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Partner Agreements


Partner Agreements document sample

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									Northeast District Meeting
Channel Partner Agreements
June 2010 Update
This session is intended to be a dialogue.
•   I will provide some background information.
•   You will discuss your opinions and feelings.
•   I will be tape recording the session so that I can
    share accurately your feedback and input with the
    board taskforce working on this initiative.
Definition of a Channel Partner
APICS recognizes three different types of Channel
Partners. These are the affiliated organizations that work
with APICS to deliver education, member benefits, and/or
certification exams:

•Within   North America
  •   Chapters – provide some or all of: education, member benefits,
      and group testing
•Outside   North America
  •   International Associates (IAs) – non-profit organizations. Offer
      joint memberships and public test sites
  •   Authorized Education Providers (AEPs) – generally for-profit
      corporate entities. Provide instruction.
What you need to remember is:
•   The Channel Partner network (Chapters,
    International Associates, and Authorized Education
    Providers) is one of the most important assets
    APICS has, next to its intellectual property.
•   The primary objective is to strengthen the network
    not replace Chapters.
Where did this come from?
•   In 2009, the Strategic Direction Committee
    recommended that APICS enter into contractual
    agreements with Chapters so that all APICS Channel
    Partners, whether inside or outside of North America,
    had a similarly defined relationship to APICS
•   The 2009 Board of Directors approved this
2010-2012 Strategic Priorities
Channel Partners
• Point of Arrival: Channel Partners use and
  contribute to APICS products/services to meet or
  exceed the needs of local members/customers.
• Goal: Channel Partners achieve agreed upon
• Objective:
  • All channel partners have a contractual
    relationship with APICS by 2012.
This is seen as a positive by the Board
•   The detailed discussions that will occur with every
    Chapter to support the contract negotiation process
    will facilitate a better relationship between Chapters
    and APICS Corporate.
•   The contract documents that relationship.
•   The metrics included in each contract will be
    negotiated. The Chapter will play the major role in
    determining what metrics it can achieve.
    Benefits to Channel Partners
•   Ensures a high level of Corporate support that:
    • Better and more consistently meets individual chapter
    • Sets appropriate key performance indicators allowing the
      chapters to also monitor the relationship.
    • Creates clearly defined markets.
    • Fosters collaboration between APICS Corporate and
    • Ensures APICS intellectual property is better protected.
    • Enables a more exclusive relationship with channel
    • Clarifies roles and responsibility of both parties.
Benefits to Customers
•   Ensures high quality products and services that are
    accessible across the globe.
•   Enables brand development at all touch points for
    members and customers.
Benefits to APICS Corporate
•   Formalizes existing relationships so that:
    •   We share common standards for delivery across North
    •   APICS intellectual property is better protected.
    •   Roles and responsibility of both parties are clarified.
    •   Better leverage high performing chapters and better
        support/develop chapters with potential to grow APICS.
    •   Improve the evaluation of chapter performance.
    •   Consistency across the globe in relationships with our
        channel partners.
Process and Timeline
•   June 2010
    •   Chair of the Board assigns a Task Force comprised of a
        chapter representative from each district plus three board
    •   Define stakeholders (e.g. Board, Chapters, etc.)
    •   Identify roles and responsibilities for the stakeholders
    •   Identify areas of potential risk
    •   Perform chapter assessment (including chapter survey)
    •   Create individual chapter profiles
Process and Timeline
•   July 2010
    •   Review survey results
    •   Review existing documents (IA and AEP agreements,
        other comparable document such as franchise, licensing,
        or dealership agreements)
    •   Identify various levels and types of agreement
    •   Create draft agreements including terms and conditions
        for stakeholder review/input
    •   Provide status update to Board of Directors
    •   Pending Board approval, move forward
•   What responsibilities do you believe Chapters have to APICS?
•   What responsibilities do you believe APICS has to Chapters?
•   What do you see as the benefits of having a contract with APICS
•   What are do you see as the downside of having a contract with
    APICS Corporate?
•   What would make the contract negotiation process go smoothly?
•   What would potentially derail the contract negotiation process?

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