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					     Choose a category.
You will be given the question.
  You must give the correct
           answer. Click to begin.
Click here for
Final Jeopardy
             Predicate    Subject      Bound
Bare Bones                                         Grab Bag
             Expanders   Describers   Predicates

 10 Point     10 Point    10 Point     10 Point    10 Point

20 Points    20 Points   20 Points    20 Points    20 Points

30 Points    30 Points   30 Points    30 Points    30 Points

40 Points    40 Points   40 Points    40 Points    40 Points

50 Points    50 Points   50 Points    50 Points    50 Points
Define: Subject
The subject names the
person, place, thing, or
  idea that the whole
   sentence is about.
What does the s mean at
 the end of the word
The s means that the
 subject is singular.
  Give an example of a
barebones sentence with
 a compound predicate.
What is the formula for a
 barebones sentence?
   the subject + the
predicate = a complete
  Which predicate
  expander is also
considered part of a
barebones sentence?
the receiver of the action
      (direct object)
  To, from, and for are
starter words for which
  predicate expander?
Where Predicate
 For attention is an
 example of which
predicate expander?
Why Predicate
    Explain the use of
  commas for predicate
expanders preceding the
 subject of the sentence.
Long expanders of four
words or more require a
Where can –ly predicate
expanders be used in a
•before the subject
•between the subject and
•immediately after the
List the starter words for
   the when predicate
when, since, before, after,
 as, as soon as, during,
     True or False
Subject describers have
  the property of
Give three examples of
behavior/ personality
 subject describers.
When is a comma needed
 to separate adjacent
  subject describers?
When the word and can
be placed between them
or the word order can be
Explain the rules for using
 an apostrophe to denote
 Use „s unless the plural
subject describer already
        ends in s.
Which subject describer is
 used in the sentence:
The boy with the beautiful
 singing voice is an honor
 Which verb always
requires a completer?
forms of be
What is the formula for a
 basic topic sentence?
Subject + Key Point =
   Topic Sentence
Which completers are
Which completers
 are helping?
What does
stand for?
grow, remain, appear, become,
         seem, stay
   “All sentences start
   with a capital letter
and end with a stop sign,”
is the definition of what?
a sentence frame
What is the symbol
for an interrupter?
  What is the complete
predicate in the sentence:

 Like a pit bull, the baby
hungrily attacks her toys.
hungrily attacks her toys
    like a pit bull.
Where is a typical place
 to find the indirect
usually between the
predicate and direct
Define: paragraph
A paragraph is a group
 of sentences working
together to develop one
       key point.
Make your wager
 List as many where
  predicate expander
position words you can
think of in 45 seconds.
And the winners are…

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