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                        City of Woodstock Georgia
                        City Hall 103 Arnold Mill Road                     www      woodstock2a      2ov


                                      MONDAY MARCH 31 2008@6 00PM@ Woodstock City Hall
                                      WEDNESDAY APRIL 2 2008 @ 6 00 PM@ Woodstock City Hall

Monday March 31 2008 tV Woodstock City Hall                             6 00   pm

Present    Mayor   Donnie     Henriques Council Randy Brewer Chris Casdia Tracy Collins Steve Faris Bud Leonard                                        Bob
Mueller Staff      Gena      Kelley Finance Manager Henry Bucci CFO Rhonda Pezzello City Clerk Tracie Barnes                                               HR

Director Raymond         Dodson               Streets
                                              Parks                        Theresa Woodall IT Director Jim
                                                           Jarvis Middleton Public Works Director
Phelps Interim City     Managerg
                        Buildin  Official Dave Soumas Asst Fire Chief Jerry Smith Fire Chief Larry Thomas
WWTP Pat Flood Water Sewer Kelen Shostak Stormwater Ric Moss Police Chief Richard McLeod Director of

Planning Economic Development and Billy Peppers DDAlCVB Director


                   Mayor Henriques began the meeting by saying there is nothing personal about this process                                       It   s   all
                   business Anything we talk about as far as cuts your ward etc do not take it personally Weare                                   here     to

                   balance a budget

                   Jim Phelps Interim City Manager informed the Council that staff has worked diligently to cut the budget
                   All development revenues and the economy are down He has met with all departments and the Chief
                   Financial Officer Henry Bucci and they have gotten the budget down to the bare bones but we still have
                   a   deficit


                   Chief Financial Officer              Henry   Bucci distributed   a  Cash Revenue Forecast which shows                 revenue       flow
                   from   February     07 to December 08             This is the balance in the general fund cash reserve

                   March 2007                            3 million
                   July 2007                             500 000
                   November 2007                         5 million

                   January    2008                       4 million

                   February 2008                         3 2 million

                   July 2008                            Estimated    900 000 could be      offup to     12 million   plus or minus

                   Keep    this low number in mind when deciding to make                   a   big expenditure        currently   don t have the funds
                   to do so       Will take   a
                                                  period of years      of building up the reserve for that

                   This is        natural                               stated that is   why   the   City   needs    5 million in   reserves   to run      the
                              a             occurrence

                   Building permits are off about a half a million dollars                from what was projected Water and sewer tap fees
                   are off by 1 2 million We usually get 1 5 million                        have only received 300 000 SPLOST money is

                                   3 31 and 4 2 of2008                                                                                                       1
Budget Work Sessions
             down from       February         March    by    31        We have to be        prudent    while still   providing    services    to our

             citizens     This is up to Council to decide

             General Fund   Budget initially began with                a  17 million dollar budget since that time Henry and Jim

             Phelps have backed off all new personnel                  and equipment then met with department directors and have
             reduced this to a 15 million dollar budget                 But this is still   a      2 million dollar deficit

             Water and Sewer Revenues            are   down       largely due   to the   drought   and the recent    watering   restrictions    This

             budget     deficit   equals    2 3 million

             Stormwater       Currently has a         30 000      positive

             Capital      There is     16 in    capital   items to be financed            Some of those items        are   small that   we   will pay
             cash for which equals           32 000

             Municipal Complex Debt Service                  to   payoff current City      Hall building

             SPLOST I        Non active

             SPLOST II            Active      2 5 million in      savings
                                                                   a            account     accumulates about         10 000 in interest      yearly
             Will be    expending      3 million and we        anticipate       3 8   coming in

             SPLOST III         Active account Revenues are down 31     from February 08 to March 08                                       4
                                                                                                                                           2 million
             expected     to receive this year We re adding another 100 000 from reserves that have about                                 800 000 in
             it for various assets

                  Motel       Tax          Expected to receive          180 000 this year           This money is          generally    dedicated   to

             DDAlCVB        to run their     operations


         A   Jarvis Middleton Public Works

             1          Streets 310          Dodson

                        Salaries       Wages          went    from      234 764 in 08       to     247 000   the     jump    includes merit      cola
                        increases      no new    personnel

                        Training    reduced by        1000     but that is    okay because they      will attend   more     local conferences

                        CM Collins asked about overtime                             Raymond stated that part of their
                                                                             if it could be reduced
                        problem is that concerns were changed from Friday night to Saturday night and the guys have to
                        come out and clean up the
                                                  park on Sunday now No one remembered why we changed the dates

                        Contractual Services     went up from 91 950   08 to 113 700 09       This is due in part to street

                        repairs     and maintenance costs if we take over streets from Cherokee County such as Towne

                        Lake Neese Road etc       Sinkhole type repairs will come out of stormwater                            This also addresses
                        the matter ofthe traffic control increase from 08 to 09

                            3 31 and 4 2 of2008                                                                                                     2
Budget Work Sessions
                   CM Collins stated she would rather cut out overtime than                                        cutting    out   merit raises          Jarvis
                   Middleton stated that it would be                      impossible    to cut out       all overtime for     public   works     if   a   storm

                   blows through they will go out to do what they need to do whether it be a tree falling across the
                   road or other problem It would be difficult to have people off through the week because they
                   had to work a midnight call It would leave them short staffed Council Member Collins stated
                   that she works where          no   overtime is allowed and it                   can   be done

                   Mayor    stated he would rather                  see   the overtime than the merit and            performance raises because he
                   saw    first hand how  public           works have to be called                 out at    odd times   such as Saturday when the
                   rail at the   gazebo was loose               He feels it may be a safety issue to not allow it

                   CM Collins stated she would rather                           see   merit raises because    not all employees benefit from

                   overtime         Some     employees          would rather          not   have the merit increase because they get overtime
                   every week          She       time clock every day and gets a raise every year
                                              punches a                                                 they give up
                   overtime for that There is a give and take If the employees would rather not have pay raises
                   then she s fine with that She told those present that she believes there are times when some only
                   need 4 hours overtime but               they take        10 hours

                   CM Faris  suggested that we continue to ask these type questions but no                                             make any decision
                   department by department but wait until the end and look at the entire budget

                   Mayor reported         that fuel costs have gone up 120                         for the   County over the last      three years

             2     Parks 420           Dodson

                   Overtime in Parks is estimated                    to    be    11 000          CM Collins asked about this           being   taken      out or

                   reduced     as   well

                   Umpire fees paid out of general fund                          but money is collected to cover this expense from the ball
                   teams league fees   Umpires are paid                           19 9ame x 2 umps per game x 38 games per year

                   CM Collins asked if           we
                                                      charge rental fees for                the ball field when      lights   are   used At this time        we

                   charge   for     practice   time   only Her team plays                    50 at All Team Tournament Park

                   Revenues in         07 for recreation            were        22 597 in        08 they     anticipated to be 10 000 in 09 we

                   are   estimating        12 000         Council asked           why       so   low     Raymond stated the team participation is

                   March                  June is         busy      time for them            they spent        147 000 at the end of February 2008
                            through                   a

                   Estimate    we     will   spend        220 000         by the end   of the year per Henry

             3     Building          Grounds 320                Dodson

                   Utilities   are   up      but this     can   t   be helped

                         3 31 and       4 of2008
                                        2                                                                                                                     3
Budget Work Sessions
            4          Engineering         405        Middleton

                       Jarvis Middleton appealed the decision of the Interim  City Manager and CFO to pull his request
                       for a new position     Traffic Light Tech   He stated that we are installing a traffic management

                       system  within 4 6 months of the contract being signed over the summer and that DOT has agreed
                       to give us the Hwy 92 traffic system within our jurisdiction for maintenance and upkeep       He

                       would like a traffic light tech to watch the new system being installed and serve as a project
                       manager     Otherwise he will have to be the project manager Council Member Brewer asked
                       Jarvis if the company doing the project is providing project management was it not part of the
                       original agreement To which Jarvis replied no Council Member Brewer stated that we may
                       need to contract this out rather than pay full time salary and benefits this year Jarvis disputed

                       this saying that it would be costly Council Member Brewer said this would depend on usage

                       This would be a Level ITech position with a 55 000 salary                              25 000 in        special equipment      and
                        75 000 for a bucket truck Special training will be necessary

                       Jim Phelps Interim City Manager stated this entire project may have                                to   be   set   aside until next
                       budget year because ofthe lack of funds in the upcoming budget year


            Overtime       vs     merit increases      what percentage ofovertime could be cut

            Traffic   Signal Project            request for Traffic Light Tech
            Roads     to   be taken in from       County for     our    maintenance

             5         Water          Sewer Fund

                       The CFO     Henry Bucci gave an overview of this fund s economic outlook He stated that
                       expenditures are off of revenues by 1 5 million dollars for 08 09 This is due to a lack of water
                       sales because of the drought tap fees are down because of the recent economic downturn

                       Our overall        rate structure seems to         be   okay   to pay    for   operations   per   Henry       However he does

                       have       areas   of   concern     a   hands    on   audit needs   to   be conducted       to   check the accuracy of meter

                       readings billing          and   a rate   study

                       Council Member Brewer stated                 we are      still under the 10        mandate for      water     conservation from
                       the State

                       Council Member Faris asked if               we    could have  fixed portion on the water bill and then a variable

                       based on how much water we use                    Henry passed out three forms that are possible solutions to our
                       deficit     problem

                       The first form          was   in blue and   represented    a 53   33     rate   increase   by July      1 which would     generate
                            2       000 00 in    revenue

                                               4 of 2008                                                                                                4
Budget Work Sessions        3 31 and           2
                   The second form             was    in red and         represented       an   increase estimated sales            by    33 33        and create    a

                                              to    insure collection               1 500 000 00            and         rate increase      by July      1   of 15
                   cost    adjustment                                                                              a

                       900 000 00         This will depend              on water     sales

                   The third form this is the                one   the CFO recommends                   represented       an   all inclusive cost       adjustment
                   to insure      collection and                                    54           400
                                                                                                 2       000 00          This is        variable   rate increase
                                                           adjust monthly                                                          a

                   could    see a     rate increase        of 54        in   one   month

                   2003    was    when        our   last   rate   study      was   conducted           We need      a   tiered   rate structure       with variable

                   Jim    Phelps      stated that      we    have       buildings being         built but many of them                   are   being   serviced     by

                   Henry    Bucci CFO stated the        City is in healthy financial shape We received a good bond rating
                           though       aresales and tap fees are down because the bond company assumes the City will
                   raise the rates       when necessary to pay for the bond

                   CM Collins          asked about cutting the projected   45 900 dollars in overtime column                                                     Jarvis
                   reported      this is a  7
                                            24 plant Larry Thomas said it s cheaper to pay overtime than fines

                   Jim Phelps stated that in all            probability the Council will have to look at a combination                                  ofreducing
                   salaries and overtime                 may have to look at scheduling alternatives

                   CM Collins felt it              was     not   fair   to cut     merit raises instead of overtime because                      not everyone is

                   entitled to overtime but everyone is entitled to merit raises                                  Thinks   we     need    to   keep   the personnel
                   we     have   now

                   Council Member Brewer                    roughly      estimated that         we     have      500 000 in Overtime in all            departments
                    w s and general fund

                   Henry Bucci stated that in order                     to   bring the budget          to   a   balance     the    City   would have        to   layoff
                   approximately 54 people overall

                   CM Collins asked if we could transfer                           personnel     from       one
                                                                                                                  department       to   another but the          Mayor
                   told her the point is to cut the budget

                   a         WWTP             Dept    330

                                 Salaries Overtime were discussed                     see   above

                   b         Water Transmissions                        Distribution 340

                             No salaries in this                                                of meters is down from                  100 000 to      80 000 due
                                                             budget Replacement
                             to the      housing       market decline

                                 This               is where            expend      funds for    purchase of water
                                        budget                    we

                                 An                 will be done              water sales    equity
                                      analysis                           on

Budget Work Sessions    3 31 and         2
                                         4 of2008
                   c         Sewer Mains          Collections      350

                             CM Collins asked Pat Flood about overtime in this department He replied that he has
                             been working with HR to get this down since he came back to work with the City He is
                                          to reduce   overtime                      work hours and                   off with
                             working                                by stacking                         splitting               Saturday
                             coverage       He has 11   people     underhim

                             Contract services have increased            by   15 000 due to   paving repairs   and

                              9000 is  budgeted for phone pay two office employees are paid to rotate nights in which
                             they get paid 25 night to take phone in complaints about people watering their yard

                   d         Capital      Depreciation       370

                             No comments

                   e         Customer     Accounting         Collections      360

                             Very   minimal overtime budgeted            only for nights   when cashier needs to stay     to   balance   or

                             if there are   billing issues

             6     Stormwater Utility

                   The stormwater      utility   is in the black by 30 000 A few items were moved from the general fund

                   capital   to stormwater       because the equipment can be shared bush hog for streets mulcher for

                   Ke1en Shostak distributed            a   capital improvement projects list         that   was    prioritized by   our

                   consultant Two         projects  were added     to the list due to them being      emergency situations        Arnold
                   Mill Road where the        guardrail fell    and Main Street and Towne Lake

                   This list did    not   include the Barnesdale Terrace        project private property flooding There is a
                   driveway that has a very small culvert           off public right of way So the Mayor requested that it be
                   added to the project list to install curb and gutter

                   This is the   3rd year of operations and 2nd full year The City will be taking over activities that
                          previously done by the consultant CH2MHil1 Spent 200 000 on the consultants last year
                       plan to spend 100 000 this year

      B     Ric Moss Police Chief

             1     Police 200

                   Last year Chief Moss       requested 15 new personnel got 9 Still has 6 positions unfilled at this
                   time because     they have had people leave Taking into consideration time to recruit test and train
                                                                                                                  18 24
                   new officers      many times they do not recognize or realize the benefit of that person until
                   months out

                   In FY 08       they have requested five new positions in anticipation of growth and taking over
                                                                                                   recent software
                   county roadways Would also like a dedication IT position for police in light of
                   upgrades for new laptop technology Henry   has taken away 3 of the existing 6 new positions and

Budget Work Sessions    3 31 and    2
                                    4 of2008
                   has told him he       cannot      have the five         new
                                                                              requesting This causes a dilemma for
                                                                                   positions     he is
                   him     well
                          as       other departments
                                    as                                 He      ll provide the same level of service in
                                                                             can   t                we
                   12  months as today He is looking at scheduling options to see if we can maximize our existing
                   resources and
                                   looking at the existing programs we offer and services we provide May be forced
                   to take the two individuals assigned to neighborhood services to cover zones

                   Our biggest crime we deal with today is identity theft and fraud very time consuming and
                   complex to investigate May need to increase investigations from 3 4 employees in the future

                   Have to be       cognizant        of   surrounding cities such as Johns Creek                     and   Holly Springs      who have
                   salaries that exceed     ours          Holly Springs just gave a 14 increase

                   Would like the        City   to   look at        salary compression            where     an   officer   can   reach top   salary   in 10

                   years rather than 18 years             as   it is currently

                   Asking      for six replacement vehicles             to   continue with       assigned    vehicle program

                   The  big ticket item is the             forecasted fuel             cost     Maintenance     only went up 3000 due to               the
                   assigned vehicle program                    To   keep   fuel   costs   down he is        asking officers to do more park            and

                   The software     contract is ready to sign   This is a 4 5 year payoff for the City by implementing
                   this    Citizens will be able to access information via the internet and officers to do reports in their
                   car    Won t be online until November                   or   December of2008

                   Specialtypay is the K 9 units and motorcycle units                                    required   per FLSA        Have reduced the

                   number hours from what it was formerly calculated on

                   Jim    Phelps stated they acknowledge the IT position is needed provided it is                                  dedicated to   police
                   fire and  building This position will report to Theresa Woodall IT Director

                   Theresa Woodall IT Director stated they currently have a hard time keeping up with the police
                   department She wants someone that will work with their software platform and learn the system
                   that   can   be available whenever it is needed

                   The     100 000 cut in vehicles is for the five                     sworn    positions that the Finance Officer cut But to
                   stay   on    schedule with the         assigned     vehicle program           approved last year they are requesting 6 new

                   CM Collins asked about overtime                      The Chief responded that             they have     certain restrictions due      to

                   FLSA    Have cut down on training     bringing instructors in house The State may be mandating
                    100 per person be paid for by police departments for the police academy Added 5000 to
                   budget for this We currently send officers to Forsyth and Austell

                   CM Collins stated that if                        need to                                                neighborhood       services
                                                                                    may need to cut back
                                                           we                 we                                     on                                  or

                   detectives to go back         on   the road

                   We have officers that the              City pays     that are    teaching at     the   Academy                    part time
                                                                                                                       either full time      or

                   Officer Rich is full time              Chief Moss stated it            s a   trade off He felt the in kind contribution was
                   an   investment and     a    benefit

                        3 31 and 4 2 of 2008                                                                                                             7
Budget Work Sessions
                    The       two    officers that                                 neighborhood                          currently provide          services to
                                                                 assigned     to                          programs
                    HOA        s    teenage    driving      programs and other outreach programs

                    Jim Phelps and Henry Bucci stated the evidence tech position a civilian position was included in
                    this year s budget There are three positions currently in this year s budget that the CFO has
                    asked Chief not to fill that is not in the 08 09 budget

                    Vulnerability Study

                    Chief Moss informed Council that a vulnerability study was conducted on three of the City s
                    buildings To bring it up to standard the City may need to consider budgeting 25 30 dollars
                    Some                                                                                                                                        time
                               simple things that can be done are a computerized ID cardvisitor system using                                         a
                    bailiff for council    meetings additional key pads and an updated key pad system

                    Theresa Woodall IT Director stated Sonitrol who                                currently    do     our
                                                                                                                             key pad system         will be here
                    at   the end of April        to   with the Police and          perform a demonstration               Council         was   invited   to   attend

                    Mayor stated that that             is   a   small price   to pay     for the   security of our personnel

                    Jeff Moon            new    City Manager will be here Wednesday Will meet with Tracie Barnes                                                 HR
                    Director to train          employees that no one goes beyond front doors without proper id etc

                    Mayor          asked Chief Moss to work with               new
                                                                                        City Manager on his request                for   new

                    Chief Moss stated            we    do       not   subscribe    to   the national standard of             one   officer per 1000 citizens
                    because of the        high volume of people who drive through                         our

                    CM Faris had          questions         about how      we     quantify layoffs        or   cutbacks      vs    level of service           Where
                    can we         sacrifice service            If that   tough    decision has      to   be made            we
                                                                                                                                   recognize     there will be         a

                    decrease in the level ofservice                    Is there a way to get the metrics for this

                    Chief stated that the City of Ft Lauderdale several years ago implemented for delayed crimes
                    response was within 48 hours unless people wanted to come to the station The software package
                    allows reports to be made on scene Will look at all of this It depends on what the                                              community
                    expects if we change their expectation and let the public know what they can expect                                               then they
                    will be more         accepting

             2      Court          115

                    No comments pertaining to the proposed court                           budget

      C      Jerry Smith      Fire Chief

             1         Fire    210

                    Chief Jerry Smith stated that he is at full staff right                        now     Asked for         one new      position   in the 08

                    09   budget inspector             fire prevention      position        It is in the 08 09          budget

                         3 31 and         4 of2008
                                          2                                                                                                                        8
Budget Work Sessions
                    Overtime is FLSA driven                       Can live with the 2007             budget     numbers     There    are   ways around
                    providing      overtimeyou    give Kelly days
                                                            can                             off   makes them short staffed         though     and effects
                    level of safety of personnel Capital Equipment                           is in SPLOST fund not General Fund

                    Jim Phelps Interim City Manager stated that he supports the additional inspector position because
                    they will help inspect existing structures and help his department with finding occupational tax
                    revenue by fmding businesses that are operating without a license

                    CM Collins thanked the fire                   department for trying to save on fuel costs by staying                in   to eat more

                    Ifeveryone        saves   just   a   little    including Council it will add up

      D      Richard McLeod Director of Planning                         Economic      Development

             I      Planning          Economic       Development                400

                    Professional services            was    cut    by      48     The fees    paid   to   planning     commission and zba members
                    forattending meetings             is included in this line item                  Half the   cost   for LDO codification is           being
                    paid out ofthis year budget               and half out of next year

                        10 000    cut from this line item for unfunded studies planning for greenprints was cut from

                    next year  and taken from this year s budget The Mayor asked 19 000 be taken out of this line
                    item for 08 09 He will try to find other funding sources He asked that the greenprints money
                    stay in the budget That reduced 98 000 to 79 000 not 71 000 as stated

                    Richard McLeod had                                  and Economic                          Coordinator    position      but it          cut
                                                     requested                              Development                                             was

                    from his budget           which       cut      56 000 from salaries           The Mayor stated that Acworth Roswell and
                    other surroundings cities have this position                           Richard stated that he Jeff Moon and Billy Peppers
                    will be working together on economic

             2      GIS 401

                    The sole source                                                   come up with an ELA program for a flat fee of
                                                                        GIS software has
                                            provider for          our

                        25 000   to   be   paid over the             three years that includes maintenance and all licenses and free

                    upgrades every 2 4 years                      Can t be paid for out of the line of credit because it is mostly

                    operational costs per Henry                   Bucci


                    There is no fluff in this budget                            In order to balance this         budget    there will need          to   be   a

                    combination of cuts and increases


                    1         In order to meet the                   474
                                                                     2   000 deficit with no tax increase                    theCity    would have            to

                                 layoff approximately             53 people We only have 189 employees                    currently

                    2         Millage       rate   increase       only      no   layoffs    would be 2 5 mills 1 mill       equals   1 million dollars

                    3            Could     layoff personnel             to a tune     of     1 million and increase the taxes
                                                                                             4                                        by     I mill      17
                                 increase      Will do                                      on this for Council at next      budget meeting
                                                             a    report    comparison

Budget Work Sessions      3 31 and 4 2 of2008
                                     Mayor asked that something else be added to the matrix other cuts that were identified
                                     tonight and if we decide that there is a 50 reduction in overtime by department savings
                                     of 250 000       across   the board and    no   merit increases      across    the board200 000 which
                                     will   equal   about   600 000 in   savings     Not    saying   we   will do this but include this in the
                                     matrix for     comparison   sake

                                     Henry stated Council needs         to   consider   keeping    salaries where     they   are   to attract   quality
                                     The Mayor stated the millage rate has been lowered over the last 10 years It takes 12 18
                                     months for a bad economy to
                                                                   impact a government entity That s where we are tonight
                                     Tough decisions to make


                 The   City Manager     stated that he will be bringing back information to the Council on the status of the
                 rebuild ofthe restaurant     The insurance company will be letting us know what they will pay for

ITEM 4           REMINDER           NEXT BUDGET MEETING                       WEDNESDAY              2
                                                                                                     4 08      @    6 30 PM   @    WOODSTOCK
                 CITY HALL

ITEM 5           ADJOURNMENT AT 9 38 PM

AGENDA        Wednesday April 2 2008 tV Woodstock City Hall                      6 30   pm

Present         Mayor Donnie Henriques         Council  Randy Brewer Chris Casdia Tracy Collins Steve Faris via
                 conference call      Bud Leonard and Bob Mueller Staff Jeff Moon New City Manager Jim Phelps
                 Interim   City            Managerg
                                           Buildin     Official Henry Bucci CFO Rhonda Pezzello City Clerk Tracie Barnes
                HR Director        Gena   Kelley    Finance Manager Donna Godfrey Community Affairs Director Theresa
                Woodall IT        Director Billy Peppers DDAlCVB Director



          A      Donna Godfrey       Community Affairs

                 1         Recreation Senior Center         Community Center          etc    425

                           Council asked      why    concerts were   changed     from          Saturday nights as it creates an
                                                                                        Friday nights     to

                           overtime problem for   public       works that    come                 Sundays Donna replied that
                                                                                    in to clean the park       on

                           it was done because people typically like to show up at the park between 3 4 pm to make a day of
                           it and there is heavy traffic on Friday evenings that creates a safety problem for people crossing
                           the street She told Council the park doesn t have to be cleaned on Sunday s       She and her staff
                                                                                  could wait until Monday
                           pick up after the concerts and any remaining clean up

                           Contract services increased from          67 000 in 2008 to       79 000 in 2009          Donna said the increase is
                           attributed to the increase in need for contract workers to work events at the                  community        center on

                           nights and weekends linen cleaning supplemental facility cleaning bi weekly cleaning is
                           included in the general contract this is for supplemental cleanings      alarm system for building
                           She stated the revenue for rental of the facility covers the additional cost There has been a 52

                           increase in revenue since last year and that is without a marketing plan or effort

                              3 31 and 4 2 of2008                                                                                                   10
Budget Work Sessions
                    The Senior Picnic is scheduled for           Monday May 19th           The Senior   Extravaganza   is   on   May 3rd

                    CM Collins asked if      we   could get      more
                                                                       eaglelboy      scouts to   work on the   landscaping    to cut   down
                    on   costs to   which Donna replied     we
                                                                   already do

            2       RecreationConcerts And Other                Special Events       430    No comments     on   this budget

      B     Tracie Barnes HR Director

             1      Human Resources        130

                    Tracie stated that her goals     are   to

                                Meet exceed demands of this growing city
                                Recruit and maintainemployees
                                Research total compensation package  include study for salary and benefit study costs in
                                this year s budget has budgeted 55 000 for this

                                Speak with new City Manager about some options in regards to outsourcing some of the
                                Risk Management work in light ofthe cut of her request for one additional employee

                    There   wasdiscussion about the salary study that ensued CM Faris had concerns over the cost of
                    such   study in a budget year where we are not financially able to implement the increases that

                    may  be found necessary in such a study Tracie Barnes stated that she feels more comfortable in
                    having a professional company doing this study because of the expertise in this field They will
                    search and scan the metro environment help us with the salary compression issue Chief Moss is
                    concerned about and will         help update       our
                                                                          job descriptions The City could phase             in increases   so

                    the  impact      is minimal   Later in the         meeting it was noted that we have a 17               turnover       by
                    cutting this in half it   will   more       than   pay for the cost of the study The highest            turnover is in

                    police department

                    The new      City Manager Jeff Moon stated that the benefit to having a professional company do the
                    study   is the transfer of liability It is much better for the City to have a 3rd party conduct an
                    unbiased     study

                    Employee Recognition Line Item encompasses 50 per person in HR should they have a death
                    or be hospitalized Additional compensation for services rendered for all employees in December

                    employee picnic and Christmas party

                    Employee        Wellness Line Item      includes Gold        s
                                                                                     Gym membership      flu shots

                                                        city The total cost to insure the City against loss of property
                    Insurance line item is for the entire
                    and constitutional rights issues is 400 000 With additional help possible outsourcing of risk
                    management she can do claims preventions and reviews to help lower liability costs

      C      Theresa Woodall IT Director

             1      Information      Technology 125

                    Minor                                                                         Took out                       32 000    for
                                equipment line item      replacement program for computers
                    additional 1 0   laptops for police and reduced cost for some additional replacements

Budget Work Sessions      3 31 and     2
                                       4 of 2008
                      Mayor suggested computers for police                      be purchased        by SPLOST         in the future

                      Theresa is       expecting     a   child    on    September 2nd         and is   requesting       another person to assist Velda
                      while absent          May need        to   hire   a   contract   worker        Will    meet     with new City Manager and HR
                      Director to get       a game    plan

                      Travel and       Training     includes Microsoft courses that she and Velda have not had time to attend in
                      thisbudget year          and she     was told to hold off on training due to budget constraints this year by

                       formerCity Manager Jim Gleason We are on a 2003                                 server   platform   and will need   to   upgrade   to

                              This will
                      a 2007
                                        require additional training

      D      Jim   Phelps    Interim   City Manager Chief Building Official

             1        Building Inspections            410

                      Work is     slowing     down because of this he                  opted      not to   fill the   permit specialist position   he has

                      open     The increase in salary line item is due to Cost of Living Raise COLA and merit increases

                      Lease expense is for modular unit  software lease expense for building department The line
                      item was decreased to from 109 000 to 95 000 due to ability to finance the software Took out
                      lease expense for       new     vehicle

                      Overtime while it could be reduced in                       theory         the reality is that he would have to have staff
                      available in      case an       event      happens        such   as    a   tornado etc where staff is needed to inspect
                      buildings    code enforcement etc                  Overtime is very          rare in   this   department

                      CM Collins stated she understands the                       necessity of overtime but doesn t want anyone in any
                      department       to   milk it       Doesn t want          some
                                                                                     employees being guaranteed overtime to supplement
                      their income

             2        Administration         100

                      New modular for administration is included in                         Capital Equipment Fund

                      Jim    Phelps is researching          whether to lease        a new or        used modular unit

                      The    possibility     of moving  police to Woodstock Parkway building was discussed Jim is looking
                      into whether the         owners   are agreeable to a lease purchase     The cost for this building and
                      relocation costs       are not included in the
                                                                     budget before Council tonight

      E      Rhonda Pezzello      City      Clerk

             1        Mayor and Council             095

                      Travel and       Training budget           was   cut as   follows

                      Decrease cost for retreat from                    11 000 to           5 000      City Manager        to   recommend   next year s

                      retreat process

                      And each elected official           was     allotted       1500 for     training next     year     cutting the budget by

                            3 31 and        4 of 2008
                                            2                                                                                                             12
Budget Work Sessions
                      CM Faris wanted to cut all                    training out       for elected officials     None of the others        agreed stating       it

                      was    beneficial for them to network and                       to receive    training

                      Live video           of Council meetings was budgeted at 35 000 which includes upgrades to
                      the sound system and the hardware software      This is being sent out for RFP by Donna Godfrey
                      at this time More accurate costs will be forthcoming

                       50 000    was        removed from the self insurance line item because it                         was more    of    just   in   case we

                      need to pay       a   settlement expense

                      The DDA Contribution line item is for                           pool parking receipts      and National   sign plaza receipts            the

                      Council                 to pay to DDA several years ago

                      Uniforms expense was cut to                        200   so    that   new   Council Members could get     a   few shirts

                      Library payment             was    moved       to   contingency

                      There             12 citizens at last              night       Ward 6 Towne Hall                   All of them       agreed      that   they
                               were                                              s
                      would rather          see   the   City   increase their         taxes   than reduce services

             2        City   Clerk   105

                      The highest cost for the City Clerk s department was in office supplies and printing as she
                      budgeted 12 000 for the annual calendar This was reduced to 2000 because Billy Peppers
                      made a commitment to help the City Clerk get it done at this cost

                      Jim    Phelps      stated      may need to add the costs for mailing the newsletter city wide
                                                    we                                                                       We
                      continue to       get   complaints from citizens stating they are not getting the newsletter Many citizens
                      don t   get   a   water      bill from        us    which is how the newsletter is delivered        Jeff Moon stated that

                      priority      1 is to communicate with                   City    residents and businesses via the newsletter calendar and

      F      Henry   Bucci Chief Financial Officer

             1        Finance    110

                      Debt service       was      moved        to   contingency

                      Audit expense is going up    The Council directed Henry                                    to go out   for RFP because of the
                                                                                                                 budget just   in          the RFP
                      significant increase The increased amount was left in the                                                     case                 comes

                      back the   same

                      Pension    was         moved to General Services   this is the catch up payment we make annually
                        189 000         to    reduce our deficit Henry stated it is not unusual for cities to be behind on

                         3 31 and            4 of2008
                                             2                                                                                                                 13
Budget Work Sessions
                   Bank                                 reduced from        22 000    to         3200 because the bank                    charging         fees that
                            charges   were                                                                                        was                 us

                   they    shouldn t have been

                   Salary     line items increased because of                      one new         customer service            position    and the addition of
                   CFO      Henry   Bucci

             2     General Services 120

                   Contingency line item contains      5000 for meals on wheels   90 000 concerts events 56 000
                   for library    10 000 unfunded professional services     18 000 other financing for additional

                   projects that come up throughout the year
                     40 000 software expense for entire city annual maintenance moved to Henry Bucci


             1     Municipal Complex Debt Service                           due until      July    1   2016

             2     SPLOST I II and SPLOST 2006

                   I       Oldest SPLOST fund                     no new revenue             We will be short             by    30    50 thousand at the end
                   Cash balance is              176 215           used   to pay   principal       and interest       on   GEFA loan

                   II       3 899 000 in               revenues

                   Grants        Rubes Creek                project       1 million for                   Mill Park Grant                1 040 000 LCI Grant
                       25 000 developer contribution                      50 000 GDOT grant for Main Street Sidewalk

                   Mayor      asked   Henry to check with Jarvis Middleton                             to see   if   we are    getting    900 000 from GDOT
                   for the widening of Ridgewalk      Parkway

                   III      We receive                  200 000    a   month       Cherokee            County reports        that receipts are down from
                   February to March by                   31      We     anticipate        2
                                                                                           400     000 in     revenue      for next fiscal year

                   It is   possible that we may                 have funds available for               public safety           possible   we   could    use   to pay

                   for   a new  police building


                   COPS                I pal
                                       Prntinecirest           2006 Bond Issue         Community Center                 and Public Works Building

                   VEHICLES Lease                       Expense          15 097       2 annual lease            payments        an   F150 and F350            Koch
                   Financial      Vehicles               purchased     in 07 08

                   ARNOLD MILLTOWNE LAKE IMPROVEMENT                                                       Final      engineering      and ROW        acquisition
                       15 million

                   GRID NETWORK                           43 000 financed debt                             15 million total                    cost
                                                                                       payment                                       project

                   ROPE MILL INTERCHANGE                                  82 300

                   STORMWATER DUMP TRUCK                                     57 000

                         3 31 and 4 2 of2008                                                                                                                     14
Budget Work Sessions
                            STORMWATER TRAILER                             52 000

                                                             TOTAL PROJECTS                      2 545 000     leaves       us    514 000

                            CM Brewer         suggested     we    look at   fmancing        of public   safety building

                            Henry Bucci will ask Richard                   McLeod what fmal             design   is   going      to   be   on    Arnold Mill             not

                            enough to get right of way

                            Staff to check        on
                                                       building   on    Woodstock          Parkway    for   police department               or   possibly     old AME
                            Church site

                  3         Capital Equipment           Fund

                            Many     items in this fund        are
                                                                     being financed through           our   line of credit with KOCH Henry showed
                            the total expense for the item            so   that   we can    track what was financed

                            Vehicle for       Planning    Zoning department is budgeted for                                 Not    uncommon            per    new
                            Manager Jeff Moon         They currently each use their own vehicle                            This is    a
                                                                                                                                          liability   to    the   City

                            Vehicles budgeted for in police line item are for the drive home vehicle program                                                not   for    new

                            officers Ifnew officers added will need to supply vehicles as well

                                                 Cost for   light    could   come         from SPLOST          410 000           105 000
                            let    sent    demand letter for        escrow money            Not yet received

                  4                Hotel
                                   Motel      Tax Fund

                                180 000 in estimated         revenue        to    be received next fiscal year                Does not include               new     motel
                              Microtel to open in about           one   month and          Holiday   Inn in 1 2 years

                            Expenditures         if bond issued        will be 130 000          to   140 000 debt service                 will pay for it

                            Possible       new             may allow
                                                 legislation                         us   to increase from 6           hotelmotel           tax to 8              couldn    t

                                             rate until March of 2009
                            charge new

                  Money     from this fund is dedicated to DDNCVB


                 Henry Bucci stated the goal is               updates to the budget done by April 18th to be distributed to
                                                             to   have all
                  Council by April 24th or 25th   Official budget presentation scheduled for 5 12
                                                                                               08    First reading   5 08

                  and 2nd reading and final adoption planned for 6 908

                                                                                               fund breakeven         to   either absorb              cut     2 million
                  A handout       was   given    to   Council that gave          a   general                                                     or


Budget Work Sessions              3 31 and       2
                                                 4 of2008

                 Property tax      1 mill        1 000 000 in       revenue       Average Saving        from   Layoff            45 517
                  18   turnover         14   people leaving

                            0   millage    increase 18         turnover rate not 321ayoffsrehired2
                                                                                                 474      763
                              25 millage increase 18              turnover rate not rehired 26
                                                                                     layoffs         474
                                                                                                     2      763
                             50 millage increase 18    turnover rate not rehired 20 layoffs          2
                                                                                                     474    763
                            1 00 millage increase 18     turnover rate not rehired 9 layoffs      2 474 763
                            147 millage increase 18      turnover rate not rehired 0 layoffs         474
                                                                                                     2      763
                            1 95 millage increase no turnover not rehired and 0 layoffs      474
                                                                                             2           763 28                               increase total

ITEM 5           FINAL ADJOURNMENT                       10 09 16 PM

As   approved this 28th day     of April 2008

Donnie Henri            yor                                  RhondaP

                                  3 31 and       4 of2008
                                                 2                                                                                                                        16
Budget Work Sessions

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