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Immigration Illegal Risks Mexico by fkd17725

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Immigration Illegal Risks Mexico document sample

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									              Category Title               Author          Summary                                                       Awards                                 Subjects                   Co Graphi Afri Asia Latin Europ Middl TX    US
In FMS Library                                                                                                                                                                             m    c     ca       Ameri   e    e Histor History
                                                                                                                                                                                           me Novel             ca         East   y

              Fiction A Step From Heaven    Na, An         A young Korean girl and her family find it difficult to learn ALA Best Books for Young Adults:       Korean Americans,                         X
                                                           English and adjust to life in America.                        2002, ALA Notable Children‘s Books:    Family Life,
                                                                                                                         2002, Capitol Choices List: 2001, NY   Emmigration and
Y, 3 copies                                                                                                              Times Notable Children‘s Books:        Immigration
                                                                                                                         2001, Garden State Teen Book Award
                                                                                                                         Nominees: 2004, Michael L. Printz
                                                                                                                         Award: 2002
              Fiction A Thousand Never      Burg, Shana    As the civil rights movement in the South gains               Parent‘s Choice Silver Honors 2008     Race relations; African-             X
                      Evers                                momentum in 1963--and violence against African                                                       Americans; Civil
                                                           Americans intensifies--the black residents, including                                                Rights Movement
                                                           seventh-grader Addie Ann Pickett, in the small town of
                                                           Kuckachoo, Mississippi, begin their own courageous
                                                           struggle for racial justice.
              Fiction Age of Bronze: A      Eric Shanower Drawn from the myths and legends of centuries, A                                                      Comic Books-Strips-             X
                      Thousand Ships                      thousand ships presents a new for the twenty-first century                                            etc., Trojan War,
                                                          the complete prelude to the Trojan war- each sensual touch,                                           Graphic Novels
Y                                                         every savage blow, the smiles and tear, the lust and
                                                          betrayal, the entire tapestry of drama and action.

              Fiction American Born         Yang, Gene     Alternates three interrelated stories about the problems of   National Book Award Finalist-2006, Chinese Americans,                  X         X
                      Chinese               Luen           young Chinese Americans trying to participate in the          Printz Award Winner-2007, Eisner     Identity, Schools,
Y                                                          popular culture.                                              Award 2007, Great Graphic Novels for Graphic Novels
                                                                                                                         Teens-Top 10-2007
              Fiction And Now Miguel        Krumgold,      The young son of a New Mexico sheep rancher longs to go Newbery Medal-1954                           Ranch life, sheep
Y, c 1953                                   Joseph         with the men when they take the sheep to the Sangre de
                                                           Christo Mountains.
              Fiction Araña                 Avery, Fiona   Fiesty teenager Anya Corazon is saved from death by a                                                Women heroes, Magic,            X
                                                           mysterious mage named Miguel. Now, Anya is pledged to                                                Good and evil, Fantasy,
                                                           fight alongside Miguel and the Spider Society. First, she                                            Graphic Novels
Y, vols 1-3                                                must prove herself to the society--and go to school, and
                                                           keep her father and her friends from discovering her new
              Fiction Ask Me No Questions Budhos,      Fourteen-year-old Nadira, her sister, and their parents leave Booklist Editor's Choice: 2006, ALA        Illegal Aliens,                           X
                                          Marina Tamar Bangladesh for New York City, but the expiration of their Notable Children's Books: 2007, ALA            Bangladeshi
Y                                                      visas and the events of September 11, 2001, bring             Best Books for Young Adults: 2007          Americans, Family Life
                                                       frustration, sorrow, and terror for the whole family.                                                    - New York State, High
              Fiction Azteca: La Historia de Guadiano,     In the Aztec year 13, an Aztec baby and his twin sister                                              Aztecs, Indians of                             X
                      un Guerrero            Andrea M.     were born. Forty years later, as a Jaguar Warrior of the                                             Mexico
                      Jaguar/The Story of a                highest rank, Tlilcoatl meets the Spanish conquistadors and
                      Jaguar Warrior                       fights for his family, his culture, and his empire.
            Behind the Eyes        Stork,           Sixteen-year-old Hector is the hope of his family, but when                                           Reformatories, Gangs,
                                   Francisco X.     he seeks revenge after his brother's gang-related death and                                           Hope, Mexican
Y                                                   is sent to a San Antonio reform school, it takes an odd                                               Americans
                                                    assortment of characters to help him see that hope is still
    Fiction Blankets               Thompson,        Wrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter,       ALA Popular Paperbacks-2005, ALA Family, First Loves,            X
                                   Craig            Blankets explores the sibling rivalry of two brothers          Best Books for Young Adults-2004,    Graphic Novels
                                                    growing up in the isolated country, and the budding            Will Eisner Best Graphic Album: New-
                                                    romance of two coming-of-age lovers. A tale of security        2004
                                                    and discovery, of playfulness and tragedy, of a fall from
                                                    grace and the origins of faith
            Bless Me Última        Anaya,      Set in a small New Mexican community during World War Mayor's Book Club (Austin) 2003                                                            X
Y                                  Rudolfo     II, Antonio speaks of the dignity, traditions, and mythology
                                               of Chicano life.
    Fiction Blue Monday, Vol. 1: Clugston-     Adolescence is painful, as is evident in this comic tale of                                                Teenagers, Comic          X
            The Kids Are Alright Major, Chynna Bleu Finnigan, the lovable yet angst-ridden teen whose                                                     Books-Strips-Etc.,
                                               soap-opera like life is filled with the trials and tribulations                                            Graphic Novels
                                               that can only take place during those dreaded teenage
                                               years. Sequels: Inbetween Days, Painted Moon. Also
                                               check out Scooter Girl & Queen Bee by the same author.

    Fiction Bucking the Sarge      Curtis,          Luther T. Farrel has got to get out of Flint, Michigan. As     Publisher's Weekly Best Children's     Business Enterprises,         X
                                   Christopher      his best friend Sparky says, "Flint's nothing but the          Books: 2004, SLJ Best Books for        Fraud, Group Homes,
                                   Paul             Titanic." And his mother, a.k.a. the Sarge, says, "Take my     Children: 2004, Parents' Choice Gold   Mothers, People With
                                                    advice and stay off the sucker path."                          Award: 2004, Booklist Editor's         Mental Disabilities,
Y                                                                                                                  Choice: 2004, ALA Best Books for       Mothers, Flint (Mich.),
                                                                                                                   Young Adults: 2005, ALA Notable        African Americans
                                                                                                                   Children's Books: 2005, Texas:
                                                                                                                   Tayshas Reading List: 2006

    Fiction Cartoon History of the Gonick, Larry    Who says history has to be boring? Gonick makes it fun,                                               World History-            X               X
            Universe                                and he also has cartoon books about the environment, sex,                                             Caricatures and
                                                    physics, the history of the United States, statistics, and                                            Cartoons, Graphic
                                                    more.                                                                                                 Novels
            Catch the Spirit: Teen Perry, Susan K. In first-person accounts, this book allows students to relate                                          Voluntarism, Teenage
            Volunteers Tell How                    the stories behind their volunteer projects that led to                                                Volunteers in Social
            They Made a                            national recognition.                                                                                  Service
            Chasing the Jaguar     Greene,          After having unsettling dreams about the kidnapped                                                    Mayas, Indians of                 X
                                   Michele          daughter of her mother's employer, fifteen-year-old                                                   Central America, Self-
                                                    Martika learns that she is a descendant of a long line of                                             realization,
                                                    curanderas—Mayan medicine women with special powers.                                                  Quinceañera,
Y                                                   Includes glossary of Spanish words.                                                                   Kidnapping, Mystery
                                                                                                                                                          and detectives, Los
                                                                                                                                                          Angeles (Calif)

            Crazy Loco: Stories    Rice, David      This collection features nine stories about Mexican-                                                  Mexican Americans,                X   X
Y                                                   American kids growing up in the Rio Grande Valley of                                                  Texas, Short Stories
                                                    south Texas.
               Cuba 15                Osa, Nancy      Violet Paz, a Chicago high school student, reluctantly        Pura Belpre Author Honor-2004, ALA Cuban Americans,              X
                                                      prepares for her upcoming ―quince,‖ a Spanish nickname Best Books for Young Adults-2004,         Quinceañera (Social
                                                      for the celebration of an Hispanic girl‘s fifteenth birthday. ALA Notable Children‘s Books-2004, Custom), High Schools
                                                                                                                    Tayshas Reading List- 2005
       Fiction Cubanita               Triana, Gabby Seventeen-year-old Isabel, eager to leave Miami to attend                                          Identity, mothers and         X
                                                    the University of Michigan and escape her overprotective                                           daughers, Cuban
                                                    Cuban mother, learns some truths about her family's past                                           Americans, Miami
                                                    and makes important decisions about the type of person
                                                    she wants to be.
       Fiction Days Like This         Torres, J       J. Torres, who used memory to great effect in The             ALA/YALSA Popular Paperbacks:      Girl Groups (Musical      X
                                                      Copybook Tales, now casts his eye back to the early '60s,     2004                               Groups), Women
                                                      when pop music ruled the airwaves. Days Like This                                                Musicians, Sound
                                                      follows the formation of "Tina & the Tiaras," a new girl                                         Recording Executives
                                                      group, as they rise up the charts and overcome personal                                          and Producers, Graphic
                                                      obstacles to become stars.                                                                       Novels

       Fiction Drift                  Martínez,       At sixteen, Robert Lomos has lost his family. His father, a ALA Best Books for Young Adults-     Mexican American              X
                                      Manuel Luis     Latin jazz musician, has left San Antonio for life on the   2004                                 teenagers, San Antonio
                                                      road as a cool-hand playboy. His mother, shattered by a                                          (Tex.); Teenage Boys,
                                                      complete emotional and psychological breakdown, has                                              Los Angeles (Calif.),
                                                      moved to Los Angeles and taken Robert‘s little brother                                           Loss (psychology)
                                                      with her. Only his iron-willed grandmother, worn down by
                                                      years of hard work, is left. But Robert‘s got a plan: Duck
                                                      trouble, save his money, and head to California to put the
                                                      family back together. Trouble is, no one believes a
                                                      delinquent Mexican American kid has a chance—least of
                                                      all, Robert himself.

       Fiction Emily Goldberg         Ostow, Micol    Forced to stay with her mother in Puerto Rico for weeks                                          Jews-Identity, Racially       X
               Learns to Salsa                        after her grandmother's funeral, half-Jewish Emily, who                                          mixed people, Family,
                                                      has just graduated from a Westchester, New York, high                                            Puerto Rico
                                                      school, does not find it easy to connect with her Puerto
                                                      Rican heritage and relatives she had never met.

       Fiction Esperanza Rising       Muñoz Ryan,     Esperanza and her mother are forced to leave their life of    Pura Belpré Author Award, ALA Best Mexican Americans,
                                      Pam             wealth and privilege in Mexico to go work in the labor        Books for Young Adults-2001, ALA California, Agricultural
Y                                                     camps of Southern California, where they must adapt to the    Popular Paperbacks- 2003, Texas    laborers
                                                      harsh circumstances facing Mexican farm workers on the        Bluebonnet Award Nominees-2003
                                                      eve of the Great Depression.
       Fiction Estrella's Quinceañera Alegría, Malín Estrella's mother and aunt are planning a gaudy, traditional                                      Mexican Americans,
                                                     quinceañera for her, even though it is the last thing she                                         Quinceañera (Social
Lost                                                 wants.                                                                                            Custom), Mothers and
            Fiction Fallout: J. Robert     Ottaviani, Jim History comes alive in this comic autobiography about the                                            Oppenheimer J. Robert-   X       X
                    Oppenheimer, Leo                      man who created the Atom Bomb                                                                        1904-1967, Szilard
                    Szilard, and the                                                                                                                           Leo, Manhattan Project
Y                   Political Science of                                                                                                                       (U.S.) Graphic Novels,
                    the Atomic Bomb                                                                                                                            Atomic Bomb-History

                    Fax From Sarajevo: A Kubert, Joe        This true story chronicles one family's daily struggle with                                        Rustemagic Ervin,
                    Story of Survival                       the violence, destruction, and "ethnic cleansing" that took                                        Genocide (Bosnia and
                                                            place in Sarajevo during the Serbian invasion of Bosnia                                            Hercegovina)-Sarajevo
                                                            during the 1990s.
            Fiction Finding Miracles       Alvarez, Julia   Fifteen-year-old Milly Kaufman is an average American         Texas Tayshas Reading List-2006      Adoption, high               X
                                                            teenager until Pablo, a new student at her school, inspires                                        schools, Central
                                                            her to search for her birth family in his native country.                                          America
            Fiction First Crossing: Stories Edited by       Hundreds of teen immigrants arrive on U.S. soil every year,                                        Emmigration and
                    About Teen              Donald Gallo    every one of them unique. Here are ten unforgettable short                                         Immigration
Y                   Immigrants                              stories—written by acclaimed, award-winning authors for
                                                            young adults—that reflect this stunning diversity.

            Fiction Flush                  Hiaasen, Carl    With their father jailed for sinking a river boat, Noah       Texas: Lone Star Reading List: 2007, Environmental
                                                            Underwood and his younger sister, Abbey, must gather          NY Times Notable Children's Books: Protection, River
                                                            evidence that the owner of this floating casino is emptying   2005, ALA Notable Children's Books: Boats, Fathers, Florida
                                                            his bilge tanks into the protected waters around their        2006, ALA Best Books for Young
                                                            Florida Keys home.                                            Adults: 2006, ALA Quick Picks for
                                                                                                                          Reluctant Young Adult Readers: 2006

            Fiction Geography Club         Hartinger,       A group of gay and lesbian teenagers finds mutual support Texas: Tayshas Reading List: 2005,       Homosexuality; Clubs;
                                           Brent            when they form the "Geography Club" at their high school. ALA Popular Paperbacks: 2005             High schools, Schools
                                                            Sequel: Order of the Poison Oak. Also check out the new
                                                            companion novel: Split Screen: Attack Of The Soul-
                                                            Sucking Brain Zombies And Bride Of The Soul-Sucking
                                                            Brain Zombies.
            Fiction Ghost World            Clowes, Daniel This graphic novel is filled with the angst that only two                                            Teenage Girls-United     X
                                                          recent high school graduates can exhibit while attempting                                            States, Graphic Novels
                                                          to hang on to their friendship while rushing headfirst into
                                                          adulthood. Some of you may be familiar with the movie of
                                                          the same name that was made long after this comic book
                                                          was published.
            Fiction Going Going            Nye, Naomi       In San Antonio, Texas, sixteen-year-old Florrie leads her                                          Political Activists,
                                           Shihab           friends and a new boyfriend in a campaign which supports                                           Small Businesses, San
                                                            small businesses and protests the effects of chain stores.                                         Antonio

            Fiction Grab Hands and Run Temple,              After his father disappears, twelve-year-old Felipe, his                                           Salvadorans, refugees,
                                       Frances              mother, and his younger sister set out on a difficult and                                          illegal aliens
y, c 1993                                                   dangerous journey, trying to make their way from their
                                                            home in El Salvador to Canada.
    Fiction Graphic Classics       Poe, Edgar      APL owns this collection of graphic novels which illustrate                                     Graphic Novels            X
            Series: Volume 1,      Allen           various works of literature. Volume 2, Arthur Conan
            Edgar Allan Poe                        Doyle; Volume 3, H.G. Wells; Volume 5, Jack London;
                                                   Volume 6, Ambrose Bierce; Volume 7, Bram Stoker;
                                                   Volume 8, Mark Twain; Volume 9, Robert Louis
                                                   Stevenson; Volume 10, Horror Classics; Volume 11, O.
    Fiction Haters                 Valdes-         Having tried for years to deny her psychic abilities, high                                      Psychic ability, High
                                   Rodriguez,      school sophomore Paski has disturbing visions about the                                         schools, Los Angeles
                                   Alisa           popular girl at her new high school in Orange County,                                           (Calif)
    Fiction Heat                   Lupica, Mike    Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social Texas: Lone Star Reading List-2008,   Brothers, orphans,            X
                                                   services after being banned from playing Little League    ALA Notable Children's Books-2007     illegal aliens, Cubans,
Y                                                  baseball because rival coaches doubt he is only twelve                                          Little League baseball,
                                                   years old and he has no parents to offer them proof.                                            Social service

    Fiction Hoot                   Hiaasen, Carl   Roy, who is new to his small Florida community, becomes ALA Best Books for Young Adults:
                                                   involved in another boy's attempt to save a colony of   2003, ALA Notable Children's Books:
                                                   burrowing owls from a proposed construction site.       2003, John Newbery Honor Books:
    Fiction Hopeless Savages       Meter, Jen Van Family ties are the earliest ties that bind, setting the tone                                    Family, Graphic           X
                                                  for the paths we will take in our future. So what if your                                        Novels
                                                  father is Dirk Hopeless and your mother Nikki Savage, a
                                                  superstar couple from the days of punk rock? When you're
                                                  born a rebel, what can you possibly do to make yourself
                                                  stand apart? Sequels: Ground Zero, Too Much Hopeless
    Fiction How the García Girls Alvarez, Julia    The story of the Garcia family's adjustment to life in the                                      Sisters, Dominican            X
            Lost Their Accents                     United States.                                                                                  Americans
    Fiction How to Be a Chicana Serros, Michele From the award-winning author of Chicana Falsa comes a                                             Humorous fiction,             X
            Role Model          M.              humorous new novel about a young Chicana writer who is                                             autobiographical
                                                struggling to find a way to embrace two very different                                             fiction, Mexican
                                                cultures, without losing touch with her own true identity.                                         Americans, Los
                                                                                                                                                   Angeles (Calif.)
            In the Shadow of No    Spiegelman,     Created by one of the most famous graphic novelists of all                                      September 11 Terrorist
            Towers                 Art             time, this oversize graphic novel is Spiegelman's                                               Attacks-2001
Y                                                  personalized account of how he saw the catastrophe of
                                                   September 11, 2001 (9-11) unfold before his eyes.
    Fiction In the Shadow of the   Garland,        Conscripted into the Mexican Army, fifteen-year-old                                             Santa Anna, Antonio           X   X
            Alamo                  Sherry          Lorenzo Bonifacio makes some unexpected alliances and                                           López de, 1794?-1876-
                                                   learns some harsh truths about General Santa Ana as the                                         Fiction, soldiers, war,
                                                   troops move toward the Battle of the Alamo.                                                     Mexico-History-1821-
Y                                                                                                                                                  1861, Alamo (San
                                                                                                                                                   Antonio, TX.)-Siege,
            Fiction Jason and Kyra       Davidson,      Handsome and popular Jason tries to come to terms with        ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young African Americans,               X
                                         Dana           his irascible, often absent father and his growing attraction Adult Readers: 2005                 Fathers and Sons,
                                                        to the quiet, studious Kyra.                                                                      Interpersonal Relations,
                                                                                                                                                          Self-Perception, High
                                                                                                                                                          Schools, Schools

            Fiction Jumping Off to       Bernardo,      Courage and desperation lead fifteen-year-old David and                                            Cubans-Florida,
                    Freedom              Anilú          his father to flee Cuba's repressive regime and seek                                               refugees
                                                        freedom by taking to the sea on a raft headed for Miami.

            Fiction Keeper               Peet, Mal      In an interview with a young journalist, World Cup hero,      Texas: Lone Star Reading List-007,   Soccer, coming of age,                  X
                                                        El Gato, describes his youth in the Brazilian rain forest and ALA Best Books for Young Adults-     Brazil
Y                                                       the events, experiences, and people that helped make him a 2006
                                                        great goalkeeper and renowned soccer star.
            Fiction Kiss the Dust        Laird,         Her father‘s involvement with the Kurdish resistance                                               Kurds, Refugees, Iraq,              X           X
                                         Elizabeth      movement in Iraq forces thirteen-year-old Tara to flee with                                        Iran
y, c 1991
                                                        her family over the border into Iran, where they face an
                                                        unknown future.
            Fiction La Línea             Jaramillo, Ann When fifteen-year-old Miguel's time finally comes to leave Texas: Lone Star Reading List-2008,     Brothers and sisters,                   X
                                                        his poor Mexican village, cross the border illegally, and  Booklist Editor's Choice-2006, ALA      Emigration and
Y                                                       join his parents in California, his younger sister's       Best Books for Young Adults-2007        immigration, Survival,
                                                        determination to join him soon imperils them both.                                                 Mexicans, Mexico

            Fiction Lorenzo's Secret     Guzmán, Lila   Two historical figures, Bernardo de Gálvez and George                                              United States - History -                           X
                    Mission              and Guzmán,    Gibson, appear prominently in the book. In 1776, fifteen-                                          Revolution, 1775-
                                         Rick           year-old Lorenzo Bannister leaves Texas and his father's                                           1783, Orphans,
                                                        new grave to carry a letter to the Virginia grandfather he                                         Slavery, Identity
                                                        has never known, and becomes involved with the struggle
                                                        of the American Continental Army and its Spanish

            Fiction Maus: A Survivor's   Spiegelman,    This Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel is an allegorical Pulitzer Prize-2002                    Vladek Spiegelman,          X               X       X
                    Tale and Here My     Art            tale about the Holocaust. Considered by many to be one of                                          Art Spiegelman, Jewish
                    Troubles Began                      the greatest graphic novels ever created, the bestselling                                          Holocaust (1939-1945)
                                                        Maus received both critical acclaim and commercial                                                 - Poland, Holocaust
                                                        success.                                                                                           Survivors - United
(we have Maus 2, but 1 was lost)                                                                                                                           States, Children of
                                                                                                                                                           Holocaust Survivors,
                                                                                                                                                           Graphic Novels
            Fiction My Faith in Frankie    Carey, Mike     MY FAITH IN FRANKIE tells the story of a girl who                                                    Man-woman                X
                                                           discovers that having your own personal deity isn't all it's                                         relationships, Graphic
                                                           cracked up to be - particularly when you're trying to get a                                          Novels
                                                           boyfriend and your god turns out to be jealous! But as
                                                           Frankie moves precariously into adulthood and her god
                                                           Jeriven tries to win her back, sinister forces are at work
                                                           that could spell disaster far beyond a broken heart, and
                                                           Frankie and Jeriven will both have to do some fast growing-
                                                           up if they're going to survive.
            Fiction Night Fisher           Johnson, R.     Loren Foster was handed an island paradise when he             Great Graphic Novels for Teens-2007 Youth, Hawaii,             X
                                           Kikuo           moved to Hawaii with his father six years ago. But, with                                           Graphic Novels
                                                           the end of high school just around the corner, his best
                                                           friend Shane has grown distant. Their friendship is put to
                                                           the test when they get mixed up in a frivolous crime that
                                                           leads to an arrest.
            Fiction No Laughter Here       Williams-       In Queens, New York, ten-year-old Akilah is determined to ALA Best Books for Young Adults:           Friendship, Schools,         X
                                           Garcia, Rita    find out why her closest friend, Victoria, is silent and  2005, Texas: Tayshas Reading List:         Female Circumcision,
                                                           withdrawn after returning from a trip to her homeland,    2006                                       Nigerian Americans,
                                                           Nigeria.                                                                                             African Americans,
                                                                                                                                                                Queens (New York,

            Fiction Over a Thousand Hills Jansen, Hanna Before one fateful April day, Jeanne lived the life of a          Booklist Editor's Choice: 2006, ALA   Genocide-Rwanda
                    I Walk With You                     typical Rwandan girl. She fought with her little sister, went     Best Books for Young Adults: 2007,
                                                        to school, and teased her brother. Then, in one horrifying        New Hampshire: Flume Award
                                                        night, everything changed. Political troubles unleashed a         Nominees: 2008
                                                        torrent of violence upon the Tutsi ethnic group. Jeanne's
                                                        family, all Tutsis, fled their home and tried desperately to
                                                        reach safety. They--along with nearly 1 million others--did
                                                        not survive. The only survivor of her family's massacre,
Y                                                       Jeanne witnessed unspeakable acts. But through courage,
                                                        wits, and sheer force of will, she survived. Based on a true
                                                        story, this haunting novel by Jeanne's adoptive mother
                                                        makes unforgettably real the events of the 1994 Rwandan
                                                        genocide as one family experienced it. Jeanne's story is a
                                                        tribute to the human spirit and its capacity to heal.

            Fiction Parrot in the Oven: Mi Martinez,       Manny relates his coming of age experiences as a member Americas Book Award: 1996, Pura              Family Life,
                    Vida                   Victor          of a poor Mexican American family in which the alcoholic Belpre Author Award: 1998                   Alcoholism, Mexican
y, c 1996
                                                           father only adds to everyone‘s struggle.                                                             Americans
    Fiction Pedro and Me:          Winick, Judd     In graphic art format, describes the friendship between two ALA Popular Paperbacks-2002,            Pedro Zamora, Judd         X
            Friendship, Loss and                    roommates on the MTV show "Real World," one of whom Robert F. Sibert Informational Book             Winick, AIDS
            What I Learned                          died of AIDS.                                               Honor-2001, ALA Best Books for          (Disease) - Patients,
                                                                                                                Young Adults-2001, ALA Notable          AIDS Activists -
                                                                                                                Children's Books-2001, ALA Quick        United States, Real
                                                                                                                Picks for Reluctant Young Adult         World (Television
                                                                                                                Readers-2001, Texas: Tayshas            Program: United
                                                                                                                Reading List-2002                       States), Graphic Novels

    Fiction Persepolis: The Story Satrapi,          Often compared to Maus, Satrapi's award-winning                 Alex Awards-2004, ALA Best Books Marjane Satrapi,              X
            of a Childhood        Marjane           autobiography is the tale of a young girl growing up in Iran    for Young Adults 2004, SLJ Best      Comic Books-Strips-
                                                    during the Islamic revolution. Sequel: Persepolis, Volume       Adult Books for High School Students etc. Graphic Novels
                                                    2: The Story of a Return.                                       2003
    Fiction Pride of Baghdad       Vaughan,         From one of America's most acclaimed comics writers a         Great Graphic Novels for Teens-Top    Yogoslav War 1991-         X       X
                                   Brian K.         startlingly original look at life on the streets of Baghdad   10-2007                               1995 Bosnia and
                                                    during the Iraq War inspired by true events. In the spring of                                       Hercegovina, Gorazde
                                                    2003, a pride of lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo                                                 (Bosnia and
                                                    during an American bombing raid. Lost and confused,                                                 Hercegovina), Graphic
                                                    hungry but finally free, the four lions roamed the                                                  Novels
                                                    decimated streets of Baghdad in a desperate struggle for
                                                    their lives.
    Fiction Prizefighter en Mi     Charlton-        Following a car accident that left her with epilepsy, twelve- Parents' Choice Silver Honors-2006    Self-acceptance,
            Casa                   Trujillo, E.     year-old Chula—with a little help from a visiting fearsome                                          Epilepsy, Traffic
                                                    Mexican boxer—tries to deal with the repercussions her                                              accidents, Boxing,
                                                    new condition has on her family, neighborhood, and                                                  Schools, Famly
                                                    school.                                                                                             problems, Mexican
    Fiction Rain is Not my Indian Smith, Cynthia Tired of staying in seclusion since the death of her best                                              Death, Grief,                          X
            Name                  Leitch         friend, a fourteen-year-old Native American girl takes on a                                            Photography, Indians
                                                 photographic assignment with her local newspaper to cover                                              of North America
                                                 events at the Native American summer youth camp.
    Fiction Raining Sardines       Flores-Galbis,   The artistic Ernestina and the analytical Enriquito use their                                       Wild horses, Cuba              X
                                   Enrique          ingenuity to save a herd of wild horses and stop an evil
                                                    landowner from spoiling their Cuban village.
    Fiction Real Time: A Novel     Kass, Pnina      Sixteen-year-old Tomas Wanninger persuades his mother Sydney Taylor Book Awards: 2004               Germans-Israel,                    X
                                   Moed             to let him leave Germany to volunteer at a kibbutz in Israel,                                       Terrorism,
                                                    where he experiences a violent political attack and finds                                           Interpersonal Relations,
                                                    answers about his own past.                                                                         Family, Israel

    Fiction Safe Area Gorazde:     Sacco, Joe       This work of comic nonfiction created by                                                            Yogoslav War 1991-         X       X
            The War in Eastern                      cartoonist/reporter Joe Sacco is a graphic account of life                                          1995 Bosnia and
            Bosnia 1992-1995                        during the Bosnian War. If you like this one, check out                                             Hercegovina, Gorazde
                                                    Palestine, Notes from a Defeatist, and The Fixer by Joe                                             (Bosnia and
                                                    Sacco.                                                                                              Hercegovina), Graphic
    Fiction Sammy and Juliana in Sáenz,         As a Chicano boy living in the unglamorous town of              ALA Best Books for Young Adults:     Death, Grief, Violence,            X
            Hollywood            Benfamin Alire Hollywood, New Mexico, and a member of the graduating           2005, Bulletin Blue Ribbons: 2004,   Mexican Americans
                                                class of 1969, Sammy Santos faces the challenges of             Capitol Choices List: 2005, Americas
                                                ―gringo‖ racism, unpopular dress codes, the Vietnam War,        Book Award: 2005, Tayshas Reading
                                                barrio violence, and poverty.                                   List: 2006

    Fiction Samurai Shortstop     Gratz, Alan M. While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious           ALA Best Books for Young Adults:     Samurai, Fathers and           X
                                                 Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo        2007                                 Sons, Baseball,
                                                 also receives traditional samurai training which has                                                Boarding School, Japan
                                                 profound effects on both his baseball game and his                                                  History-Meigi Period
                                                 relationship with his father.

    Fiction Sisters: Hermanas     Paulsen, Gary   The lives of a fourteen-year-old Mexican prostitute, living                                        Prostitution, illegal              X
Y                                                 in the United States illegally, and a wealthy American girl                                        aliens
                                                  intersect in a dramatic way.
    Fiction Skies Over            Moberg, Julia   In 1944, eighteen-year-old Bernadette Thompson leaves                                              technology; aeronautics                X
            Sweetwater                            her Iowa home and attends training camp for the Women                                              and astronautics; Texas
                                                  Airforce Service Pilots in Sweetwater Texas, where she                                             history
                                                  hones her flying skills and befriends women of different
    Fiction Sloth                 Hernandez,      Troubled teenager Miguel Serra becomes a walking urban Great Graphic Novels for Teens-Top          Love stories, Graphic      X
                                  Gilbert         legend after he wills himself into a coma and wakes up one 10-2007                                 Novels
                                                  year later virtually unchanged --except for his sloth-like
                                                  pace. --Discover how a haunted lemon orchard, a
                                                  mysterious goatman and murder collide as Miguel, his
                                                  girlfriend Lita and their friend Romeo take on the teenage
                                                  wasteland of suburbia. Will it be love or rock-and-roll
    Fiction So Hard to Say        Sanchez, Alex Thirteen-year-old Xio, a Mexican American girl, and                                                  Homosexuality,                     X
                                                Frederick, who has just moved to California from                                                     Mexican Americans,
                                                Wisconsin, quickly become close friends, but when Xio                                                Schools
                                                starts thinking of Frederick as her boyfriend, he must
                                                confront his feelings of confusion and face the fear that he
                                                might be gay.
    Fiction So Yesterday          Westerfeld,     Hunter Braque, a New York City teenager who is paid by ALA Best Books for Young Adults:            Missing persons,
                                  Scott           corporations to spot what is "cool," combines his analytical 2005, Texas: Tayshas Reading List:    Adventures,
Y                                                 skills with girlfriend Jen's creative talents to find a missing 2006                               Adventurers, Mystery,
                                                  person and thwart a conspiracy directed at the heart of                                            Detective Stories
                                                  consumer culture.

    Fiction Sofi Mendoza's Guide Alegría, Malín When Southern California high school senior Sofi                                                     Identity, Culture                  X
            to Getting Lost in                   Mendoza lies to her parents and crosses the border for a                                            conflict, Mexican
Y           Mexico                               weekend party, she has no idea that she will get stuck in a                                         Americans, Family,
                                                 Mexican village with family she has never met before,                                               California
                                                 unable to return to the United States and the easy life she
    Fiction Star-Crossed         Collison, Linda Having been discovered as a stowaway as she tries to reach Tayshas Reading List 2008-2009           seafaring life; survival
                                                 Barbados in 1760 to claim her father's estate, teenaged                                             skills; sex roles;
                                                 English orphan Patricia Kelley struggles to survive by                                              orphans
                                                 learning to be a ship's doctor and by disguising herself as a
                                                 man when necessary.
            Fiction Steady Beat            Rivkah        "Love Jessica"--That's what Leah finds on the back of a                                              Lesbians, Sisters,        X
                                                         love letter to her sister--but who is this Jessica? When more                                        Graphic Novels
                                                         letters, flowers and gifts start popping up, Leah goes
                                                         undercover to discover her sister's secret. What she doesn't
                                                         expect is to find is love of her own, and in some very
                                                         unexpected places! Sequel: Volume 2
            Fiction Strangers in Paradise Moore, Terry   Katchoo is a beautiful young woman living a quiet life                                               Man-Woman                 X
                                                         with everything going for her. She's smart, independent                                              Relationships,
                                                         and very much in love with her best friend, Francine. Then                                           Lesbians, Graphic
                                                         Katchoo meets David, a gentle but persistent young man                                               Novels
                                                         who is determined to win Katchoo's heart. The resulting
                                                         love triangle is a touching comedy of romantic errors until
                                                         Katchoo's former employer comes looking for her and
                                                         $850,000 in missing mob money.

            Fiction Summer Blond: Four Tomine,           Adrian Tomine‘s cult comix series Optic Nerve is finally                                             City and Town Life,       X
                    Stories            Adrian            collected into one sharp-looking hardcover volume.                                                   Graphic Novels
                                                         Described as the Raymond Carver of comix, Tomine
                                                         constructs tales of emotional disconnection with an ear for
                                                         painfully real dialogue. Combined with his deft black and
                                                         white depictions of urbane lifestyles, Tomine‘s fans have
                                                         often accused him of eavesdropping in on their most
                                                         intimate moments and, with forensic skill, laying their lives
            Fiction The Circuit: stories   Jiménez,      Sequel: Breaking Through                                        Américas Award winner (from the      Mexican Americans-            X   X
                    from the life of a     Francisco                                                                     Consortium of Latin American Studies California, Mexican
                    migrant child                                                                                        Programs)-1997, Jane Addams          agricultural workers
                                                                                                                         Children's Book Award Honor Book-

            Fiction The Complete Geisha Watson, Andi     Geisha is the futuristic tale of Jomi Sohoda, an android                                             Bodyguards, Androids,     X
                                                         with a knack for painting. Adopted early in her                                                      Artists, Graphic Novels
                                                         development by the Kami family, Jomi has been
                                                         assimilated into regular human life - except society sees her
                                                         as an outcast, something less than human. This makes it
                                                         rather difficult for her to sell her paintings, so to make
                                                         money, she joins the family bodyguard business, launching
                                                         herself into a world of action and intrigue, complete with
                                                         supermodels, jealous ex-husbands, maniacal moguls,
                                                         robotic armor, and the twisted double-cross of art fakery.

            Fiction The Girl from Playa    Dumas         When Elena and her little brother, Carlos, leave their                                               Brothers and sisters,         X
                    Blanca                 Lachtman,     Mexican seaside village to search for their immigrant                                                Mexicans, emigration
Y, c 1995                                  Ofelia        father in Los Angeles, they encounter intrigue, crime,                                               and immigration
                                                         mystery, friendship, and love.
            Fiction The Golem's Mighty    Stum, James       The Stars of David, a barnstorming Jewish baseball team,                                             Baseball Players-        X       X
                    Swing                                   travel from town to town earning a living by playing local                                           United States, Jews-
                                                            squads. They all sport beards, a gimmick to attract patrons                                          United States, Graphic
                                                            but when financial difficulties threaten to end their season                                         Novels
                                                            they cast their lot with a Chicago promoter who has just
                                                            seen the hugely successful German silent film Der Golem...
                                                            With the golem, a baseball game is transformed into a
                                                            mythical pageant. Fear and curiosity fills the stadium, but
                                                            it also stokes the flames of anti-Semitism. Winning the
                                                            game for the Stars of David becomes less important then
                                                            surviving it. With a sepia-tinted cinematic style, this
                                                            compelling book reminds us that making it home is at the
                                                            heart of baseball.

            Fiction The Gospel According Tashjian, Janet Seventeen-year-old Josh, a loner-philosopher who wants to ALA Best Books for Young Adults:      Websites, Identity,
                    to Larry                             make a difference in the world, tries to maintain his secret 2002, ALA Popular Paperbacks: 2005 Fame, Coming of Age:
                                                         identity as the author of a web site that is receiving
                                                         national attention.
            Fiction The House on Mango Cisneros,            Esperanza Cordero is a young girl growing up in the                                                  Hispanic Americans,          X       X
                    Street             Sandra               Hispanic quarter of Chicago with all its hard realities of                                           Girls, Chicago (IL.)
y, multiple copies                                          life. She captures her thoughts and emotions in poems and
                                                            stories in order to rise above the hopelessness and create a
                                                            space for herself.
            Non- The Kid's Guide to        Lewis, Barbara   Resource guide for children for learning political action                                            Social Problems -
            Fiction Social Action: How to A.                skills that can help them make a difference in solving                                               Handbooks, Social
                    Solve the Social                        social problems at the community, state, and national                                                Action, Political
Y                   Problems You Choose                     levels.                                                                                              Participation, Problem
                    -- And Turn Creative                                                                                                                         Solving
                    Thinking into Positive
            Fiction The Last Dragon       De Mari,          Struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic world after his Horn Book Fanfare: 2006, Mildred L. Dragons, Fantasy
                                          Silvana           village is destroyed, Yorsh, the earth's last elf, must embark Batchelder Honor: 2007, ALA Notable
                                                            on a perilous quest to decipher a powerful prophecy and        Children's Books: 2007
                                                            find the last dragon, who holds the key to saving the world
                                                            from the Dark Age that has begun.

            Fiction The Other Side of     Naidoo,           Smuggled out of Nigeria after their mother‘s murder, Sade      ALA Best Books for Young Adults:      Nigerians-England-               X
                    Truth                 Beverley          and her younger brother are abandoned in London when           2002, ALA Notable Children‘s Books: London, Refugees,
Y                                                           their uncle fails to meet them at the airport and they are     2002, Capitol Choices List: 2001, and Brothers and Sisters
                                                            fearful of their new surroundings and what may have            more.
                                                            happened to their journalist father back in Nigeria
            Fiction The Outcasts of 19    Konigsburg,       Upon leaving an oppressive summer camp, twelve-year-old        Kirkus Reviews Editor's Choice: 2004, Social Action,                   X
                    Schuyler Place        E.L.              Margaret Rose Kane spearheads a campaign to preserve           Texas: Lone Star Reading List: 2006, Individuality, Uncles,
                                                            three unique towers her grand uncles have been building in     Publisher's Weekly Best Children's    Hungarian Americans
                                                            their back yard for over forty years.                          Books: 2004, SLJ Best Books for
Y                                                                                                                          Children: 2004, ALA Best Books for
                                                                                                                           Young Adults: 2005, ALA Notable
                                                                                                                           Children's Books: 2005
           Fiction The P.L.A.I.N. Janes   Castellucci,    When a transfer student named Jane is forced to move from                                              Street Art, Graphic       X
                                          Cecil           the cool confines of Metro City to Suburbia, she thinks her                                            Novels
                                                          life is over. But there in the lunch room at the reject table
Y, 1 & 2                                                  she finds her tribe: three other girls named Jane. Main Jane
                                                          encourages them to form a secret art gang and paint the
                                                          town P.L.A.I.N. --People Loving Art In Neighborhoods.

                   The Tale of One Bad    Talbot, Brian   This sadly realistic tale about sexual abuse is a beautifully                                          Sexually Abused           X
                   Rat                                    drawn story that takes readers along on one girl's healing                                             Teenagers, Child
                                                          journey.                                                                                               Sexual Abuse,
                                                                                                                                                                 Runaway Teenagers,
                                                                                                                                                                 Graphic Novels

           Fiction The Tequila Worm       Canales, Viola Sofia grows up in the close-knit community of the barrio in Texas Tayshas Reading List-2006,            Family Life-Texas,            X       X
                                                         McAllen, Texas, then finds that her experiences as a        Pura Belpre Author Award-2006, ALA          Neighborhood,
                                                         scholarship student at an Episcopal boarding school in      Notable Children's Books-2006               Mexican Americans,
Y                                                        Austin only strengthen her ties to family and her                                                       Catholics, Boarding
                                                         "comadres."                                                                                             Schools, Schools,

           Fiction The Trap               Smelcer, John   In alternating chapters, seventeen-year-old Johnny Least-       ALA Best Books for Young Adults:       Survival, Conduct of
                                                          Weasel, who is better known for brains than brawn, worries      2007, Kentucky: Bluegrass Award        Life, Trapping, Old
                                                          about his missing grandfather, and the grandfather, Albert      Nominees: 2008, New Hampshire:         Age, Indians of North
                                                          Least-Weasel, struggles to survive, caught in his own steel     Isinglass Award Nominees: 2008         American, Social
                                                          trap in the Alaskan winter.                                                                            Consciousness

           Fiction The Wednesday Wars Schmidt, Gary During the 1967 school year, on Wednesday afternoons                  Texas: Lone Star Reading List : 2009, Shakespeare; Junior                X
                                                    when all his classmates go to either Catechism or Hebrew              Utah: Beehive Award Nominees :          high school; coming of
                                                    school, seventh-grader Holling Hoodhood stays in Mrs.                 2009, Vermont: Dorothy Canfield         age
                                                    Baker's classroom where they read the plays of William                Fisher Children's Book A : 2009, ALA
                                                    Shakespeare and Holling learns much of value about the                Best Books for Young Adults : 2008,
                                                    world he lives in.                                                    ALA Notable Children's Books : 2008,
                                                                                                                          John Newbery Honor Books : 2008,
                                                                                                                          Washington, D.C.: Capitol Choices
                                                                                                                          List : 2008, Booklist Editor's Choice :
                                                                                                                          2007, Publisher's Weekly Best
                                                                                                                          Children's Books : 2007

           Fiction The Whole Sky Full     Saldaña, René Eighteen-year-old Barry competes in a non-sanctioned                                                     Boxing, Gambling,             X
                   of Stars                             boxing match in hopes of helping his recently-widowed                                                    Friendship, Mexican
                                                        mother, unaware that his best friend and manager, Alby,                                                  Americans, Fathers and
                                                        has his own desperate need for a share of the purse that                                                 sons, Single-parent
                                                        may put their friendship on the line.                                                                    families, Texas
            Fiction Touching Spirit Bear Mikaelsen, Ben After his anger erupts into violence, Cole, in order to avoid ALA Best Books for Young Adults:          Juvenile Delinquents-
                                                        going to prison, agrees to participate in a sentencing        2002, Lone Star Reading List: 2003,       Rehabilitation, Anger,
                                                        alternative based on the Native American Circle Justice,      and more.                                 Forgiveness, Child
Y                                                       and he is sent to a remote Alaskan Island where an                                                      Abuse, Tlingit Indians,
                                                        encounter with a huge Spirit Bear changes his life.                                                     Indians of North

            Fiction Trino's Choice         Gonzales          Frustrated by his poor financial situation and hoping to      Texas: Lone Star Reading List-2002   Crime, Mexican            X   X
                                           Bertrand,         impress a smart girl, seventh grader Trino falls in with a                                         Americans
y, c 1999
                                           Diane             bad crowd led by an older teen with a vicious streak.
                                                             Sequel: Trino's Time
            Fiction Underground            Ferris, Jean      In 1839, Charlotte Brown is sold north to Kentucky, where                                          Caves; slavery;
                                                             she becomes a maid at Mammoth Cave Hotel, falls in love                                            Underground Railroad
                                                             with one of the tour guides there, and gets involved in the
                                                             Underground Railroad.
            Fiction White Bread            Hernández, Jo When Luz, a ninth-grade Latina student in San Antonio,                                                 Mexican Americans,        X   X
                    Competition            Ann Yolanda wins a spelling competition, her success triggers a variety                                              English Language
                                                         of emotions among family, friends, and the broader                                                     Spelling
            Fiction Wringer                Spinelli, Jerry   As Palmer comes of age, he must either accept the violence Carolyn W. Field Award: 1998, John      Courage, Violence,
Y, 1997                                                      of being a wringer at his town's annual Pigeon Day or find Newbery Honor Books: 1998               Pigeons
                                                             the courage to oppose it.
    Non- Bowman's Store: A       Bruchac,        Joseph Bruchac was raised by his maternal grandparents in       (Summary Continued) Bruchac's
    Fiction Journey to Myself    Joseph          a small New York town located in a region where both            childhood memories are also fueled by
                                                 sides of his family had roots that were deep and strong. But    moments of heartbreaking sadness and
                                                 Bruchac was almost an adult before he found out that his        sheer joy and delight, as well as
                                                 was not only an immigrant heritage and that the gentle man      secrets and mysteries that were far
                                                 who had raised him to love and appreciate nature and to         more compelling to him as a child
                                                 respect himself and those around him was an Abenaki             than the question of his grandfather's
                                                 Indian. In a compelling memoir that is beautifully written      dark skin. His parents lived less than a
                                                 and brilliantly constructed, Bruchac weaves his narrative       mile down the road with his younger
                                                 from the present and the past, viewing his childhood            sisters, yet he was living with his
                                                 through a lens of adult understanding that allows him to        grandfather and his strong, loving,
                                                 see how, despite the family silence about his heritage, his     protective grandmother. He was a
                                                 grandfather was living a life that was true to who he was, at   bright child who was often targeted by
                                                 the same time denying his family background in a way that       other children as the object of teasing
                                                 was surely painful. An Abenaki storyteller and writer who       and bullying when he was young.
                                                 is both educator and student of American Indian cultures,       Bruchac looks at his own childhood
                                                 Bruchac frames his memories with his adult insights into        behavior with wry, sometimes painful
                                                 Abenaki beliefs that, as he sees now, informed his              honesty without diluting the impact of
                                                 grandfather's actions and behavior.                             powerful incidents that will stand out
                                                                                                                 in every young reader's mind as
                                                                                                                 emotionally familiar. As a story about
                                                                                                                 family, about childhood, about
                                                                                                                 learning to be true to oneself, this is a
                                                                                                                 book that will take its readers on a
                                                                                                                 transformational journey of discovery.

           Cool Salsa: Bilingual Carlson, Lori   Life / to understand me / you have to know Spanish / feel it                                                Poetry
           Poems on Growing                      in the blood of your soul. / If I speak another language /
           Up Latino in the                      and use different words / for feelings that will always stay
           United States                         the same / I don't know / if I'll continue being / the same
                                                 person." ("Learning English" by Luis Alberto Ambroggio.)
                                                 In sections titled "School Days," "Home and Homeland,"
Y                                                "Memories," "Hard Times," "Time to Party" and "A
                                                 Promising Future," poems of 29 Latin American writers are
                                                 presented in both English and Spanish. A collection rich
                                                 with language and memories, events and emotions
                                                 grounded in Latino experience.
            What Are You?        Fuyo, Pearl   First person statements by 45 mixed-race youngsters from
            Voices of Mixed-Race               ages 14 to 26 reveal recurring themes and concerns: feeling
            Young People                       rejected rather than accepted by one or more racial groups,
                                               the pressure to choose one part of their racial heritage over
                                               another, and an unwillingness to be pigeonholed. Although
                                               feelings of frustration are frequently evident, overall the
y, c 1999                                      voices are upbeat and give the impression that they're
                                               patiently waiting for the rest of society to catch up with the
                                               progressive attitudes of these kids' parents. A list of
                                               advocacy groups, magazines, e-zines, books, videos, and
                                               family organizations appear at the end of the book.

            Kira-Kira            Kadohata,     ―My sister Lynn taught me my first word: Kira-kira . . .         (Summary Continued) Only Katie‘s            X
                                 Cynthia       glittering in Japanese.‖ Cynthia Kadohata‘s first novel for      view of Lynn (and of her little brother--
                                               children embodies the meaning of its title. It is a graceful,    who adores her much like she adores
                                               lyrical, unflinching and illuminating look at a Japanese         Lynn) remains constant, even though
                                               American family living in challenging personal and social        Katie knows she can never live up to
                                               times. Set in the South in the 1950s and early 1960s, the        Lynn‘s perfection. After Lynn
                                               novel is told from the point of view of Katie, who is almost     becomes gravely ill, Katie watches her
                                               five when the story begins. Katie relies on her older sister,    parents toil beyond the point of
                                               Lynn, to help interpret the world for her. It was Lynn who       exhaustion under the horrendous
                                               taught Katie the word ―kira-kira,‖ before Katie could even       working conditions in the poultry
                                               speak. It is Lynn who explains that the kids at their mostly     industry as they grasp at any hope to
                                               white school won‘t want to play with her. It is Lynn who         make Lynn well. When Lynn dies, it
                                               dreams of seeing the ocean and going to college and who          seems as if they have all been cast into
Y                                              shares those dreams with Katie. Katie‘s funny, innocent          darkness. But Lynn‘s illness and
                                               voice and point of view are remarkable as they change to         death, and the diary she leaves behind
                                               reflect her growth through childhood and into adolescence        for Katie, help Katie understand her
                                               and her deepening understanding of individuals and events        sister in a new way. She discovers
                                               in her life over the ten-year span of the story.                 things that seemed so easy for Lynn
                                                                                                                were the result of her sister‘s hard
                                                                                                                work and her determination to see life
                                                                                                                itself as something shining. The word
                                                                                                                Lynn first taught Katie proves to be
                                                                                                                her most lasting gift: a profound way
                                                                                                                of being in of being in the world.
    Blue Jasmine    Sheth,       There are a lot of adjustments for 12-year-old Seema when       (Summary Continued) This, coupled          X
                    Kashmira     she moves with her family from India to Iowa City. Her          with her skillful use of metaphor, raise
                                 family must adjust to a new language, a new culture, new        this novel high above the typical
                                 ways of doing everyday things like grocery shopping, and,       immigrant story for this age level.
                                 most especially, the cold weather. The most difficult thing
                                 for Seema, however, is living half-way around the world
                                 from extended family she left back in India, particularly
                                 her cousin Raju who resents that she left him. But her new
                                 life in an American public school soon begins to crowd the
                                 corners of her mind, both academically and socially, as she
                                 begins to feel she is fitting in. Socially adept in both
                                 cultures, she is even able to deal with the classroom bully
                                 with aplomb. First-time novelist Kashmira Sheth shows
                                 remarkable talent for creating credible, well-rounded
                                 characters who are able to meet the challenge of living in
                                 two cultures without being forced to choose between them.

    American Born   Yang, Gene   The Monkey King is tired of his second-class status.            (Summary Continued) Yang‘s                 X
    Chinese         Luen         Adored by his own subjects, he is snubbed by human              narrative builds to an unforgettable
                                 deities until he perfects his powers and literally beats them   and dazzling series of revelations as
                                 into submission. ―I am not a monkey‖ he proclaims. ―I am        the three storylines surprisingly
                                 the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven!‖ Jin Wang is the only          converge in a book that is eye-opening
                                 Chinese American student at his school. When Wei-Chen           and provocative, pushing the
                                 Sun arrives from Taiwan, Jin Wang thinks, ―Something            boundaries of comfort for readers as it
                                 made me want to beat him up.‖ Still, it‘s not long before       exposes racism from its most subtle to
                                 the two boys become best friends. Blond-haired Danny‘s          most overt.
Y                                life would be perfect were it not for his cousin, Chin-Kee,
                                 who embodies every offensive stereotype of the Chinese,
                                 from buck teeth and braided ponytail to mispronunciations
                                 (―Harro Amellica!‖). Gene Luen Yang‘s brilliant graphic
                                 novel moves back and forth between these three separate
                                 narrative strands, each one exploring issues of identity,
                                 belonging, humility, and friendship as the storylines
Blood on the       Kerr, M.E.   How can a famous novelist for young teenagers describe           The Arts
Forehead: What I                how she does what she does as a writer? It's easy, if you're
Know About Writing              Mary Jane Meeker, aka M.E. Kerr. Wrong. It isn't easy. On
                                page one Kerr tells about the framed quote attributed to
                                Gene Fowler hanging over her desk" "Writing is easy. All
                                you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the
                                drops of blood form on your forehead." Kerr describes
                                some of the courtesies a writer should extend to each
                                reader, such as remembering to include important facts,
                                give characters interesting names, forgetting about using
                                heavy slang or dialect, etc. She relates several real-life
                                anecdotes and reprints a short story or chapter from her
                                work for young adults to illustrate specific writing
                                concepts. Kerr is down-to-earth, witty, and helpful. Her
                                fans will enjoy these glimpses of Kerr at work, even if they
                                don't think of themselves as writers. The book is dedicated
                                to the "kids who hope someday to write...and to their
                                teachers, very often first ones to recognize their talents and
                                to cheer them on."

1621: A New Look at O'Neill,    What really happened at the first harvest gathering between
Thanksgiving        Catherine   Wampanoag Indians and English settlers? So little was
                                documented then that, over time, the event has become
                                mythologized and celebrated as the U.S. Thanksgiving
                                holiday. Based on the in-depth research conducted in
                                recent years at the Plimoth Plantation living history
                                museum, Grace and Bruchac separate fact from fantasy
                                and provide an account of what most likely happened.
                                Color photographs from a three-day reenactment that
                                occurred at Plimoth Plantation in 2000 add accurate
                                cultural and historical details.
Stitches        Huser, Glen   Travis is a kid who has been teased since he was in first         (Summary Continued) Glen Huser's
                              grade. First, it was words like "girlie." As he grew older, it    extraordinary book about a boy who is
                              was "Sissy. Crybaby. Fruitfly. Fagface." As he enters junior      targeted from early childhood on
                              high school, his interests in sewing, puppetry and theater        because he doesn't fit the stereotype of
                              are encouraged, first by an English and then a home               what a "boy" should be is an
                              economics teacher, but these same interests are part of           unprecedented work. His funny,
                              what mark him in the eyes of some students as a target for        touching story is hard to put down,
                              their continued bullying. Travis is sustained by: his best        even as it treads down difficult
                              friend, Chantelle, who helps him navigate the treacheries of      pathways. As Travis moves through
                              school. Like Travis, Chantelle stands out as different. Most      junior high school, what began as
                              people don't see beyond her disfigured body, crippled since       mostly verbal bullying leads to acts of
                              birth. But Chantelle is bright and lively: a kindred spirit to    severe humiliation, and, eventually,
                              Travis. Travis also is supported at home. His mother is on        brutality. This thought-provoking,
                              the road a lot, so it his aunt Kitaleen and her children who      important novel that features one great
                              fill his life with love on a daily basis. Overweight Kitaleen     character after another never overtly
                              is married to a bully herself and has to sustain her own          addresses Travis's sexuality, because
                              share of verbal abuse. But her ability to embrace those           Travis himself is barely beginning
                              around her and fill their lives with sustenance abounds, and      consider that aspect of his identity.
                              her dignity is undeniable.                                        Instead, it focuses on the many facets
                                                                                                of Travis's personality that make him
                                                                                                the individual he is in a book that
                                                                                                doesn't shy away from the harsh reality
                                                                                                of bullying and violence, but
                                                                                                nonetheless remains an uplifting story
                                                                                                full of warmth, humor, and hope.

Boy Meets Boy   Levithan,     Imagine a world where a kindergartner's report card reads,        (Summary Continued) It serves as the
                David         "Paul is definitely gay" as nonchalantly as it continues,         grounding point for a novel in which
                              "and has a good sense of self." This is Paul's world, where       author David Levithan constructs a
                              boys who like boys flirt with girls who like girls, where the     remarkable and hopeful fantasy: a
                              quarterback of the football team is also the homecoming           world where gay teens and straight
                              queen, where boys have ex-boyfriends who have new                 teens are all just teens. By the third
                              girlfriends... And those are just incidental details that         chapter of this remarkable novel, that
                              create the setting for a sweet high school love story that        world feels like something that seems
                              readers of all orientations will appreciate. The characters       quite possible.
                              are loveable and quirky and the love story as innocent and
                              true as any. Paul used to love Kyle, now he loves Noah
                              who thought Paul kissed Tony. Joni used to date Ted but
                              now she dates Chuck who drives Paul crazy. Tony is gay
                              but his parents freaked out so Paul needs a decoy to be able
                              to hang out with him. Tony's story serves as a counterpoint
                              to the rest of the narrative and is, perhaps, the one that will
                              be most familiar to readers, as it reflects the difficulties
                              teens have navigating their sexuality in a world that is not
                              so appreciative of difference.
Fiction Luna   Peters, Julie   Luna is the name Liam has selected for himself, for the girl   (Summary Continued) Luna is a
               Anne            that he is, trapped inside a boy‘s body. Liam‘s struggle to    sensitive, realistic look at a topic that
                               learn more about himself and to make the decision to have      is still very much misunderstood and
                               gender alteration surgery is seen through the eyes of his      too often silenced. Transgender
                               sister Regan, who loves her brother but becomes weary of       readers will feel great relief to see one
                               the drama and secrecy that surround him. Neither sibling is    reflection of their reality in literature
                               idealized, nor are the choices they make wholly admirable      for teens. Ultimately, Luna is a story
                               or wise. Liam becomes increasingly out of control as he        of acceptance and self-love and about
                               takes more and more risks to live as a girl, and Regan         being true to yourself regardless of the
                               becomes less sympathetic and more self- absorbed as she        cost.
                               considers the implications of her brother‘s plans. As the
                               siblings faced both ordinary and extraordinary teen
                               challenges, their parents‘ emotional distance forces them to
                               be coconspirators and support one another. Nontransgender
                               readers will appreciate Peters‘s decision to tell the story
                               from Regan‘s perspective, as her alternating waves of
                               discomfort and support for her brother are comforting and

Fiction Feed   Anderson,       In M.T. Anderson's dystopic future, people rely heavily on     (Summary Continued) Eventually
               M.T.            their "feeds": an uplink hard-wired into their brains which    Titus isn't able to withstand his peers'
                               bombards them with constant advertising and personalized       condemnation of Violet's
                               buying guides, as well as allowing immediate "chats" with      nonconformity, and he hides from the
                               friends both near and far. Vocabularies have declined,         horror of her decline. Although he
                               disturbing news is repressed, and unbridled consumerism        finally learns from his experience and
                               is the activity of choice. Teenager Titus and his friends      begins to look beyond the self-
                               spend without caution, from a Spring Break trip to the         absorption rampant around him, it is
                               moon (which turns out to "completely suck") to buying          too little, too late. This brilliant satire
                               clothes and updating hairstyles constantly (styles change      works on every level, from the slang
                               throughout the course of a day). When Titus meets Violet,      evolved from today's jargon and the
                               he's immediately attracted to this girl who stands out as      recognizable television shows that
                               different. As their relationship develops he discovers that    have descended another step into
                               Violet is different: she was home schooled, raised by          vapidity, to the characters of Titus and
                               parents who resisted popular culture, and didn't receive her   Violet, who struggle to save a doomed
                               feed until she was seven. She's interested in world events     relationship. Some elements of the
                               and isn't afraid to ask questions. When a hacker disrupts      story are repulsive, like the mysterious
                               the teens' feeds, Violet's feed is damaged beyond repair,      lesions that the teens develop (and
                               and she faces inevitable death.                                adopt as a fashion statement, even
                                                                                              resorting to artificial lesions weeping
                                                                                              latex), and the language is sometimes
                                                                                              raw and profane, but the entire thought-
                                                                                              provoking package will challenge
                                                                                              readers to take a hard look at
                                                                                              consumerism and media control.
A Northern Light   Donnelly,   Mattie Gokey is a collector of words and a writer of stories.   (Summary Continued) she begins to          X
                   Jennifer    But she buried her dream of going to college and becoming       suspect there is more to Grace's tragic
                               a published writer beneath a promise to her dying mother        death. Compelled to read Grace's
                               that she would stay on their small farm in upstate New          letters, she finds the young woman's
                               York to care for her siblings and father. That promise is       situation was untenable, and the
                               now a burden as Mattie graduates from high school in            actions of her supposed fiancé
                               1912 and earns a scholarship to a New York City College.        deplorable. From Grace and for Grace,
                               She feels guilty for thinking about leaving, and angry that     Mattie finds the courage to see her life
                               her father forbids her to go. When Mattie gets a summer         in a new light, and take the first steps
                               job at one of the nearby resorts that caters to rich New        toward following her dreams. Jennifer
                               York clientele, she has a chance encounter that refocuses       Donnelly has created a compelling and
                               her determination to set her own future course. Mattie          thought-provoking literary work,
                               meets Grace Brown only briefly, offering the obviously          finely plotted and exquisitely written.
                               distressed young woman a glass of lemonade in the               Strong dialogue and well-drawn
                               minutes before Grace joins her companion for a canoe trip       characters make the details of
                               on the lake. Before leaving, Grace thrusts a packet of          everyday life for Mattie and others in
                               letters in Mattie's hands, imploring her to burn them. But      her community come alive. Through
                               before Mattie can act on that request, Grace's body is found    Mattie, Grace, and other characters,
                               in the lake, a victim of drowning, or so it seems.              including Mattie's best friend, who is
                                                                                               African American, and an
                                                                                               extraordinary female teacher, Donnelly
                                                                                               explores the limitations of race, class,
                                                                                               and especially gender in that earlier
                                                                                               era. An author's note provides readers
                                                                                               with historical information about the
                                                                                               real Grace Brown, a young woman
                                                                                               who was found dead in Big Moose
                                                                                               Lake, New York, in the summer of
                                                                                               1912. This extraordinary novel weaves
                                                                                               that real-life tragedy with Mattie's
                                                                                               fictional coming of agestory.
        Accidents of Nature   Johnson,       Jean has cerebral palsy but doesn‘t think of herself as
                              Harriet        crippled. At 17, she has spent all of her life working hard at
                              McBryde        fitting in. In fact, the week she is embarking on at Camp
                                             Courage is the first time she‘s been around other disabled
                                             people. Sara, one of Jean‘s bunkmates, has a challenging
                                             new perspective on Jean‘s outlook: ―Aw, come on. You‘re
                                             a Crip. Otherwise you wouldn‘t be in Crip Camp. Say it
                                             loud, ‗I‘m crippled and proud.‘‖ Jean has never doubted
                                             that it is her responsibility to fit in with the rest of society
                                             by conforming to their standards of normality. Sara dares
                                             Jean to think about conformity as false ideal. What‘s
                                             wrong with the way they are? For Jean, who sees her one
                                             great failure as her inability to master walking, Sara‘s
                                             radical ideas are unsettling to think about, but also
                                             liberating. Sara jars Jean from her deep-seated attitudes
                                             about herself and the world in which she lives, a world in
                                             which people like Sara and Jean are seen as less-than, or
                                             invisible, or pitied and made the focus of well-meaning
                                             initiatives like telethons. Telethons, Sara asserts, make
                                             ―normal‖ people feel good while perpetuating the idea that
                                             disabled people need to be fixed. Jean‘s change over her
                                             week at Camp Courage is told in a first-person voice that is
                                             often humorous, and sometimes painfully intimate, giving
        The Ink-Keeper‘s      Say, Allen     A fourteen-year-old boy lives on his own in Tokyo and
        Appentice                            becomes apprenticed to a famous Japanese cartoonist.

        Zazoo                 Mosher,        Why do the villagers seem leery of Zazoo‘s gentle
                              Richard        grandfather a supposed war hero who brought her from
                                             Vietnam to his French village when she was just 2 years
Non- Come Back to             Akbar, Said    Californian teen Said Akbar tells of his travels to his            x
Fiction Afghanistan: A        Hydar          parents' native Afghanistan.
        California Teenager's
Non- Babylon's Ark: the       Anthony,      What happens to animals when a war's going on? Learn the                    x
Fiction Incredible Wartime    Lawrence with incredible story of the Baghdad Zoo.
        Rescue of the         Graham
        Baghdad Zoo           Spence
Non- Tasting the Sky: a       Barakat,       The author recounts how, as a child, her world was                         x
Fiction Palestinian Childhood Ibtisam        shattered by the Six-Day War.

Non- Journey From the         Hakakian,      A childhood and adolescence in Iran is recounted in this                   x
Fiction Land of No: a         Roya           exciting memoir.
        Girlhood Caught in
        Revolutionary Iran
Non- After the Wall:        Hensel, Jana     Hensel's childhood ended on Nov. 9, 1989, the evening the              x
Fiction Confessions From an                  Berlin Wall fell. Almost overnight, the East Germany that
        East German                          had surrounded the 13- year-old and her peers in a woolly
        Childhood and the                    Communist Party cocoon ceased to exist, swallowed by the
        Life That Came Next                  West. This is the story of what came next.
            Non- Red Scarf Girl: a        Jiang, Ji-Li    The story of Ji-Jiang, a twelve-year-old girl growing up in                             x
Y           Fiction Memoir of the                         China in 1966, the year that Chairman Mao launched the
                    Cultural Revolution                   Cultural Revolution.
            Non- *From Pieces to          50 Cent         Get rich or die tryin.                                        Autobiographies and
            Fiction Weight                                                                                              memoirs

            Non- My Thirteenth            Abeel,          She suffers from alcalculia – difficulty calculating.         Autobiographies and
            Fiction Winter: A Memoir      Samantha                                                                      memoirs

            Non- Language of Baklava Abu-Jaber,           ―I learn early: we are Arab at home and American in the       Autobiographies and           x
            Fiction                  Diana                streets.‖                                                     memoirs

            Non- *I Know Why the          Angelou, Maya The highly respected African American writer tells the          Autobiographies and   x
Y           Fiction Caged Bird Sings                    story of her childhood and young adult years.                   memoirs

            Non- It‘s Not About the       Armstron,       Tour de France winner‘s battle with cancer.                   Autobiographies and
            Fiction Bike                  Lance                                                                         memoirs

            Non- *Long Way Gone           Beah, Ishmael Memoirs of a child soldier from Sierra Leone.                   Autobiographies and   x
Y           Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs

            Non- Warriors Don‘t Cry       Beals, Melba    African American teens integrated Little Rock High in         Autobiographies and   x
            Fiction                                       1957. Melba Beals was among them.                             memoirs

            Non- *A Piece of Cake         Cupcake         ―Cupcake‘s story is about system failure… and a little girl   Autobiographies and
            Fiction                       Brown           who, as a result, resigned herself to degradation,            memoirs
                                                          depression, deprivation, and defeat.‖ She is now an
                                                          attorney and motivational speaker.
            Non- *Running with            Burroughs,      His mother gave him to her psychiatrist when he was a         Autobiographies and
            Fiction Scissors: A Memoir    Augusten        very young teen.                                              memoirs

            Non- Hapa Girl                Chai, Mai-lee   Growing up biracial in South Dakota.                          Autobiographies and       x
            Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs

            Non- I Am Jackie Chan         Chan, Jackie    The martial arts action hero.                                 Autobiographies and       x
            Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs

            Non- A Girl From Yamhill: Cleary, Beverly You‘ve read about Ramona‘s life — now read about the              Autobiographies and
y, c 1988   Fiction A Memoir                          author‘s life.                                                    memoirs
            Non- Educating Esme           Codell, Esmé    Funny and feisty, the diary of a teacher‘s first year.        Autobiographies and
y, c 1999   Fiction                       Raji                                                                          memoirs

            Non- Burnt Bread and          Delman,         Her mother is a direct descendant of the Bene Israel, an      Autobiographies and           x
            Fiction Chutney               Carmit          ancient community of Jews in Western India. Her father is     memoirs
                                                          American, a Jewish man of Eastern European descent.

            Non- *Riding in Cars with     Donofrio,       Coming of age in the sixties, and surviving teen              Autobiographies and
            Fiction Boys                  Beverly         motherhood.                                                   memoirs
    Non- Funny In Farsi           Dumas,          In 1972 her family moved from Iran to California.            Autobiographies and           x
    Fiction                       Firoozeh                                                                     memoirs

    Non- Girlbomb                 Earlbaum,       She left home at fifteen and spent time on the streets.      Autobiographies and
    Fiction                       Janice                                                                       memoirs

    Non- Bento Box in the         Furiya, Linda   Her Japanese girlhood in whitebread America.                 Autobiographies and       x
    Fiction Heartland                                                                                          memoirs

    Non- *Hole in My Life         Gantos, Jack    From honor student to drug dealer to author.                 Autobiographies and
Y   Fiction                                                                                                    memoirs

    Non- Autobiography of a       Grealy, Lucy    Disfigured from jaw cancer as a child.                       Autobiographies and
    Fiction Face                                                                                               memoirs

    Non- Stick Figure: Diary of Gottlieb, Lori    Her struggle with anorexia.                                  Autobiographies and
    Fiction My Former Self                                                                                     memoirs

    Non- Hawk: Occupation,        Hawk, Tony      Tony Hawk was nine years old when his brother changed        Autobiographies and
    Fiction Skateboarder                          his life by buying him a skateboard.                         memoirs

    Non- October Sky: A           Hickam,         He becomes a rocket scientist.                               Autobiographies and
    Fiction Memoir                Homer                                                                        memoirs

    Non- *Red Scarf Girl: A       Jiang, Ji-Li    Her family survived a turbulent period in Chinese history.   Autobiographies and       x
Y   Fiction Memoir of the                                                                                      memoirs
            Cultural Revolution
    Non- The Liars‘ Club: A       Karr, Mary      Growing up in an East Texas refinery town.                   Autobiographies and
    Fiction Memoir                                                                                             memoirs

    Non- Girl, Interrupted        Kaysen, Susan In 1967, at age 16, she was committed to a psychiatric         Autobiographies and
    Fiction                                     hospital – for 2 years.                                        memoirs

    Non- Bruce Lee                Lee, Bruce      The celebrated life of the Golden Dragon.                    Autobiographies and       x
    Fiction                                                                                                    memoirs

    Non- Chinese Cinderella       Ma, Adeline     The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter               Autobiographies and       x
    Fiction                       Yen                                                                          memoirs

    Non- In the Company of      Mace, Nancy       The citadel is a prestigious military school in South        Autobiographies and
    Fiction Men: A Woman at the                   Carolina.                                                    memoirs
    Non- Project Girl           McDonald,         By the late African American author of Spellbound and        Autobiographies and   x
    Fiction                     Janet             Brother Hood.                                                memoirs

    Non- Where White Men          Means, Russell American Indian activist.                                     Autobiographies and
    Fiction Fear to Tread                                                                                      memoirs
    Non- *Angela‘s Ashes          McCourt,        The Pulitzer Prize-winning author left home at 13.            Autobiographies and
    Fiction                       Frank                                                                         memoirs

    Non- Yao: A Life In Two       Ming, Yao       From China to the NBA.                                        Autobiographies and       x
    Fiction Worlds                                                                                              memoirs

    Non- *Bad Boy: A Memoir Myers, Walter The prolific African American writer tells his life story.            Autobiographies and   x
Y   Fiction                 Dean                                                                                memoirs

    Non- The Beet Fields          Paulsen, Gary   The noted author ran away from home at fourteen and           Autobiographies and
Y   Fiction                                       traveled with a carnival.                                     memoirs

    Non- A Child Called ―It‖      Pelzer, David   His story of child abuse.                                     Autobiographies and
Y   Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs

    Non- American Shaolin:      Polly, Matthew ―[He] dropped out to travel to the Shaolin Temple in China       Autobiographies and       x
    Fiction Flying Kicks,                      and study kung fu with the monks…‖                               memoirs
            Buddhist Monks, And
            The Legend Of Iron
            Crotch: An Odyssey
            In The New China
    Non- Always Running: La       Rodriguez,      Gang Days in Los Angeles.                                     Autobiographies and
    Fiction Vida Loca             Luis J.                                                                       memoirs

    Non- Leaving Dirty Jersey     Salant, James   A crystal meth memoir.                                        Autobiographies and
    Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs

    Non- Persepolis               Satrapi,        In graphic novel format, she tells the story of her life in   Autobiographies and               x
Y   Fiction                       Marjane         Iran during and after the 1979 revolution.                    memoirs

    Non- Jesus Land               Scheeres,       Story of two siblings, one white and one black, sent to       Autobiographies and           x
    Fiction                       Judith          reform school in the Dominican Republic.                      memoirs

    Non- Mississippi Sissy        Sessums,        Growing up gay in a small Mississippi town during the 60s     Autobiographies and
    Fiction                       Kevin           and 70s.                                                      memoirs

    Non- Rose That Grew From Shakur, Tupac Not exactly an autobiography, but a volume of                        Autobiographies and
    Fiction Concrete                       autobiographical poetry.                                             memoirs

    Non- Tweak                    Sheff, Nic      Growing up on methamphetamines. His father wrote              Autobiographies and
    Fiction                                       Beautiful Boy: A Father‘s Journey Through His Son‘s           memoirs
                                                  Meth Addiction.
    Non- Born On a Blue Day       Tammet,         Inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant.          Autobiographies and
    Fiction                       Daniel                                                                        memoirs

    Non- Little X                 Tate, Sonsyrea The daughter of Malcolm X tells her story.                     Autobiographies and   x
    Fiction                                                                                                     memoirs
    Non- Down These Mean           Thomas, Piri    Raised in the barrios of New York, the author says the          Autobiographies and
    Fiction Streets                                book ―…exploded out of my guts in an outpouring of long         memoirs
                                                   suppressed hurts and angers that had boiled over into an
                                                   ice cold rage.‖
    Non- Life in Prison            Williams,       His life on death row at San Quentin.                           Autobiographies and   In
    Fiction                        Stanley                                                                         memoirs               sh
                                   ―Tookie‖                                                                                              op
    Non- Pedro and Me:             Winick, Judd    His friendship with a man who dies of AIDS.                     Autobiographies and   pi
    Fiction Friendship, Loss and                                                                                   memoirs
            What I Learned
    Non- *Black Boy                Wright,         An African American man growing up in the Jim Crow              Autobiographies and            x
Y   Fiction                        Richard         South.                                                          memoirs

    Non- *Autobiography of         Malcolm X.      The revolutionary African American who was assassinated         Autobiographies and            x
    Fiction Malcolm X                              in 1965.                                                        memoirs

    Non- 19 Varieties of           Nye, Naomi      Nye, an Arab American poet, writes about the conflict I the                                        x
    Fiction Gazelle                Shihab          Middle East.

    Non- Getting Away With         Crowe, Chris    When the public confession did not ensure punishment of                                    x
    Fiction Murder: The True                       the white murders of 14-year-old African American
            Story of the Emmett                    Emmett Till, the civil rights struggle in 1955 heightened.
            Till Case
    Non- Finding Fish: A           Fisher,         An African American boy born in prison and raised in                                       x
    Fiction Memoir                 Antwone         abusive foster care homes, succeeds in overcoming these
                                   Quenton         disadvantages to love and raise a family of his own.

    Non- Savion!: My Life in  Glover, Savion       How is dancing like living? The young African American                                     x
    Fiction Tap               and Bruce            tap sensation shares lessons from the elders and describes
                              Weber                how he became a star so young.
    Non- Growing Up Filipino: Edited by            Twenty-nine stores of Filipino teens growing up on the                                         x
    Fiction Stories for Young Cecilia              islands and in the U. S. explore themes of family, angst,
            Adults            Manguerra            friendship, love and home.
    Non- Bruce Lee: The            Lee, Bruce      The words and philosophies of the Hong Kong born                                               x
    Fiction Celebrated Life of the                 martial artist trace his life from childhood to death.
            Golden Dragon
    Non- The Greatest:             Ali. Myers,     By standing up for his political and religious convictions in                              x
    Fiction Muhammad Ali           Walter Dean.    the 50s and 60s, the African American boxer and Nation of
                                                   Islam member risked his professional boxing career.

    Non- Night is Gone, Day is Edited by           Native American youth write poems and prose revealing
    Fiction Still Coming: Stories Annette Piña     the struggles of life on the reservations and in the cities
            and Poems by          Ochoa, et. al.   while they celebrate their strengths and their role models.
            American Indian
            Teens and Young
    Non- Almost a Woman           Santiago,  A teen and her mother have very different ideas of what it                  x
    Fiction                       Esmeralda  means to grow up Puerto Rican in New York City. Also
                                             available in Spanish.
    Non- Little X: Growing Up Tate, Sonsyrea An African American author critiques her experience being           x
    Fiction in the Nation of Islam           raised in a Black Muslim family.
    Non- YELL-Oh Girls!           Edited by      Short stories, essays and poems by and about young Asian            x
    Fiction Emerging Voices       Vickie Nam.    American girls growing up in the U. S. and Canada.
            Explore Culture,
            Identity, and Growing
            Up Asian American

    Non- Come Back to             Akbar, Said    Californian teen Said Akbar tells of his travels to his                         x
    Fiction Afghanistan: a        Hydar          parents' native Afghanistan.
            California Teenager's
    Non- Babylon's Ark: the       Anthony,      What happens to animals when a war's going on? Learn the                         x
    Fiction Incredible Wartime    Lawrence with incredible story of the Baghdad Zoo.
            Rescue of the         Graham
            Baghdad Zoo           Spence
    Non- Tasting the Sky: a       Barakat,       The author recounts how, as a child, her world was                              x
    Fiction Palestinian Childhood Ibtisam        shattered by the Six-Day War.

    Non- Journey From the         Hakakian,      A childhood and adolescence in Iran is recounted in this                        x
    Fiction Land of No: a         Roya           exciting memoir.
            Girlhood Caught in
            Revolutionary Iran
    Non- After the Wall:        Hensel, Jana     Hensel's childhood ended on Nov. 9, 1989, the evening the                   x
    Fiction Confessions From an                  Berlin Wall fell. Almost overnight, the East Germany that
            East German                          had surrounded the 13- year-old and her peers in a woolly
            Childhood and the                    Communist Party cocoon ceased to exist, swallowed by the
            Life That Came Next                  West. This is the story of what came next.
    Non- Red Scarf Girl: a        Jiang, Ji-Li   The story of Ji-Jiang, a twelve-year-old girl growing up in         x
Y   Fiction Memoir of the                        China in 1966, the year that Chairman Mao launched the
            Cultural Revolution                  Cultural Revolution.
    Non- The Librarian of         Winter,        Picture book, hardback, dustjacket on spine slightly torn.                      x
    Fiction Basra. A True Story   Jeanette       Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. For
            from Iraq.                           fourteen years, her library has been a meeting place for
                                                 those who love books. Until now. Now war has come, and
                                                 Alia fears that the library, along with the thirty thousand
                                                 books within it, will be destroyed forever. In a war-stricken
Y                                                country where civilians, especially women, have little
                                                 power, this true story about a librarian's struggle to save
                                                 her community's priceless collection of books reminds us
                                                 all how, throughout the world, the love of literature and the
                                                 respect for knowledge know no boundaries. Suitable for
                                                 junior primary.
    Non- The Diary of Ma Yan: Ya, Ma    A French journalist originally helped publish the diary of      (Summary Continued) Ma Yan              Contemporary People,   x
    Fiction The Struggles and           Ma Yan, a fourteen-year-old Chinese girl who struggled to       writes in a letter to her French        Places, and Events.
            Hopes of a Chinese          stay in school and receive an education under grueling          supporters that ―I really understand
            Schoolgirl                  circumstances. Ma Yan is the first in her family to have a      what joy in this world means:
                                        real chance at getting out of the poverty and backbreaking      friendship. . . You said that you could
                                        work that has beaten down her family for generations. Her       help other children from families in
                                        parents go to great lengths to be able to afford to keep her    need. . . Let them too complete their
                                        in school, and she lives in constant fear of failing and        schooling and fulfill their dreams. All
                                        dishonoring her parents‘ sacrifice. Her insight is incredibly   my thanks.‖
                                        astute, her gratitude and love for her parents is powerful.
                                        Along with the typical stress of being a student in a
                                        rigorous school, Ma Yan also must deal with the guilt that
                                        she is not contributing money to the family, and almost
                                        constant hunger and cold. American readers will be
                                        shocked at how much thinking Ma Yan had to do on so
                                        few calories! Photographs of Ma Yan, her family, and the
                                        rural Chinese community in which she lives are included in
                                        this important volume. Since it‘s original pubulication in a
                                        French newspaper, funds have been raised to help children
                                        like Ma Yan stay well-fed and clothed and in school.

    Non- Escape from Saigon   Warren,   Born in 1966 to a Vietnamese mother and an American             (Summary Continued) The author,         Historical People,     x
    Fiction                   Andrea    father, Long spent his early years living first in Saigon and   herself a parent of an adopted daughter Places, and Events
                                        then a rural Vietnamese village. His father left the family     evacuated from Saigon as an infant in
                                        before Long turned two. After his mother‘s suicide when         1975, writes about these events with
                                        Long was six, his grandmother cared for him. A year later,      compassion and respect.
                                        worried about her increasing inability to provide Long with
                                        food and shelter, his grandmother placed him in the Saigon
                                        Holt Center, an orphanage that specialized in finding
                                        children adoptive homes in the United States. On April 5,
                                        1975, one day after the devastating crash of a C-5A cargo
                                        plane carrying 230 orphans and fifty adults out of Saigon,
                                        Long flew to America as part of Operation Babylift. He
                                        became the fourth and youngest son of the Steiner family
                                        of Ohio. Long‘ story is placed within the larger picture of
                                        the fall of Saigon, the desperation of the Vietnamese
                                        families seeking American support, and the attempts of
                                        international aid workers to protect the children.
    Non- Almost Astronauts: 13 Lee Stone,       It talks about all of the tests that the women had to take and       X
    Fiction Women Who Dared to Tanya            how they felt during them and after when they were denied
            Dream                               becoming astronauts.

    Non- Lost Moon: the          Lovell, Jim    It cover a bit of Jim Lovell's personal history but mainly           X
    Fiction Perilous Voyage of                  focuses on the events of Apollo 13.
            Apollo 13
    Non- Pride and Prejudice     Austen, Jane   Tells the story of fiercely independent Elizabeth Bennet,        X
    Fiction                                     one of five sisters who must marry rich, as she confounds
                                                the arrogant, wealthy Mr. Darcy. What ensues is one of the
Y                                               most delightful and engrossingly readable courtships
                                                known to literature, written by a precocious Austen when
                                                she was just twenty-one years old.

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