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					Marine Corps Public

      Marine Corps
      Public Affairs

                             O7 (non-PAO)

       NY PAO

                               Deputy                  Strategic
       LA PAO                   PAO                 Communication

                             Marine Band    Plans Branch
Media Branch     Relations                                 MCNews Branch
  Community Relations Mission

Connect the Marine Corps with the American
public through educational, business,
entertainment, athletic, veteran, and civic
outreach programs in order to preserve and
mature the Corps’ relationship with America,
increase public awareness of the Corps’ value to
the nation, and to set positive conditions for
recruiting efforts.
                                      IMA                 Branch Head
                                       O-5                   YC-3

                                 Web Admin                                         Admin NCO
                                   CTR                Deputy Branch Head              E-5
                            COMREL Specialist                                     Budget Analyst
                                YA-2                                                  E-8

     PAC-10                                     PAC-20                                             PAC-30
Community Response                           Marine Corps Music                              Community Outreach
   Section Head                                Section Head                                     Section Head
  YC-2 (Vacant)                                   CWO-5                                        YC-2 (Pending)

                                             Marine Corps Music
Public Affairs Officer
                                              Senior Enlisted                        Outreach Bureau          IMA
                                                    E-9                                   CTR                  O-4

 Public Affairs Chief                        Marine Corps Music                      Outreach Bureau          IMA
         E-7                                        E-8                                   CTR                  O-3

                                                                                     Outreach Bureau          IMA
Combat Correspondent                                                                      CTR                  O-3
                                                                                      Public Inquiry     Outreach Bureau
                         *Position outlined in green denotes part-time employee           CTR               Chief E-7
         Community Response                    Marine Corps Music
   Public Requests:                      Band Operations:
         Aviation: ~1,100/yr.               Public Requests: ~150/yr.
         Ceremonial: ~150/yr.               Music Board in support of NCRC.
   Business Outreach: MCBEF & JCOC.
                                          OccFld Sponsor Responsibilities:
   VSO Liaison: MCL, NL, AL & VFW.          Approx 1000 Marines (12 Bands +
   Honorary Marine Program.
                                             Structure Management.
   White House Functions.                   Assignment Coordination.
                                             Promotion Allocations.
       Community Outreach                    Marine Week
   Strategic Communications Speakers    Inundates American cities with a week-
    Bureau.                               long series of Marine activities.

   Media Outreach.                      Marine Week Chicago conducted 11-
                                          17 May 09.
   Specialty Media Outreach.

   Public Liaison/Inquiry: ~1,100/yr    Marine Week Boston scheduled for
                                          Spring 10.
   Educational Programs.

   Military Appreciation.
•   Requirement:
     –   Launch from 25 nm (OTH).
     –   Exceed 25 knots at sea
     –   45 mph on land.
     –   Land range 200 miles w/o refueling.
•   Sole sea-based, surface-oriented vehicle that can project combat power OTH to the objective.
•   Specifically suited to maneuver operations from the sea and sustained operations ashore.
•   Amphibious mobility, day and night lethality, enhanced force protection capabilities, and robust
    communications will substantially improve joint force capabilities.
•   In Jun 07 certified to Congress as essential to national security.
•   The EFV program successfully released a Critical Design Review in the first quarter of FY 09
    during a capstone event that assessed the EFV design as mature with a predicted reliability
    estimate of 61 hours mean time between operational mission failures greatly exceeding the exit
    criteria of 43.5 hours.
•   “To enhance the forcible entry capability, the Commandant’s most critical ground system is the
    Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.”
    Naval Force for Employment as a MAGTF
•    Naval forces afford America’s only sustainable forcible entry capability. Two
     MEBs constitute the assault echelon of a sea-based MEF.
•    The Navy and Marine Corps have agreed to a requirement for 38 amphibs.
•    The amphibious fleet must be composed of:
      – LHA/LHD x 11
      – LPD-17 class x 11
      – LSD x 12
      – LPD or LSD x 4
•    The Marine Corps provides America a multi-capable naval force that
     operates across the full range of military operations.
•    In this era of strategic uncertainty, forward-deployed naval forces are
     routinely positioned to support our national interests.
•    The ability to overcome diplomatic, geographic, and anti-access
     impediments anywhere on the globe is a capability unique to naval forces.
          Wounded Warrior Regiment
•   Regiment at MCB Quantico. Battalions at MCB Camp Pendleton and MCB Camp
•   Regiment provides and facilitates assistance to wounded, ill, and injured Marines and
    Sailors attached to or in support of Marine units and their family members throughout
    the phases of recovery.
•   WWR designed and implemented a Marine Corps Wounded, Ill, and Injured Tracking
    System to maintain accountability and case management for the Marine Corps
    Comprehensive Recovery Plan.
•   To ensure effective family advocacy, the WWR has added Family Readiness Officers
    at the regiment and our two battalions to support the families of our wounded, ill, and
    injured Marines.
•   WWR proactively reaches out to those Marines and Marine veterans who may need
    assistance. The Sergeant Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center not only
    receives calls from active duty and former Marines, but also conducts important
    outreach calls.
•   To enhance reintegration, the WWR Job Transition Cell, manned by Marines and
    representatives of the Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs, has been
    identifying and coordinating with employers and job training programs to help our
    wounded warriors obtain positions in which they are most likely to succeed and enjoy
    promising careers.
    Taking Care of Our Own - Individual Marines
•   Marines make an enduring commitment to the Corps when they earn the title Marine. In turn, the
    Corps will continue its commitment to Marines and their families.
•   Quality of life survey conducted by the Corps indicates Marines and spouses were satisfied with
    the support they receive from the Marine Corps.
•   Although the Corps is aggressively attacking the stigma and the lack of information that at times
    prevents Marines from asking for help, we are reaching out to those Marines and Marine veterans
    who might need assistance.
•   Psychological Health Care
     –   Marine commanders are fully engaged in promoting the psychological health of our Marines,
         sailors, and family members.
     –   To assist leaders with prevention, rapid identification, and early treatment of combat
         operational stress, we are expanding our program of embedding mental health professionals
         in operational units.
•   Suicide Prevention
     –   42 suicides in 08.
     –   Suicide awareness and prevention program reviewed. As a result, a leadership training
         program targeted at NCOs was directed.
     –   Suicide prevention initiatives to be continually and aggressively pursued.

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