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					                            Family Tree


  Abram Wallace and Ova Myrtle Owens

By Ernest Choat   1991

Updated and revised by Kathleen Choat July 2006
Abram Wallace Long

Born 11-30- 1875
In Crofton, KY, Christian County

Married Ida Louise Long (a Cousin)
Had one child by Ida Louise Long

Married Ova Myrtle Owen 1913
Died 12- 03 -1933 Palmer TN
Buried in the Palmer Grave yard
Palmer TN

Father Long was a self educated electrical engineer. He was supposed to have
installed this machine shop at the Palmer coal mines (or been in charge). The
mines was run by TN Consolidated Coal Company.
Father Long is the man in the very back.
This picture was taken in the late 1920’s
         Ova Myrtle Owen

Granny Long born 10 –19 –1895 0r 1896
      Married Abram Long in 1913
     Bore 12 children 8 boys 4 girls
          Died Jan - 09 - 1995
     Buried in the Palmer graveyard
By her husband, Abram and son, Stanley
 This is probably the Last picture made
   Picture was made in the mid1990’s
                                         Table of Contents

Family of Abram W. & Ova Owen Long                                                                      5

Outline of the Life of Ova Long ........................................................................ 9

Family of John A. W. (Jack) & Ruby Nunley Long .......................................... 24

Family of Stanley M. & Helen Ebersbach Long ............................................... 30

Family of Charles & Irene Towery Long .......................................................... 34

Family of Theodore & Frances Patrick Long ..................... Error! Bookmark not
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Family of Sherwood & Maxie Myers Long ....................................................... 40

Family of Albert & Lenora Long Henke........................................................... 47

Family of Ernest Edward & Kathleen Long Choat .......................................... 50

Milestones in the Life of Kathleen L. Choat .................................................... 54

Family of Ernest Edward Jr. and Dorothy Vivian Choat ................................. 57

Family of Ronald Owen and Pamela Lynn Choat ............................................ 60

Family of William & Marilyn Long .................................................................. 67

Family of James & Joyce Long....................................................................... 70

Family of J. L. & Jerry Morgan ...................................................................... 40

Family of Jim & Dortha Clawson ................................................................... 87

Family of Lawrence (Rock) & Willie Long ........................................................ 90
                    Family of Abram W. & Ova Owen Long

Where information found
Personal records of Ova Long and Gladys Keeling
As recorded by Charles Long

Abram Wallace Long born 11-30-1875 in Crofton KY Christian County
Married Ida Louise Long (a cousin)
Abram had a daughter by his first wife,.
Gladys Keeling.
Ova said she didn’t get along with Gladys very well.
She was almost as old as Ova
Gladys lived in Hopkinsville KY
After Ova died Gladys moved to Palmer and lived with Sherwood then moved to
Florida with Stanley
Gladys died in Florida
Abram married Ova Myrtle Owen
Abram Wallace died 12-03-1933 Palmer, TN Grundy County
Buried in the palmer graveyard Palmer, TN
Ova Myrtle Long born 10-19-1986 in Glenoble, TN Fentress County
Death 01-12-1995 at the Life Care Center in Nashville, TN
Buried 01---1995 in the Palmer graveyard beside Abram and Stanley in Palmer
Abram and Ova had 12 Children 8 boys and 4girls

John Wallace (Jack) born 09 –10 –10-----death 12 – 03 – 1979

Stanley Malburn born 11 – 29 – 1915 ------death 11-21-1991

Charles Bradley born 11 – 15 –1916 -----death 10 – 19 - 2001

Theodore Lindley born 04 – 03 – 1918-----death 06 – 05 - 1976

Sherwood Lockley born 10 – 25 – 1919 ------death 04 – 31- -2005

Leonora Claire born 07 – 20 - 1921

Virginia Kathleen born 01 – 02 - 23

William (Bill) Kline born 01 –15 –1925---died 10-06 1978

James (Jim) Edward born 0 9 – 09 –1927 ----died 01 – 28 - 1902

Geraldine Farrar born 06 – 22 - 1929

Dorotha Kay 01 – 20 – 1931

Lawrence Rockwell 10 – 20 – 1932

This is a picture of 11 children taken at
the death of the first son Jack Dec 1979

First row

Second row
Geraldine (Jerrie)
Grannie Long

Third row
William (Bill)
James Edward (Jim)
Charles (Brad)
This article appeared in the
Crossville Chronicle
Jan 4-1994 She died a year
 later Jan 9 1995

Granny Long was known
Through out the county
for the things she did as
she grew older.
While she was in the Life
Care center she draw
attention by the things she
continued to do.
She knew most of the people
in the center, Some were
When visitors came to
see their family they always
stopped by to see Granny
      Where Information found
      Charles Long’s records

      Ova Myrtle Owen born 10-19-1896 in Glenoby, TN in Fentress, County TN
      Died 1-12-1995 in Nashville, TN at the Life Care Nursing Home
      Buried 1—1995 at the Palmer Grave beside A.W. and Stanley Palmer, TN

NARRATIVE: (Add pages as required)
See ―This is your Life, Ova Long‖ for more about this marriage. A copy is
included in this document.

 M                Children          When Born     Where Born      Stat      Died
 or        (give names in full in                                  e
 F             order of birth)       Day Mo.     Town County             Day Mo.
                                        Yr.                              Yr.
 M       John Wallace Long          10 Sep       Wilder           TN     8 Dec
                                    1914         Fentress                1972
 M       Stanley Malburn Long       29 Sep       Wilder           TN
                                    1915         Fentress
 M       Charles Bradley            15 Nov       Wilder           TN
                                    1916         Fentress
 M       Theodore Lindley           3 Apr 1918   Wilder           TN     5 Jun
                                                 Fentress                1976
 M       Sherwood Lockley           25 Oct       Wilder           TN
                                    1919         Fentress
  F      Lenora Claire              20 July      Palmer           TN
                                    1921         Grundy
  F      Virginia Kathleen          2 Jan 1923   Palmer           TN
 M       William Kline              14 Jan       Palmer           TN
                                    1925         Grundy
 M       James Edward               9 Sep 1927   Palmer           TN
  F      Geraldine Farrar           22 Jan       Palmer           TN
                                    1929         Grundy
  F      Dorotha Kay                20 Jan       Palmer           TN
                                    1931         Grundy
 M       Lawrence Rockwell          20 Oct       Palmer           TN
                                    1932         Grundy
Outline of the Life of Ova Long

Born on Wolfe River, - Fentress County, Tennessee October 19, 1895 or 1896.
In the 1900 census, her mother reported that Ova was 5 years old which would
establish a birth date of 1995. However, an uncle later recorded a birth date of
one year later.
When Ova was approximately 3 years old, the mill caught fire. During the fire
fighting, her father fell into the mill dam, became wet and chilled, then took
pneumonia and died. Subsequently, the family moved into a house on a hill
(Ova's brother, Sam, may have built it) and lived there a short time until the
mother died. Years later, Sam may have sold this property.
Ova Owen, was one of six children of Savage and Emma Stephen's Owen.
Savage Owen was a property owner that included some acreage and a gristmill.
The family owned lived in the building that housed the mill.
The other children of Savage and Emma Owen were: Sam, Ada, Sadie, Jasper,
& Herman.

After the death of her parents, Ova and the other children lived for a short time
with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Tilde Owen. Uncle Eddie was Savage Owen's
brother, and a preacher. He had a large family of his own in addition to his
brother's children. Uncle Eddie lived on a large farm that had water piped from
off the ridge to the house.
When Ova was approximately 6 years old, she went to live with Aunt Sarah
Wright -- Ova's mother's sister -- near Little Crab Creek.

When she was about 7 years old, she went to live with Grandma and Ben Greer
       Grandpa Greer, Ova Owens, Doris, Bowden, Grandma Greer
Ben Greer and Grandma Greer lived at Burville, Tennessee. Ova remembers
that Uncle Eddie sent a note with her that included her name, address, and a
birthday of October 19, 1996 - which does not agree with the date reported by
her mother. She also remembers that Grandma Greer keep this note in her
The Greers were not related to the Owen family. The Greer's were about 75
years old at this time. Ben served in the civil war and in the early 1900's owned
a large farm near Burville. The Ben Greer farm encompassed an entire hillside
and had three houses on it. He had 5 children of his own, but they were
married and gone from home. Grandma Greer wanted Ova for companionship.

One son (Jim) owned a grocery store in Burville.
Nearby neighbors of the Greers included several Choat families and one Jack
Ova stayed with the Greers for several years. She attended the Methodist
church with them. In this community, religion was taught in both the church
and school.
Ben Greer's children were:
Caroline -- Caroline & Delavine were twins.
Delavine -- married Henry Clark
Cynthia -- oldest child, was gone from home during Ova's stay
Martha - married Jack Storey
Delavine (Greer) and Henry Clark married and had 4 children - 3 girls, Zera,
Lola, & Effie and 1 boy. The Clark's lived by the railroad track near Oliver
Springs, Tennessee.

Ova remembered that a neighbors child cut two of Zera's fingers of while
cutting kindling.
Jim Greer had a big store nearby and lived in the back of it. He also had 2
boys, Arthur & Wesley and one girl, Alta. Alta and Ova sometimes played in
the storage room upstairs at the store where they played "dress-up" with
dresses and hats that were out-of-season and were stored there. They also
"swiped" a bit of candy from time to time -- Jim probably knew, but didn't
much mind. One room above the store was reserved for "drummers" when they
spent the night.
Alta married a Couch and once when mom came to Oak Ridge she visited Alta
who lived in Oak Ridge at the time. Kathleen))
The Bowden boys - John and Alex - worked on the Greer farm. The Bowdens
rented and did all the work and Ben did nothing.
Greer's mountain had lots of apples (they bought trees from a tree salesman), 3
or 4 big chestnut trees, lots of snakes, and a well. As a child, Ova carriedwater,
enjoyed boiled chestnuts, had a fight with on of those Greer boys and won.
Jack Storey had a big farm on the other side of the mountain. To get there it
was necessary to go past the mountain top, past Lee Choat's house that was
just over the top, and down to Storey's.
Dang Dang Jack Storey an ex-school teacher who stuttered and was
consequently labeled Dang Dang. He had thee grown children, a boy and two
daughters who were also school teachers. He too, had a large orchard.
Life was not always peaceful on Greer's mountain. On one occasion Lee Choat
created a dispute by fencing off some of Ben Greer's land. Ben made him move
Dr. Johnson made a house call at the Greer farm. Ova was about 7 years old
and sick. He stayed several days. Her problem was finally diagnosed as worms
for which she was treated and promptly recovered.
When about 8 years old, Ova lived at Henry Clark's approximately 2 miles from
Oliver Springs, Tennessee. The Clark's lived along-side the railroad track that
ran through Oliver Springs and often walked the track to and from town.
After a short time, she returned to the Ben Greers in Burville, TN.
―The Greer's had a neighbor who was very ugly -- she had a mouth like a horse.
As a joke, someone swiped a picture of that good-looking Ben and mailed it to
her which was expected to lead her to believe the Ben was interested.‖
When she was 12 - 13 years old, both she and Grandma Greer lived with Henry
Clark's family in Lenoir city, TN. for a short period of time.-- maybe a summer.
To get to Lenoir city, they traveled from Burville to Sunbright via horse- drawn
wagon. From Sunbright, they traveled via train to Harriman, Tennessee where
they spent the night at the Oakdale Hotel. The following day, they took another
train from Harriman to Lenoir city, Tennessee. While there, Ova got a job in a
Knitting Mill. She also had a boyfriend at this place although Grandma Greer
did not approve.
At age approximately 12, she obtained a job as "Live-In Help" in a Doctor's
home just outside of Harriman, Tennessee. The girl who did cooking was a
friend of the Clark's and made the contact for her. The doctor's home was
located up on the mountain above the Harriman Junction. Her job lasted
about one summer. She then went back to the Greers.
In 1997, Dorothy Long Clawson, Ernest & Kathleen Long Choat, and Lenora
Long Henke were in Burville, TN to observe the site, which Ova described as an
important and memorable part of her life. While there we found:
    1. Jim Greer’s store. It is still a General Store and probably much as it was in
       the early 1990’s. A note on the door advises vistors that the store is “Closed
       from lack of business”.
    2. The Mt. Vernon Methodist Church is just across the highway from the
      General Store. As noted on the sign out front, it was established in 1850.
   3. In the cemetary back of the Church are the graves of:
       Benjamin Greer --- he died in 1910.
       Talitha Greer – wife of Ben – Ova called her Grandma – died 1927.
       James Greer – son of Ben
       Markers of James Greer’s 2 wives.
   4. Alongside of the General Store is the old Greer Hotel that is now owned by
      Crystal Doss and her husband. Crystal is the Great, Great, Great Grand
      Daughter of Ben Greer. According to her, the hotel was a Boarding House
      during Ova’s stay in Burville. Among the hotel guest were teachers in the
      school. Today, the building is the home of the Doss family.

When she was approximately 13 years old,
brother Sam came to get her and they went
via horseback to Crawford -- near Wilder,
Tennessee. There, she lived with Aunt
Sarah Gibson who was Ova's daddy's sister.

She went to school at Crawford and
Completed the seventh grade. Aunt
Sarah had a boarding house for miners.
She also had an organ that Ova
sometimes played and sang.
When May Jenkins (Aunt Sarah's daughter)
had her baby, Ova went to live with her and
to help out. May lived in Wilder, Tennessee.
While living with May Jenkins, Ova met
Abram Long who became her husband.

Abram Long was an Electrical Engineer
who worked in the coal mines. When he
met Ova, he was approximately 35 years
old and she about 16 or 17.

These two were soon married –
 August 23, 1913 –
and lived in an apartment above Dr. Dooley's in
Crossville TN
Then, they moved to a little three room             Dorcie Bowden and Ova
house. There, 5 boys were born to their family,        Owens as teenagers
Jack, Charles, Stanley, Ted and Sherwood.
During this period, Mr. Long sold the property that was left to the Owen
children. With Ova's part of the inheritance, he bought a farm near Crossville,
Tennessee. Sam and the other boys, took theirs families and went to Utah.
Ada may have already been there.
In Wilder, parties were often held at someone's home Saturday night where
young couples gathered, played victrola, and danced with their wives and
friends. Abram & Ova often attended along with a very close friend - Jack
Custard. Ova must have been a good dancer, since she was the only lady of
this group who could do that very fast waltz with Jack Custard.
About 1919, Charles (the third oldest son) became very ill with flu and
pneumonia and nearly died.
At the mines, Mr. Long was a close drinking buddy of the Mine Superintendent,
Jack Custard. When Custard left Wilder for a job at Palmer, Tennessee; Mr.
Long went with him. During this period, he left his wife and children at the
farm. Mr. Long and Mr. Custard had such a good time in Palmer, that they
managed to spend most of their money on parties and there was little left to
support the family back at the farm. Both Mr. Long & Jack Custard had a girl
friend who lived up on the mountain and who enjoyed visiting, drinking and
dancing. These ladies moved away in subsequent years after their house
In 1921, Ova packed up the kids and moved to Palmer to join her husband.
She quickly put a stop to all those parties, which made life much better for the
At this time there was only one medical doctor in Palmer who the only
automobile - and he didn't stay long.

While in Palmer 7 children were
Added to the family. They were Lenora
Kathleen, Bill, Jim, Geraldine, Dorothy

Here is a picture of the 5 from Wilder
and 2 more.

This picture was made in 1923
They are

1st row Lenora and Sherwood

2nd row Ted, Jack and Stanley

3rd row Charles Ova (baby)
The Church of Christ in Palmer became an important influence and a lot of
help to the Long family. Two of the Long children - Charles, and Ted - were
baptized into this church on the same day. Nora was also baptized into this
church at a different time.
When Charles graduated from the 8th grade there was a big ceremony at which
he received a suit of clothes from the Church of Christ. Charles felt unworthy
of this gift because he had been doing a little drinking and returned the
clothes. The church, however, sent the clothes a second time and they were
When Kathleen graduated, she received a white dress and shoes, which she
accepted with gratitude. She also graduated with honors, as salutatorian.
In 1931 (approximately), Mr. Long put the oldest son (Jack) to work in the
mines as a trainee. Jack worked on Saturdays and received no pay.
When Rock (the youngest son) was born, Ted wanted to name him Rockwell
Stone. At that time, Ted was much interested in the oldest Roberts girl whose
grandfather was Dr. Stone. Instead, he was named after Ova's cousin Lawrence
Wright from Nashville, TN who was good to Mr. Long when he was in St.
Thomas Hospital.
Rock was born with four fingers and two thumbs on the left hand. One of the
thumbs was removed when he was about 4 to 5 years old. The operation was
initiated by the Cumberland County Health Department at Pleasant Hill. It was
completed in a Nashville, TN hospital.
About 1932, Mr. Long became very sick with cirrhosis of the liver. He died
December 3, 1932 leaving the family again with no support. At age 37, Ova
was a widow and the mother of 12 children.
When Mr. Long died, one Mr. Roberts - superintendent at the mines - gave
Jack (the oldest son) a job and for some years, Jack was the primary means of
support for the family.
Mr. Roberts gave Stanley (the second oldest son) a job because Ova asked him.
Her request was partly motivated by need and partly because of a discipline
problem at home. It seems that Stanley was inclined to argue and fight and
therefore a problem at home. Stanley didn't keep his job very long. Instead, he
accepted an offer to go to school in Whitewell and play baseball. For playing
ball, he received his board.
A 1936 picture of the
Five oldest boys at the side of
the house in Palmer

They are left to right
Sherwood, Ted, Jack, Charles
And Stanley

in 1936 (three years after her husband death) Ova and the family moved to
Cumberland County, Tennessee. There, they lived in a house that was owned
by Clifford Custard.

This house is in front of the Custard
 House. Left to right is
Sherwood, Ted, Charles, Stanley,
Back row
Kathleen Jack
On the porch is Mom and Bill

Clifford Custard
Uncle Jack, Aunt Kate
The ―Custard House that we visited often when we lived in Palmer. I (Kathleen)
remember Dad would pile us all in the car ti go to Aunt Kates. It was in the
early 20’s, so it had to be a ford. It was fun for the Long kids we didn’t mind
one bit of sitting on the floor of the car. Aunt Kate’s house was a two-story log
house and the kids always slept on pallets on the floor upstairs. I (Kathleen
was named for Aunt Kate

In 1938 Ova and what was left of the family, moved back to the farm that they
had left in 1921. The farm that had been bought with money left to Ova’s by
her parents.

The family was given a pig, that had been born a "Runt", by a neighbor'. This
pig became a family pet, grew to be lean and mean, but was finally slaughtered
and eaten by the family.

From farm produce donated to the Cumberland County Schools, Ova canned
food - beans, corn, and kraut. For this she was paid approximately $25 to $30
per week. From the food canned -- the schools kept 75% and returned 25% to
the donor.

 Ova in 1939 at the log house
close to the Tabors. This is the
house where they kept the pig in the
hole under the house
This is the time and place, Ova
learned to shoot the rifle. She had
a few bullets and she had to make
every bullet count. She couldn’t afford
to miss the rabbit or there would be
no supper.

About 1939, Ova attended a "Pie Supper" and took a pie to be auctioned. A
certain O. P. Cannon bid on that pie but the preacher ultimately won out.
In 1940 she moved to a rented house in Crossville, Tennessee. Subsequently,
she sold the farm and purchased a home in Crossville just east of town on
highway 70.
By this time, most of the children were married and gone.
During World War II -- she had six sons in military service. Stanley,Charles,
Ted, Sherwood and Bill.
Later there was one son in Korean War –Rocky
Bill and Stanley were serving on the same naval vessel, The USS aircraft carrier
Lexington, when torpedoed by a German submarine. Both survived It was
badly damaged and was destroyed by the US navy.

Also, during WW II, one daughter -- Kathleen -- worked in various Air Bases as
a "Riveter" with a crew that repaired airplanes.

Lenora worked at an airplane plant and also in a nuclear plant in Oak Ridge,

The eighth and youngest son was in the army during the Korean War.
About 1945, Rock (the youngest son) was stabbed in the stomach with a knife.
Perhaps as a consequence, he had stomach problems thereafter.
During the 40's, 50's and 60's, she supported herself and her family working as
a restaurant cook. She also found time to cultivate a vegetable garden for food
and flowers for pleasure. She always "canned" green beans, corn, tomatoes,
etc. for use during the winter. She always had both Irish and Sweet potatoes.
During this period her home burned and completely destroyed the building and
all that was in it. It was on a very cold winter night and although the Crossville
volunteer fire department worked diligently they were unable to control the
blaze because of freezing water hose.
With a lot of help from some of her sons, Ova built a new house on the same
property and continued to live there until 1960.
In 1960, she sold the Crossville property and moved to a site owned by her son
Rock, near Baker's Crossroads, Tennessee. With the help of her sons - Rock &
Sherwood - she built a house and continued her life style of part-time work in
various restaurants, working in her garden and flowers. She loved the
outdoors -- just working outside or walking through the woods in search of
ginseng was much more preferable than doing housework.
Ova always had some animals around. At various times she had cattle, hogs,
goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and bees. For many years she tended several hives
of bees from which she harvested honey for sale and for giving to her family
and friends. Kathleen attribute her longevity to her to her life style of raising
her own food
For a few years, she raised a flock of geese in order to have "down" for making a
feather bed, pigs, cattle, and chickens were slaughtered, goats were milked for
She wanted a feather bed she so she raised geese long enough to pick them
and made a feather bed.
She wanted some mutton so she raised sheep.
This article appeared in the Crossville Chronicle

                                                    This article appeared in
                                                     The Crossville Chronicle
                                                     1n 1984

                                                    If Ova wanted honey
                                                    she went to a lot of
                                                    Effort to get it
The story would not be complete
 With out the headgear, jacket,
 Gloves, etc

                    And the
                   calf involved
The good Lord must reward those who work diligently. In the spring of 1991 --
at age 96 -- Ova planted her garden and flowers as usual. During the summer,
she harvested the produce for eating and canning. In the fall, Sherwood dug
her dahlia bulbs to preserve them for planting next spring.

                                                        1992 Ova is 96 years

                                                        She moved to the Life
                                                        care Center in
                                                        Crossville TN Here she
                                                        had a small garden
                                                        of flowers and
                                                        vegetables. She quilted
                                                        and visited with
                                                        friends and friends
                                                        and traveled to not-to-
                                                        far away places.


At the beginning of 1994 -- at age 98---Ova was still an active woman.

She had her garden in 1993 as usual and was planning for the spring of

In 1994 Ova moved to Donaldson Health Care Center (DHCC) in Nashville,
At DHCC she was the recipient of the loving care from the center's staff and
also from her daughter Geraldine. Since her home is located near DHCC, Jerry
was able to visit frequently, do the laundry, fix hair, etc. as needed by her
1994 was not a good year for Ova. She seemed a little less able day by day but
was still walking around in December. On December 24, she took a trip with
Kathleen & Ernest Choat to Opry land Hotel to see the Christmas lights and
flowers and was able to walk to and from parking lots but was unable to walk
around the hotel for a long period of time.
On January 8, 1995 Jerry spread the word that Granny's situation had
worsened dramatically. Subsequently several of Ova's family came to visit the
last time. On Sunday the 8th the following were present:
    Rock Long & Willie -- a son and his wife
    Larry & Diane Long -- a grandson and wife
    David Long -- a grandson
    Melanie & Allison Long -- grand-daughters
    Kathleen Choat -- a daughter
    Jerry Morgan & Jay -- a daughter & her husband
    Dr. Susie Morgan & David -- a grand-daughter & her husband
On Monday, the 8th, the following were present:
   Jim Long & Joyce -- a son and his wife
   Dr. Susie Morgan & David -- a grand-daughter & her husband
   Kathleen Choat -- a daughter
   Jerry Morgan & Jay -- a daughter & her husband
   Sherwood Long -- a son
On Tuesday, the 9th, at 2:00 a.m. -- Granny Long just quit breathing. Kathleen
was with her when she left.

In the fall of 1997, family members gathered again at the home of Ruby Long
(wife of the late Jack Long) in Palmer, TN. Sons and daughters of Ova that were
present were: Lenora, Sherwood, Kathleen, Jim, Dorothy, & Rock. Several other
family members were present including members of the late Ted Long family.
In addition to dinner and visitation at Ruby’s, visits were also made to the
home where Abram, Ova, & children lived when in Palmer, and also the
cemetery where Ova and Abram are resting. May they rest in peace.

The foregoing account was narrated by Ova herself -- to Ernest & Kathleen Long
Choat - 672 Robertsville Road - Oak Ridge, TN 37830. December 23, 1991.
Revised according to Ova, January 2, 1994. Revised January 12, 1995 without
Revised October 24, 1997. Updated by Kathleen Choat July 2006
This was article was taken from a local papers when Ova received an award,
from the senator of TN for having 6 son serving in the armed services at same
time. The senator as was the first Al Gore of TN.

                                          The pictures are
                                          Not very Good
                                           but You can
                                            Read the

                                          Jerry told me (Kathleen) after that
                                          every time the elder Mr. Gore came
                                          through Crossville he would send
                                          Mama some flowers.
1. Crystal Doss
Crystal Doss
1158 Burville Road
Sunbright, TN 37872
Phone: 423 628 5312
Crystal is the Great, Great, Great Grand Daughter of Ben Greer.

2. Mike McGraph --- 423 628 5380 --- A Greer family relative who is also the
Family of John Wallace (Jack) & Ruby Nunley Trussell Long
              (Information from Nell Trussell and Kathleen Choat)
Jack was born July 10,1914.
Wilder, TN in Fentress County, TN.
Jack died Dec 8, 1972 and is buried
at Fall Creek Cemetery, Gruetli Laager,
in Grundy county TN.
After Mr Long died Jack worked at Palmer mines
to support the family of his mother and 11 brothers
and sisters. He made about $2.00 a day.
His Mother would send one of the younger
children to the company store at Palmer, TN. They
would get a quarters worth of sugar, beans, meal,
flour, some bologna for Jacks lunch and a loaf of
bread. Jack worked like this for years and I don’t
think he ever drew a payday. We spent the money
before the day was over.
The coal company paid in script, so the family
With drew each day and bought groceries with what
Jack would have made.
Jack played the fiddle for recreation. Charles played       Jack and Ruby
the guitar and Sherwood played the mandolin. Jack              1928
and Charles would play for square dances until almost time for Jack to go to
work. Then his mother had an awful getting him up for work. He would have
been fired but the superintendent felt sorry for his mother and all those kids.
After Mr. Long died Jack married Ruby Nunley Trussell.
Ruby Nunley Trussell
Born: April 3- 1913 Oak Grove TN.
In Marion, County
Ruby married Henry Trussell. They
had one child, Kenneth B Trussell
1965 Jack and ruby were divorced
Some time after the divorce Jack
Married ―Big Red‖, (That’s what Erine
called her).They lived up north some place.
Feb. 1972 Jack came back to Ruby and
stayed with Ruby until he died.

                                                                Ruby Long
Oct 1972
The family of Raymond Trussell Emma Nell Singleton Trussell

Kenneth B Trussell (called Raymond)
Born October 30 1935
At birth this was his name. About
3 days later the father, Henry Trussell
came home drunk and named him
Raymond. When he got old enough to go
to work he had to go by his birth certificate,
Kenneth Trussell.
He got the name Raymond Long after
Jack and ruby got married.
Though Jack never adopted him.

                                                 Raymond Trussell

Emma Nell Singleton
Born March 22, 1937
Married Raymond Long March 10,1963.
Adopted Twins a girl and Boy.

Randy Leon Trussell born July 4 1969.

Sandy Denise Trussell born July 4 1969.

The adoption was finalized in 1969.
Raymond and Nell Trussell
HC 76 Box 200
Gruetli Laager, TN 37339

Phone # 931-779-5150

                                                    Nell Trussell
Sandy Denise Trussell have one child
Dillon Ray Henry
Born August 3, 1994.Dillon spent a lot of
time with great grandmother Ruby Long who
adores him.
Sandy married Robert Turner May 1996
Divorced August1999
Sandy then married James Dycus              Sandy, Ruby, Dillon
February 2002.                               Nell, Randy
Address PO Box 465
Gruetli Laager, 37339TN
Phone# 931-779-4110

Randy Trussell

1306 Birch St
Shelbyville, TN 37160
Phone# 931-684-8379

                                              Raymond Ruby

   Jack and Ruby
   Probably the last picture
   made of Jack
    Oct 1974
                                                    Raymond and Nell
The family of Neil Stone Nunely Long and Janet Marie Lee Long

Neil Stone Nunley Long
born July 5, 1930
Oak Grove TN Marion, County, TN
6811 Taft Hwy.
Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Phone # 423-886-3850

Neil married Janet Marie Lee 1954
Janet Marie Lee Long
born September 1932
Janet and Neil have 4 children
Stephanie, Neil David,
David Neil, Lisa
Stephanie Long
Born November 11954
Married Chuck Harrison
They 2children
Heather, Amber
3464 Enel Ave
Bay drive
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Phone 423-877-3317

                           Chuck, Stephanie, Heather, Amber

Neil David Long Jr
Long born May 1970
Married Susie 2006

                                    Susie, Neil Long

Lisa Long
born 10-7-64

Married John Kosky
They have 3 children
Joshua, Carrie, Madison
Address: 827 Creek Drive
Chattanooga TN 37415
Phone 423-877-9892

To the Left
John Carrie Madison
Joshua, Lisa
                                         John, Carrie, Madison, Joshua, Lisa

David Neil Long born May 14, 1956
Married Terri (born in Fl.)
Have 2 children
Rebecca Long
Micheal Long
Phone 904-277-2035

                                                  Janet, David,
                                                 Little Neal, Michael

                           First row- Ruby, Janet
                         Second row- Nell, Ray, Neil

Grannie Long
  and Ruby
1986 at Ruby’s
The Family of Stanley and Helen Ebersbach Long

Helen Long                                                Stanley

Stanley Malburn Long was born September 29, 1915

Died November 23-1991
Buried at the Palmer graveyard, Grundy County TN.
Stanley had trouble getting along with his family.
Stanley went to work for Mr Roberts, the superintendent for the mines, he
stayed with the Brooks family while he worked in Palmer.
He quit work in Palmer and went to Whitwell, TN and played baseball for his
room and board.
Stanley joined the navy at a young age.
We don’t know much about his service record.
He served on a ship off the coast of Hawaii at one time. His rank was yeoman,
first class.
Stanley was on the USS Lexington when it was torpedoed and sunk.
After being discharged he lived in Philadelphia PA and drove a cab for a living.
Stanley and Helen got divorced.
He then married Mary Murphy and they had a son Jarrod.
The address we had was
19 Downey Dr
Worminster PA’

This is a picture of
Jarrod when he came to spend some time with Granny
in Crossville, TN.
Latter Stanley came to Norris TN and lived in
a motel there and worked for the motel for his
board. Kathleen had a restaurant and Stanley
ate there.
Stanley spent some time in Palmer TN. He stayed with sister-in-law Margie.
then stayed with Sherwood for a while.
While at Sherwood’s the half sister Gladys Keeling came from Ky to visit and
stayed until she and Stanley moved to Florida..
Mom made several visits to Florida to visit Stanley.
When Stanley was 74 years old he came back to mother Longs because of his
Stanley was crippled and could barely walk and had to sit up to sleep.
The family found a nursing home for him and he lived there until his death.
Stanley died November 21-1991 is buried beside his mother and dad in the
Palmer graveyard.

This picture and the next page give us some incite to Stanley.
The next page, from the ―Lexington Observer‖ shows a side of Stanley that most
of the family never saw. Stanley loved to play Ball and also some feeling for
someone else when he saved a woman form drowning.
           Family of Charle Bradely & Irene Towery Long
                           Contact person Irene Long

Charles Bradley Long
Born 11-16-1916 Wilder TN in
Fentress County , TN
Died 10-19-2001
Buried Cloverdale Cemetery in Boise Idaho
Charles spent his teen years at Palmer,
TN. As a small child he was not well and
seem to catch every thing that went
around. A cousin, Agnes Owens said
he was babied too much and was spoiled.
When graduation time came Charles
and another guy dyed their hair red and
were refused graduation. Later they were
given permission to graduate.
Ted and Charles graduated at the same
time. They were given one suit and
Charles let Ted have it. Charles later got
 a year of college.
Charles joined the navy about 1935-36
When he first tried to enlist he was
Under weight and was refused by the navy,
went back later after eating a lot of
bananas and he was accepted.
In his early navy experience Brad was stationed off Hawaii on a ship called the
―Rail‖. One night they caught him sleep walking on the boom.
Brad spent 9 years in the navy but due to seasickness and sleepwalking he
thought he would be safer in the army.
Once when stationed off the coast of San Diego, CA the sailors awoke one
morning to see signs posted on the beach saying ―Dogs and Sailors not
The officer in charge ordered that all sailors be paid in $2.00 dollar bills.
The civilian couldn’t figure where all the $2.00 dollar bills were coming from
until the navy announced that the sailors had been paid off with $2.00 dollar
The signs disappeared.
While on the USS Lexington Brad was chosen to go to Net school to make
torpedo and submarine nets.
He installed the nets to protect the Bremerton Shipyards.
After being hurt when his rifle misfired. He was sent to Manchester WA to the
―Pickle Boat‖ which was a control boat handling torpedo nets into Brementon
WA. It was called the ―Pickle Boat ― because it was at gate 57 and at that time
Heinz was advertising 57 varieties.
1945 The war ended
Brad was discharged
Brad and family headed for TN. .It was a bad trip, 4 blowouts 12 flat tire and
broken axel on the trailer twice.
Stayed in TN a short time then headed back to the Northwest.
Brad worked as a building superintendent on the 13th floor of the World Life
Building in Seattle, WA.
Not wanting to loose his retirement years in the navy he enlisted into the army,
In the Alaska Communication System.
Back to Seattle
Back to Anchorage
Transferred to Africa for two and one half Years.
With 23 years of service Brad retired and lived in Sacramento CA
Then moved to Boise, Idaho for 26 years where he enjoyed fishing and hunting.
Brad was a member of ―Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints‖ filling 5 stake
missions and many other positions including Stake Sunday School president,
also Counselor in the Bishopric and many teaching positions. He also worked
with the German Mission to start a service men’s group in Asmara, Africa.
Irene Towry Long
Married Charles Bradley
April 14 1942
While Brad was in service
and stationed at Bremerton,
WA Irene lived near the
station. Brad and Irene
have 4 Children
15 grand children
24 great grand children
2 great great grand children
506 E 50th # C313
Garden City ID 83714
Phone# 208-323-8092
                                         Charles and Irene Long
    The family of Judith Charlene Long and Michael R Pavey

Judith Charlene Long
born Jan 14 1043

Married Michael R Pavey in
Milwaukee, Oregon
11293 S. E. Linwood Ave
Milwaukee, OR 97222

Judith and Michael
Have 6 children

Lynette           Larry      Lorie        Dierdie      Charles      Jenny
Grand children
1. Gregory JR 1. Tanner      1. Cassie   1.David      1. Devni      unmarrid
2. Neil        2. Aaron      2. Courtney 2. Jaque     2. Nicholas
3. Ashley      3. Chelsey    3. James                 3. Logan
                             4. Angelina
                             5. Michael
Great grand children
GregoryJR                     Lori
1. Taylor                    1. Jordan
2. Levi

1. Isabella
        The Family of Joyce Yvonne Long and Jim Scheidt

Joyce Yvonne Long
Born Nov 14 1944
Married Jim Scheidt in Boise Idaho
They have 4 children

492 E Provident Dr.
Boise Idaho 83706-6522
Pone# 208-345-7138

They have 4 children
Eve              Tod

1. Max         unmarried
2. Haley
3. Morgan

Noel           Jason
1. Aaron      unmarried
2. Maya
3. Sharise

      The family of Robert Bradley and Karen Woodraska Long

Robert Bradley
Born Oct 18 1953
Married Karen
Woodraska In Texas

403 Rockhill CT
Arlington, TX 76016
Phone 817-478 1893

They have 2 children
Donald    Emily
    The Family of Jeanie Moselle Long and Miles Armstrong

Jeanene Moselle Long
Born Jan 1 1995
Married Miles Armstrong
In Vancouver WA
811 N. Garrison
Vancouver WA 98664
Phone# 360-241-4421

They have 3 children
 Brittian    Scott
Paige        Schyler
Myachal      Aspen


  Brad and Irene with Brad’s 4 sisters
  Taken at his home in Boise 1997
  Kathleen Choat, Dorothy Clawson
  Jerrie Morgan Brad, Irene, Lenora Henke

                                              Brad’s Mom 1986
Theodore Lindley Long born March 3-1918 Wilder TN Fentress County TN

Died June 5, 1976 Palmer TN. Is buried at Fall Creek Cemetery Gruetli Laager,
TN Grundy County.

Ted went to high school at St Mary’s school in Swanee, TN date?
He graduated with many honors.
After high school he was chosen to go to West Point Preparatory. While there he
learned someone else took his place. Since he couldn’t go to West Point he got
Ted married Frances Patrick ? date and ?Place.
Francis was one of four girls. Weedy, Naoma, Christiana.

Ted and Francis worked for her father at the Palmer office of Tennessee
Consolidated Coal Co.

Ted and Francis had a family of three children. Charlotte, Lindley and Kelso.
When the children were small every summer they always went to Florida for a
week’s vacation.
On the return trip once Francis was in a wreck that took her life. Date of death

Ted married Margie Shrum, a widow. Date of marriage

Ted lived with Margie ??years
                    The Family of Charlotte Long and ???

Charlotte Long was born date at palmer TN Grundy, County

We need Charlotte schooling and work record

Charlotte married????
Need the date and birth of her husband if from Palmer or Where ever.

The children of Charlotte
List them and their birth dates and who the married and their Children.
               The family of Theodore Long Jr and Carol Long

Lindley was born ( Date) at Palmer TN
Schooling and work record

Lindley married Carol Meeks (date) place
Carol’s Schooling and work record and something about her growing up years.

Lindley and Carol had two children, Cindy and Lindy full names and birthdays
and where born.
Their schooling and work records
The children of Cindy and Lindy birth dates and place of birth.

I am having a time remembering names of the children.
                            The family of Kelso and ???

Kelso Middle name (dob) Palmer TN Grundy County TN
Schooling and work record

Kelso married (date)
Kelso and???Cannon had two Children

Evoyne and ????? (dob) and Place
Their children and (dob) and where and what they are doing
Divorced ??Cannon        (date)

Kelso Married ?????date      place

Kelso divorced ??? (date)

Kelso Married ???? (date) place
Kelso’s wife and where she is from

I can’t seem to remember the names of Kelso’ girls.
   Family of Sherwood Lockley & Maxie Elizabeth Georgia Ann Myers Long

 Sherwood Lockley Long     The spelling of Lockley came from mama’s list of
                           names and birthdays
Oct 25, 1919 in Wilder, TN Fentress County

Married Maxie Myers
                          The family of Sharon Long

Sharon Kay Long
Born March 27, 1948
Palmer, TN 37365

Married William Kenneth ―Skip‖ Jones II, February 1968, Elizabeth City, NC
Skip was a navigator on the nuclear submarine the USS James Monroe.
Children of this marriage: Anissa Elizabeth Jones born November 23, 1968, ??,
1. who and date and place
 Schooling for all of these
2. date and place

Children birth dates and place
Grand children births and places

Any interesting things the grand and great grand children would be interested
                          The family of Karan Long Grey
Karen Fay Long
Born: June 16, 1950
Chattanooga, TN 37401
name date and place and who to


The places you,ve work-
where you work now

Karen divorce date and place


Phone and cell phone

Name date of birth town state and county

date place

Who when and Where


Tell things the family would be interested in what you know about your mother
and dad. Things Maxie told you and the things you remember.

You know a lot of funny things about your growing up
And interesting things about taking care of Sherwood. Things the rest of the
family would love to know.
As you can see I don’t have much details about your young life. After I hear
from every one I will put it all together and send each of the family members a

Love to you
                    Family of Albert & Lenora Long Henke

                                                     Where was information
                                                     on this record obtained
HUSBAND     Albert August Henke                      Lenora Long Henke

                  Date                                   Place
                   Day Month Year           Town    County Sate or
BORN        January 31, 1918                Ivermay Saskquain, Canada
DIED        November `13 2000               Aberdeen, WA

                      Name                    Date                Place
                                       Day    Mo.    Year   Town
          Lenora Claire Long           April 22,1943        San Angelo,

NARRATIVE: (Add pages as required)

                                                     Where was information
                                                     on this record obtained
WIFE        Lenora Clair Long

                       Date                             Place
            Day       Month          Year    Town      County       State or
BORN        July 20 1921                    Palmer Grundy TN

NARRATIVE: (Add pages as required)
                Street     City   State   Zip

PHONE 360-532-5550       EMAIL
 Male          Children            When       Where Born    State    Died
  or    (give names in full in     Born                      Or
Femal       order of birth)                  Town County    Coun    Day Mo.
  e                              Day Mo.                     try    Yr.
Girl    Margaret Elaine          06-20-46-   Aberdeen       WA
                                             Grays Harbor
Girl    Roberta Ann              08-23-47    Aberdeen       WA
                                             Grays Harbor
Girl    Shirley Jean             09-02-49    Aberdeen       WA
                                             Grays Harbor
Girl    Judith Lynn              08-11-50    Aberdeen       WA
                                             Grays Harbor
Boy     John Albert              09-10-54    Aberdeen       WA
                                             Grays Harbor

Additional NARRATIVE: (Add pages as required)
                Family of Ernest and Kathleen Long Choat

Ernest Edward Choat
born 12/25/1926
Goodsprings TN in McMinn County, Tennessee.
Son of Frank Nelson & Margaret (Maggie)
Tallent Choat.
An entrepreneurial type poor boy who didn't
like being poor and thought the way out was
via education. Consequently, he enrolled at
the University of Tennessee where he earned
a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering & an
MS in Industrial Management. He became a
successful engineer & engineering manager
with Union Carbide Corporation. At age 57,
he retired from a full-time job in favor of
developing his own business, which was
dedicated to teaching others the professional
skills that he knew. The business
(Environmental Engineering Consultants)
 flourished and in 1999 he was a nationally
 recognized writer, & lecturer. By this time he
had authored four textbooks for business use
and several technical papers for publication.

In 1992 Ernie developed cancer of the intestines and liver, as a result he had to
undergo surgery two times one for gall bladder, which had porcelanized, later had
openheart surgery for scar tissue around his heart.

Ernie died August- 14- 2005. Is buried at the Memorial Gardens in Oak Ridge. TN.

This picture was made with his family.
They are singing at Goodsprings
Baptist Church.
There was nothing he liked to do
better than what he called
 ―pick and grin‖
                     Virginia Kathleen Long Choat
Virginia Kathleen Long
was born 1- 2 - 1923 in Grundy County, Tennessee.
Daughter of Abram & Ova Long.

An outstanding housewife, an excellent cook and
a capable business associate. Kathleen loved to
work with her hands. She learned about
Chrismons, which are monograms of Christ. She
made these out of white felt and gold and white
beads. She made enough to cover a large Christmas
tree. Each year the Chrismons decorate the
Christmas tree at Royce Baptist Church in Oak
Ridge TN. She loved to sing in the choir at Royce.
Kathleen loved her job as Church Clerk. She was an
effective assistant to her husband in his business,
which was teaching start up and balancing of
A/C systems.
In the earlier years she devoted most
of her time in raising children..

1957 Kathleen and Ernie adopted two children

Ronald Owen was 21 months old

Margaret Ann (Sissy) was 6 months old                             Kathleen

Ernest & Kathleen were married November -2 - 1947 in Maryville,
Tennessee. Lived primarily in Oak Ridge, TN
Mailing Address, Phone, etc. as of November 2006
672 Robertsville Road Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: 865 483 6062
Fax: 865 482 2605
E-mail –
Web page:

Kathleen with her Mother 3 sisters and 4 brothers
Firwt row:
Dorothy Clawson, Kathleen Choat, Grannie Long
Lenora Henke
Second row:
Rocky Long, Jim Long, Sherwood Long, Bill Long
      Taken Oct 1986

Christmas picture of Ernest’s
entire family of living brother
and sisters except brother Bill
Martha lou Armstrong
Arbutus Mayfield
Joyce Culpepper
(Booge) Robert Choate
Ernest Choat
Pat Kline
Oveline Massengale
Gene Choate
Dan Choat

Ernest and Kathleen
with nephews
Tony Choate
and Tim Choate

Taken at brother Rockie house
Rocky Long
Jerri Morgan
J L Morgan
(Ernie’s golfing buddy)
Ernie Choat

Family picture made Oct 1984 at Ernest Choat Retirement Party

                          Front row
                       Ernest Choat and Kathleen Choat
                             Margaret Ann Choat
                       Pam Choat (wife of Ronnie Choat)
                                 Ronnie Choat
                   Dorothy Child Choat (wife of Eddie Choat)
                                 Eddie Choat

Ernest Edward Choat, Jr.                  7 – 1 - /1948
 Married Dorothy Childs                   1 – 23 - 48 Divorced later
 Allison Olivia Choat                     3 – 31 - /84
Ronald Owen Choat                         6 – 22 - 1956
  Tyrone Steven                           9 – 24 - 75
  Tony Curtis                             12 – 15 - 77
  Ronald Owen II                          5 – 29 - 80
  Travis Christopher                      6 – 26 - 81

                           Margaret Ann Choat

Margaret Ann (Sissy) Choat born 8-16-57
Married Steve Vinson, David Harris and Jerry Oden
Margaret Ann had one child Misty Gayle Vinson

 Misty Gayle Vinson born 9/3/79

Melanie Kathleen Vinson born 3-4-1999

Married Cameron Parker Cox April 29; 2003

Caleb Parker Cox born July 28, 2003
                      Milestones in the Life of Kathleen L. Choat

1923 - Born January 2, 1923 in, Palmer, Tennessee. Parents were Abraham and Ova

1937 – Completed elementary school in Palmer. Graduated Salutatorian
1937 – 1938 high school in Crossville, Tennessee.
1938 – 1939 high school at Mossip, in Harriman, TN School run by Presbyterian
1940 – 1941 – Pleasant Hill Academy, Pleasant Hill, Tennessee. Operated by
  American Missionary Association. Graduated in June of 1941.
1941 – 1942 – Lived with brother Ted in Palmer, Tennessee and took care of Lindley
  and Charlotte while both parents worked.
1942 – About January 30, 1942 went to Nashville. Joined Civil Service and trained to
  be riveter..
1943 – Lived in St Petersburg, Florida and worked as a riveter at Tampa Air Force
  Base repairing B-25 bomber planes.
1944 – Lived in Greenville SC worked as a riveter worked on B-25 bombers with Mary
1945 – Lived in Seattle WA continued working and repairing B-25 bombers.
1945 - The war ended Kathleen left Seattle WA to return to Palmer TN. A happy co-
  incident she ran into Ted at the railroad station in Chattanooga TN. Ted was
  returning from home from service. 1946 -- Lived with brother Ted in Palmer,
  Tennessee and took care of children while both parents worked
1947 – Lived with mother in Crossville, Tennessee for a short period.
1947 – Moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. Shared an apartment with sister Jerrie at 920
  North 4th street. Worked as waitress at a small café on Washington Pike.
Met one Ernest E. Choat who also had an apartment in the 920 North 4th building,
this building was owned by a former Goodsprings, Tennessee couple by the name of
Walker and Pauline Abbott.
1947 – Married Ernest, November 2, 1947. Ceremony was in Maryville, Tennessee at
  the home of one of Ernie’s cousins, Tipton Plumlee.
1948 – A son, Ernest E. Choat Jr. was born. It was July –1- 1947.
1957 – March 31
Finalized the adoption of Ronnie and Margaret Ann.
1990 – Joined Royce Baptist Church --- 1-21-1990.
1992 – became Church Clerk     ( P.S That is when I started on the computer and you
  ought to hear
Ernie tell about it. He thought it was funny ( but I didn’t) signed Kathleen
1984 - Ernie retired –Life was different, Kathleen said she married him for better or
  worse but not for lunch.
1979 - Misty was born. Kathleen was happy she had another baby to Rock
1999 - Melanie was born Kathleen rocked another baby. She said “now I have rocked
  all the babies I want to rock”.
      Family of Ernest Edward Jr. and Dorothy Vivian Choat
Ernest Edward Choat, Jr.
(called Eddie as a child and Ed as an adult)
was born 7-1-1948 to Ernest and Kathleen Choat .
He graduated from Oak Ridge High School
 in 1976,served in the US Navy, and then
attended the University of Tennessee,
earning both a BS degree in Communications
and a Masters of Accountancy degree. He
registered as a Certified Public Accountant,
After a few years, started his own practice,
E .E. Choat and Company CPA's.
The business was successful until 2006.
when he retired from Choat and Co., due to illness.
Ed was one of the founding members of the
Knoxville Blues Society, a nonprofit
Organization whose goal is to"keep the blues
alive." As a former President and current
Treasurer of the Society, Ed has turned an
 interest into a passion and serves as a
significant figure in increasing the cultural
spectrum in Knoxville.
Ed also gives back to his community as a
Yearly, Organizer for Children’s Prayers
Answered (CPA), an activity of the Tennessee
Society of CPA's that provides Christmas
gifts for needy children in East Tennessee.
Occasionally, he can be heard as a volunteer
deejay on public radio station WDV
on the Friday night "Blues Attack."
Dorothy Vivian Childs Choat ( 1 – 23 - 1948)
Dorothy Vivian Childs Choat, called Dot, was born January 23, 1948, the seventh of
ten children, all born in Roane County, Tennessee. An avid reader and good
student, she received a BS from Tennessee Technological University and an MS
from the University of Tennessee. She taught for 26 years in various locations in
the South, teaching many levels and forms of classes, almost exclusively English.
Dot has also worked as an educational consultant, teaching classroom management
techniques to several local school faculties; as a textbook consultant teaching
statewide faculties how to use newly adapted texts most effectively; and, finally, as
a consultant to teach writing at what has been the Martin-Marietta plant at Y-12.
She retired in 1997 from a long career at Halls High School.
Ed and Dot met in Smokey's at the U.T. Student Center on a rainy day. Dot had no
umbrella and Ed, a former Boy Scout, did. They were married on April 13, 1976.

Allison Olivia Choat (1984--)
Allison Olivia Choat was born ten weeks
premature on March 31, 1984. Despite all
odds against her survival, Allison
miraculously made it through her birth and
first few weeks in the hospital. Though her
health was, at first, shaky, and her physical
development slow, Allison turned out to be
a brilliant child. Early pres-chool
 testing put her mental capacity at the level of
 a third grader.
Allison has continued to achieve and to live up
 to her potential in her early childhood.
January of 1999, she auditioned for the
Boston University Tanglewood Institute for
Young Artists Vocal Program. She was one of 70
students chosen from nation wide.
Tanglewood, the summer home of the
Boston Symphony Orchestra, where young
students ages fifteen to eighteen years old,
would experience college life, and
receive college credit, and with gifted peers
while learning operatic singing. She was
the third youngest student in the program.                   Allison Olivia Choat
She took six college-level courses.
Her grades did not drop below an A-.
In her sophomore year, Allison was awarded as an Outstanding Delegate to the
1999 YMCA Model United Nations Conference and was qualified for the 1999
Tennessee All-State Honor Choir. She looks forward to a happy and productive life,
hopefully, somewhere, on stage.

2006 Allison is attending college at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio and expects to
graduate in June of 2007

Allison’s Mother                                   Allison’s Dad
Dorothy Choat                                         Ed Choat
                              Ronnie with his Dad
Ernest Choat
                              And his brother Tony
                               The early in the early

 Ronnie and Pam
With their first 2 children
Tyrone and Tony, taken
at a family reunion in 1979
                                                  Ronnie and Granny Long

Probably one of the last
pictures taken of Ronnie
 early 90’s
                                                  Family of Ronald Owen
and Pamela Lynn Daniels Choat

Ronald Owen Choat -
born 06 – 22 - 56 Madsionville Tennessee.
Final adoption 3 – 31 -57
Adopted son of Ernest E. and Kathleen L. Choat

Died of Leukemia October 23, 1995 at age 38.
Buried in Floyd Memorial Gardens, Rome GA
Had a life of drugs and mischief.
1979 Married Pamela Daniels
In 1989, at age 33,
Had his life in good shape and was working at a
General Electric Plant in Rome, GA.

Ronnie and Pam married March 24, 1979
at Ronnie’s Home
672 Robertsville RD
Oak Ridge, TN

                                                  Ronald Owen Choat
Pamela Lynn Daniel Choat
  born 04 – 27 - 59 in New Kingsington, PA
.Daughter of John and Geneva Daniel.
Dropped out of school prior to completing
High School to fool around awhile. By
1989, at age 30, had life going good, had
completed GED, was a working wife and
student going full speed ahead on a self
improvement program. Plans to obtain
degree in Business by 1992. She was a
strong lady who was effective in getting things done. .
Ronnie and Pam have 4 children
Steven Tyrone Choat
Tony Curtis Seiber
Ronald Owen 2nd
Travis Christopher
                                                              Pamela Lynn Choat

Tyrone Steven Choat

Born 9 24 75
Richmond VA
Has spent most of his young life
working in Construction
Installing dry wall.
Lived with Jennifer Culberson
They had one son
Steven Tyler Choat

                                                  Tyrone Steven Choat

Steven Tyler Choat
Born June - 1998
191 Wade St
Rome GA30161

Phone #in 2006
                 Steven Tyler Choat
Tony Curtis (Sieber) Choat

Tony Curtis Choat
Born 12 – 15 -1977
Oak Ridge Hospital
Oak Ridge TN

Lived most of his
Young life in Rome GA
Learned to do construction work
While working with his dad.

Lived with Tracy and has one child
Tony Curtis Choat JR

                                     Tony Curtis Choat
                                      Tony Curtis JR

Tony Curtis Choat JR

Born in Rome GA
Oct -19 - 96

191 Wade St
Rome GA50161
Phone# 706 291- 6752
                                     Tony Curtis JR

Ronald Owen Choat 2nd

Born 05 – 29 - 80
Oak Ridge Hospital
Oak Ridge TN

Ron Ron has one child

191 Wade St
Rome GA 30161
Phone: 706 291 6752

                           Ron Ron                    Ron

Travis Christopher Choat

Born - 6 - 28 - 81

191 Wade St
Rome GA 30161


                     Family of Margaret Ann Choat

                      Margaret Ann (Sissy) Choat

8 - 16 –57    Born Blunt Co Memorial Hospital, Maryville TN.

3 - 31-1957   Final adoption Mar 31-19-57

June - 1976    Graduated from Oak Ridge High school, Oak Ridge, TN

5 – 20 -1982 Graduated from Anderson County Occupational Development
             as a Certified Geriatric Technician
               Sissy attended Roane State College and
               attended a modeling school in Knoxville TN

Married and divorced - Kelly, Jones. Vinson, Harris , Cox and Oden

Margaret Ann has 1 Child
Misty Gayle Vinson
2 grand children
Melanie Kathleen Vinson
Caleb Parker Cox

Misty Gale Cox

9-3-1979    Born Baptist Hospital, Knoxville TN

June 1998   Graduated from Oak Ridge High school
            Oak Ridge TN

3-4-1999 Melanie Kathleen Vinson was born
         Oak Ridge Hospital, Oak Ridge TN

Children & Grandchildren:
Tyrone Steven Choat                     9/24/75
Lived with Jennifer Culberson. Had one son, Steven Tyler Choat. In 1999 lived at
191 Wade Street, Rome, GA 30161.
Tony Curtis Choat                      12/15/77
Lived with Tracey Woods and had one son – Tony Curtis Choat, Jr.
Tony Curtis
Ronald Owen Choat II                   5/29/80
Father of Joseph Gilmore
Travis Christopher                      6/26/81
            Family of William (Bill) Kline & Marilyn Long
                Given to Kathleen Choat by Marilyn Long 2006

Bill and Marilyn Long

Bill was born 1-14-1924in Palmer, Grundy County, TN
Physician on attendance was Dr. Hembrey
1929 or 1930 Mom told Marilyn she couldn’t keep him in school so she sent
him to St. Andrews Boarding School located at and Episcopalian Monetary
located at Sewanee TN. The same school that Ted and Sherwood attended.
O6-11-1941 Enlisted in the navy: Served in Base at Norfolk VA
                                                       USS Lexington
                                                       USS Bogue
                                                       USS Mayport, Florida
Bill was on board the Lexington when it went torpedoed andsunk.

Irene told me that Bill told her that Bill and his best friend were in charge of
controlling the trip cord to stop planes as they landed on board. A crippled
plane was approaching and Bills friend reached the control first and the plane
turned and got the kid in the propeller. Bill helped to retrieve the pieces of his
friend’s body. Stanley was on this ship also one of the long boys swung across
to another ship on a cable I think that one was Stanley. I think I remember Bill
saying he didn’t get his feet wet. Charles Bradley also served on the Lexington
but at a different time.

At Florida he painted aircraft at the base at Mayport.
11-14-46 Bill received his honorable discharge. He then moved to Crossville
and worked with someone wiring, schools and some businesses.
1040 or 1950 Bill left Crossville with a friend and went to Anderson Indiana.
9-83 Bill married Evelyn Hodgson –No children. They separated after one and a
half years divorced in 1957.
1955 Bill started building a home in Middleton Indiana, then sold it before it
was finished and moved into and apartment on Fletcher St. in Anderson Indian
In 1957 His hobby was photography and developing his own film. He also took
additional schooling in electronics and his hobby was in Amateur Radio.
12-13-1960 Bill went to Chicago and took the exam for First Class Radio
Telephone Operator License. He passed and renewed his license up to his
death. He was very proud of this as not a lot of people hold this license.

12-13-1960 Bill put the radio station WHUT on the air in Anderson, Indiana.
Now called Madison. He also became a member of Madison County Civil
Defense now called Madison County Emergency Management Agency. He was
on staff there. He was also a member of the American Relay League and held
the position of Races Radio Operator.
04-21-1964 Bill worked the flood in Anderson Indian and received a Public
Service award.

05-28-1963 Bill bought the little house (4 rooms and bath) at 5408 Le Clair
Drive, Anderson Indiana.

 05- 12- 1967 Bill married Marilyn Ann Mann at Andrew Price Memorial
Methodist Church in Hermitage TN. Jerrie and Jay Morgan were at the wedding
also Don and Audry
Marilyn had a son by a previous marriage, Rickey Lee Mann.
11-10-1967 Bill adopted Richard Lee Long.
06-1997 Bill and Marilyn started building the addition to their home. Bill and
Rick dug and layered the foundation and framed a two-story addition (3rooms
and bath upstairs, 4rooms and a garage downstairs). Friends helped roof the
1968 Bill and Marilyn worked together to finish the remodeling addition.
They did everything but plastering 2 rooms and a bath. They were still working
on it at the time of Bills death.
10-1985 Bill was diagnosed with lung cancer which ultimately went to his
Sept –1986 Bill retired from Delco –Remy on disability.
10-06 1986 Bill died and was buried 10-09-1986 in Elm Ridge Cemetery in
Muncie, Indiana. On her death Marilyn plans to be buried there.

      1943 Leonora Bill Granny Long                Bill at home

                  Bill’s mother Marilyn’s mother Marilyn Bill
Marilyn and Bill 1986

                                     Bill and Family 1986
                                     !st row
                               Dot Kathleen Mom Lenora Jerry
                                          2nd row
                                  Rocky Jim Sherwood Bill

                      Foot prints of Richard Long
03-31-1953 Born Ricky Lee Mann – Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie Indiana.
           To Larry G. and Marilyn Mann.
11-101967    Adopted by William K. Long after he married Marilyn A. Mann.
May - 1973 Ricky Graduated from Madison Heights High School in Anderson
JAN –1974 Started at Anderson College.
Aug -1975    went to work at the Juvenile Center in Anderson Indiana while
             attending college.
July 1975   Married Carolyn Hamilton.
02-17-1977 Child, April Marie Long born.
May 1979    Graduated from Anderson College.
May 1980    Started to work on Masters Degree at Anderson Indiana University.
1980-1982 Worked for the Juvenile court.
May -1902 Graduated from Indiana University Suma Cum Laude.
1982-1987 Worked at the Center for Mental Health – Anderson Indiana
Oct.- 1985 Ricky divorced Mary Hamilton.
12-13-1985 Married Linda Lee Rucker
1985-1986 Taught Social Problems at Anderson University, Anderson Indiana.
05-23-1986 Caitlin Christoph Long was born.
02 -1987    Moved to Tucson Arizona and worked at Sierra Tucson.
O2-1988     Moved back to Anderson Indiana.
01-29-1992 Son, Dylan Everett Long was born.
1998-99     Ricky worked at the Center for Mental Health in Anderson Indiana.
1990-1901 Ricky started his own practice in counseling.

1997        Started part time with ONSIT in addition to own practice.

2004        Moved to Cumberland Furnace Tennessee an worked at ONSITE
            and started private practice in Nashville

2006        Purchased 3 ½ acres with a brick home, a double wide mobile
            home and a double wide all on property at
            1916, 1916b, and 1918 Hwy 49 East
            Charlotte, TN 37036
      Ricky first marriage
     Mary Hamilton Long
      April and Ricky

     Ricky second marriage
        Linda Lee Long

PO Box 531
Charlotte TN 37036-0531
                Family of James Edward & Joyce Long
                        Contact person daughter Nelda
                         Phillips and Kathleen Choat
James Edward Long (called Jim) Born Sept-9-1926 Palmer TN in what the
longs call the Geary house. It was the second house on the right a when you go
down the railroad track at the company store.
Jim and Jerri were close in age and Jerri said she followed Jim and Corky
Sanders around. She had a crush on Corkey, They would try to get away from
her. So one day they climbed a tree and Jerri tried to follow them up the tree
and they wee-weed on her. They got a big kick out of that.
He moved to Crossville in 1938, a small child. Jim lived with his mom and
Jerri, Rocky and Dorothy and Kathleen what we called the Clifford house next
to Aunt Kate and Uncle Jack for about a year.
1939 Mama moved to Plateau and Jim went to Plateau School for one year.
1940 Mama moved to woody in a log cabin. And I must say it was very rustic. I
guess that’s how you would to describe it.
About 1939 Jim went to Mama’s sisters Aunt Ida who lived in Sunset Idaho.
his younger brother and sisters. It was a one room School.
Jim was about 12 0r 13 years old. He Joined the CCC Camp there. He was 15
years old when he came back to Crossville to live with Mama. He was seen in
Crossville in his CCC uniform, the Navy recruited saw him and talked him unto
joining the Navy. They ask Mama how old was Jim Mama said ‖how old did he
say he was?‖ The recruiter said 17, then that’s how old he is Mama replied. Jim
was only 15 years old. (Jim born in 1926 being 17 put him 2 years older than
his older brother Bill who was born in1924).
1941 Jim joined the navy (at 15 years of age)
Jim married Joyce Sweeton Burnett 7-5-1957.
Joyce married Nelson Burnett in 1946.
Joyce had one daughter from her first marriage.
Nelda Burnett born 05-04-1947.
Jim and Joyce had one son
Jimmy born 10-20-1959
1961 Jim retired from the navy as a chief Petty Officer.
1988 Jim retired from the Carrier Corp.
The love of his life was his grand children and Palmer Church of Christ and the
Grand children were:
Brian Phillips Jr. born 08081969
Sheena Long born 03 - 27- 1985
                     James (Jimmy) Douglas Long
                             Contact person Jimmy Long
James Douglas Long
Born 10-2- 59
Married Kathy Hughes 2-14-2002
Born 6-25-53
Kathy works in USG plant making sheetrock in Bridgeport AL
PO Box 443
Gruetli Laager, TN 37339
E mail
First wife Melody Fredfick
Second wife Kay Jones
Jimmy and Kay Jones have one daughter
Sheena Kay Long
Born 3-27-1985
Jimmy says his Dad loved baseball and other sports.
He loved to hunt and fish.
He also loved to plant gardens and fruit trees. He kept beehives and
Jim served in the navy 20 years, then retired.
He worked at a Carrier A/C plant for 20 years and retired.
He spent his last years working in the gardens and watching the Braves play
on TV

Address Nelda Phillips
                                    PO Box 813
                                    Jasper TN 37347
                               Phone # 423-942-2910
            Family of Geraldine (Jerrie) and J L Morgan

Jerri Morgan with her flowers                          J L Morgan

Jerri the 10th 12 siblings of Abram and Ova Myrtle Long

Was born June 22-1929 in Palmer, TN Grundy County.
1940 completed elementary school at Woody TN in Cumberland County.
1941-43 attended Pleasant Hull Academy in Cumberland, County TN, where
  she met J L Morgan, her future husband.
1943-46 attended Cumberland County High school in Crossville, did not
1946-49 worked in restaurants in Crossville.
1949 went to Chicago with Kat and Ernie Worked in Restaurant in Chicago.

1952 Went to Aberdeen WA. And lived with sister Lenora and worked as a
telephone operator. That is where she Married J L Morgan, who was on leave
from the navy

Jerri is like Granny Long she loves to work in Flowers. There is not a weed in
her yard. She loves flowers, rocks her family and the Lord.
                                J L MORGAN

J L born September 24,1929      (where were you born)        place
Attended school through the 12th grade at Pleasant Hill Academy
Pleasant Hill, TN in Cumberland County.
Graduated 1948
Joined the navy Aug 6, 1948
Geraldine Farrar Long of Crossville, Cumberland County, TN
Aberdeen WA 1952
Retired from the navy Nov 10 1967
Home address:
200 Bonnavue Drive
Hermitage, TN 37036
Phone # 865-883-1181 email
Richard Steven Morgan born 11-09-1953 in San Diego CA
Susan Morgan born 8-6-1955 in San Diego, California

          Jerrie and Jay                     Granny and Jerrie
               Family of Richard & Patricia Morgan
                          Information from Richard Morgan

            Ricky with his family




   Ricky Steven Morgan born November 09-1953
   San Diego Hospital, San Diego, California
married              Name                      Date                  Place
                                         Day   Mo. Year     Town        State
          Jo Anne Sheldon                March 16, 1974     West Boylston,
          Teresa Lynn Bolin Lemke        April 21, 1990     Stone Mountain,
          Carolyn Ann Yates Morris       September 3,       Reno, NV
          Patricia Lynn Denison          June 1, 1996       Alabaster, AL

Richard Steven Morgan - Called Ricky until he was 18, and then called Rick.
Born on Nov. 9, 1953,
  the first child of J.L. & Geraldine Morgan.
  Graduated from DuPont High School in Hermitage, TN, in 1971, and
  received a congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.
  1971, had close relationship with Pam Spruill, who gave birth to a son
  (Michael Scott Roberts) in March 1972. He was put up for adoption on the
  day of his birth.
1971 attended the Academy for a year.
  Rick resigned his commission and dropped out.
  Briefly attended Aquinas Jr. College in Nashville on combination
    baseball/basketball scholarship.
  Dropped out of Aquinas after undergoing tumorectomy
   Joined the U.S. Naval Reserve on the 2x6 plan (2 years Active, 6 years
    Reserve) in order to get the G.I. Bill for school.
  Graduated boot camp in Orlando as top man in his company and sent to
  Pensacola for Cryptologic Technician "A" School.
Met first wife, Jo Anne, while in "A" School and became engaged in July 1973.
Upon graduation, Rick was sent to Okinawa and Jo Anne to Iceland.
They met on leave at her home in Massachusetts and were married in March
1974, then both flew back to their respective duty stations.
Jo Anne got Husband-Duty and was transferred to Okinawa in September
When Rick's enlistment was up, he and Jo Anne extended for 2 years and
stayed on Okinawa.
While on Okinawa, Rick discovered his musical ability and became the lead-
singer for a rock and roll band named Thunderbird. When Rick & Jo Anne's
enlistment was up again, a Yeoman Chief named Flip Turner talked them into
staying in the Navy and re-enlisting for shore duty in California.
 Rick was stationed at Special Boat Unit XI, Mare Island, Vallejo, (1977-1980)
until he received orders to attend Data Systems Technician "A" & "C" Schools,
both located at Mare Island. At that time he had to reenlist for 6 more years.
In 1981, Rick & Jo Anne were transferred to Norfolk, VA., where Rick served
aboard the USS Nassau (LHA-4) and was later cross-decked to the USS
Concord (AFS-5). While serving on both ships, Rick started rock and roll
bands, which the Captains & XO's thought were great for morale. His bands
played for the crew, Marines, shipboard events and special events arranged by
the Captain & XO. Upon completion of his sea-duty, Rick was transferred to
SIMA Little Creek, where he served as a Micro Miniature Electronic Repair
Technician for the remainder of his Navy service (14 years, in all). While living
and working in the Norfolk area,
Rick started a band called Danger Drive, which played many of the venues in
the Tidewater area.
Upon completion of his naval service, Rick worked as a civilian contractor for
NAVMASSO, the Navy's software development center.
Rick and Jo Anne were divorced in 1988 and Rick moved back to Nashville to
finish college using the G.I. Bill he originally joined the Navy for.
He attended Trevecca Nazarene University and did very well, compiling a 4.0
GPA for the 2 years he was there, during which time the G.I. Bill expired.
He also worked as the part-time System Administrator for the Nashville
Convention Center.
After receiving an offer from the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta,
Rick became engaged to Teresa Bolin Lemke and they moved to Atlanta before
he completed his degree.
In Atlanta, Rick planned and helped install the computer network for the new
Georgia Dome, which became part of his responsibilities.
 He joined a band called Hiroc and played many of the venues around Atlanta,
twice opening for Atlanta Rhythm Section at the Special Olympics Festival in
Invited to sing the national anthem during the Atlanta Knights (IHL) opening
weekend in 1993, he impressed the team's management and was asked to
become the permanent national anthem singer for Atlanta hockey.
Rick divorced Teresa in 1994.
1994 married Carolyn Yates Morris.
Daughter Elizabeth was born in November 1995.
Rick divorced Carolyn in 1996.
1996 Rick then moved to Birmingham, Alabama and married Patti Denison
Richeson. in June 1996.
Worked a year with Command Data Inc. before being layed-off.
Was then hired by the Birmingham Area Chapter of the American Red Cross as
their Administrator, MIS.
Rick had the good fortune of becoming the permanent national anthem singer
for the Birmingham hockey team, the Birmingham Bulls (ECHL), until they
were sold to Atlantic City in 2000.
Rick continues to work for the Red Cross and sings the national anthem at
special events around the city.
On March 15, 2003, Rick held the position of ―Administrator, MIS‖. American
Red Cross, Birmingham Area Chapter, Birmingham, Alabama.
                                                         Where was information
                                                         on this record obtained
WIFE         Patricia Lynn Denison                       Richard Steven Morgan
                         Date                               Place
             Day       Month           Year   Town County      State or Country
BORN           23       July         1948     Canton, Stark, OH
On 3/15/03
                        Street                    City          State       Zip
ADDRESS         633 Old Towne Lane          Alabaster          AL        35007
PHONE 205-620-5767                       EMAIL
Male           Children              When       Where Born       State     Died
 or     (give names in full in       Born                                Date
Fem        order of birth)        Day Mo    Town County
 ale                                 Yr
 M     Michael Scott Roberts     Mar. 23,   Nashville       TN
 F     Elizabeth Brooke          Nov. 3,    Atlanta         GA
       Morgan                    1995

Grand Children

                                            Playing at the Church

                                             J L with the guitar

                                               Susie and Rick

         Jerrie, and Elizabeth

            Patty and Rick

           Miles Stones in the Life of Susan Lynn Morgan Krauss

Susie Morgan was born August 6, 1955
San Diego Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA.
Susie attended elementary school at
Hermitage Elementary, Hermitage TN.
June 7, 1973 graduated from
Du Point High school, Hermitage TN.
1973 Susie attended TN Tech
Cookville, TN.
There she met her future husband David.
Then some years later they met again at
Woodmont Christian Church, Nashville, TN.
April 13 1977 Susie graduated from
TN Tech University in Cookville, TN.
December 29, 1978 married
Charles Eldon Grady in Nashville TN.
1984 Susie and Charles were divorced.
Aug 16,1983 Susie started to Medical school at Eastern Carolina University.
May 9, 1987 graduated from Eastern Carolina Medical School.
July 1, 1987 began her residency at Richmond. VA.
June 30,1990 completed her residency.
Susie is a doctor
July 9, 1990 Susie started her Pediatric practice with ―Miller Medical Group‖ in
Nashville TN.
August 15,1999 Susie began building a medical building near Hickory Hollow
2002 Susie moved into the new building.
2002 Susie, in her new building, she began her pediatrics practice with her
own group ―Morgan Pediatrics Group‖. She employed 13 people. which
included 2 doctors and a (CNP) Certified Nurse Practitioner.
2004 she sold her building. As of July 2006 she is practicing Pediatrics there.
As of June 2006 she is in the building she sold and practicing Pediatrics.
Dr Susan Morgan Krauss
1236 Lunar Dr.
Murfreesboro TN 37129
                               David Krauss

Born August 12, 1951
David was reared in Hendersonville,TN (about a mile from ―Johnny Cash’s
David has worked as a computed anodizer with Murray of Ohio.
He has been a part time photographer and musician (played the saxophone).

Susie Morgan and husband David Krauss

Susan with her family

 J L Morgan,


                      Family of Jim & Dorothy Clawson
Contact Person Dorothy Clawson
And some additions by Kathleen Choat
I was young but I remember the day she was born.

Dorothy Kay Long Clawson was
born 1-20-31 -Palmer, TN. In Grundy County, TN
Dorothy was born in what we used to call the green house because people by
the name of Green lived there before us. This was one of the first houses in
Palmer that had running water. The water tank was on a hill behind the house.
1937 Mom moved Mayland in Cumberland County, TN. We lived in the ―Clifford
Custard house‖ next to Uncle Jack and Aunt Kate Custard.
1939 Mom moved to Plateau to be close to Uncle Jasper, Mama’s brother. We
lived in two and one half rooms that housed Mom and seven kids. I was next to
the youngest. We lived there for a while there then we moved to the log house
close to Ricci Tabors.
I started school at Woody Elementary and went through fourth grade there. It
was a small school on the side of the road on the Jamestown highway.
My fifth year I went to an elementary School in Greenville, SC.I was living with
Kathleen and Jerrie.
The nest year I came back to live with Mom and finished grad school at Woody
I started high school at Cumberland County high in Crossville.
I attended the 10th grade in Aberdeen WA. I was living with Lenora and Al
1950 I came back to Crossville to live with Mom
1959 graduated from Cumberland County high school.
While in high school at
Crossville I was on the girl’s basketball team for two years and was in the high
school band for two years and on the school paper for one year.
After graduating from high school I went to San Diego, CA to live with Jerrie
and J L Morgan. I lived with them for one year and worked down town San
Diego at the San Diego Music Company as telephone switchboard operator and
I returned to Crossville and worked for General Electric Telephone Company
until I transferred to Oak Ridge and worked for Southern Bell Telephone
Company. I next transferred to West Palm Beach, FL with the Bell Telephone
While in Florida I met and married James Poole Clawson Jr. ii-28- 1958.
We were married in the Christian Church at West Palm Beach, FL
James Poole Clawson Jr was born 9-8 1933 at Bramdywine, Maryland
Jimmy is from a family of too sisters and one half sister.
The sisters all live in Panama City Beach FL at this time (2006).
Jimmy has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Georiga Tech University, GA
Jimmy worked for Boeing Aircraft Company and retired after thirty four and
one half years.
Our family consists of three sons and one daughter
#1. James Raymond –born 9-19-1959 at Cocoa Beach FL
#2. Charles Allen – born 1-3-1961 at Cocoa Beach FL
#3.Daniel Owen – born 11-15-1964 Cape Canaveral Hospital, Cocoa Beach FL
#4. Donna Kay – 5-12-68 Cape Canaveral Hospital. Cocoa Beach, FL
James & Dorothy Clawson
249 N Bay way
Port Ludlow WA 98356
#1. Son
James Raymond is married to Sharon Oishi
They were marred in the courthouse in Des Moines, WA.
They both work for Boeing Company in Seattle WA.
Raymond has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of WA in
Seattle WA.
Sharon is from a family of seven children. Her parents are Japanese American
and they were held in internment camps during the war. Her mother is 95
years old and is still alive and lives with one of her daughters. We enjoy
Sharon’s family very much.
They both love to hike, Ski, Bicycle and work in the flower gardens.
#2. Son
Charles Allen Clawson is a free lance writer and lives in Berlin Germany
Charles has two degrees from the University of WA in Seattle, A degree in
Communications and a master degree in language.
Charles has taught creative writing at the University of Southern Mississippi
and also at the University of Houston at Houston Texas.
He has published articles for quite a few magazines and newspapers.
When living in Washington state, he was almost a weekly writer for the Seattle
He has had articles published by the Boston Globe and by two newspapers in
He also worked for a travel magazine that was distributed to airlines. He has
written for Medical Groups in CA,
Charles teaches conversational English while he is in Berlin Germany.
Charles likes to Jog, bike, climb and ski.
#3. Son
Daniel Owen Clawson lives in his town house in Santa Clara, CA
Danny is self employed.
He does consulting and preparing patents for companies.
Danny has a mechanical degree from WA State University in Pulman, .WA
He spent one year at language school in San Francisco, CA with he army.
The army paid him a bonus for a year of service.
He worked for Applied Materials (a computer chip company) in Santa Clara, CA
for several years and learned a lot about computers and that is what helps him
in his work now (2006) for a law firm in Santa Clara.
Danny loves to rock climb, hike, bike and jog.
#4. Daughter
Donna Kay Clawson
Donna lives in her house in Ballard WA.
She has a degree in Arts from the University of WA in Seattle WA.
She now works for Tommy Bahama a Seattle Company. A clothing firm that
started out with just cloths for the rich, it has grown and now (2006) it has
grown into all kinds of things. She has worked for this company for several
years. She does some of her work at home. Her work is all done on the
Donna works in designing and landscaping her yard constantly.
Donna has no children but has two ducks and two chickens that she has
raised from babies. She gives them more attention than a lot of children get
from their parents, and loves them just as much.
Each year her chickens and ducks are featured on the calendars she makes.
James Clawson
294 N. Bay Way
Port Ludlow, WA 98365 --- Dec 2003
             Family of Lawrence Rockwell (Rock) & Willie Long

Lawrence Rockwell Long
October 20, 1932
Palmer TN. Grundy County TN.
Rock was born with an extra thumb on his left hand. When he was a young
goy he loved to pinch his brothers and sisters with his extra thumb. He was
taken to Nashville TN by his mother when he was 11 years old to have it
removed. He has always been left handed (maybe the extra thumb had
something to do with that).
1938 at age 6 he started school in the Plateau community.
1938 age 7 Rockie attended school at Woody Elementary school on Jamestown
Highway through the 5th grade. Mom moved to Crossville and he finished
elementary school in Crossville.
1949 at age Rockie joined the army at age 17. He had to lie about his age.
He did his basic training at Fort Jackson SC. Then went on over seas
maneuvers to get trained for oversea duty.
Rockie was sent to Korea where he fought on the front lines in the artellery
division for one year.
He came back to the states to Fort Knox, KY
Next he went to camp Kilmer, NJ
Next he went to Camp Drum in Watertown, NY.
September 1952 Rockie was honorable discharged.
Rockie nest went to California and lived with Jerrie and J L Morgan.
1954 Rockie moved to Crossville, met and married Willie Miller.
12-24-1954 Married Willie Louise Miller in Ringold, GA.
Willie Miller was born: July 7, 1937
Sweetwater, TN Loudon County
1954 there was no work in Crossville so Rockie and a friend went to Buffalo
NY. Found a job and a place to live and sent for Willie.
He worked in a factory for Western Electric.
1955moved to Dayton, Ohio Rockie worked for price Brothers making concrete
pipes all sizes.
About 1958-59 Rockie and Willie moved back to Crossville to be wit family.
Rockie with the help of Willie’s dad they built a in the Backers Crossroads
He convinced his mother to move to the country. So He and brother Sherwood
built his mother a home next door.
Thety spent a lot of time Walking in the woods together hunting herbs.
They always had gardens. He did farming, milking cows with his father-in-law,
who treated him like a son.
Next he worked for the U T Experimental station
Worked for Crossville Rubber for 16 years.
1979 worked in Monterey for Suburban Stove Co. until 1984
He worked for general Processing in Crossville until 1989 Then worked for his
brother-in-law in construction, then for the city of Crossville.
Rockie retired 1995.
Address: 2331 Pomona Rd
Crossville, TN 38571
Phone: 931-484-1701

Steven Lawrence Long
Born: October 8, 1962
Crossville TN. Cumberland County, TN
Carolyn Diane Robinson February 25, 1984
Crossville TN. Cumberland County
Carolyn Robinson was born
11-14 1984 Melanie Michelle Long
Crossville TN Cumberland County
2-11-1986 Alyson Renee Long
Crossville, TN Cumberland county
David Lee Long
November 26, 1963
Crossville TN Cumberland County
Graduated for Cumberland County High school
Cumberland County School of Technology –Associate of Science degree
MLT License, Tennessee Real Estate Educational Systems, Inc.-Realtor’s
Worked as Lab Technician for 18 years Cumberland Clinic in Crossville TN and
Physicians Associates in Crossville TN
Worked as an accountant for three and on half years for UT Medical center at
Knoxville, TN
Currently working as a Realtor for Pioneer Realty Inc. Crossville TN. (2006)
Married Kimberly Kay Hiller 10- 22- 1988
Crossville TN Cumberland County
Kimberly Hiller born 8-16-1964 in Springfield, Ohio
Graduated for Cumberland County High School
Worked 17 years as a pharmacy Technician for Wal- Mart in Crossville, TN
2006 working as a Teacher’s Assistant at Glenn L Martin Elementary School
born to them
Chelsey Nicole Long born: November 19,1995
Crossville, TN Cumberland County
2006 Chelsey is a 4th grader at Glen L. Martin Elementary School. She enjoys
school is always on the A honor roll, is enrolled in the KEY class, which is the
local gifted program and is a member of the Student Council. She enjoys
dancing and singing at the Cumberland County Playhouse. She has performed
in the Nutcracker(twice), Dance Magic, Lets Go To The Movies and Dance To
The Music.
She loves to rollerblade and ride her bicycle.
                         Family of Ada Owen Wallace

Ada Eliza Owen married Underwood Wallace 2/3/1913

They had 5 children
Bertha Gertrude, Ezra Wood, Jasper Owen, Kenneth Elmo, and Ruth Valleen

In 2003 Ruth’s mailing address was:
Ruth Barclay
38 State Road PP
Tunro, MO 65764

For more, see notebook on ―Long Family‖. Records that Ruth sent april 2003.

Dec 2003
John & Colleen Wallace Manz
1084 E. Cambridge Road
Kayville, UT 84037

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