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									                               TalTech Alliance

                  FY 2006-07 Membership as of 08-17-06

Company                                   First Name   Last Name      Type
ACS Government Healthcare Solutions       Vicki        Bertoch        Corporate
Carr, Riggs & Ingram                      Doug         Nordby         Corporate
Capital Health Plan                       Sue          Conte          Corporate
City of Tallahassee                       Don          Deloach        Corporate
Comcast of Tallahassee                    Claire       Evans          Corporate
Datamaxx                                  Bruce        Leslie         Corporate
ElectroNet                                Paul         Watts          Corporate
FAMU Office of Technology Transfer        Rose         Glee           Corporate
FSU Office Office of IP Development and
Commercialization                         John         Fraser         Corporate
GTO                                       Joe          Kelley         Corporate
Hayes E-Govt Resources                    Karen        Martinoff      Corporate
Isocorp                                   Walter       Ales           Corporate
Mainline Information Systems              Rick         Kearney        Corporate
PATLive                                   Doug         Wussler        Corporate
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare           Gina         Ragans         Corporate
Talla-Tech                                Ed           Hintz          Corporate
Teligent EMS                              Chris        Eldred         Corporate
Aegis Computer Services                   Pam          Butler         Sm Business
Aerotek                                   Kyle         Hartman        Sm Business
AmSouth                                   Travis       Yelverton      Sm Business
Benham Law Firm                           Richard      Benham         Sm Business
Brandt Information Services               Bonnie       Kistler        Sm Business
Candotech Consulting, Inc.                Raja         Shekhar        Sm Business
Cornerstone Software Services             Keith A.     Rowe           Sm Business
Earl Bacon Agency, Inc.                   Cindi        Cavallaro      Sm Business
Florida LambdaRail                        Larry        Conrad         Sm Business
Fringe Benefits Management Company        Enrique      Vargas         Sm Business
GO BEYOND LLC                             Allan        Stamm          Sm Business
Hightower Law Firm                        Robert       Hightower      Sm Business,LLC                       Robert       Esteves        Sm Business
Infinity                                  Jonathan     Taylor         Sm Business
I.S. Consulting                           Mark         Alexander      Sm Business
Keiser College                            Becky        Marsey         Sm Business
Life Solutions, PA                        Kelley       Phillips       Sm Business
Mattox Realty                             Steve        Mattox         Sm Business
Messer, Caparello and Self, P.A.          Floyd        Self           Sm Business
MCCi                                      Phillip      Claiborne      Sm Business
Paragon New Media                         Alan         Hanstein       Sm Business
Paul Consulting                           Marc         Paul           Sm Business
RB Oppenheim Associates                   Rick         Oppenheim      Sm Business
Secure Records                            Powell       Jones          Sm Business
Seva Technologies LLC                     James        Tillman        Sm Business
Sign Printers                             Donna                       Sm Business
Tallahassee Economic Development
Council                                   Beth         Kirkland       Sm Business
Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic             Martin       Shipman        Sm Business
Technology Services Group                 Elizabeth    Smith          Sm Business
TelCove                                   Curtis       Clifford       Sm Business
2-1-1 Big Bend Inc.                       Randy        Nicklaus       Sm Business
FL House of Representatives               Loranne      Ausley         Individual
Florida Commerce Credit Union             Jeff         Bond           Individual
FSU College of Engineering                Brakeeta     Ritzenthaler   Individual
Leon County Commissioner                  Bob          Rackleff       Individual

Leon County Research and Development      Linda        Nicholsen      Individual
Notary Public Underwriters                Jack         Diestelhorst   Individual
Partners in Association Management        Amy Bean     Napier         Individual
Tal Search Group, Inc.                    John         McFarlain      Individual
Target Copy                               Mayda        Williams       Individual
Williams Communications, Inc.             Lisa L.      Spooner        Individual
                                          Bob          Abernathy      Individual
                                          Preston      Howard         Individual
Leon County Schools                       William       Nimmons Jr.   Educator
Bellwether, Inc.                          Farhood      Basiri         Student
Bellwether, Inc.                          Travis       Dunn           Student
Bellwether, Inc.                          John         Long           Student

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