ISAC Business Meeting Minutes - June 2, 2005 by MattySad


                              Business Meeting
                                  June 2, 2005
                           Capital Area Career Center
                              Springfield, Illinois

I. Procedural Business

A. Call to Order
 Chairperson Devine called the meeting to order at 9:12 a.m.

                         State Advisory Council Members Present
                                                           Linda Prewitt
Mary Kay Ballasiotes            Kimberly Jachim            Helen Tolan
C. Jackson Darnall              Amy Kruppe                 Stanley Valentine
Therese Devine                  Dwight Lambert             Vickie Wilson
Elizabeth Gianulis              Janet McGovern             Susy Woods
Katherine Hackett               Kyle Packer

                           Illinois State Board of Education Staff
                                                               Beth Hanselman
Christopher Koch                 Elizabeth Brooks
Deb Kunz                         Jodi Fleck


Marva Campbell-Pruitt representing Marjorie Olson for the
       The Department of Human Services
Bill Kienzle     Educational Advocacy Services of Illinois
Charlotte Des Jardins Family Resource Center on Disabilities
Maryann Anderson EBD Network
Rick Sailors    Parent
Hollie Burton Novy Parent
Rebecca Housewright Parent
Kathy Gould      Illinois Autism/PDD Training & Technical

B. Introductions
 Chairperson Devine asked everyone to introduce themselves including Council members, ISBE
staff, presenters, and guests.

C. Adoption of Agenda
 Chairperson Devine reviewed the agenda with Council members. A discussion regarding
discretionary funds will be added during the New Business portion. Ms. Devine shared a letter
she received from My Child’s Advocate, Inc. that will be added under New Business as well.

Motion #1 – Vickie Wilson moved to “adopt the agenda as amended.” Stan Valentine
seconded the motion. The motion carried.

D. Approval of Business Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2005
Motion #2 – Susy Woods moved to “accept the minutes of April 7, 2005 as presented.” Stan
Valentine seconded the motion. The motion carried.

II. Public Participation

Bill Kienzle, Educational Advocacy Services of Illinois, encouraged the restoration of
discretionary funds to the Illinois Autism Training and Technical Project. Mr. Kienzle read
into record an email received from Christopher Kennedy, Chairman, Autism Society of Illinois.
In addition, emails from four other concerned parties were distributed.

Kathy Gould, Illinois Autism/PDD Training & Technical, also encouraged restoration of
discretionary funds for teacher training and family support for autistic children.

Rick Sailors, Parent, expressed concerns that “The State must have on file with the Secretary, a
detailed timetable for accomplishing the goal of providing full educational opportunity for all
children with disabilities.” Mr. Sailors submitted written and verbal comment outlining what
he sees as a failure of this system in his family’s particular situation.

Hollie Burton Novy, Parent, described her family’s experience with twin autistic sons and
concerns they have with their local school district. Ms. Novy said she has not received
information that she requested from both ISBE and her home school district. Ms. Novy is
requesting that ISAC recommend that ISBE enhance teacher training including increased
funding in regards to positive behavior intervention, strategies and supports. She is also asking
that the documents she requested in a March 16, 2005 letter to Mr. James Gunnell be sent.
Chairperson Devine suggested that she request the documents in question through FOIA.

Rebecca Housewright, Parent, provided both written and oral comment encouraging restoration
of discretionary funds for teacher training and family support for autistic children. Ms.
Housewright also encourages the establishment of one central office for the state of Illinois to
act as a resource for parents other than ISBE.

Charlotte Des Jardins, Family Resource Center on Disabilities (FRCD), distributed the
June/July 2005 FRCD newsletter. Ms. Des Jardins asks that ISAC address the vacancies that
exist on the Council. She distributed a copy of the Illinois School Code outlining the process
for filling these vacancies.

Chairperson Devine called for a break at 10:20 a.m. The Council reconvened at 10:37.

III. Illinois State Board of Education Update

A. Focused Monitoring
 Beth Hanselman and Jodi Fleck, Illinois State Board of Education Special Education Services,
described the Continuous Improvement and Focused Monitoring System. A focused
monitoring system is a data-driven approach to monitoring characterized by focusing on a small
number of carefully chosen priorities that have the greatest impact on improving results for
students with disabilities. A detailed description was included in Member packets.

COUNCIL RECESS – Chairperson Devine called for a lunch recess. A quorum was present
when the meeting was reconvened.

Chairman Devine requested that New Business be moved to this point on the agenda to
accommodate those ISAC members that needed to leave early to assure a quorum present for all
action items.

Motion #3 – Stan Valentine moved that “the New Business portion of the agenda be moved
up.” Susy Woods seconded the motion. The motion carried.

IV. New Business

A. Election of Officers for 2005-2006
 Susy Woods reported that she had emailed all ISAC members for nominations.

Motion #4
Susy Woods moved that “on behalf of the nominating committee, we accept the following slate
of officers for the following year – Terri Devine as Chair and Amy Kruppe as Vice-Chair.”
Stan Valentine seconded the motion. The motion carried.

B. 2005-2006 ISAC Calendar
 Chairperson Devine presented the proposed schedule of meetings for 2005-2006.

Motion #5
Stan Valentine moved to “adopt the proposed 2005-2006 ISAC calendar of meetings.” Susy
Woods seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Janet McGovern proposed that the Illinois Coordinating Council and ISAC hold a joint meeting.
A final date will be brought to ISAC at the August meeting.

C. Member Recognitions
 Chairperson Devine recognized members who are retiring from ISAC. Dwight Lambert was
presented with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his service to ISAC. Mr. Lambert
will be retiring from the Department of Children and Family Services at the end of July after 38
years. ISAC members wished Mr. Lambert well in his future endeavors.

 Certificates of Appreciation will be mailed to Mary Ellen Abel and Jeff Williams in recognition
of their service to ISAC.

D. Discretionary Funds Discussion
 ISAC members discussed a possible motion for the Executive Committee meeting to be held on
June 23, 2005. Amy Kruppe outlined suggestions that she would like to see proposed to ISBE.
“ISAC will encourage the ISBE to review the previously cut discretionary funds and funds from
the restored legislative money considering the following guidelines: amounts should not
exceed previous year amounts; to fund areas that impact students across the state; avoid funding
agencies that duplicate services; and, to take into consideration areas of disability that are in
high need without support.” After much discussion, Council members agreed to this motion
being brought for vote at the Executive Committee meeting.

E. Other
 Chairperson Devine called the groups’ attention to the letter from My Child’s Advocate, Inc.
concerning “Use of Attorneys by School Districts Absent Parental Representation.”
Chairperson Devine assigned this issue to be reviewed by the General Supervision/Due Process
Committee for evaluation. Ms. Kruppe suggested that the proposed Rules & Regulations under
IDEIA 2004 be reviewed for possible solutions.

F. OSEP Guidance – Parent/Professional Access to Classrooms
 Kim Jachim addressed the concerns that due to safety issues some schools are refusing to allow
parents and their professional representatives access to observe classrooms. Chairperson
Devine offered to check previous complaints involving access to classrooms, whether by parents
or professional evaluators; consider a sampling of districts to determine what policies exist on
access to classrooms by parents or professionals; and, consider creating a model policy for local
districts to implement as they wish.

Motion #6
Mr. Darnall moved that “this issue be appointed to the Access Committee and they bring any
other recommendations that they deem appropriate.” Stan Valentine seconded the motion.
After a tie roll call vote, Chairperson Devine cast the deciding vote; the motion carried.

V. Illinois State Board of Education Update

A. Due Process Hearing Officers
 Chris Koch submitted the proposed list of Due Process Hearing Officers that have been
through the training process and have been recommended by the Due Process Screening
Committee. The list included current hearing officers for reappointment, new officers, and a
reserve pool of five officers.

Motion #7
Susy Woods moved that “ISAC reappoint the following fourteen (14) Impartial Hearing
Officers for another year, beginning July 1, 2005: Marie Bracki, Ann Breen-Greco, Julia Quinn
Dempsey, Alan Cook, Gail Friedman, Vivian Gordon, Sheana Hermann, Venita Hervey, Marian
McElroy, Kathleen Plesko, Carolyn Ann Smaron, Stacey Stutzman, James Wolter, and Robert
Ladenson.” The motion was seconded by Marva Campbell-Pruitt. The motion carried.

Motion #8
Linda Prewitt moved that “ISAC appoint the following six (6) individuals to the active rotation
as new Impartial Hearing Officers, effective July 1, 2005: Kristine Anderson, Susan Cox, Janet
Kidd, Jeff Plesko, Mary Schwartz, and Alfred Spitzzeri.” The motion was seconded by Janet
McGovern. The motion carried.

Motion #9
Dwight Lambert moved that “ISAC appoint the following five (5) individuals to the reserve
rotation of Impartial Hearing Officers in the rank order listed: 1) Yvette Sanders, 2) Robert
Lehrer, 3) Linda Mastandrea, 4) Joan Grossman, and 5) Nila Grahl. Susy Woods second the
motion. The motion carried.

B. National Center for Educational Accountability and Monitoring – Assessment of Illinois

 Dr. Koch pointed out the Self-Assessment: Focused Monitoring Implementation Checklist
included in the Member packets and encouraged those with questions to contact him.

C. Highly Qualified Rules Update

 At their last meeting, the State Teacher Certification Board reviewed the proposed rules for
Highly Qualified Special Education teachers and recommended that the rules not go forward at
this time. Superintendent Dunn will convene a task force to look at the standards as well as
special education after the IDEIA Rules are released. Helen Tolan will be the ISAC’s
representation on that task force. Dr. Koch will bring further discussions to the council in the

D. Illinois Alternate Assessment RFSP Update

 The Alternate Assessment RFSP is being developed and is expected to be released in July. Dr.
Koch will share this with ISAC members when it is available.

E. Accountability Workbook Changes

 Dr. Koch will gather further information as requested by the Council members at yesterday’s
meeting. There was no other discussion at this time.

F. State Personnel Development Grant Program

 A summary of the State Personnel Development Grant Program was included in the packets.
It addresses new funding that is available from IDEIA for professional development. It was
previously known as the State Improvement Grant. ISBE has applied for funds through this
new grant for five years amounting to $10-$12 million for the State of Illinois. Dr. Koch noted
that the grant application targets reading instruction through standards-aligned classrooms for
special education teachers, as well as response to intervention for students.

G. Other

 Dr. Koch met recently with the Acting Director of the Human Rights Commission. ISBE will
continue to work with the Commission on revising procedures to reconcile any conflicts.

 Dr. Koch will continue to schedule presentations during ISAC meetings that he feels will be
beneficial to ISAC members. Members have brought insightful questions that staff may have
not thought of before. Dr. Koch appreciates the Council’s input.

 Dr. Koch took this opportunity to personally thank Dwight Lambert for the leadership he
provided for agency involvement.

H. State Board Meetings / Future Meetings
 In the past ISAC has had a representative at State Board meetings. The next State Board
meeting is June 15-16 in Springfield. Susy Woods will attend the June meeting in Springfield
on behalf of ISAC. Susy Woods will also attend the September meeting in Springfield. Marva
Campbell-Pruitt will attend the October meeting in Danville. Jack Darnall and Terri Devine
have both indicated they are available to attend the Chicago meetings held in November and

IV. Committee Reports

A. Standing Committees
 Executive – A written Committee report was included in the Member packets. No additions.
The next Committee meeting will be held on June 23 via telephone at 10:00 a.m.
 Comprehensive State Plan – No report provided.
 General Supervision/Due Process – No report provided. The letter from My Child’s
Advocate, Inc. concerning “Use of Attorneys by School Districts Absent Parental
Representation” was assigned to this Committee for further evaluation. A report will be
provided at the August meeting.
 Finance – No report provided.
 Legislation/Interagency Communications – Susy Woods reported that the Legislative Coffee
was held in May. The ISAC members who attended received positive feedback from both
those who did attend as well as others who were unable to attend. Susy also shared some of the
legislation that passed during the legislative session.
 Family Communications – Susy Woods discussed a new ISAC website which Brad Hedrick is
developing. The link will be provided to ISAC members for feedback. The Committee feels
that there is a need for a “parent forum” and more interaction with ISAC.
 Rules and Regulations – No report provided. The Committee will meet via telephone
conference call when the proposed IDEIA rules are released.
 Bilingual – Susy Woods is attempting to set up a meeting with the State Bi-Lingual Advisory
Group. She will meet with them as soon as something can be arranged.
 Personnel Development – Helen Tolan provided a written report for Council members. There
are two groups – NEA and NASDSE - that have a great deal of involvement in the development
of highly qualified special education teachers as defined through IDEA 2004 and NCLB. Ms.
Tolan reviewed some of their concerns as well as other issues the Committee discussed (see
written report).
 Access Committee – No report provided.
 Site Committee – No report provided.
 By-Laws Committee –Concerning the Ethics/Conflict of Interest issues, the By-Laws
Committee recommends the following: 1) no substitutes for parents/people with disabilities; 2)
the following to be inserted into the By-Laws – “ISAC is charged with the responsibility of
representing the educational interests of children with disabilities. Members on this board must
remember their obligations. That this charge further implies that they avoid representing the
special interests of any members’ limited constituency. To do otherwise could be construed as
a conflict of interest; and, 3) insert the “charges for each Committee in the ISAC By-Laws.
Jack Darnall has agreed to provide a draft that will be sent to ISAC members for possible
adoption at the August meeting.
 Nominating Committee – Action was taken earlier in the meeting for election of 2005-2006
officers. No further report provided.
V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

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