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					                                                           MBA CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS 2004-2004

  Club or Organization
• Graduate Business Association - Executive Council
  Elected representatives of GBS student body.

• One Year Accelerated GBA Representatives
  Elected representatives of one year class.
• First Year Section Reps
  Elected representatives of first year class.

  Core Values Council

• Honor Council

• Goizueta Marketing Strategy Competition
  A class, club and resume-builder in one: Student teams
  spend 4 months working on current business/marketing
  strategy challenges faced by participating companies.
  Competition is based on which team presents the best
  analysis and solutions.
• BMBAA: The Black MBA Association
  Club activities include participation in the NBMBAA
  Conference & Inside GBS Conference, social events
  and networking opportunities.

• CLT's: The Corporate Liaison Teams
  Student teams who serve as key points of contact
  for companies visiting campus for presentations
  and other recruiting events.
• Goizueta Ambassadors Program
  Organization which works closely with the Admissions
  Office. Arrange classroom visits and facilitate MBA
  interaction for prospective students.

• GBS Jesters

 Organization charged with maintaining levity and
 perspective at GBS. Projects include The Balance Sheet ,
 Spring Follies and misc. special events.
• Business Technology Club
  Club focused on e-commerce ventures, internet startups,
  technology, etc. Hosts networking events with local

• Goizueta Finance Club
  Club with a focus on finance. Events include career
  panels, interview preparation, finance case competition.

 Goizueta General Management Club
 Club with focus on General Management Careers
• Goizueta Healthcare Club
  Club with focus on Healthcare issues and careers.

• GCA: Goizueta Consulting Association
  Club with Consulting focus. Hosts fall
  networking events, case interview prep
  workshops, panel discussions.

• Goizueta Marketing Association
  Club with Marketing focus. Independent of GMSC. Hosts
  marketing career panels, networking events, etc.

• Goizueta Partners
  Club focused on addressing the special needs and
  concerns of MBA families and significant others. Sponsors

• GWIB: Graduate Women in Business
  Club focused on issues related to women in business.
  Hosts networking and career development events, golf
  clinics, etc.
• International Business Association
  Organization focused on the interests and concerns of
  GBS International Students; introducing the GBS
  community to the talents, tastes and viewpoints of our
  international colleagues. Famous for great inter-cultural
  events, parties and dinners.

• JD/MBA Society
  Club for JD/MBA students, focused on personal and
  professional development opportunities, social interaction
  with both schools. Events include a speaker series, career
  panel, golf tournaments, charity events, and an
  information consortium for candidates.
• Goizueta Gives
  Club with focus on responsible business, social issues,
  ethics and related business challenges.

• MBA Investment Club
  Club focused on investments and investing. Open to all
  interested, from novices to accomplished investors.

• Sports, Media and Entertainment Club
  Club focused on careers and business opportunities within
  the multimedia and entertainment industries.

• Goizueta Real Estate Group
  Club with focus on real estate development, investing,
  careers and networking. Sponsors industry panel.

• Entrepreneurship Club
 Club with focus on Entrepreneurship and Venture
 Capital issues.


 Hispanic Business Association

 Net Impact

 Goizueta Christian Fellowship

 Gouizueta Jewish Life

• Student Advisory Groups (SAGs)
  Provide MBA student input for GBS-wide planning,
  operations management, academics, administration and
  Career Management Center SAG
Academic SAG

Admissions SAG

External Communications SAG

Internal Communications SAG
Facilities SAG

Alumni SAG


Graduate Student Senate / Univesity Senate

Assistant Director of Student Activities

Merchandise Manager

Sports Coordinator
International Student Representative
Graduation Team

Dean's Speaker Series Team


Community Service Chair

                                         Current Leaders
  President                              Christopher Freitag
  Executive Vice President               Morgan McClure
  Chief Financial Officer                Scott Sailor
  Vice President, Student Activities     Meredith McDonald
  Vice President, Communications         Christopher Dennison
  Vice President, Alumni Relations       Jennifer Kilshaw
  Vice President, University Relations   Michael Wagner
  One Year Representatives               Jeremiah Gibber
                                         Kevin Kyer
  Section A                              Syed Ally
  Section B                              Mike Onda
  Section C                              TJ Hart

  Chair                                  Kembrel Jones
  MBA Reps.                              Matt Finger
                                         Jill Schreifer
                                         Lee Watkiss
                                         Jennifer Barnett
                                         Catherine Keller
  One Year Rep                           Bill McKeown
  Chair                                  Whitney Parker
  MBA Representatives                    Chad Costley
                                         Bill Sande
                                         Emil Sacco
                                         Pearl Kumahor

  President                              Brooks Fischer
  Vice Presidents

                                         Dolly Devgan
                                         Neera Waingankar
                                           Alex Slinlin
                                           Corey Provine
                                           Heather Crary
                                           Marc Girardot
President                                  Richard Wright
VP, Finance                                Bryan Payne
VP, Professional Development               Sharifa Garcia
VP, Student Activities                     Ama Bawuah
VP, Communications                         Coleman Oglesbee
Leadership Team (Co-Chairs)                John Dalton
                                           Christina Yarnold
First Year Reps.

President                                  John Pinkard

                                           Selin Bahadirli
                                           Jessica Heller

Head Jesters                               Conor Byrne
                                           Adam Chait
                                           Keith Peshke

President                                  Sudipto Banerjee
VP, Communications                         Tien Nguyen
VP, Internal Relations                     Robert Freigassner
VP, Activites                              Rafiq Batcha
VP, Corporate & Professional Development

Co-Chairs                                  Craig Cortright

                                           Conor Byrne
VP, Communications                         Dave Divinagracia
VP, Alumni Relations                       Michael Wagner
Pesident                                   Robert Freigassner
VP Academic                                Dante Bellizzi
VP Internal                    Chong Guan
VP Career Development          Michael Lodge
Treasurer                      Jonathan Davis
First-Year Rep.                Jeffrey Beck
Co-Presidents                  Jared Belsky
                               Marc Girardot
VP, Academic Affairs           Kristin Moon
VP, Internal Comm.             Sanket Shah
VP, Alumni Affairs             Keith Tyson
VP, External Events            Drew Domescik
                               Frances Beard
President                      Matt Finger
VP, Internal Affairs           Catherine Keller
VP, External Affairs           Anuj Jaichand
                               Adam Condo

President                      Tam'ra Osborne
VP, Internal Relations

                               Brandi Mathews
                               Anne Easterly
VP, External Relations         Ainsley TeGrotenhuis
                               Corey Provine
VP, Professional Development   Matthew Frowert
One Year Rep
First Year Reps
Co-Presidents                  John Reinagel

President                      Sara Stonberg
Vice Presidents

                               Helen Wang
                               Pamela Huang
One Year Rep.                  Frances Egan
First Year Reps.               Samantha Sacks
                               Meredith Mendel
President                                  MJ Kim

                                           Ramon Candel
VP, Events                                 Daniel Simic
One-year Representative                    Nadja Specht
                                           Carlos Hornstein
First Year Reps                            Selin Bahadirli

                                           Zaid Duwayri
President                                  Ivan Snyder
Vice President                             Ryan Payne
Treasurer                                  Jamie Freedman
Secretary                                  David Weiner

Co-Chairs                                  Whitney Parker

                                           Keith Peshke

President                                  Addison Dana
Director of Research and Trading

                                           Kapil Chadha
Vice-President                             Jason Bull
Associate Director of Portfolio Analysis   Katherine Kelly

President                                  Alex Slinin

                                           Rafiq Batcha
Vice President
Co-President                               Christopher Woodrum
                                           John Krisle
                                           David Weiner

President                                  John Dalton
Vice President                               Rahul Saxena
Career Chair                                 Jason Hyman
Academic Co-Chair                            Amit Rawal
                                             Zach Halpern
Venture Capital Investment Competition Co-
chair                                        Emre Cakiroglu
                                             Dan Goldman

President                                    Matt Hayes
Vice Presidents

President                                    Roberto Rojas
Vice President, Special Events               Nicole Richa
Vice President, Public Relations             Nigel Fergunson
VP Alumni Relations                          Enrique Granillo
Vice President, Corporate Relations          Alejandro Conzalez
Vice President, Internal Communications      Juan Arbelaez
Chief Financial Officer                      Craig Kunard
First Year Reps                              Michael Maduro
                                             Lindsay Williams
                                             Lauren Fernandez

President                                    Jason Hyman
Vice Presidents                              Anita Agarwal
                                             Calvin Clark
                                             Lee Watkiss
Leadership Team                              Craig Kunard
                                             Lekan Lawal
                                             Ritchie Dickey

Leadership Team                              Sara Greenburg

Director                                     Carol Asamoah
GBA Exec Member   Morgan McClure
                  Coleman Oglesbee
                  Sudipto Banjeree
                  Betts Floyd Copenhaver
                  Michael Waite
                  Jeffrey Beck
                  Nehal Desai

Director          Kembrel Jones
GBA Exec Member   Michael Wagner
                  Lee Watkiss
                  Emil Sacco
                  Jeff Crane
                  Lee Vecchione
                  Donald Gardner
                  Kristin Moon

Director          Libby Livingston
GBA Exec Member   Scott Sailor
Chair             Conor Byrne
                  Austin Speight
                  Pearl Kumahor
                  Ben Cohara
                  Beth Hudson
                  Jessica Heller
                  Selin Bahadirli

Director          Kembrel Jones
GBA Exec Member   Chris Dennison
                  Heather Crary
                  Corey Provine
                  Ainsley Tegrotenhuis
                  Lindsay Williams
                  John Gottstein

Director          Barbara Maaskant
GBA Exec Member               Chris Dennison
                              Theo Panopoulos
                              Kaido Kaarli
                              Roy Rumpf
                              Ohad Gil

Director                      Joanna Green
GBA Exec Member               Christopher Freitag
                              Keith Peshke
                              Joanne Mcrae
                              Preston Fowler
                              Robert Janke

Director                      Natalie Miranda
GBA Exec Member               Jennifer Kilshaw
                              Sarath Degala
                              Aaron Wesibrod
                              Jennifer Shafer
                              Joseph Schlais

                  GBA APPOINTED POSITIONS 2003-2004

                              Appointee(s) (2004)

                              Coleman Oglesbee

                              Dan Wilkinson
                              Addison Dana
                              John Kim

                              JJ Edelstein
                              Alejandro Gonzalez
        Raed El-Younsi

Chair   Laura Poindexter
        Jill Schreifer
        Dolly Devgan
        Chris Dennison

        Colin Jennings
        Corey Provine
        Chong Guan

        Nigel Ferguson

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