, and cube figures based on the information
at the time of publication. This information may vary and should be used as a
guideline only.

VII.   Associated Support Items Of Equipment (ASIOE):
       A. LIN R64126, Refrigerator Solid State Bio, 1 each
       B. LIN Y37130, Water Testing Kit Bacteriological, 1 each

VIII. Transportation Analysis: Able to be moved by vehicles organic to the

IX.   Basis Of Issue:
      A. One MES per 68S Preventive Specialist required to perform water
quality analysis.
      B. One MES per NBC Recon Sqd, Sep Inf Bde.
      C. As required by: Special Operations Organizations, Civil Affairs,
Rangers and Functional Specialty Company to support medical mission.
X.     Designed Employment:    Level II and III

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