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					            Lesson for Year 10 Tourism: How LEDCs can benefit from Tourism?
Resources:- Textbooks are on the table before class enters*; Lucky Dip Box with key words
and concepts**; card; template for palm tree and power point, customized sticker rewards

   Lesson          Teacher 1          Teacher 2            Student          Learning
   Stages           Activity           Activity            Activity         Outcomes

    Entering         Switching on     Meet and greet      Enter, sit and
                   data projector     and ask them to    prepare to learn
                  and CD player: -      listen to the
                  Track playing is    music to deduce
                    ‘Thomson the           the topic
                          Dog’              today…
    Connect         Opens lesson           Teacher        Students look     Ideas about
                 with a picture of    registers group    and respond to     what makes a
                        holiday           silently by       questions       good holiday
                 destination/video       observation          In their       destination
                 clip. This is used                         notebooks
                     to support a                        students note 5
                     question and                        pull factors for
                  answer session.                             tourist
                   Key questions:                         destinations…
                   why would you
                  visit this place?
                   What are your
   Activate      Using a model of     Teacher hands      Students listen       Students
                   palm tree the       out templates       to the task      understand the
                        teacher       to less able and                       task and can
                       discusses       card to more                         complete their
                      effects of            able.                           own case study
                     tourism in an
                 LEDC case study:
                    See figure 6.
                 The students are
                  set the task of
                     creating and
                 completing their
                   own palm tree
                   for their given
                      case study

 Demonstrate          Teacher            Teacher          Independent       Completed case
                     facilitates        facilitates        research to       study needed
                      learning           learning         complete the         for GCSE
                                                         sections of the
                                                         palm tree model
                  Extension tasks                          and build up
               can be offered                         case study
                to students to                      knowledge and
              add island/cruise                     understanding
                 ship to show
                 And possible
               future changes
                 (eg. sun for
               global warming)
Consolidate   Power point slide     Distributes        Students         Reviewed and
               of palm tree on     lucky dip box     remove cards      reflected their
                  the board                          from the box          learning
                                                    and amend palm
               Adapted words       Judges palm       trees and add
                for track onto    trees and sings   on facts if they
                 power point…                         are missing
              Beach Boys:
              Wouldn’t it be                        Students sing
              nice*                                 karaoke style
                                     Hands out      and sway with
              Points to lyrics    sticker rewards    palm trees

           *Wouldn’t it be nice?                           *This has to be done for every
Wouldn’t be nice to have some money?                       lesson to minimise disruption to
                                                           the lesson and learning
Maybe tourism can help us grow                             **Key words and concepts are
Develop a better way of living                             on card in a box/bag, students
In the kinda world where we belong                         select a card and add it to the
                                                           correct place on an image.
Only tourism makes it happen
Only tourism can help us get there

Wouldn’t it be nice to be much richer?                 Customised stickers from
With the benefits from tourism
Develop a better infrastructure                        Our stickers read: I helped an
In the kinda country we deserve                        LEDC develop sustainably

Only tourism can make it happen
Sustainability will be important.

Wouldn’t it be nice?
ll be important.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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