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					Minnesota Estate Tax Calculator

You may use this calculator as a tool to verify if you have calculated the Minnesota estate tax correctly
for estates of a decedent whose date of death is in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 OR 2010. Do not use the
amounts obtained from this calculator without first checking the calculations yourself.

To use this calculator, enter the correct amounts on lines 1, 2, and 4. You can also verify the
Minnesota estate tax for an estate of a Minnesota resident that has out-of-state property or for an
estate of a nonresident by entering the correct amount on line 8.

Rates may change during the legislative process. Please check back on the department's website at for possible updates.

This calculator was prepared using Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

For general use lines 7, 7a & 7b are not used and are therefore locked. Do not enter data into any of these fields.
If you find that the estate you are working with does require the use of these fields contact the Estate Tax
Unit for assistance.

Allowable deductions for MN (line 2 of the calculator) do not include estate tax paid to states (aka
death taxes). On the federal 706 this is a separate line item deduction (line 3a)).

Changes of Note for 2010:
As stated in Revenue Notice 06-04, the elections that were previously allowed in computing Minnesota
Estate Tax liability are not available for 2010 date of death. This is due to fact there is no federal estate
tax filing requirement for 2010 as of July 2010.

There is, however, a Minnesota Estate Tax Filing Requirement.

When filing, remember that the following elections are NOT allowed for 2010:

o Alternate Valuation – See Revenue Notice 06-04 item # 2
o Special Use Valuation – See Revenue Notice 06-04 item # 3
o Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) – See Revenue Notice 06-04 item # 3
                                                      Calculation Tool

Minnesota Tax Calculator for Date of Death 2006 - 2010
FEDERAL FORM 706                                   US ESTATE TAX RETURN
          1 Total gross estate                     DOD YR:                          1
          2 Total allowable MN deductions**                                         2
          3 MN Taxable estate                                                       3              $0
           4 Adjusted taxable gifts                                                 4

          5 Add lines 3 and 4                                                       5              $0
          6 Tentative tax from Table A                                              6              $0
           7 a) lesser of line 5 or 21,040,000                        7a    0.00
           7 b) subtract 10,000,000 from line 7a                      7b    0.00
          7 c) enter 5% of line 7b                This                              7              $0
          8 Total tentative tax                 Product                             8              $0
           9   Total gift taxes                    Is                               9

         10    Gross estate tax                   ONLY                             10              $0
         11    Unified credit                       A     11                $0
          12   Adjustment to unified credit       Tool    12                 $0
         13    Allowable unified credit         Please                             13              $0
         14    Subtract line 13 from line 10     Verify                            14              $0
         15 Credit for state death taxes                                           15              $0

               Minnesota estate tax (lower of line 14 and line 15)                                 $0

M706           MN Resident with Non-Minnesota Real Property
          2 Gross value of property in other states                                                $0
          3 Total gross estate                                                                     $0
          4 Divide line 3 by line 4                                                     #DIV/0!
          5 Multiply line 1 by line 5                                                   #DIV/0!
          6 Subtract line 7 from line 1. MN estate tax                                  #DIV/0!

          8 GROSS VALUE OF MN PROPERTY                                                             $0
          9 TOTAL GROSS ESTATE                                                                     $0
         10 MN PROPERTY DIVIDED BY TOTAL PROPERTY                                       #DIV/0!

         11 MN ESTATE TAX                                                               #DIV/0!

         12 Payments (extension, tax from orig rtn if calculating amend tax due)                  0.00

         16 TOTAL DUE                                                                               0

         17 REFUND                                                                                  0
**State's estate tax is NOT an allowable deduction (Schedule J)

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