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					     Bureau of Aviation Perspective

 Presented by: Edie Letherby, Planning Manager
30th Annual Airport Conference, Hershey, PA
What is JACIP?
On-line, interactive tool that will
help us:
    •program airport improvement
    projects; and
    •manage airport development across
    the Commonwealth.
What Can JACIP Do?

      Real-time communication of
      airport development data

      Collect, Process and Store
      significant amounts of information

      Reporting, Reporting, Reporting
What are the Programming
Benefits of JACIP ?

         Develop fiscally balanced programs
         while maximizing all types of funding

        Capture statewide needs - met and

         Provide a snapshot of an airport’s
         anticipated improvements
What is the value of an Airports
Four Year Plan Snapshot?

       Identifies those projects needed by an Airport
       and those the BOA anticipates to fund

       Allows the airport to prepare for projects
       in advance

        Can be used to attain user and local
        acceptance and approvals

•Single Year Programming
          •Simple Program Tracking
              •Word and Excel
           2003 - 2004

•Four year balanced funding plan initiated

   •Complex Tracking and Reporting

      •Access and Web Pre-application
FAA 2004 Conference Demo – Spring 2004

Eastern Region Sponsored Trial

State View Modifications– Oct 2004 to May
             2005 - Present

•JACIP ACTIVE Site used as sole programming
tool by BOA

  •JACIP Airport and FAA Module Contract

     •JACIP TEST SITE established to test new
When will JACIP be implemented?

  Thru Spring 2007: Continued In-house testing

  Spring/Summer 2007: Training and Limited Interactive
  (test) Access to Select Airports

  Fall 2007: Full Interactive Access to all Airports & ADO

            TRANSFER OF ACIP
          A Developer’s Perspective

Presented by: Jerry Roberts-Planning Technology, Inc.
30th Annual Airport Conference, Hershey, PA
Evolution or Creationism ?

• In the beginning there was….Florida DOT

• Then came ….Port Authority of New York
  & New Jersey, Port Authority of Puerto
  Rico, Memphis Shelby County Airport

• Now… Pennsylvania DOT Bureau of
             And its Descendant.....
First Generation- PENNDOT View


   Project Listing Tab Access to:
     •Project Detail
           •Project Funding
First Generation- PENNDOT View

         Balances Tab-
           •4 Year Approvals
              •Unapproved Request
First Generation- PENNDOT VIEW

  Reports Tab-
    •Various Types
       •Selectable Filters
First Generation- PENNDOT VIEW

    Airport Tab-
       •Contact Info
         •Type and Operations
First Generation- PENNDOT VIEW

     Administration Tab-
       •User Setup
         •Site Maintenance
Evolving JACIP
 Reflect Project Development Cycle
     •   Airport Request
     •   State Review/Funding Actions
     •   Project Status
     •   FAA Information and Reporting
 Expanded User Base
 Different Roles
 Custom Views
 Next Generation- Airport View

Requests Tab-
  •Future Project for Review
     •Minimal Data Entry
Next Generation- Airport View

   Projects List Tab-
     •12 year Approved
Next Generation- Airport View

   Data Sheet Feature-
     •Submit Detail Needed for
        Funding Authorization
Next Generation- Airport View

    Granted Lists Tab-
      •Basic Information
         •No Management
Next Generation- Airport View

   Reports Tab-
     •Airport Specific
        •Project Summary
Next Generation- Airport View

    Airport Info Tab-
       •Airport Contact
          •Edit Ability
Next Generation- State View

 Home Tab-
   •New Project Requests
       •Data Sheet Reviews
Next Generation- State View

Requests Tab-
  •Submit to 12 year Plan
    •Review and Assign Funding
Next Generation- State View

   Data Sheet Feature -
        •Email Notification
Next Generation- State View

   Granted Tab -
   •Grant Number, Amounts,
        Dates, Earmarks
Other State Enhancements

  • Capture Actual Project Information
    While Preserving Programmed
  • Additional Reporting Needs
  • NPE and Earmark Data
  • Specific User Roles (Read-only)
Next Generation- FAA View

   FAA View -
      •Project Status
         •Special Reports
            •Airport Info
Future Improvements

 • FAA SOAR (ODO Data Exchange)

 • Commercial Service Airports

 • PFC’s
 In Closing…
 Developer’s Perspective:
     Internet has changed the way we do
  business and provided a medium for

     •   Simple and accessible
     •   Instant coordination
     •   Easy to update/maintain information
     •   Easy to update program

                    And Microsoft saw that it was good!
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