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					                  Janesville Snow Removal Contract
This snow removal contract is between RTS ENTERPRISES L.L.C. DBA: Janesville Snow
Removal and ________________________. It is effective ______________ 200___ until
_____________, 200__.

Services: Contractor agrees to furnish all labor, materials, and equipment required for
fulfilling snow removal services. Contractor also agrees to maintain adequate general liability
insurance for the term of this contract.

Method and Schedule: Snow will be removed from the lots after reaching a depth of ___” Snow
will be removed from sidewalks after reaching a depth of ___” Snow clearance operations will
be initiated when, in the best judgment of the contractor, conditions are such that snow removal
operations are required. It shall be the responsibility of the contracting officer to notify Janesville
Snow Removal when snow removal services are not required. When large accumulations of
snow are predicted, contractor reserves the right to begin snow removal before the cession of
snow fall. This may require 2-3 visits during a lengthy storm ( greater than 24 hours). Salt may
all be used at the discretion of the contractor to provide the best removal of snow possible.
Contractor assumes no responsibility for cleanup of these materials. Snow will be piled in
locations that will not inhibit traffic or occupy parking spaces that are used by customers or
employees. Snow will not be piled in places that will impede drainage. Snow will be removed
the most efficient way possible, and will be completed within 24 hours from the end of snow

Snow Removal Rates & Methods


Total cost per visit including all above services is $___________

Payment Terms: The above prices, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory and
are herby accepted. Payments will be made in a net 15 fashion. Payments not received 30
days after billing are re-billed and charged 2% weekly interest until paid in full. Payments
not received 60 days after billing will be grounds for termination of this agreement.
Payments of 60 days or more will be subject to civil action and will include all attorneys
fees, court fees, and ect. Services may be terminated at any time by either party, however all
past due snow removal fees must be paid in full.

Accepted by:_______________________________________ Date_______________.
Contractor: ________________________________________ Date_______________.

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