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					                              INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING
                           FOR UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA EVENTS

Purpose: This Catering Contract, provided by the Radisson University Hotel (Hotel), will be used by University
departments holding banquets, meetings or catered events at the Hotel. The Catering Contract may or may not
have a value exceeding $10,000, depending on the size of the event. This Catering Contract is not the appropriate
contract if a block of guest rooms is needed for the event; in that case either the Radisson Unversity Short Form
(OGC-SC640S) or Long Form (OGC-SC640L) contract should be used.

Process: University departments should carefully review the contract provided to them by the Hotel to ensure
that they are completing the correct form. If the form provided by the Hotel is appropriate for the banquet or
event and it matches this approved Catering Contract, then no additional review by the Office of General Counsel
(OGC) is needed. OGC review is required if the contract provided to the department does not match this Catering
Contract form. In addition, if the total value of the Catering Contract exceeds $10,000, departments will need to
submit the contract to the Real Estate Office (REO) for review and approval prior to obtaining signature by the
person authorized by the Delegations of Authority. If the contract is valued less than $10,001, the person
authorized by the Delegations of Authority may sign the Catering Contract without further review by either the
OGC or REO. In all cases, a copy of the completed and signed Catering Contract should be sent to the Real Estate
Office, 424 Donhowe Building, 319-15 Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455; Phone, 612/625-5345; Fax,
612/624-6345; Email, If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the Real Estate

Please ensure that all blanks completed by the Hotel are filled out according to the following instructions
and that the completed agreement accurately reflects the agreements between your departmen t and the

Group Name: Insert the name of the University department, program or college that will be using the Hotel.
(Note: Your department will not sign this Catering Contract if you are arranging for the use of the Hotel for a
non-University group. That group will sign a different contract that the Hotel provides to non-University users.)

Group Contact: Insert the name of the primary University contact person for the event.

Address and Telephone and Fax Numbers: Provide the complete address, telephone number and fax number
for the primary contact person.

Function Name: Insert the name of the University event or function to be held at the Hotel.

Event Dates: Include all dates (including the year) that you will be using space at the Hotel, including set-up and

Radisson Sales Manager: This name will be provided by the Hotel.

Total Value of this Contract: To be completed by Hotel. This is the amount your department is responsible for
as a result of entering into this Catering Contract and will specify the amount for food and beverage and the
amount for meeting room rental.

Schedule of Events: To be completed by Hotel with information provided by the University. The details of the
event as described in this Schedule of Events should be accurate and complete.

Cancellation: Note that if you cancel your event after signing this Catering Contract, you may be liable for a
cancellation fee. If you do not understand this clause, contact the Real Estate Office (5-5345) for assistance

Form Date: 08.19.05
Revised: 09.25.06
                                    615 SE Washington Avenue
                                     Minneapolis, MN 55414
                                         (612) 379-8888

                        Regents of the Univ. of Minnesota (“Unive rsity”)

Date Prepared:                       November 13, 2010

Group Name:
Group Contact:


Function Name:
Event Dates:                               –
Radisson Sales Manager:

(Group) and RADISSON UNIVERSITY HOTEL agree as follows:

The total value of this contract based on the meeting and banquet requirements listed on the
following page of this contract is $       , which includes $       for food and beverage
minimum and $          for meeting room rental.

Please review the following stipulations and all Meeting Requirements, to ensure a mutual
understanding of the arrangements.

A 72 hour, ((3) business days), guarantee of attendance is required by all groups. The number on
the contract will be used as the guarantee if the Catering Office does not receive the information by
the required time. Guarantees are NOT subject to reduction and are minimum on which charges
will be based. Charges on guaranteed number attending will also be incurred if cancellation occurs
within 48 hours of event.


Form Date: 08.19.05
Revised: 09.25.06
Group shall be responsible for any and all damages and/or losses to the premises or others during
the function, which are caused by the group or any of the group’s employees, agents, guests or other
persons attending the function. The Hotel does not assume any responsibility for and is not liable
for any damages to or losses of any merchandise, samples, equipment or any goods or personal
property exhibited, displayed or left in the Hotel prior to or following the function.
All University of Minnesota functions require a purchase order number prior to function or deposit
as requested by Catering Manager at signing of contract.

Upon receipt of this signed Hotel Agreement, the Hotel’s catering service manager will contact
Group to make arrangements for the event. Function details such as banquet menus, meeting room
set up, audiovisual requirements, and bar arrangements must be finalized with catering manager at
least 30 days prior to the event. Meeting rooms will be set based on the number guaranteed. The
set number is not to exceed 5% over the guarantee. In the event that the guarantee is not received
at least three working days prior to the event, the Hotel will assume the guarantee to be the
maximum number originally expected.

Banquet charges will be charged to the master account. Payment is due in full upon receipt of

The function shall be conducted by the group in an orderly manner in full compliance with all the
rules and regulations of the Hotel and with all applicable laws, ordinance and regulations.

Time                  Event                          Att        Set Up             Rental

The Group agrees that should it cancel its commitment the actual damages would be difficult to
determine. The following provisions represent a reasonable effort on behalf of the Hotel to
establish their actual damages to be paid by the Group for cancellation of this contract to the Hotel.

The maximum cancellation fee that may be charged shall be based on the room rental assigned for
the rooms contracted for and estimated food and beverage minimum as stated in contract. The
agreed to cancellation fee specified herein for events cancelled will be as follows:

Date of Cancellation                                % Owed of Total Contract Value
Date of signing to 120 days                         0% owed of total anticipated revenue
119 – 90 days out                                   15% owed of total anticipated revenue
89 – 60 days out                                    40% owed of total anticipated revenue
59 – 30 days out                                    60% owed of total anticipated revenue

Form Date: 08.19.05
Revised: 09.25.06
29-15 days out                                       75% owed of total anticipated revenue
14 days out and under                                90% owed of total anticipated revenue

Hotel may submit an invoice for cancellation fees at any time after the event is cancelled. Payment
is due 30 days after the date of the invoice.
Once notice of cancellation is given, the Hotel shall immediately return the reserved meeting rooms
to its inventory and make good faith, commercially reasonable (based on standards of first class
hotels in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area) efforts to resell the meeting rooms. If, as a result of its
efforts, the Hotel’s losses as determined in good faith by the Hotel are less than the cancellation fees
already invoiced to or paid by the University, Hotel shall adjust the invoice or give the University
credit equal to the difference.

This agreement is subject to the policies and procedures attached to this agreement. Please sign and
return to the hotel by «BKH_DECISION» which will acknowledge your acceptance of the
agreement, and keep a copy for your file.

Regents of the University of Minnesota                Radisson University Hotel

By:                                                   By:
Name:                                                 Name:
Title:                                                Title:
Date:                                                 Date:

Form Date: 08.19.05
Revised: 09.25.06

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