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                                                                  COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM
                                                                     PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS

                                      WELCOME TO THE COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM

                         Costco has retained Envoy Relocation Services Inc. (Envoy) and Envoy Realty
                         Services Inc. (Envoy Realty) to provide overall management and coordination of the

                         Selling one home and buying another is never easy, even when things go well. A
                         number of details, tasks and paperwork must be attended to that most of us don’t do
                         on a regular basis. Just knowing what to do and when to do it requires special
                         knowledge as well as effective planning and coordination.
                         Perhaps the most challenging task is selecting the many service providers required to
                         complete a real estate transaction. What real estate agent do I choose? How do I find
                         an experienced real estate lawyer to handle the closing? And of course, “how much
                         will my house sell for?” is always a burning question. As a Costco member, Envoy
                         can help answer these questions and many others before you even start the moving

The Costco Real Estate   The Costco Real Estate Program has three separate service components:
                                         1.   Real Estate and Closing Service
 Service Components                      2.   Mortgage Service
                                         3.   Home Inspection Service

                         This document and the accompanying service component Profile documents contain
  “read all about it”    all the important details you need to know about this unique program. Each service
                         component has its own terms and conditions which are available for you to read at
                or call 1-866-511-2226 toll-free to speak with an Envoy
                         Relocation Consultant

                         Naturally, putting all three service components to work for you will maximize your
                         savings and save time and stress. However, since all Costco members have unique
                         circumstances, each of the three service components is available separately if
                         required. These documents explain how the services work and how you can start
                         saving money, time and stress right away.

                         Envoy is a relocation management company with over thirty years of experience in
  WHO IS ENVOY?          providing advice, guidance and coordination for literally thousands of transferred
                         executives across Canada and around the world. These services, together with
                         Envoy’s experience and knowledge, are now available to Costco members.

                         Envoy provides Costco members with experienced Relocation Consultants to assist
                         throughout the move, whether across town or across the country. Relocation
                         Consultants are available to provide valuable advice and guidance and to coordinate
                         services throughout the process. If at any time you have questions or need to change
                         your requirements, simply contact the Envoy Customer Contact Centre to speak with
Relocation Consultants   a Relocation Consultant.

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                                                                      COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM
                                                                         PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS

                            Envoy Relocation Consultants coordinate the relocation services needed by Costco
  THE RELOCATION            members through a network of pre-qualified relocation professionals. We call this
     ALLIANCE               network The Relocation Alliance®.

                            The Relocation Alliance is a network of businesses that provide goods and services to
                            individuals and families who are moving from one residence to another.

                              Real estate agents to help you sell and buy a home efficiently
                              Mortgage consultants to advise and guide you through the mortgage maze
                              Real estate lawyers and notaries to close your transactions
                              Qualified home inspectors to guide you in making a sound purchase decision.

                            Envoy developed this network over thirty years of working with many relocation
                            professionals. We know the good ones!

                            Many individuals are uncomfortable negotiating price with services providers. If you
                            are not regularly involved in the market it is difficult to know where to start. Based
                            on years of experience and knowledge of relocation services in all market areas,
          $$                Envoy has already done the negotiating on your behalf.
 Pre-negotiated Pricing
          $$                Special Costco member commission rates and service fees take the pressure off your
                            relationship with the service providers so you can focus on the task at hand … selling
                            and buying your home. Volume pricing combined with cash rebates and special
                            discounts provide great value for an expensive transaction.

                            Selecting the best service providers for your move is often the most difficult part of
                            the process. Which real estate agent is right for me? How do I pick a lawyer/notary?
??-Difficult Decisions-??   What mortgage terms are right for my circumstances? Where do I start? These are
                            tough questions for many individuals because selling and buying real estate is not
                            something we do often. The Costco Real Estate Program takes the pressure off these
                            difficult decisions because Envoy has pre-screened the service providers you need.

                            An Envoy Relocation Consultant helps you select the service providers who can meet
                            your individual relocation needs. Based on your personal Member Profile, a
  Choosing the Right        Relocation Consultant will help you select service providers best suited to your
   Service Providers        individual circumstances. The Relocation Consultant then coordinates contact at a
                            convenient time and to ensure that the selected service providers can devote their full
                            attention to your service needs.

                            Envoy works through Envoy Realty Services Inc (Envoy Realty) to ensure that
                            Costco member transactions comply with industry regulations in each province.
                            Envoy Realty pre-qualifies real estate and mortgage consultants to strict Envoy
 Who is Envoy Realty?       quality standards and licensing requirements in the jurisdiction where services are
                            provided. Envoy Realty is a subsidiary of Envoy and is licensed as a real estate
                            broker in the Province of Alberta.

                            Envoy and Envoy Realty take all reasonable steps to ensure that Relocation Alliance
                            members are experienced in their respective areas of practice and committed to
                            providing high quality services and carry adequate business coverage insurance. In
                            all cases, however, Costco members deal directly with selected service providers and
                            are responsible to ensure that services contracted for are properly documented and
    Envoy Certified         carried out in a competent, complete and safe manner.

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                                                                    COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM
                                                                      PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS

                         In the event of a service dispute arising between a Costco member and a member of
                         The Relocation Alliance, Envoy will use its best efforts to resolve the dispute to the
       However!          Costco member’s satisfaction, including the provision of an alternate service provider.
                         In the event a Costco member is not fully satisfied, Envoy’s responsibility shall be
                         limited to recording such dissatisfaction in the customer service rating record of The
Call Us …We Can Help
                         Relocation Alliance member involved and notifying Costco of the Costco member’s

                         Members of The Relocation Alliance pay membership, marketing and service fees to
                         Envoy and/or Envoy Realty. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers pay marketing
WHAT’S THE CATCH?        fees to Envoy Realty based on the value of Costco member real estate and mortgage
                         transactions. These fees are pooled and used to provide Costco members with
                         additional savings in the form of rebates and special discounts.

                         Until now, this type of specialized relocation service and savings has only been
                         available to transferred executives of major corporations. Now your Costco
                         membership allows you to tap into this valuable network anytime you sell or buy a
                         home. Whether you move across town, across the country or around the world, put
                         your Costco membership to work and save money, time and stress.

   EASY TO USE …         Using the Costco Real Estate program is a simple 10 step process.
                         1.   Read the Service Profiles entirely to ensure you have a complete understanding
                              of the terms and conditions for each service component that you intend to use. If
                              you have any questions, an Envoy Relocation Consultant is standing by to
                              provide further clarification and guidance.
                         2.   Complete, sign and return the Service Request Form to Envoy by email, fax or
                         3.   An Envoy Relocation Consultant contacts you within 8 business hours from
                              receipt of your signed Service Request Form to complete a Member Profile so
                              that Envoy fully understands your individual circumstances and service needs.
                         4.   Identify the appropriate service providers from The Relocation Alliance network
                              with the assistance of your Relocation Consultant.
                         5.   Your Relocation Consultant arranges for you to be contacted immediately by the
   10 Steps to Savings        selected service providers.
                         6.   Envoy forwards your Costco Real Estate Savings Kit containing valuable
                              Rebate Applications and Savings Certificates together with complete
                              instructions for redeeming them.
                         7.   Sell and/or buy your home using a Relocation Alliance real estate agent,
                              mortgage consultant and home inspector.
                         8.   Close your real estate transaction with a Relocation Alliance lawyer/notary.
                         9.   Submit your Costco Savings Certificates directly to service providers at the time
                              of service delivery so that you can receive Costco member discounts instantly.
                         10. Complete and submit the appropriate mail-in Rebate Applications to receive
                             cash rebates and/or Costco Cash Cards within 4-6 weeks of closing.

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                                                              COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM
                                                                 PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS

Get Started Now!   An Envoy Relocation Consultant is standing by to get you started and to make the
                   process even easier.

                                                   Call Envoy toll-free at:
                                              ℡ 1-866-511-2226
                                               or visit the Envoy web site at:

                                                344 Lakeshore Rd. E., Suite 200
                                                   Oakville, ON L6J 1J6
                                              Toll Free Fax: 1-866-511-6626

                                                   Monday to Friday:
                                    10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (closed on statutory holidays)
 Contact Envoy                                   Saturday and Sunday:
                                                  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

                               THAT’S MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR COSTCO MEMBERSHIP!

                   Costco and Envoy are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information.
                   Specifically, Envoy commits to use the personal information provided by Costco
                   members only for the purpose of:

                          1.    Notifying participating members of The Relocation Alliance for the
                                purpose of providing goods and services requested by Costco
                          2.    Notifying Costco that a Costco member has elected to use services
  PRIVACY                       provided under the Real Estate Program. Costco has committed to
                                use the information to monitor Costco member satisfaction with the
                                Real Estate Program and to notify members of any changes to the

                                     Full privacy policies are available to be viewed at:


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                                               COSTCO REAL ESTATE PROGRAM
                                                 PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS

                   QUALITY AT ENVOY
Envoy takes its commitment to providing quality relocation services
very seriously and in this regard we need your help. At the conclusion
of your experience with the Costco Real Estate Program, you will be
asked to rate the services provided by both the business members of
The Relocation Alliance and the Envoy Relocation Consultants.

We work diligently both internally and with our business partners to
constantly improve the level of service you receive because we want to
exceed your expectations.

Your input is important for two reasons:
1.   We use your ratings and feedback to continuously improve Envoy
     services, service delivery procedures and training for Relocation
2.   Business members of The Relocation Alliance must maintain high
     quality service ratings from Costco members to maintain
     membership in the network.
                      You can help us improve!

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