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									    Beech Grove                                                                                                      Grizzly Basketball
          Beech Grove                                                                                                        The Grainger Grizzlies                November 26, 2008
       schoolhouse served                                                                                                      defeat Knights in a                     Volume 5
       students until 1956                                                                                                    Hall of Fame game                       Number 48
               Page 6                                                                                                                Page 17                           50 cents

                                                    I   Serving Grainger and Surrounding East Tennessee Counties I
Planning Commission
   The Grainger County Planning
Commission unanimously agreed
Monday to give State Planner Joe
Barrett the administrative authority to      German Creek condos going to highest bidder
review plats that call for the
                                                          By Jim Zachary
subdividing of lots that are five acres
                                                              GT Editor
or more. Technically, a lot of five acres
is not subject to county subdivision           BEAN STATION – After owners
regulations and does not need               defaulted on bank loans, German Creek
approval, but if developers choose to       Resort condominiums will be sold at
submit plats to the county, Barrett will    auction Saturday, December 13, and there
now be able to accept the plats and         will be no minimum bids.
recommend approval without                     The real estate agent handling the high-
commission review. In other business,       end luxury properties said this week it
the planning commission cancelled its       could be an opportunity for buyers to
December meeting because of the             purchase units for substantially less than
holidays and is not scheduled to meet       they were originally priced.
again until January 26 at 7 p.m. at the        Each condominium unit will be
justice center.                             auctioned individually, going to the highest
                                               In October a foreclosure sale was held at
Car Accident                                the Grainger County Courthouse after
   Four victims, including two              Green Bank declared German Creek
children, were transported to UT            Partnership in default of its loan
Medical Center following a two-car,         agreement. However, according to Chad
head-on crash Tuesday morning,              Ragle of Furrow Auction Company in
                                            Knoxville, 21 units of the 64 units that
according to Grainger County E911           make up the complex, remain unsold.
Director Randy Holt. Holt said E911            Of the 21 units being auctioned off, 14
received a call around 7:30 a.m.            are completely finished out, with the
reporting the accident on Rutledge          remaining seven described as being                                                                                          Photo by Ann Cason
Pike below Joppa School. Holt said          “mostly finished.”                             The condominiums known as The Bluffs at German Creek Resort will be auctioned Saturday,
Highway 11W was closed for about 45
                                                            See Foreclosure, page 32       December 13.
minutes until two Lifestar helicopters
could transport three of the victims.
The fourth victim was transported by
EMS. Tennessee Highway Patrol is
investigating the accident.
                                             100 pounds Crematorium lawsuit looms
Holiday Closing                             of pot seized                                               By Sarah McCarty
                                                                                                            GT Reporter
                                                                                                                                                             Rocky Springs Road
                                                                                                                                                             resident, said lawsuits
   Federal, state, county and city                                                                                                                           were nothing new and
offices will be closed in celebration of                                                      BEAN STATION – Several citizens of
                                                         By Sarah McCarty
                                                                                           Bean Station continued to protest the                             maybe the city should
the Thanksgiving holiday. The offices                        GT Reporter                                                                                     still      fight       the
of Grainger Today will also be closed                                                      operation of a new crematorium even after
                                                                                           the Board of Mayor and Aldermen said it                           crematorium. However,
and will reopen at 9 a.m. Monday,              WASHBURN – Authorities seized an            has no recourse in preventing the project,                        Brewer explained the city
December 1. The Grainger County             estimated 100 pounds of marijuana and          Monday night.                                                     would be fighting a
Courthouse will be closed November          more than $70,000 during a search on the          After enlisting the help of the city          Mayor Brewer losing battle, saying the
27 through 29.                              north side of Clinch Mountain, Wednesday,      attorney to help back the citizens in their                       attorney said it would be
                                            November 19.                                   fight against the crematorium constructed at   a lawsuit it couldn’t really win based on his
                                               Grainger County Sheriff James Harville,     the corner of Highway 25E and Crossroad        research and similar cases. “I’ll urge you to
                                            along with department investigator Derrick     Drive, Mayor Rick Brewer said the              do what you can, but the city’s gone as far
                                            Dalton, assisted members of TBI, the           attorney’s response stated there was           as it can,” Brewer said.
                                            judicial drug task force and district          basically nothing the city could do without       Douglas questioned the attorney’s
                                            attorney office investigators in the           being sued.                                    response, which he had received a copy of,
                                                                     See Pot, page 32         Concerned citizen Eddie Douglas, a                         See Crematorium, page 32
32                                                GRAINGER TODAY                                                                  NOVEMBER 26, 2008

                                                           From Page One . . .

                                                          Foreclosure from page 1
                                                             The original loan of $12 million was         process can be found on the company’s
                                                          made by Green Bank, August 19, 2005. In         website at
                                                          October as part of the substitute trustee’s        Representatives from Green Bank will be
                                                          sale, it was declared, “German Creek and        on-hand at the actual auction and will be
                                                          German Creek Resort LLC are in default in       offering special financing to qualified
             Hwy. 66 Plaza, Rogersville                   the performance of the covenants, terms
                                                          and conditions of the Note, and the Lender
                                                                                                             Furrow Auction representatives said they
                                                          has declared the Note and all other             have had numerous phone calls from both
                                                          indebtedness related thereto immediately        in-state and out-of-state perspective buyers
                                                          due and payable.”                               and they expect a large crowd the day of the

     NEW GIFTWARE ARRIVING DAILY!                            Furrow Auction will be hosting three
                                                          open house opportunities for potential
                                                          buyers to view the properties, scheduled for
                                                          December 5, 7 and 12. Ragle said that his
                                                                                                             The event will be catered by Buddy’s
                                                                                                             The absolute auction is set to begin at 1
                                                          company has also accepted bids as part of a     p.m. at the clubhouse adjacent to the
        During the entire month of December,              pre-sale and information for the bidding        condominiums, December 13.

          giftware is discounted 15-50% OFF!              Crematorium from page 1
                                                          and thought maybe all avenues were not          that it is or isn’t. You can get harmed by a
     Featuring University of Tennessee, Jim Shore,        completely explored. He said he saw two
                                                          options, that the citizens and the city of
                                                                                                          hamburger joint. I just don’t want to tell
                                                                                                          someone that absolutely no it will not harm.
                                                          Bean Station could fight engineer Matt          According to what’s been tested up to this
     Precious Moments & Willow Tree Collectibles          Hatfield, who will operate the crematorium,
                                                          and his Morristown partners or, “the
                                                                                                          point, we’re below health and safety
                                                          citizens sue Bean Station.”                        Brewer said that while the city had no
                                                             “If that’s what you all feel like you need   recourse, he thought if the residents could
          Gifts & Collectibles (423) 272-3882             to do, then do it,” Brewer said. “Our lawyer
                                                          says there’s nothing we can do. Yeah, we
                                                                                                          get doctors’ opinions in writing that might
                                                                                                          help the citizens fight the crematorium.
               Pharmacy (423) 272-6408                    probably made a mistake, and if I could
                                                          correct it I would. Is this the type of
                                                                                                             No action was taken on the matter, but
                                                                                                          one resident said, “I don’t think this is the
                               business I prefer? No. But according to the
                                                          law, this man has the right to operate his
                                                                                                          end of it,” and requested the board put the
                                                                                                          subject on the agenda for its next meeting,
                                                          business,” Brewer said. Brewer went on to       which will be held Monday, December 8.
                                                          explain that when the crematorium was              During the planning commission
                                                          brought to the planning commission earlier      meeting last month, Hatfield told citizens,
                                                          this year, there were no citizens present to    the crematorium will follow strict emission
                                                          oppose it, and he did not think there was       regulations, and they obtained proper
                                                          anything to be concerned about since it is a    permits, including one from the Tennessee
                                                          common business throughout the country.         Department         of    Environment     and
                                                          However, he said he had a problem with          Conservation. He said the business would
                                                          some of the responses John Allen,               be under the required limit of emissions and
                                                          Hatfield’s partner, of Allen Funeral Home       the state-of-the-art facility includes a
                                                          in Morristown, gave during a planning           secondary combustion chamber and
                                                          commission meeting last month where             scrubber that will eliminate odors and
                                                          citizens questioned crematorium developers      reduce emission issues.
                                                          and voiced concerns including emissions.           In other business, the board discussed the
                                                             In particular, Brewer said he did not like   future of the old city hall building and
                                                          Allen’s answer to two residents with health     decided to make a decision whether or not
                                                          conditions who live near the crematorium.       to tear it down at its meeting next month.
                                                          Both said their doctors warned that the         Also, the city cancelled Christmas in the
                                                          proximity of their homes to the                 Park this year due to lack of interest and
                                                          crematorium would be bad for their health.      time constraints. However, Brewer said that
                                                          One resident asked, “Can you tell me that       members of the Parks and Recreation Board
                                                          that’s not gonna harm me, make me sick?”        promise to bring the event back next year
                                                          Allen answered, “I’m not going to tell you      and make it bigger and better in 2009.

                                                          Pot from page 1
                                                          execution of three search warrants in              Authorities also searched the Thorn Hill
                                            Lay-A-Way     Washburn. According to reports, authorities     home of Donna Roberts, Friday, November
           Call about our                   available.    discovered the marijuana and money when
                                                          they searched the homes of Annie B.
                                                                                                          21. Dalton said several pounds of a
                                                                                                          powdery substance and a significant
      WINTERIZATION SPECIAL!!                             Dreadin, 67, and Susan Denise Scearce, 38.
                                                          Along with the alleged discovery of the
                                                                                                          amount of marijuana were found. Glenn
                                                                                                          Edward Coffey, 36, was arrested and
     MORRISTOWN YAMAHA                                    illegal narcotics, six people, including
                                                          Dreadin and Scearce were arrested. All the
                                                                                                          charged with possession of Schedule II
                                                                                                          drugs and possession of Schedule VI drugs
         423-581-BIKE • 1-866-581-4552                    defendants were charged with criminal
                                                          conspiracy or selling and delivering
                                                                                                          with intent to sell or deliver. All suspects
                                                                                                          posted bond and are awaiting preliminary
     1839 W. MORRIS BLVD • MORRISTOWN, TN                 Schedule VI drugs and Dreading, Scearce         hearings in December.                           and Jason E Harris, 29, were also charged          According to Sheriff Harville, the
                                                          with possession of Schedule VI drugs with       investigation by the sheriff’s department
                                                          intent to sell or deliver. Also charged were    and TBI “had been in the works for quite
                                                          Misty Leigh Harris, 27, Timothy M. Davis,       some time,” and he said he expects
                                                          39, and Scottie L. Bailey, 39.                  additional charges at a later date.

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