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I Need a Pay Stub Template document sample

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									Learning how to Budget
                      Student Guide
To be a successful business person, you must be able to budget. Many people fall into the debt trap
simply because they overspend their monthly income. With a budget in place you will soon realize
how much extra money you have after all the bills are paid.

During the course of the month you will be given a scenario to complete. For example, you may be
given an extra $110 because it was your birthday. What will you do with this $110? In your
spreadsheet you will account for this money and tell how you plan to spend it.

Read and complete the following. After completing each step, place a check mark in the space
provided. Reference pages refer to where the information can be found in the DDC MicroSoft Office

Attached is an example of a budget (template 1) and an estimated pay stub (template2).

1. ______ Create the labels for Template 1 spreadsheet. Reference pages 203-212.

2._______Create the labels for Template 2 spreadsheet. Reference pages 203-212.

3._______Print Templates 1 & 2.

4. ______Add formulas (using ranges) and values into Template 1. Reference pages 213-246.

5. ______ Add formulas (using ranges) and values into Template 2. Reference pages 213-246.

6. ______Print Template 1 & 2.

7. ______Freeze the Titles in Template 1. Reference pages 247-278.

8. ______Freeze the Titles in Template 2. Reference pages 247-278.

After creating your spreadsheets, add the following information.

1. ______Using your pay stub, enter the information into template 2.

2. ______Using the list of expenses, enter the information into template 1.

9. ______Link Template 1 to Template 2 by the net income cell. Reference pages 247-278.

11._____Update values in templates 1 & 2 as needed.

A print out of the budget is due the last working day of the month.
The Examples of the Templates is saved in Microsoft Works. If you need a hard copy of these files,
just let us know.

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