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Land Contracts


Land Contracts document sample

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   Land Contracts
   Land Contracts – what are they?
  Invest in Detroit Property Today
                           A land contract is a passive or hand-off
                           investment that gives the investor a
                                    Low Prices
                           monthly income from a high cash-flow,
                           turnkey property.
                                High Rental Demand
                           A Land contract (known as a “note”) is a
                           contract between a seller and buyer of
                           property in which the seller agrees to sell
                                   High Cash Flow
                           the “note” for a fixed price to the buyer.
                           The buyer, pays for the note in monthly
                           instalments over an agreed period of years,
                           usually 10 years with interest. The seller
                                Available Mortgages
                           permits the buyer uninterrupted ownership
                           of the property for the duration of the
                           note. After which the subject property is
                                 Low to the buyer.
                           deeded overInterest Rates

                           - YOU are the seller
   Land Contract vs. Owning property

                       One main differences between owning a
                       Land contract vs. Owning a rental.
     Land              1.   Investing in a land contract, all your
    Contract                income is NET – all property taxes,
                            insurances, management fees, and
                            maintenance costs are the responsibility of,
                            and paid by the buyer, as well as any ongoing

                            & running costs.

                            This means that you, as land contract
                            investor have no responsibility towards the
                            upkeep of the property, or taxes, insurance,
    Owning a                management, etc. The buyer pays you
                            every month until the land contract is

      BTL                   paid in full.
    Why invest in Land Contracts?

 Built in exit strategy

 High Cash Flow
 Completely Passive
 No running costs

 No management
 Legally structured to secure your investment
             Why now?
  Invest in Detroit Property Today
                        No mortgages available
                              Low Prices

                        Would be buyers have a
                            High Rental Demand
                        way to own their own
                        home High Cash Flow

                        Limited Opportunity
                             Available Mortgages
                        throughout 2010/11
                              Low Interest Rates
                        High interest rates
                        available even when base
                        rates are so low
       What’s in it for the buyer?

                      Owning there own home
                     where they otherwise could
                              never do

                   Repayments 25-30% less than
                        comparable rents

                    Owning is still the cornerstone
                       of the American dream
           What’s in it for YOU?

                         High Return on investment

                    Exit strategy already in place
                    BEFORE you invest

                     Buyer is responsible for ALL
                     taxes, insurance, maintenance

               Easy to repossess if buyer fails to keep
               up with repayments
       Nuts & Bolts – how it works
 • Investor (you) take ownership of property by way of fully insured title
 and deeds

 • YOU then offer the “note” to the buyer: Terms of note, i.e. $50k
 +10% interest, 10yr term (buyer of note already in place for you)

 • YOU then receive monthly repayments until maturity of the Land
 Contract (note)
                        Investor security
 • Full ownership of title to property.

 • As seller, if buyer defaults on Land Contract, easy to repossess.

 • Contract Value to investor is an ROI of over 16% for 10
                    Working example
                         Bungalow: three bed,
                         1.5 bath, 1100 sqft

                               Ingoings              Outgoings
                          Repayments $660.75       Optional
                          (YOU receive)            management service
                                                   $25 p/m
                          Contract Value $79,290
                          (paid to YOU over 10     Annual taxes n/a
      Pontiac, MI         years)
                                                   Annual insurance n/a

                          Escrow $250
                          (money held from buyer
Contract Price $28,800
                          for taxes & insurance)
16.9% ROI
$4929 annual profit
    Opportunities like this don’t come
            along too often
                      Huge ROI on Land Contract

                             High Cash Flow

                       Exit Strategy already in place

                           No running costs

                       Security on investment
                       (full ownership of title)
              **Limited Offer!**

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    Sourcing & Management fee for just £995
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                         From abroad +44 (0)845 438 0634

    Tel: 0845 438 0634, From abroad +44 (0)845 438 0634

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