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America's Most Expensive Home on Market for $135 million
                      in Colorado
              Trump "trumped" by Saudi Prince's Aspen-area compound
Estes Park, CO, July 18, 2006 – The most expensive single- family home listed in America has
just gone on the market for $135 million, taking the "most expensive listing in America" title
away from Donald Trump's oceanfront estate in Palm Beach (FL), which carries a $125 million
price tag. The newly listed Aspen (CO) home is owned by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin
Abdul Aziz, who is selling the estate to pursue his new responsibilities as chairman of his
nation's new national Security Council.

"By comparison," said Robby Carson, a real estate professional with Estes Park Realty and
member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, "the most expensive property in Estes
Park is currently on the market for $7,500,000. This incredible 7,500 Sq. Ft. estate includes 7
bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and too many amenities to list here. A special website has been setup to
feature this home at”

According to Laurie Moore-Moore, founder and President of The Institute for Luxury Home
Marketing, "The current world record for the most expensive residence was set in 2004 when a
London home sold for $128 million. While Prince Bandar's property may break that record, don't
look for it to happen quickly. Despite the increase of personal wealth worldwide, there are few
buyers internationally who are in a position to purchase a property of this magnitude."

According to Moore-Moore, this is a trophy house and its appeal will not only be its size and the
unique features it offers, but the opportunity for the buyer to own the world's most expensive

Built in the late 1980's, Starwood Ranch sits on 95 acres of land in Aspen. The 56,000 square
foot home has more than 30 rooms, an indoor pool, trails, a snowmelt driveway, employee living
quarters and stables. The main home has 16 bathrooms and 15 bedrooms a nd is larger than the
White House.

 “There are currently more fine home and estate properties now available in the Estes Park
Colorado MLS system priced at a million dollars or more than in some time,” according to
Carson. “Most of the current owners are planning to stay in the Estes Park area by purchasing or
building another property.”

Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest surround the village of Estes Park,
Colorado with spectacular mountain scenery, abundant wildlife habitat, miles of hiking trails and

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scenic drives including Trail Ridge Road over the Continental Divide, the highest paved road in
the U.S, and the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway. Located 70 miles from Denver’s International
Airport and minutes from Loveland’s Regional Airport, Estes Park is an ideal getaway for the
affluent to own homes.

Moore-Moore is considered an expert when it comes to the marketing of luxury homes. She has
trained over 10,000 real estate agents worldwide in luxury home marketing and her 5000-
member organization, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, teaches agents how to better
serve buyers and sellers of upscale properties and how to use creative marketing to list and sell
luxury residences.

Carson, co-owner of the Carson/Christopher Group that owns Estes Park Realty and Estes Park
Luxury Homes, is an expert in the Luxury Home and Estate market. His company currently has
the largest inventory of fine home and estates in the Estes Park market and one of the most
advanced marketing programs in the industry that includes international television, print and web
marketing programs.

Available luxury properties in Estes Park can be viewed at


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