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									                 Expressing Appreciation For Your Scholarship

Congratulations on receiving financial support at William Jewell College. Scholarships
such as yours are made possible through the generosity of trustees, alumni, and other
friends of William Jewell and allow the College to provide financial assistance to
deserving students such as you.

The donors of your financial aid package greatly enjoy hearing from the recipients and
having the opportunity to get to know you better. Your thank you letter means a great deal
to our donors and presents the opportunity for them to see the difference that their support
is making in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Many students are comfortable writing this
type of note, while others prefer to have more guidelines. Below are some guidelines and
tips to help you with the letter writing process.

   •   Your letter should be at least two paragraphs hand-written or typed. If typed,
       please include a personal signature.
   •   The first line of your letter should read: “Thank you for the support of my
       education at William Jewell College.”
   •   A salutation in your letter is not necessary (i.e., Dear Mr. Smith).
   •   Include your year in school, hometown, major, and plans after graduation.
   •   Please use spell check and proofread what you have written.
   •   Financial supporters of the College like to know about you. Try to answer the
       following questions within your thank you letter.
           o How has your financial aid package helped you?
           o What does your William Jewell education mean to you?
           o Why did you choose to attend William Jewell?
           o Has other family members or friends attended William Jewell before you?

           o What extracurricular activities are you involved in at William Jewell?

Financial supporters of the College appreciate photos of students that benefit from their
contributions. We would appreciate receiving photos of you to accompany your thank
you letter. If we do not receive a photo from you, we will forward your photo that
appears on the College’s intranet directory.

When you are finished, please forward your thank you note and picture to the Office of
Institutional Advancement, Marston Hall, Room 207. Thank you for helping us properly
report back and convey our appreciation to the financial supporters of William Jewell

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