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									By: Laura Villarreal
  Tiffani Moreno
Nicollette Donato
   Steven Slack
Yenifer Maldonado
 To give real examples of how technology has
  enabled organizations with opportunities to
  become a global business, or do business
What is Global Business?
 Consists of transactions that are carried out
  across national borders to satisfy the needs of
  individuals, companies and organizations
   In what ways do organizations communicate
    internally and externally?
   What type of technology is used to
    communicate within the organization
       E-mail(G-mail)
       Instant Messaging
       Skype
       Adobe Acrobat Connection Pro Webcast
       Google Docs
   E-mail has opened the door to easier, faster
    communication around the world and
    continues to improve
   G-Mail is the newest, latest e-mail by Google,
    promises less spam, more space, and easy
    mobile access
   Instant Messaging, isn’t necessarily the best
    way to communicate in a business, however,
    it offers a real-time conversation for free via
    internet access
   Offers easy and cheap communication for all types of businesses
   Skype to Skype calling, Landline/Mobile to or from Skype calling, call
   Video Calls & Screen sharing
   Conference Calls & Group IM
   IM& Sending Files
   Business features include:
     Skype for PBX systems
     Skype Mobile (Windows or Iphone)
     Click to Call & Online Numbers
     Free Web-based tool Business Control Panel(BCP)
     Unlimited World ($12.95 monthly)
   Monthly fee’s ($45, $55, 32cent/min)
   Directed more towards web conferencing rather than just
   Top Features:
     Enter meeting instantly
     Share screens
     Works with any audio provider
     Record meeting
     Mobile for Iphone of Windows phone
     Customize and extend
   Free
   Create & Share (Documents, spreadsheets, forms,
    presentations, and drawings)
   Edit & View (with web access)
   Real-time collaboration
   Works across operating systems
   Secure access controls
   Create secure web pages
   Windows offers many security tests for both
    businesses and consumers.
     End Point Scan
     Trojan Scan
     Email Security Test
     Event Log Scan
 Digital signatures are used to show
  the authenticity of a digital
  message or document.
 A Certificate is an electronic
  document that uses a digital
  signature to bind together a public
  key with an identity. Digital
  signatures and certificates help
  ensure customer privacy and
   What Are Secure Socket Layers?
     Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are a protocol for managing the security of a
      message transmission on the internet. The protocol uses public key
      infrastructure to ensure both privacy and authentication
     SSLs are critical for protecting personal information
1) A browser requests a secure page
2) The web server sends its certificate with its public
3) The browser makes sure that the certificate was
    issued by a trusted party, that the certificate is
    still valid and that the certificate is related to the
    site contacted
4) The browser then uses the public key, to encrypt a
    random symmetric encryption key and sends it
    to the server with the encrypted URL required as
    well as other encrypted http data
5) The web server decrypts the symmetric
    encryption key using its private key and uses the
    symmetric key to decrypt the URL and http data
6) The web server sends back the requested html
    document and http data encrypted with the
    symmetric key
7) The browser decrypts the http data and html
    document using the symmetric key and displays
    the information
   Manages the delivery of all corporate
    information in a variety of languages.
   Helps maintain global market share in a
    high competitive world.
   Prevents inconsistent messaging (reduces
    translation time and cost)
   90% information produced by a business
    are properly targeted to their desired
    audience, however only 10% is properly
    communicated in their language.
   Help organizations successfully
    communicate ideas globally.
   (SDL) Automated Translation-provides
    automatic translation and instant translation
    (email, instant chat) that converts one
    language to another.
     Hewlet Packard, Phillips, and Volkswagen

   Interpro 2010 Objective- increase market
    share, gain competitive edge, enhance, client
    satisfaction, and facilitate product usability.
     Translates graphics containing text
     McDonalds and Hilton Hotels
   Systran-over 10 different software’s specifically for
    language translation.
   Systran 6- the most advanced out of the other software
    solutions Systran provides.
   Translates directly out of Microsoft Software such as Word,
    Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. PDF can also be directly
   Translates multiple files at once, with as little as a right click
    of your mouse.
   Remembers the latest language you were using
   Has 52 language pairs and 5 specialized dictionaries
   Some translating websites are free

   Some software may be downloaded for free
     Free translating solutions may not be the best
     quality in translating * Remember* Word-by-
   Range $100-$800+ depending on what you
    need, how many languages, and what it will
    be for (i.e. home office or global business)
   Word-by-Word Translation- it translates from
    what it understands and does not take into
    account grammar.
   Word-by-Word Translations are sites like
    Google Translate, and some phone translator
   Employee travel means the travel during the regular work hours of an
    employee. The time which is spent on traveling which is incidental must
    be paid. Through their travel to different corners of the world, they gain
    experience of what is happening at the other end of the world. They get
    the experience which will help them to progress in the business.
    Involving employees in the overall business activities will help them to
    progress and realize their objectives and goals.
   Transportation charges, such as airfare, rail, or bus
   Meals
   Lodging
   Toll charges, parking fees, ferry fees, bridge, road, and tunnel fees
   Baggage transfer and handling, including reasonable tips
   Business telephone calls and a personal call home to announce
    "safe arrival"
   Hire of room
   Laundry and dry cleaning, if on domestic travel status for at least 7
    consecutive days
   Passports and visas (employees only)
   Registration fees, if the purpose of travel is attendance at
    conferences or official meetings
   Business services, such as computer use, and photocopying
   Taxis and shuttles, including reasonable tips
   Airplane parking/tie-down, hanger rental, and landing fees
   Alcoholic beverages
   Coat check
   Collision damage waiver insurance for motor vehicle rental (Note:
    this expense is allowable for foreign travel)
   Personal entertainment charges such as movies, spa/health clubs,
    sightseeing, tours, etc.
   Keys locked in personal automobile
   Late check-out and room guaranteed charges
   Living expenses at official headquarters
   Parking tickets or other traffic fines
   Personal automobile accident insurance
   Spouse/family travel expense, unless specific prior approval is
    provided in a grant or contract
   Tobacco products
   Towing of a personal automobile
   Travel insurance (exceptions may be requested for foreign travel)
   Employees are personally responsible for
    ensuring that their travel arrangements meet
    travel regulations and that their claims for
    reimbursement are accurate. Improper or
    inadequately supported travel claims cannot be
    paid and will delay the reimbursement process.
   All travel must be authorized and approved by
    the appropriate administrative officer within the
    unit. The business expense must be incurred in
    connection with services performed as an
   A one-time setup fee of
    $1,250 is required in all
   100% web
    based. Nothing to install
    or purchase. Just load
    and go!
   Saves money by
    automating manual
   Improves accuracy and
    timeliness of customer
 Electric communication networks (ECN)have
  made it easier to do business in many different
  global markets.
 Foreign exchange ECNs provide access to an
  electronic trading network that displays
  streaming quotes to traders.
 Perform limit checks and match orders in less
  than 100 milliseconds per order.
 ECN traders benefit from greater liquidity, more
  price transparency, and faster processing.
   Allows for trading and
    transactions to execute
    from anywhere in the
   Matches traders with
    desired trading partners
    quickly and easily.

   Safe trading platform
    using secure socket layers
    (SSL) and firewalls.
   PayPal enables customers to easily and securely
    perform global transaction over the internet.
     PayPal operates in 190 different markets with over 184
      million accounts.
     Allows users to send, receive, and hold funds in 19 different
     In 2008 had total transaction value of 60 Billion Dollars.
   Technology has helped to reduce business
    expenses by providing better channels for
   Provides protection and privacy of valuable data
    stored and transmitted electronically.
   Help break language barriers to reach new foreign
   Aids in reducing travel and allowing for easier
    tracking of employee expenses.
   Facilitate a real time global market that is
    accessible from anywhere in the world.

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