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                                                                                                       Senior Administrators           4            Classified                          45
                                                                                                       Professional Non-Faculty       38            Part-time Classified                 2
                                                                                                       Faculty                        61            Federal Work-Study Students         35
                                                                                                       Adjunct Faculty                54

                                                                                                       Students – Fall 2009
                                                                                                       Headcount                            1,776   Male                          483
                                                                                                       Full-Time                              843   Female                      1,293
                                                                                                       Full-Time Equivalency                1,144   Average Age                  26.9
                                                                                                       Part-Time                              933   Concurrent HS                 156

   FACT CARD ’09-‘10                                                                                   Residency
                                                                                                       Union County                         70%     Ouachita County               4%
       Post Office Box 7010, El Dorado, AR 71731-7010                                                  Ashley County                         2%     Other Arkansas Counties       5%
                                                                                                       Bradley County                        5%     Louisiana                     5%
                 (870) 862.8131 800.955.2289                                                           Columbia County                       8%     Other States                  1%
                                                                                                       Basic Adult Education
                                                                                                       Number of students enrolled                                                717
Mission                                                                                                Number of students served                                                1,163
South Arkansas Community College promotes excellence in learning, teaching,                            Number of English as Second Language students                               34
and service; provides lifelong educational opportunities; and serves as a cultural,
intellectual, and economic resource for the community.                                                 Corporate and Community Education
                                                                                                       Number of students/participants served                                   4,242
Established: March 31, 1992                                                                            Number of classes/events conducted                                         363
Accreditation                                                                                          Career Pathways
South Arkansas Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning                                  Number of students served                                                  301
Commission and a member of the North Central Association, Web site:                                    Certificates/Degrees awarded                                               142
Programs                                                                                               Degrees Awarded
                                                                                                       Associate of Arts Degree               31    Associate of Applied Science 79
LIBERAL ARTS ........................................................... Phillip Ballard, M.A., Dean   Technical Certificates                132    Certificates of Proficiency  111
LIBERAL ARTS                                                                                           High School Equivalency (GED)          70
 Associate of Arts                                      General Studies                                Library Holdings
 Early Childhood Education                              Associate of Arts in Teaching                  Volumes                             26,787   Databases                      45
 Criminal Justice                                                                                      Periodicals                             95   Videos/Media                1,047
                                                                                                       Complete Online Catalog                Yes
HEALTH AND NATURAL SCIENCES                           George Roberts, Ed. D., CLS, Dean
Emergency Medical Technology                          Nursing                                          Physical Plant & Facilities                                            Fall 2009
 Basic EMT                                            Certified Nursing Assistant                      Acreage: 54                Buildings: 17          Gross Sq. Footage: 170,681
 Paramedic                                            Practical Nursing
Health Information Technology                         Registered Nursing: LPN to
                                                                                                       Capital Investment                                    Fiscal Year 2008 - 2009
                                                                                                                                                           (amounts before depreciation)
 Medical Coding                                        RN Transition
 Medical Transcription                                Radiologic Technology                            Land                                                             $ 1,191,248
 Occupational Therapy Assistant                       Surgical Technology                              Improvements & Infrastructure                                      $ 424,024
 Physical Therapist Assistant                         Respiratory Therapy                              Equipment                                                        $ 2,580,490
                                                                                                       Building                                                        $15,232,788
                                                                                                       Construction in Progress                                            $ 40.945
TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS ........................ James Roomsburg, M.S., Dean
                                                                                                       Library Holdings                                                   $ 844,703
Automotive Service Technology       General Technology
Automotive Maintenance              Industrial Electricity-Basic                                       Operating Budget/Current Funds                        Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010
Automotive Diagnostics              Industrial Equip Maint. Technology                                 Revenues                             Percent                        Amount
Computer/Network Installation &     Industrial Process Technology                                      State                                39.81%                      $ 7,510,244
  Repair Technology                 Welding Technology                                                 Federal                              35.34%                      $ 6,667,581
                                                                                                       Tuition & Fees                       18.42%                      $ 3,476,109
BUSINESS                                                                                               All Other                             6.43%                      $ 1,212,806
Accounting                                           Administrative Assistant                          Total:                              100.00%                     $ 18,866,740
Computer Information Technology                      General Business Administration
Administrative Assistant Technology                  Entrepreneurship                                  Tuition per Semester Credit Hour                                       Fall 2010
                                                                                                       In-District: $71                 Out-of-District: $80         Out-of-State: $146
Board of Trustees                                                                                      In-State Registered Nursing: $80          Out-of-State Registered Nursing: $146
Mr. Steve Cousins, Chair
Ms Sherrel Johnson, Vice Chair                       Mr. John Dews                                     Highlights
Ms. Veronica Creer, Secretary                        Mr. Charlie Thomas                                 Awarded a 5 year, $2,000,000 grant from the Department of Education
Mr. David Ross                                       Dr. Marc Parnell                                    Strengthening Institutions Title III Program.
Mr. Steve Cameron                                    Ms. Vicki de Yampert                               Regional Secondary Technical Center preparing high school students in 6
                                                                                                         school districts to achieve dual credit technical training for continued college
Administration                                                                                           studies and/or entry-level technical employment.
Dr. Barbara Jones                President                                                              ARRA funding received for facilities improvement/repair: $337,435
Dr. Valeriano Cantú              Vice President of Learning
Mr. Vernie Meador                Vice President of Fiscal Affairs
                                                                                                        Health Science Building architectural plans completed- construction
Dr. Curtis Hill                  Vice President of Student Services
Dr. W.T. Kirk                    Chief Information Officer                                              Joint use Conference Center/Student Center architectural plans completed
Dr. S. Tully-Dartez              Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research                   International students can now attend SouthArk. The SEVIS (Student Exchange
                                                                                                         and Visitors Information System) accreditation process was completed.
SouthArk Foundation                                                                                     In addition to the positive economic impact that SouthArk operation creates, the
Cynthia Reyna                    Director of Institutional Advancement & Foundation                      college also greatly increases the human capital of the region through academic
                                                                                                         and workforce training.

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