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A collaboration of the Center for Rural Health
Professions at the University of Illinois College of
Medicine at Rockford & the Illinois Regional Health
Workforce Center

Joella Warner
Wendy McLaughlin
December 2002
                                                                             Hoopeston Community Profile, 1

                                               Hoopeston is described as a community where people take
                                               care of one another, one that values excellence in
                                               education, the closeness of family, and the peace of a place
                                               relatively free of crime.

                                               The community offers a prospective primary care physician
                                               a supportive work environment (locum tenens relief,
                                               weekends off or second on call), a good quality of life, and
                                               the ability to practice nearly the full spectrum of care.

The community is actively planning for both short- and long-term growth and expansion. As evidence of
this, it is currently engaged in a strategic visioning process called “Mapping the Future of Your
Community” facilitated by the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA) at Western Illinois University. In
addition, the Center for Rural Health Professions at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at
Rockford, the Illinois Regional Health Workforce Center at UIC in Chicago, and the IIRA worked
collaboratively with the community and put together this community profile to highlight the community’s
health practice environment. The project was supported by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The
profile will be used to inform primary care physicians looking for employment. During a recent Mapping
meeting, participants were asked to describe what came to mind upon hearing the term “community
health.” Three descriptors included pride, leadership, and well being. This community has a long and
productive history and community members are using their historical knowledge as a springboard to
creating a community that their children and grandchildren will want to call home for decades to come.

Geographic Location and Regional Attributes
Hoopeston is a rural community with 5,965 residents. It is
located at the north end of Vermilion County, which is
situated in east central Illinois and shares a border with
Iroquois (north), Ford and Champaign (west), and Edger
Counties (south); its eastern boarder is shared with Warren
County, Indiana.

Proximity of Hoopeston to Select Communities
(in miles):
    Bloomington-Normal, IL*         80
    Louisville, KY                  218
    Champaign-Urbana, IL*           30
    Milwaukee, WI                   198
    Chicago, IL*                    112
    Peoria, IL*                     130
    Rockford*                       213
    Springfield, IL*                132
    Danville, IL*                   24
    St. Louis, MO                   219
    Indianapolis, IN                104

*Closest locations offering continuing medical education
                                                                             Hoopeston Community Profile, 2

Hoopeston is served by:
   • One passenger airport: University of Illinois-Willard Airport with three commercial airlines and
       18 flights per day (70 miles).
   • One public airport: Vermilion County Airport has charter service available (20 miles).

Economic Vitality
2003 will be an exciting year for the community as it hosts the annual traveling Farm Progress Show.
The community and city are planning for accommodations and services to serve the roughly 100,000
expected visitors to the area. In addition, Hoopeston has a 54-year tradition as host of the National Sweet
Heart Pageant over Labor Day weekend. First runner-ups from all 50 states for the Miss America
Organization system are invited. Judges come from as far away as Hawaii. Throughout its history, eight
such Pageant participants have gone on to win the title of Miss America

The community draws in shoppers from surrounding areas for dining services, groceries, lumber and
automotive-related services. Many community residents travel nearby to Danville or Champaign-Urbana
to purchase items not available in the community or where selection is limited. These include general
merchandise, clothing, furniture and household goods, and agricultural and manufacturing products.
Health care, city government, education, and the processing and canning of vegetables are the main
industries driving the Hoopeston economy.

Largest Employers:
   • Hoopeston Regional Health Center (218 public employees)
   • Hoopeston Area School District #11 (210 private employees)
   • The City of Hoopeston (101 employees)

    • Hoopeston Foods (canned foods, 125 employees)
    • Schumacher Electric (auto battery chargers, 124 employees)
    • Silgan (metal containers, 109 employees)
    • FMC FoodTech (food processing and packaging, 58 employees)

Community Wage Rate Samples:

        Occupation                            Entry Level Experienced
        Accountant/Auditor                        $15.70      $24.01
        Assembler-Production                       $6.71      $11.57
        Computer-Programmer                       $16.45      $20.84
        Laborer                                    $8.57      $12.86
        Machinist                                 $10.69      $15.58
        Secretary                                  $9.29      $14.74
        Word Processor                             $8.66      $12.02
        Source: DCCA, 2002
                                                                               Hoopeston Community Profile, 3
Whether one builds or buys, ample opportunities exist in and around
the community of Hoopeston to please any taste. Three real estate
companies exist in the area. One can expect to find, on average, 45
homes available to be shown; 60-70 homes are sold each year. A
typical home in Hoopeston is categorized as a classic, older, two-
story home or a one-story “bungalow.” Within a short distance
(Rossville, 6 miles; Lafayette, 45 miles), the availability of property
for building or buying higher-priced homes is readily available.

In addition, the city is currently negotiating for a residential Tax
Increment Finance (TIF) district; a TIF designation makes
investment by real-estate developers more attractive. A parcel of
land (60 acres) was recently annexed to the City. [The parcel will be       Hoop’s Mansion on Penn Street
divided into three lots per acre and a person will have the option of building or buying within the district.]
The housing prices are expected to start in the $120,000s.

Year 2002 Comparative Listing: Sale of home in Hoopeston, Illinois
# bedrooms   Average list price Average sale price % of sale to list price
2 bedroom        $36,300               $32,741                 90.2%
3 bedroom        $63,550               $56,354                 88.7%
4 bedroom        $82,002               $75,344                 91.9%

Demographic Highlights (Census 2000)
   • Community Growth: 1.6% between the 1990 and 2000 censuses
   • Race: 91.8% White; 0.8% Black or African American; 0.4% American Indian, Alaskan Native,
      and Asian or Pacific Islander; and 7.0% other races or multiple races. 8.5% of the population is
   • Age: 7.0% under age 5; 17.8% under age 18; 54.8% under age 65; and 20.4% age 65 and above
      (a 20.4% increase from the 1990 census)
   • Median household income: $31,947 ($34,071 for the county; $46,590 for the state); 24.9% of
      households made $15,000 or less (11.8% for the county; 13.8% for the state)
   • Poverty: 13.3% of the population is below the poverty level (10.7% for the state)

Hoopestonites are very proud of their school system because of the low student-to-teacher ratios and high
senior graduation rate (99%). And, unlike other communities, they have been able to retain music, art and
sports programs. In addition, the local schools have better technology than other areas of the county,
thanks to a grant from the Charlotte Ann Russell Land Trust. There are 5 schools (primary and
secondary) with 106 teachers and 1,487 students. Seventy-seven percent of residents have a high school
education or higher (compared with 78.7% for the county; 81.4% for the state).

Primary & Secondary
   • Hoopeston has three grade schools, K-6th (all of which have special education): John Greer (5th
       and 6th), Honeywell (3rd and 4th) and Maple (early childhood, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd). The
       student-to-teacher ratio is 16:1.
   • Hoopeston Area Middle School, 7th-8th,. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1.
   • Hoopeston Area High School, 9th-12th,. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1.
   • Enrollment in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade is 993.
                                                                             Hoopeston Community Profile, 4

Higher Education
A variety of higher education institutions are listed on the high school’s web page
( where links can be accessed. Travel from Hoopeston to various
institutions ranges from 30 to 60 miles.

Trade, Technical, and Associate Degree-Level Education:
   • Danville Area Community College offers over 1500 courses to more that 5000 students each
        year. Unique courses are offered for college transfer, occupational degrees and certificates, re-
        training, skill development, customized training and areas of interest

    •   Lakeview College of Nursing and Provena United Samaritans Medical School of Radiologic
        Technology in Danville (25 miles)

Bachelors and Masters Degree-Level Education:
   • University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Parkland College (30 miles)
   • Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana (45 miles)
   • Indiana State University, Indiana Vocational Technical College, Rose-Hulman Institute of
       Technology, and St. Mary’s of the Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana (59 miles)

Child Care
Child-care programs available include:
    • Katie N Friends Day Care
    • His Little Lambs Preschool at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
    • Hoopeston Head Start
    • Miss Barbara’s School House

Local government
Hoopeston has a mayor and two aldermen for each of its four wards. City government employees include
a clerk, treasurer, and water and streets superintendents. The city council meets the first and third
Tuesdays (at 7:00 p.m.) of each month at the Municipal Building.

Hoopeston Public Library has served the area since
1898. Over 30,000 items (including books, videos,
audiocassettes and music CDs) are available free of
charge for residents of Hoopeston and Rossville.

A full range of worship opportunities and locations
are located within the community (and within 10
miles of Hoopeston). These include several
Protestant churches (12), many Catholic churches
(5), and a Jewish Synagogue (1).
                                                                    Hoopeston Public Library
                                                                              Hoopeston Community Profile, 5
Recreational & Natural Areas
Several parks and outdoor activities are available in and around the community
   • McFerren Park is located in Hoopeston and offers playground and picnic facilities, as well as the
        city swimming pool (May-September) and tennis courts.
   • Kennekuk County Park in Danville offers swimming, boating, fishing, hiking and camping. It
        also has picnic and playground facilities and spans 350 acres (17 miles south).
   • Kickapoo State Park in Oakwood (25 miles south) offers canoeing and horseback riding, in
        addition to the activities listed for McFerren Park and Kennekuk Park.

Culture, Arts and Recreation
The community offers many activities. There is Midget football and little league (for youth), an active
conservation club, a community pool, regular and miniature golf courses, tennis courts, country clubs,
health clubs (either in the community or within 10 miles), fishing, roller-skating, paintball, bowling, and
many sidewalks for walking and biking. Other recreation activities include a movie theater with two
screens, and a country theatre workshop (in Cessna Park). In addition, the community is considering
expanding adult recreation programming.

Each September Hoopeston hosts its annual National Sweet Corn Festival at McFerren Park. Main events
include the National Sweetheart Pageant, midway, art show, demolition derby, and flea market.

Civic and Social Organizations
The following civic clubs and organizations are found in Hoopeston: Rotary, Jaycees, Junior Women’s
Club, Lions, Eastern Star and Masons, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority (a very active group; this year they are
raising money to replace outdoor playground equipment), Alpha Chi Sorority, VFW Auxiliary, Amvets,
American Legion, Women Making a Difference, and the Barbara Standish Chapter NSDAR. Numerous
opportunities exist for volunteer and/or philanthropic service.

Social Services
The Hoopeston Multi Agency Community Service Center, Inc. or simply “the Multi-Agency,” is the
primary social service agency serving the northern part of Vermilion County. The following services are
available through this private, not-for-profit entity: information and referral, transportation for seniors
and the disabled, Healthy Moms and Healthy Kids programs, emergency assistance and Circuit Breaker.

In addition to its many services, other organizations use the agency as a satellite site, including:
Crosspoint Human Services, Job Training Partnership, Unemployment/Job Service, Department of
Rehabilitation, Center for Children’s Services Lamaze, Vermilion County Care “Tiny Tots”, Crisis Senior
Services (meals and transportation), Catholic Social Services, Prairie Center and TEEN REACH (after
school program).

Safety and Public Services
The community’s crime rate is very low. The local police department has 11 full-time and 17 volunteer
staff. The fire department is run completely by volunteers (18). Other public safety services include an
emergency 911 system and an Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service. For additional information on
Hoopeston or other communities, visit
                                                                 Hoopeston Area Professional Practice Profile, 6
Access to contemporary media is available. There are four local Internet providers as well as six local
radio stations and two television channels. In addition, there are numerous cable/digital channels. A
wide variety of newspapers are accessible and include:
    • Three daily newspapers (Just the Facts, Danville Commercial News, and The News Gazette)
    • Four urban daily papers (the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, and USA
    • One weekly paper (The Chronicle)

Hospital System Overview

The majority of the community health resources fall under the purview of the Hoopeston Regional Health
  Hoopeston Area Health Care Workforce       Center. These include the Hoopeston Community
                                             Memorial Hospital, the Hoopeston Community Memorial
                                             Nursing Home, the Charlotte Ann Russell Medical Center,
Hoopeston Population               5,965
                                             Country Terrace, the Hoopeston Area Healthcare
Hoopeston Employed Labor Force     2,462
                                             Foundation, and Hoopeston Ambulance Service.
Hoopeston Unemployed Labor Force       275
Total Health Workforce                          Most health services in the community are served by the
Physicians and Surgeons                4*       Hoopeston Community Memorial Hospital (25 beds). The
Nurses (RN)                            50       hospital originally opened in 1962 as a private entity; in
Nurses (LPN)                           10       the 1980s it became a publicly-owned, not-for-profit. It is
Pharmacists                             4       the only critical access hospital in East-Central Illinois and
Pharmacy Technicians                    0       operates a 24-hour emergency room with state-of-the-art
Dentists                                0                       Hoopeston Community Memorial Hospital
Optometrists                           2.5                               Statistics (1998-2001)
Therapists (includes OT, PT, Speech
                                       2.5                       Number of beds                         25
and Respiratory)
Technicians (includes lab, dental,                               Average annual days of general acute care
radiation, EKG, cardiology and
                                                                 Average swing bed care days        1,186
surgical)                               8                        Utilization
EMT/Paramedics                          9                             Total discharges                928
Dieticians                              1                                 Inpatient discharges        264
                                                                      Average annual surgery patients 31
Source: Hoopeston Community                                           Average annual ER visits      3,825
Memorial Hospital; 2000 US Census                                     Average annual # lab tests    9,180
                                                                 Payer mix % of discharges:
technology and equipment. In addition, it offers a full               Medicaid                       2.8%
laboratory and a wide range of radiology services                     Medicare                     73.1%
                                                                      Commercial                   14.9%
including CT scan, x-ray, bone densitometer and                       Uninsured/Self Pay             9.2%
ultrasound. The hospital is under renovation;
completion of the project is expected sometime in
September 2003.

The hospital offers consultations with specialists at the Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana via
telemedicine. The hospital also has specialty clinics covering the areas of orthopedics, urology,
cardiology, podiatry, pulmonology, and gynecology. Radiology services are available at the hospital
three and one-half days per week; teleradiology is available the remainder of the time. Patients in critical
condition are airlifted via helicopter to the Carle Foundation’s Level I Trauma Center. Lastly, the
                                               Hoopeston Area Professional Practice Profile, 7
hospital works in conjunction with the high school to provide certified nursing assistant (CNA)
training for high school students.

The Hoopeston Community Memorial Nursing Home has 75 beds (all of which qualify for Medicare) and
is attached to the hospital. Most health services for residents are located on site, including: physical,
speech, respiratory, and occupational therapies; podiatry and optometry. Special attention is given to
residents with Alzheimer’s Disease or similar dementia. The nursing home also sponsors support groups
to assist caregivers and family.

The County Terrace Apartments are also located on-site; there are               ICH Specialty Clinics
30 senior housing/independent living units. The residential                   Specialty          Days/Month
occupancy rate is 100%; all the occupants come from an area                                         Staffed
within 30 miles of the nursing home. These services are expected       Orthopedics                 monthly
                                                                       Ophthalmology                weekly
to grow within the next ten years.
                                                                       Podiatry                     weekly
                                                                       Gynecology                   weekly
The Charlotte Ann Russell Medical Center opened in 2000                Cardiology                1day/month
providing modern physician offices. Services are available from        General Surgery            1day/week
8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. four days a week. After hours, as well as the    Urology                    1day/week
three days the clinic is closed per week, services are provided at     Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat         monthly
the hospital’s walk-in clinic.

The Hoopeston Area Healthcare Foundation has 501(c)(3) status and operates with a board of directors
and an executive committee. The Foundation has been in existence for five years and has twenty-five
members. The goals of the foundation are to provide supportive services and activities for the hospital.
Recent projects included the purchase of a defibrillator for the ambulance and community projects
including finger printing for children, CPR, babysitting and farm safety classes.

                                               The Hoopeston Ambulance Service is an ambulance
                                               service, which is owned by the City and run by the
                                               hospital. It employs 16 part-time workers.

                                               Other healthcare entities available in the community
                                                   • The Vermilion County Health Department
                                                        Satellite clinic (Well Baby and a Family Clinic)
                                                   • Chittick Family Eye Care of Hoopeston (family
                                                        eye care) and Dillman Eye Care (monthly cataract
                                                        surgery at Hoopeston Hospital).

    Charlotte Ann Russel Medical Center
                                                               Hoopeston Area Professional Practice Profile, 8

Primary Care Medicine

                         Profile of Hoopeston Area Primary Care Physicians

Attending Staff                                       Ave. Years     Range of
Specialty/#                           # Board         Since          Years since
                     #MD/#DO          Certified       Medical        Med School
       FP/4                3/1        3/1             15             5 - 36
Affiliated Staff
    OB/Gyn/4               4/0        3               26             15 - 37
   Pathologist/3           2/0        2               33             26 - 40
  Orthopedist/1            1/0        1               13             13
  Radiologist/1            1/0        1               40             40
Ophthalmologist/1          1/0        1               26             26
  Psych/Neuro/1            1/0        1               35             35
 Pulmonologist/1           2/0        2               19             11 - 27
   Cardio/IM/1             1/0        1               19             19
    Urologist/1            1/0        1               27             27

The Hoopeston Regional Health Center allows the family practice physician to practice the full spectrum
of care (with the exception of obstetrics). The community is very supportive and has a take-care-of-our-
own attitude. In addition, it is very accepting of new physicians. The health center contracts with both
physical and occupational therapists, thus there is a rehabilitation focus for orthopedic post-operative

For Continuing Medical Education (CME), Carle Clinic in Urbana provides teleconferences regularly.
Other resources for CME are as close as twenty minutes away in Danville. Weekend hospital coverage
for physicians is provided by locum tenums (physicians take turns rotating as second on call), with a
physician’s assistant covering the emergency department during the week.

 Discharge Data from Hoopeston Community Memorial               Total          Percent for
                      Hospital                                Discharges       ThreeYear
      Top Six Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs)               (1997-1999)         Totals

 Miscellaneous Diagnosis                                           332             35.0%
 Respiratory Related (Respiratory and COPD)                        145             15.3%
 Digestive Disorders                                               84              8.9%
 Heart Related (Heart Conditions and HTN)                           66              7.0%
 Kidney/Renal/Bladder                                              63              6.6%
 Circulatory Related (Circulatory Disorders, Stroke and            55              5.8%
 TIA, and CVD)
 Source: Illinois Health Care Cost Containment Council,
                                                                            Hoopeston Area Professional Practice Profile, 9

Health Status Indicators
Vermilion and surrounding counties, when compared to the state as a whole, have higher mortality rates,
higher percentages of smokers, and higher percentages of those categorized as “sedentary.” However,
within the counties there are higher rates of childhood vaccinations than that found for the state as a
IPLAN Health Indicator 1998-1999 Data
                                                                 Vermilion Iroquois                      Ford
Indicator                                                         County    County                      County       Illinois
Mortality (deaths per 100,000 population)                          1,175     1,275                       1,479         892
Uninsured (% of population between 18-64 without insurance)        11%       11%                         11%           10%
Obesity                                                            20%       20%                         20%           20%
Sedentary Lifestyle                                                33%       33%                         33%           27%
Smoker                                                             26%       26%                         26%           23%
Childhood Vaccinations (% of 2 year-olds receiving 4:3:1 series)   82%       83%                         83%           78%

Source: Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) 2002. Retrieved on July 5, 2002,

Patient Base
The following tables illustrate various social status indicators from the patient base in and around the
Hoopeston community. Within the counties (when compared to the state of Illinois): (1) there are higher
percentages of elderly people (those over the age of 65 and 85) and the median ages are higher; and (2)
there are higher percentages of people living in poverty (in Vermilion County) and lower annual
household incomes.

Poverty and Income Data 1999
                                                                                    Poverty Rank
                                                                     Percent in      Out of 102      Median
Location                            Population in Poverty             Poverty         Counties   Household Income

Illinois                                   1,291,958                   10.7               n/a                $46,590
Vermilion                                    10,704                    13.3               82                 $34,071
Iroquois                                     2,669                      8.7               36                 $38,071
Ford                                          956                      7.0                23                 $38,073

Source: US Census Bureau 2000, Table DP-3 Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics: 2000
Retrieved on June 20, 2002, from:
                                                                               Hoopeston Area Professional Practice Profile, 10

Percent of Total Population in Age Range and Median Age

Location               Population       Median Age        0 to 4     5 to 19     20 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64        65+     85+
State of Illinois       12,419,293           34.7           7.1        22.0        6.9      30.6     21.5          12.0    1.5
Vermilion County          83,919             38.0           6.6        21.0        5.8      27.2     23.4          16.0    1.9
Iroquois County           31,334             39.6           6.1        21.7        4.7      25.7     23.6          18.1    2.6
Ford County               14,241             39.4           6.4        21.6        4.6      26.3     21.5          19.4    3.3

Source: US Census Bureau 2000, Table DP-1 Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: 2000.
Retrieved on June 20, 2002, from:

                                Floral Hill Chapel was built in 1889. It was
                                restored by the Hoopeston Historical Society, City
                                of Hoopeston, Silver Bros, Inc.

For additional information please contact:
Frank Caruso, CEO
Hoopeston Regional Health Center
701 East Orange Street
Hoopeston, IL 60942-1896
(217) 283-5531 Fax: (217)283-4803

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