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									                                                              B ranching
                                   ROAD TO SUCCESS OFFERS ONGOING CHALLENGES
Inside                            In the dictionary, SUCCESS is defined as: "The
CEO Message                       achievement of something desired, planned, or
                                  attempted." The implication is that the job is
Corporate Spotlight               complete; that it's a done deal. But very real
Celebration of                    successes are occurring all around us without a
Achievement Re-Cap                lot of fanfare and with one sobering footnote-there
                                  is still a whole lot of work to do.
Matching Donation
Opportunities                     The Family Tree Homelessness Services program
                                  serves adult individuals, youth and families who
Donor Spotlight                   are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We
                                  assist persons who have very low to no incomes
Volunteer Breakfast
                                  and are working toward goals to increase their
Military Families                 self-sufficiency.
                                                                                        Blanca and daughter Aysha who now reside in a
Program                                                                                 home at Marshall Street North.
                                  Like so many of those being helped in Family
Bring Cheer                       Tree's Homelessness Services program, Blanca's success is a work in progress. The 34-
Fundraiser                        year-old mother of two-year-old, Aysha, resides in the Marshall Street North site of Family
Family Tree, Inc.                 Tree's transitional housing program. They have been living there since December of 2007.
3805 Marshall St., #100
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 422-2133
                                  In 2005, Blanca fled her homeland of Mexico due to an abusive relationship. She was
Web: www.thefamilytree.org        pregnant at the time and despite the near squalor conditions in which she would be living,
                                  with no running water or plumbing, she made the best of her situation while living in her
(303) 235-0630                    brother's dingy garage here in the U.S. This was quite a change in living arrangements for
                                  the bright, young woman who arrived in America with little more than a visitor’s visa and
House of Hope
(303) 762-9525
                                  hope for a bright future. Educated in Mexico, Blanca had been awarded a Bachelor’s
                                  Degree in Electrical Engineering.
Housing and Family Services
(303) 467-2604
                                  Shortly after arriving in the U.S., Blanca met a man whom she thought she could trust, but
Karlis Family Center              again, the relationship turned violent when he struck Blanca while she held her baby. She
(303) 462-1060                    wasted no time leaving and soon found safety at the Family Tree Women In Crisis shelter.
Women In Crisis                   Women In Crisis is a part of the Family Tree Domestic Violence Services program, which
(303) 420-0412                    serves adult and child victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; families
24-Hour Crisis Line:              who have experienced the break-up of their homes through divorce or separation; and chil-
(303) 420-6752
                                  dren who have witnessed family violence and/or experienced abuse in their homes.
Adams County Projects
TANF Stable Families              While at Women In Crisis, Blanca began to regain her confidence and self-esteem. Soon,
(303) 227-2205
Early Intervention & Prevention   she was ready to move into our transitional housing program at Marshall Street North. It
(303) 412-5135                    was here that she earnestly began the hard work of rebuilding her life. Until recently,
Community Family Resource         Blanca has dedicated herself to researching schools and interviewing in hopes of gaining a
(303) 412-5283
                                  teaching position with the Denver Public Schools (DPS). She's able to do so because she
Military Families Assistance      already successfully worked for and received her teaching certificate.
(303) 227-2001                    Blanca is an extremely committed mother. Her special-needs daughter has physical dis-
Arapahoe County Kinship           abilities and speech delays and Blanca makes sure that her daughter meets regularly with
Family Stability Program          physical and speech therapists.
(303) 636-1503

Treasure Trunk                                                                                                 (cover story cont. page 4)
(303) 421-9205
                                               Every day we learn more about home-                             nities and statewide, each year we
            From The                           less persons: who they are, where they                          have the opportunity to prevent the loss
              CEO                              came from and why they do not have a                            of homes for thousands of people,
                                               home. And we continue to discover                               many of whom are families, but we
                                               that the faces of homelessness are not                          haven't had the resources to do so.
                                               always who we once thought they
                                               were. Homeless people in our commu-                             Family Tree's vision is to be the best
                                               nity are increasingly comprised of                              provider of life-changing services that
                                               mothers, fathers and children. More                             end child abuse, domestic violence and
                                               and more we're finding the face of                              homelessness. We recognize that
                                               homelessness is not singular, but are                           these are lofty goals, but most would
                                               the faces of families.                                          agree that if accomplished, our commu-
                                                                                                               nities would be better places to raise
                                               Like many other human services organ-                           families, and Colorado would be an
                                               izations, Family Tree has been involved                         even better place to live. Please join
                                               in discussions and efforts to end home-                         with us to work toward this vision, as
                                               lessness. As we've discussed our vital                          we work to overcome the barriers to
                                               role in serving homeless individuals                            preventing homelessness and serving
             Scott Shields
                                               and families, one statistic in particular                       those who unfortunately find them-
            Family Tree CEO
                                               stands out: on average over the past                            selves without a place to live.
                                               decade, more than 70% of homeless
                                               persons served by our agency have                               On behalf of Family Tree and those
                                               moved into safe and stable housing                              who have received our services, we
                                               after receiving services from Family                            thank you for your past and continued
                                               Tree. We believe this to be an impor-                           support.
                                               tant outcome in the efforts to end
                                               homelessness in Colorado, but many
                                               components are still missing.
                                               According to the 2007 Homeless In
                                               Metropolitan Denver Point-in-Time
                                               Survey that counts the homeless in our                          Scott Shields
                                               state, nearly one in three people were                          Chief Executive Officer
                                               homeless for the first time. As commu-

                                                                                                                         Homelessness 101 Training
               Join us for Fun,                                                                                                 June 17th
                  Food and
                                                                                                                            At-Risk Youth Training
                                                                                                                             July 15th & July 22nd
                                                                                                               Bovine Metropolis Theatre Improvathon

    E          October 2, 2008
                                                                                                                          August 1st - 2nd
                                                                                                                            Climbing For A Cause

                  Jefferson County                                                                                           August 22nd - 23rd
                     Fairgrounds                                                                                           Volunteer Orientation

                                                                                                                        Last Saturday of every month
              Fiesta For Families is a time for donors, volunteers, clients, staff and other
               community members to enjoy the company of friends and family, enjoy                                       Domestic Violence Training
                      great food and entertainment while supporting Family Tree.

                                                                                                                         Month of September (TBA)
                                 For more information contact Dana Juniel at                                            For more details on event times and
                                (303) 422-2133 or visit www.thefamilytree.org                                          locations, visit www.thefamilytree.org

    Branching Out, Issue Date: June 2008, Published three times yearly, Family Tree, Inc., 3805 Marshall St., Suite 100, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, Volume 20, Issue No. 2.

2   Branching Out - Summer 2008
                Military Family Assistance Program
                      New program quickly growing at Family Tree
During the fall of 2007, the Adams County Social      current high school. During a three-month peri-
Services Department approached Family Tree to         od, the Military Family Assistance Program was
be the agency through which services would be         able to provide TANF (Temporary Assistance for
coordinated for military families in Adams County.    Needy Families) funds for Jason's rent, water
Opening our doors in November 2007, the               and trash bills, provide gift cards for new clothes
Adams County Military Family Assistance               and a Christmas gift for Corey, and supported
Program assists military families experiencing        Jason in receiving approval for food assistance
hardship by providing connections to military and     and Low Income Energy Assistance Program
community services and resources.                     (LEAP). Jason's case manager also referred him
                                                      to a veteran representative at Adams County
"We hope to better meet the needs of children         Workforce and Business Center to assist him
and spouses in military families," said Dr.           with his job search.
Cassata, director of the Adams County Social
Services Department. With the war continuing          For Jason and his son, the Military Family
and the needs of military families growing, Adams     Assistance Program helped to prevent homeless-
County and Family Tree are committed to making        ness and provided stability during a particularly
a difference in the lives of clients, like Jason H.   unstable period. Suzy MacKenzie, Supervisor of
and his son, Corey.                                   the Military Family Assistance Program says, "We
                                                      are blessed and privileged to serve these families
Jason H. participated in the Military Family          who have given and sacrificed for us. Military
Assistance Program as a veteran of the United         service takes its toll on families and we are glad
States Air Force. Recently laid off with no           the program is available to assist in time of
income or unemployment benefits, Jason was            need."
concerned about losing his apartment and having
to transfer his 16-year-old son, Corey, from his      Story submitted by Dana Juniel, Development Associate.

 F a m i l y Tr e e

C       2008
                                      Thank You To Our Sponsors:

 A    of c h i e v e m e n t                     Coors Brewing Company
                TSYS iSolutions                                      Deer Creek Electric
     National Renewable Energy Laboratory                     Associates Group of Companies
               Kaiser Permanente                                    Mile High Newspapers
         Associates Health Group, LLC                             Metro North Newspapers
               Lifestyles Catering                                  Neisen Insurance, Inc.
       Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP                             The Harris Law Firm P.C.
               Godin & Baity, LLC                       Horizon Counseling & Education Center, LLC
               The Arvada Center                        Families of Tom Gorley and Richard Trow, Jr.
                Hansen Law Firm                                      Halcyon Realty, LLC
                  Tiffany & Co.                                        Coldwell Banker
                  United Power                                    Multimedia Audio Visual
              Starwest Productions                                CTX Mortgage Company
                Hays Companies                                      Kenny Electric Service
          Crennen & Company Insurors                           Precise Home Inspections, LLC

                                                                                     Branching Out - Summer 2008   3
    (cont. from cover)
    Recently, Blanca has begun counseling at our Family Tree Karlis
    Family Center. Family Tree has further assisted Blanca by helping
    her to receive subsidized rent. To help her get started in her new
    place, Family Tree also paid the deposit for her utilities. Blanca is
    also a big believer in the Family Tree Treasure Trunk where she,
    like other Family Tree clients, is able to get basic household items,
    clothes and small furniture items at no cost.

    Soon, Blanca's visitor visa will expire, but she has recently obtained
    a teaching position with Denver Public Schools, who will sponsor
    her to become a U.S. resident. With the help of the Colorado
    Latino Educational Project, who assists qualified bilingual individu-
    als gain employment in hard-to-fill positions, Blanca’s dreams are
                                                                           Despite her speech and physical challenges,
    quickly becoming reality.
                                                                                  two-year-old Aysha has a beautiful smile.
    Story submitted by Steve Harrell, Director of PR & Marketing.

     Double the Impact of Your Donation                                               Homelessness In
                Donation Matching Opportunities
                      Family Tree has received a generous challenge grant
                                                                                     Metropolitan Denver
                      from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado. The chal-        According to a 2007 point-in-time survey of
                      lenge grant applies to cash contributions received now     persons experiencing homelessness, coordinat-
                      through September 25, 2008, up to $10,000 on new or        ed by Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, a total
                      increased gifts. Until September 25th, or if we reach      of 10,604 persons in the metro Denver area
the $10,000 goal before that date -- your new or increased giving will in
                                                                                 were counted as homeless on January 29, 2007.
effect be doubled! Please indicate on your check or envelope that your gift
is designated for the Gay & Lesbian Fund challenge grant. If making an           This number includes 3,361 children in fami-
online donation, please select the Gay & Lesbian Fund Match option on the        lies.
donations page. Thank you for your support and thank you for helping us
reach this goal.                                                              The number of newly homeless increased dra-
                                                                              matically since 2006. In 2007, one-third of all
About the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado was established in 1996 as a project
                                                                              homeless (33%), were first time homeless and
of the Gill Foundation. Since it was established, the Gay & Lesbian Fund      were predominately in households with chil-
has provided financial support and critical resources to hundreds of nonprof- dren. Many of these families are working at
it organizations that share the fund’s commitment to advancing equality and full-time jobs, but with rising costs, are unable
improving quality of life for people across Colorado. Having awarded more to make ends meet. In addition to the rising
than $20 million to arts and culture, civic leadership, healthy families and  housing costs, loss of job and relationship/fami-
public broadcasting programs, the fund prides itself on the collaborations it ly breakup are the three leading reasons for
has formed with those who share a common vision for equality.

                         Anonymous Match Contibutions                            Half of all survey respondents had at least one
A Family Tree supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, will match any          serious, disabling condition, including serious
first time gift or increased gift amount up to a total of $10,000, if received   mental illness, serious medical or physical con-
by June 30, 2008!
                                                                                 dition, and alcohol or drug abuse.
       “Family Tree is so important to us. We, like so many other families,
    have been affected by some incredibly challenging situations. However,
      we have also been very fortunate. Family Tree has a vision to be the       For more information on the 2007 point-in-time
      best provider of life-changing services that end child abuse, domestic     survey or to find out how you can help with the
     violence and homelessness. It’s an ambitious undertaking and one our        next survey, contact Linda Barringer, Family
               family is honored to be able to financially support.”             Tree Housing & Family Services Supervisor, at
                                                     --Family Tree Supporter     (303) 467-2604. For more information on
                                                                                 Family Tree Homelessness Services, visit our
On your check or envelope, please indicate “Anonymous Match.” If mak-
ing an online donation, please select the Anonymous Match option on the          website at www.thefamilytree.org.
donations page.
4        Branching Out - Summer 2008
                                                                                       Homelessness Services
Family Tree was pleased to present the
2008 Community Award to Dr. Barbara
Morris and Kaiser Permanente at the
Celebration of Achievement. Barbara
has been a valuable supporter of Family
Tree and has served on the Board of
Directors for three years. Kaiser has
contributed to Family Tree through
                                                                                    Family Tree Housing and Family
corporate sponsorships and grants
                                                                                    Services helps individuals and families
throughout the years and has provided
                                                                                    who are homeless to get into temporary
the much-needed health clinics in House House of Hope Health Clinic.
                                                                                    and permanent housing, and to become
of Hope and Women In Crisis. With the
                                                                                    safe, strong and self-reliant.
help of Barbara and Kaiser Permanente, the first health clinic was
opened at Women In Crisis in 1995. These clinics are staffed by pro                 There are a number of volunteer oppor-
bono nurses and doctors from Kaiser and provide our clients with                    tunities with our Homelessness program.
medical attention they might not otherwise receive. Thank you,                      One of those opportunities is to serve as
Kaiser Permanente, for everything you do for Family Tree!!                          Homework Helper/Tutor. If you're a
                                                                                    brainiac, this is the volunteer position for
For a list of the other Community Award nominees and a link to Kaiser’s             you! Assist children in our shelters with
website, visit www.thefamilytree.org.                                               their homework and/or provide one-on-
                                                                                    one tutoring for kids with special needs.
                                                                                    This is usually a one-hour shift once or
                                                                                    twice a week, but can be adjusted to
                                              (l to r) Jennifer Zepplin, CBS4       your availability.
                                              News Meteorologist; Jane
                                              Pemberton, Managing Director          For more info about this position, or
                                              of Family Tree Domestic               other possibilities volunteering in our
                                              Violence Services; Dr. Barbara        Homelessness programs, please visit
                                              Morris, Kaiser Permanente;            www.thefamilytree.org or contact Sean
                                              Scott Shields, Family Tree CEO,       Wolfe, Director of Volunteer Services, at
                                              at the 2008 Family Tree               (303) 422-2133.
                                              Celebration of Achievement.

     Family Tree Partners with Giving First!                                                  TOURS
                                                                                       If you would like to know more about
Family Tree, Inc. is excited to                                                          Family Tree and our programs and
work with GivingFirst, a program                                                        services, we invite you to join us for
of Community First Foundation.                                                            one, or all, of the following tours.
GivingFirst is the Foundation’s
online tool designed to enrich                                                            July 15th, from 2:00-3:00 p.m.,
donors’ knowledge of the nonprofit                                                        Children's Services - Gemini
sector and encourage charitable
giving in the Denver metro area.                                                       August 19th, from 2:00-3:00 p.m.,
                                                                                     Homelessness Services - House of Hope
To encourage philanthropy, during 2008, whenever credit card donations are             September 16th, from 2:00-3:00 p.m.,
made through GivingFirst.org, Community First Foundation will pay the credit               Domestic Violence Services
card processing fees, which typically are three to five percent per gift. This is            Karlis Family Center
a great way for Family Tree, Inc. to maximize your generous donation and
those of your family and friends. Thank you for supporting Family Tree!               To reserve your space and receive additional
                                                                                        information about the tours, please call
                                                                                            Stacey Moyer at (303) 403-5886.
                                                                                                     Branching Out - Summer 2008     5
                                      F a m i l y Tr e e

                                 C           2008
                                  A      of c h i e v e m e n t
    The Journey Starts Here was a fitting theme for the 15th Annual
    Celebration of Achievement fundraising dinner, held on Thursday, May 1.

    Keynote speaker, Jeff Evans, captivated an audience of nearly 350 in atten-
    dance at the Arvada Center, for this, one of two major fundraising events held
    each year by Family Tree.

    Jeff is the adventurer, author and motivational speaker who led blind
    climber, Eric Weihenmayer, to the summit of Mount Everest.

    Jeff acknowledged that his accomplishments fall short in compari-
    son to those of the Family Tree staff who seek each day to elevate
    and invigorate the children and families with whom we work, and
    those of the families and individuals in whose lives we seek to
    make a difference.

    Special thanks to Family Tree staff members, Nicole Sherwood,
    Jane Pemberton, Alva Scott, Kim Whitrap, Elissa Mirelez and Cassie Brown
    who worked tirelessly to bring to life the inspiring stories of our Family Tree
    award recipients who against all odds are making a profound and positive
    effort toward changing their lives for the better. Special thanks, too, to our
    friends at Starwest Productions who bring these stories to life through their
    wonderful video contribution.

    Emcee and NEWS4 Meteorologist, Jennifer Zeppelin, always the
    consummate professional, added her own charm to the event.
    We're thankful for her friendship and commitment to making a
    difference in the lives of those we serve.

    Also, our special thanks to Deanna Rice of Coors Brewing
    Company, Stuart Wright of FirstBank of Wheat Ridge and Nick
    Hansen, Hansen Law Firm, for their part in making the program a

    The net financial gain to Family Tree is vital to our future success, yet the
    good already realized is like a tidal wave of positive change. This year, the
    event raised a net amount of $27,000. For all who attended -- thank you, and
    for those who didn't -- make plans to do so next year -- now!

           See more photos from the 2008 Celebration of Achievement at www.thefamilytree.org/about_us/photo_gallery.

6       Branching Out - Summer 2008
BRING CHEER                                     Email Addresses Provide Quick Communication

                                                Recently we sent an email alert to hundreds of Family Tree friends letting them know
                                                about an exciting opportunity that benefited Family Tree simply by dining at a great
                                                local restaurant chain. Did you receive the alert? If not, chances are we do not have
Family Tree wants to recognize and              your email address. Receiving breaking news first and being the first to know about
thank Denver Athletic and the DU                special events are only a couple of reasons why providing your email address to Family
Cheerleading Team for the successful            Tree is such a good idea. Here's another -- it saves trees. All of us are becoming more
Bring Cheer Fundraiser Event held at            eco-conscious and reduced printing means less trees are used to get our message of hope
the University of Denver Ritchie                and healing into the greater Denver community. Take a moment today and send your
Center. They raised over $2,500 and             email address to us. You can do so at: info@thefamilytree.org. In the subject line sim-
collected many canned food items for            ply write, My Email Address. Please be assured we will treat your email address with
Family Tree.                                    the utmost respect for your security and privacy.

Family Tree also would like to thank
the Bring Cheer corporate sponsors,
High Country Cheer, Peak Athletics
                                                Donor Spotlight                                               Marc Brady
Plus and Cheer Central Suns, whose                                                   Marc Brady says he and his son, Davis,
generous donations will help Family                                                  "hope to continue our partnership with
Tree to continue to assist less fortu-                                               Family Tree for a long time. The more
nate families in Colorado.                                                           involved we get, the more we understand
                                                                                     and the more we can do. Our involve-
Hope to see you next year at this                                                    ment will only get stronger." Marc and
annual event! Look for details at                                                    Davis donate their time, talents and treas-
www.thefamilytree.org in January                                                     ures to Family Tree. They are homework
                                                (l to r) Mark Ruthven, Board Member; volunteers at House of Hope. They read
                                                Scott Shields, CEO; Kathy Wells,     and play games with the children and
Story submitted by Angie Overlie, Director of
Corporate Relations.                            Managing Director of Gifts &         Marc volunteers with fundraisers and other
                                                Community Support; Davis Brady;      events. They are also major donors. In

        Make Your                               Marc Brady.                          addition to making a major gift and several
                                                others during the year, Marc's company, SAP, America matches his five-

       Planned Gift
                                                figure annual gift.

                                                In response to a question about how they came to Family Tree, Marc says
          Today!                                that after moving to Denver from Texas two years ago, he and his family,
                                                which also includes wife Andrea and son Connor, researched many different
       Bequests ~ Wills                         charities on the Internet. They were looking to "support someplace we could
        Estate Planning                         volunteer and not just give dollars. We wanted to work hands on and see
                                                where our dollars were going." They found House of Hope, which is near
                                                their home, and Marc says their experience "is beyond what we hoped for."
   Planned gifts come in all
 shapes and sizes and every                     Marc remembers he was surprised when Rachel, the Volunteer Liaison at
 single gift will help us serve                 House of Hope, said they needed homework helpers. He says they had
those affected by child abuse,                  never really thought about it but after working at House of Hope, it was clear
    domestic violence and                       that some of the children had not been in school for a while and can't read
        homelessness.                           well. Marc states that it has been good for Davis; that he has learned a lot
                                                from the experience and realizing what other people go through in their
 To discuss your planned gift,
   contact the development                      In closing, Marc emphasizes that his "hat is off to the staff and volunteers at
        department at                           Family Tree. I have never seen such a group of people so totally invested in
       (303) 422-2133.                          the work they do with clients." Yes, as Marc says, this partnership will only
  For more information visit                    get stronger.
                                                Story submitted by Kathy Wells, Managing Director of Gifts & Community Support.

                                                                                                        Branching Out - Summer 2008   7
                                                                           A ward Recipients
                    2008 Volunteer                                            s
                                                                 Shermita We t - Long Term Service Award
                    Appreciation                                                                                     )
                                                  Janelle Young - Domestic Violence Advocate Award (top, 2nd from left
                                                         Arlene Mayer - Senior Service Award (top, 2nd from right)
                    Breakfast                                                                           tp e )
                                                           Mary Beattie - At-Risk Youth Advocate Award ( o l ft
                                                              Margaret Utter - Homelessness Advocate Award
                     On Saturday, April 19,        Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church - Community Partner Award (lower
                     120 Family Tree volun-
                     teers and staff came
together to celebrate the work, dedication and
passion of our amazing volunteers. Works of
Heart, which is the new name of our volunteer
appreciation event, took place at Copper Fields
Event Chateau again this year. For complete
story visit www.thefamilytree.org/volunteers.

  No able
             2007 Family Tree Annual Report
 Av                                                        Fina            Donor Listin                    ms & Servic
                                                                  ncials               g           Pr ogra             es
Contact us to receive your copy or go online at www.familytree.org
                                           Visit us at www.thefamilytree.org

                                                                                                            Helps Here
                                                                                                            United Way
                                                                                                            Mile High

                                                                                           Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
                                                                                                           . ut 0
                                                                                           3805 Marshall St , S i e 1 0
                                                                                           safe, strong, self-reliant families

    Permit No. 1171
    Englewood, CO

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