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					                                             Fall 2010 Fashion Design Flier

OPEN   Basic Sewing Instructor: Maria Bruce                  Sat: 9/4/2010 & Sun. 9/12/2010
       Join this educational, structured, and fun basic sewing class that will introduce you to the development of garment construction, master
       patterns as well as provide you with the skills for garment enhancement. Instruction will include how to take proper body
       measurements, how to read and use master patterns, size variations, and alterations for a proper fit. Students will learn how to operate a
       sewing machine and be introduced to the serger machine and its benefits. Learn about fashion fabrics, stretch fibers, threads, and
       sewing materials. Core: 32 hrs. 3.2 CEU’s
       Sewing Projects: Top, Pants, & Skirt
       Instructor Maria Bruce: Maria has over 20 years of experience and professional designing skills in Sewing, Alterations, Patterns and Designing.
       Maria's communication bi-lingual skills includes English and Spanish. Maria is an accomplished fashion designer and has a background of
       experience in Apparel Design/Consultation and Human Resources. Fashion Design Graduate, UNLV Educational Outreach. Small Business License:
       MBRUCE Designs.
       Pattern Making-1 Instructor: Maria Bruce                 10/23/10
       Develop the skills necessary for drafting flat patterns/ slopers though standard or individual measurements. Using Graph Drafting
       paper students will learn to draft a bodice, sleeve, pant and skirt. Students will learn how to take proper body measurements and
       alterations/grading for fitted patterns. Students will construct muslin fitted and sewn samples utilizing dress forms and sewing/serger
       machines. Core: 32 hrs. 3.2 CEU’s
       Projects: Drafted and Muslin Patterns (6) drafted and muslin Bodice, Sleeve, Skirt, and Pant patterns.

OPEN   Fashion Illustration        Instructor: Julia Gold       9/20/10
       Develop or enhance your drawing skills and work from concept to creation. Learn to create your designs and line through the art of
       Fashion Illustration and Sketching. This course will take you through the entire design process, including topics and instruction on
       fashion design, sketching the human body, illustration of dress, and the designer’s fashion portfolio. Learn how to apply the characters
       of color, season elements, rendering mediums, techniques and sketching. Core: 32 hrs. 3.2 CEU’s
       Projects: Includes Sketching/Illustrations for the Portfolio. Presentations, Storyboards, Figure Boards, and Flats.
       Videos and fashion magazines will be utilized in this class.
       Instructor Julia Gold: Julia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising from the
       Western Michigan University and in addition she spent a year at the Art Institute of Henderson in Graphic and Art Design, 2001-2002
       Fashion and retail background experience as an industry manager, merchandising, visual merchandiser, and buyer.

OPEN   Fashion Design: The Elements and Principles of Design Instructor: Gigi Morris 10/19/10                EARLY REG. NEEDED
       Find out how established fashion designers create exhilarating apparel lines by combining different body silhouettes, colors, details and
       trimmings. Learn the essential skills of manipulating principles of design in developing fashion ideas. Learn draping techniques.
       Explore the exciting fashion design industry. Learn how fashion evolved and the role of the fashion designers and manufacturers in the
       development of the industry.
       You will work with computer fashion figure templates and learn fashion figure illustration techniques.
       Projects: Include topics, and demonstrations, the Analysis of Garment Design, Fashion illustration templates, and several dress form
       draping techniques used in garment construction.
       Instructor Gigi Morris: Gigi Morris has more than 20 years of professional experience in the fashion apparel industry. She has
       formal education on fashion design and professional training on Garment Manufacturing, Product Development and Quality Control.
       She has traveled internationally sourcing for production and training assignments.

OPEN   Fashion Apparel Construction: The Little Black Dress                         Instructor: Gigi Morris           11/3/10
       Who can forget Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress (LBD) in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Remember Catherine Deneuve with her hair
       pinned up and heavy black eyeliner? Gone are the days when a black dress was worn as an expression of mourning. Ever since Coco
       Chanel gave new meaning to it, the LBD has been heralded as every woman's secret fashion weapon. In this class you will design and
       create your very own LBD. You will use flat-pattern or draping techniques, cut your patterns and sew them too! Embellish with lace,
       beads, sequins, and rhinestones, or just make a simple, well-constructed LBD that will flatter your figure.
       Project: Design your very own fitted and style, Little Black Dress.

OPEN   Design & Do It Yourself: Skirt Skirt Skirt                Instructor Gigi Morris         11/13/10
       In this class you will learn to create beautiful and fashionable skirts from classic A-line, to hip-hugging pencil skirts, fancy tiered,
       gored, circular skirts and a lot more! You will not be bogged down with overly complicated instructions and commercial patterns.
       Instead, you will create a skirt according to your body measurements and learn the techniques in developing your own skirt block
       pattern and manipulate it to create different skirt designs! There is no need to buy expensive patterns that do not even fit your body
       size! The sewing instructions and construction methods you will learn will unleash the creative spirit in you. You will be confident in
       creating unique, fashionable new styles and most importantly, good looking skirts that fit.
       Projects: Includes designing a Skirt Block, and Skirt.

       SEATING IS LIMITED                         UNLV E.O. REGISTRATION 702- 895-3394                                NAFD 702-401-7149

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