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									Designing, creating and connecting
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                                     Sydney Region ICT Coordinators meeting

                                                                Ruth Mason
     In designing challenging educational
opportunities, we should raise the floor, remove
the walls, and eliminate the ceiling on learning.
                 (E. Jena Gubbins)
Resources to investigate……
      • Connected Learning Awards
      • Murder under the microscope
Programs for professional development in ICT
      • CLAS - Connected Learning Advisory Service (see My
        Applications in DET Staff portal)
      • Intel Teach Program
            o   Essentials Course
            o   Thinking with Technology Course
New look TaLe
Internet projects for students:
      • The Adventures of Ebenezer Q Emu
      • Through My Window
Connecting in 2008
Competitions you may wish to include in your planning:

Connected Learning Awards
     •   Web Design Awards
     •   Greeting Card Design Awards
     •   Learning Resource Awards
     •   Digital Story Awards New
     •   Digital Art Awards New
     •   Short Film Awards New
 Murder Under the Microscope
Web Design Awards
These awards encourage students K-12 to utilise their web design skills,
their ability to collaborate and work within a team to create a website based
on a specified theme. The theme for The Web Design Awards for 2008 is
These awards encourage students to undertake the following:
      Think                  Plan               Create               Submit
 • analyse the        • register for the   • work in teams to    • upload website
   elements of an       competition          design the            to competition
   effective                                 website               server using the
   website            • decide on the                              username and
                        topic for the      • review website        password which
 • analyse              website              content,              was sent after
   different                                 ensuring that all     registering
   purposes and       • allocate team        competition
   design methods       roles and            requirements
                        responsibilities     have been met
 • brainstorm the
   theme              • decide on
                        timeframe to
 • explore possible     ensure the
   website designs      website is ready
                        to upload on
Greeting Card Design Awards
This is a simple and engaging project for students from Kindergarten to
Year 12.
Using a template, students create a design that communicates a message
of goodwill, harmony and celebration that would be appreciated by all
community members.
These awards encourage students to undertake the following:

      Think               Plan                Create                Submit

 • look             • decide             • work                 • submit the
   at examples of     on a theme for       individually or in     greeting card
   greeting cards     the greeting         teams to design        using the
                      card                 a greeting card        submit form on
 • analyse                                 using the              the 2007
   different        • explore possible     template               Greeting Card
   purposes and       materials to be      provided               Design website
   methods of         used
                    • explore possible
 • analyse the        formats
   elements of
   design used
Learning Resource Awards
These awards provide K-12 students with an opportunity to use a
variety of technologies to create a learning resource or learning object
based on a concept drawn from a relevant syllabus area.
These awards encourage students to undertake the following:

     Think              Plan             Create                Submit

• look             • decide on the   • work              • submit the learning
  at examples of     syllabus          individually or     resource using the
  learning           concept to be     in teams to         submit form on the
  resources          taught            design a            2007 Learning
                                       learning            Resource Awards
• analyse          • decide on the     resource            website
  different          audience for
  purposes and       the learning
  methods of         resource
                   • explore
• consider           possible
  possible           formats
Digital Story Awards new in 2008
These awards encourage students K-12 to review the basic principles of
storytelling, create storyboards, capture images with digital cameras or
scanners, write stories, and post their stories on the Internet.

These awards encourage students to undertake the following:

    Think                Plan             Create               Submit

• look              • decide on the   • work              • submit the story
  at examples of      topic             individually or     with accompanying
  digital stories                       in teams to         Design Statement
                    • decide on the     design a            using the submit
• analyse             audience for      digital story       form on the 2008
  different           the digital                           Digital Story
  purposes and        story                                 Awards website
  methods of
  presentation      • develop the
• consider            and scripts
Short Film Awards new in 2008
These awards encourage students to develop an understanding of
the film medium and how it can be used for different purposes.
Students will work in small teams to create a short film of a
maximum size 10Mb, using the digital technologies available to
These awards encourage students to undertake the following:

                           Pre –                                      Post –
    Planning                                 Production
                         production                                 production
• look at the          • develop the       • work in small        • the film along
  different types of     storyboards and     teams to               with an
  short films            scripts             rehearse, shoot        accompanying
                                             and edit the           Creative
• analyse the                                footage to create      Statement will be
  different                                  a short film using     uploaded to the
  purposes and                               the digital            website .
  methods of                                 technologies
  presentation                               available to them
Digital Art Awards new in 2008
For these awards students K-12 are encouraged to use their developing ICT
skills to create an original digital artwork. This work can be digital painting,
photo manipulation, fractal, digital collage, digital montage or mixed media
and digital photography.
For the 2008 Digital Art Awards students are asked to submit their digital art
on the theme Portraiture.
These awards encourage students to undertake the following:

       Think                  Plan                  Create                 Submit

• look at the          • decide               • work individually    • the artwork along
  different types of     on a theme for         or in small teams      with an
  digital art            the artwork            to design a            accompanying
                                                digital artwork        Artist Statement
• analyse the          • explore possible       using the digital      to the Digital
  different              materials to be        technologies           Story Awards
  purposes and           used                   available to them      website .
  methods of
  presentation         • explore possible
Connected Learning
Connected Learning Awards 2008

The CLI intranet also accessed via “My websites” on the DET portal
Murder Under the Microscope K-12

• a live online environmental game for school students in years 5 to 10

• students take on the role of investigators to solve the crime in a given
  period of time

• students use the web site for clues, videos and information while
  researching various possible crime sites, villains and victims

• project is designed to support DET syllabuses with literacy, numeracy
  and ICT cross curriculum content
Murder Under the Microscope K-12

• from April 28, the 2008 Catchment Headquarters web site will be live. In
  the weeks that follow, clues will be uncovered.

• the possible crime sites, victims and villains are all based on real

• the scenario and crime make up the game.
   Also accessible through TaLe
Programs for professional development in ICT

   • Intel Teach Program

        o Thinking with Technology Course
        o Essentials Online Course
        o Details on the CLI intranet

   • CLAS Schools (Connected Learning Advisory Service)
        o   designed to help teachers evaluate the integration of ICT in their
            teaching practice
        o   Accessed through ‘My Applications’ on DET Staff Portal
Intel® Teach Program Thinking with Technology
The Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology Course
•    offers teachers with intermediate-level technology integration skills
    (Intel® Teach Essentials Course or equivalent competency) an
    opportunity to enhance these skills and promote higher-order
• a modular course providing face-to-face, hands-on experiences with
  online thinking tools which engage students and help them to
  communicate their understanding of complex concepts.
• each tool features an online workspace where students create and
  save visual representations of their thinking:
Intel® Teach Program Thinking with Technology
Visual Ranking Tool
Identify and refine criteria for assigning ranking to a list; and then
debate differences, reach consensus, and organise ideas.

Seeing Reason Tool
 Investigate relationships in complex systems, creating maps that
communicate understanding.

Showing Evidence Tool
Construct well-reasoned arguments that are supported by evidence,
using a visual framework.
Intel® Teach Program Essentials Online Course
A professional learning program which:
     • promotes the effective use of Information and Communication
       Technologies (ICT)
     • trains teachers K-12 on how, when and where to incorporate
       technology tools and resources into lesson plans, including
       Web 2.0 technologies
     • is a new version of the Intel Teach Essentials Course,
       combining both face-to-face and online elements
     • is conducted over two days face to face, followed by 24 hours
       online for Master trainers and 22 hours online for participant
CLAS (Connected Learning Advisory Service)

CLAS helps teachers make the most of information and communication
technologies (ICT) in their classrooms

 •   has two main parts:
       o the Using ICT Framework
       o online self-assessment tool (MyMap) help teachers
         evaluate how they use ICT for teaching and learning
 •   allows teachers to create their own log of evidence of ICT
     capability and identify aspects of their practice for further
 •   contains learning pathways which provide links to:
       o   examples of what other teachers are doing
       o   online resources
       o   professional learning activities to help teachers explore
           new strategies for use with their students.
 •   accessed through ‘My Applications’ on DET Staff Portal
TaLe – new look
CLI resources - example
Project – The Adventures of Ebenezer Q. Emu
Also accessed through TaLe
Ebenezer Q. Emu
 The Adventures of Ebenezer Q. Emu is a simple and engaging activity designed to
 encourage students in Early Stage One and Stage One to talk, listen, read and write
 for different purposes.
 This project encourages students to do the following:

       Think                 Write                   Click               Make
 • Teachers and        • Explore and          • Compose and        • Use the Story
   students jointly      create visual and      take six digital     Maker Wizard to
   decide on the         written texts that     photos to            create a digital
   adventure that        have Ebenezer          illustrate the       story. Submit the
                         as the central         written text.        story for
   Ebenezer has          character. It will                          publishing on
   and tasks he is       be the students’                            Ebenezer’s
   required to           responsibility to                           website.
   complete.             document and
Sample – Ebenezer the Princess
Sample – Ebenezer’s letter to Santa
Ebenezer Q Emu library
Through My Window

Students look through a window, write a short description of the view,
email it to the site coordinator to post on the website, and create a
picture of another school's description and email it to the school.

• a simple and engaging email activity
• allows students to communicate about their world through words
  and images
• an excellent way to contact other schools

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