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									53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                          ReceiptItemsData

Note: the data lines in the yellow line below are SAMPLE lines. Please do not erase them.

                                                                            Received qty                 Putaway
Item #     Lot #        License #                 Serial #   Received qty unit            Expire date    loc          Details        Owner ref       Customer ref    Condition
    138138       Lot555                    Lic222     Ser111            125            ea 10/10/2010     Location 1   Example detail           MM35A        9544VG            good
 6BWTY21             75                    Lic223     Ser112             99            cs    8/15/2008   Location 2   Example detail        LGRout66            R765           poor
    20OH5                                                                50                              Location 3   Example detail   HiTracSeries8          HTU87      excellent

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                                              Instructions

Import Instructions for Receipt Item Data
This tab includes instructions you should follow to successfully upload your receipt item data into SmartTurn. Uploading your receipt item data
provides flexibility and saves time because you can complete the receipt items spreadsheet outside of SmartTurn, and then enter up to 500
items at once, where they are incorporated into the receipt. For instance, after you make a successful receipt item upload, you can make one
click to receive all of the items into inventory. With one upload, you are communicating data across various modules within SmartTurn.

Please read these instructions prior to upload so that you can gain an understanding of what is required during the upload process, namely the
following key concepts:
► Reference data - Please make sure you have set up your Warehouse(s), Locations, Item Masters, and License Numbers within SmartTurn
before uploading receipt items
► One Upload per Receipt
► Import receipt items only on new blind receipts
► Formatting constraints on the data spreadsheet
► Formatting constraints on the worksheet tab name
► Filtering interferes with the upload

Our instructions take you step by step through the process of copying your existing data in a way that SmartTurn can read it. We also provide
the following resources that you will need:
► A reference table for the data field definitions used in the worksheet
► Tips and suggestions for a successful upload

---------Basic Concepts to know before uploading your data to SmartTurn--------
SmartTurn wants to make it easy for you to transport and maintain your data between your accounting application and SmartTurn WMS.
Before starting, there are six basic concepts to keep in mind:

► REFERENCE DATA - Some data fields in SmartTurn rely                 Mass Upload Sequence:
on other data fields in SmartTurn in order to make sense.             *1st: Business Affiliates (Customers, Vendors, etc.); Warehouse(s)
For instance, if you import a receipt item with a putaway location    2nd: Locations
that hasn't been set up at a Warehouse in SmartTurn, the              3rd: Item Masters
import will fail. So the concepts to remember are that when           4th: License Numbers
you're importing data to SmartTurn, you'll need to follow a           5th: Receipt Items/Shipment Items
certain sequence. (See Mass Upload Sequence to the right),
and you'll need to type data to match exactly the data that           *you can upload these first three in any order, but all three must be
already exists in SmartTurn.                                          uploaded before you can proceed to uploading Locations.

► ONE UPLOAD PER (BLIND) RECEIPT - You can import                     How to get to the Add Blind Receipt screen in SmartTurn:
receipt items to a blind receipt in the SmartTurn application.
Then those receipt items are specific to that receipts in             SmartTurn processes the receipt items records you upload from the Add
SmartTurn. If you have multiple receipts to receive, you can          Blind Receipt screen. If you have multiple receipts that need receipt
upload them one receipt at a time. In other words, you can put        items imported to SmartTurn, you create a new blind receipt for each
all receipt items for one (blind) receipt on one Receipt Items        group of receipt items.
import template. However, you can not combine receipt items           To navigate to the Add Blind Receipt Screen:
from two or more (blind) receipts on one Receipt Items import         1. Select Receiving>Receive Purchase Orders in the navigation panel or
template.                                                             from the process flow diagram on the SmartTurn Home page. A list of
                                                                      POs appears.
                                                                      2. In the toolbar for the PO list, select    Add Blind Receipt. The Add Blind
                                                                      Receipt screen appears. At the bottom of the screen is a blank Receipt
                                                                      items list.
                                                                      3. In the toolbar for the Receipt items list, select    Import. A dialogue
                                                                      will open, prompting you through the process.

► IMPORT ONLY ON NEW BLIND RECEIPTS - You can                         For instance, if you open up a Purchase order from the list at
import receipt items to only to receipts that don't already contain   Receiving>Receive Purchase Orders, you do not see the Import icon on the
other items. The imports button does not appear as an option          toolbar for Receipt items.
when you are receiving from a PO. You must create a new blind
receipt for every receipt item import.

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                                                    Instructions

► SPREADSHEET FORMATTING CONSTRAINTS - Names                            For example: "Expiration date" would not work as a column header for
of Columns in the workheets directly correspond to data                 the data field, "Expire date". There must be an exact match.
fields in SmartTurn. This means that column headers in
SmartTurn's data upload worksheets specify where to put the
data you supply within SmartTurn. If you inadvertently change
the column headers, the upload won't work because the column
header no longer corresponds to a specific data field in
SmartTurn. Similarly, if you add column headers that SmartTurn
hasn't specified, the data will not correspond to anything in
SmartTurn, and the upload will not be successful. (See example
to the right.)

CUSTOMIZE THE FILENAME, NOT THE WORKSHEET                               For example: if you rename the SmartTurn Worksheet from
NAME: SmartTurn looks for a specific worksheet name                     'ReceiptItemsData' to 'Receipt#122' and try to upload it, the upload will
during import. In other words, the name of the worksheet                fail. By contrast, it is perfectly fine to name your SmartTurn upload files
within the file you import is important; it must match the name of      according to which receipt they're for:
the file SmartTurn is expecting to import. (See example to the          SmartTurn_Receipt#122_070815.xls or 122_BlindReceipt.xls
right.) Note that while you shouldn't change the worksheet name
within the SmartTurn upload template, you can name the .xls
file whatever you want.

TURN OFF FILTERS: Filtering interferes with the SmartTurn               For example: you may like to review your receipt item data by filtering it
import process. Filtering may cause errors in the upload                for blank cells. If you left this filter on, the upload to SmartTurn would
process, so filtering must be turned off prior to upload.               fail. To turn this off, click into the cell in the worksheet containing the
SmartTurn can import only unfiltered worksheets. (See example           filter arrow. In the Excel Toolbar, select Data > Filter > Autofilter. This will
to the right.)       Excel AutoFilter icon                              turn off the filtering.

-------Steps to Complete the ReceiptItemsData Worksheet---------
What to Expect: Depending on the number of receipt items, detail needed, and condition of your existing receipt item data, SmartTurn
expects this process to take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. The process involves extracting data from the system you are currently
using to track receipt items, re-arranging a copy of this data to conform to the SmartTurn import system, and importing.

1. Check to make sure you have your locations, item masters, and licenses set up in SmartTurn. Log in to SmartTurn.
a. Go to Administration>Locations. Review the list of Locations there to see that it contains the putaway locations you will specify in the import
for receipt items. (If you have a multi-warehouse operation, make sure you are looking at the locations for the correct warehouse by checking
the selection in the Warehouse selector up top.) You can also review the Location status and Capacity status to verify if there is space available
in the desired putaway location(s). (Double-click a location and then select the Capacity tab to see its capacity specification in eaches.)

b. Go to Administration>Item Masters. Review the list of item masters there to see that it contains the Item #s of the receipt items you will be
importing. You can also double-click on any item master to review the Receiving unit you have specified, and other details.

c. Go to Inventory>License Numbers. Review the list of license numbers there to see that it contains any License #s you intend to assign to
receipt items included in the import file. Double-click a license number to make sure it is not on hold.

2. Obtain an electronic version of your existing data. Make a copy of an existing spreadsheet of your receipt item data. (It might be
helpful to print this out so you can clearly see the names of the columns your existing spreadsheet uses.) Many accounting packages have an
export feature to facilitate this process.

If you do not have your data in electronic format, you may elect to use this spreadsheet for data entry.

3. Open the import template. Look at the ReceiptItemsData tab in this file. (It might also be helpful for you to print this out so you can
clearly see the names of the columns SmartTurn uses.)

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                                              Instructions

                                                                      Tip: The column headers contain information. Click column header
                                                                      cell in the ReceiptItemsData worksheet to see important information
                                                                      about values for the field, whether the filed is required or optional, etc.

4. Complete the SmartTurn Import Spreadsheet. For each column header in the SmartTurn ReceiptItemsData tab, match a column
header in the existing spreadsheet containing your receipt items data. Notice that the column headers are different colors. The fields that
correspond to the column headers are either optional or required. Click into the cell to see more information in a pop-up:
►Required fields are denoted by Red column headers. These fields must be completed for a successful upload.
►Optional fields are denoted by Black column headers. You may leave these fields blank, but leaving them blank enters the default state
for this field. Click into the column header for more information on the default state for that column.

Important: Lines 5, 6, and 7 are reserved for the sample              Tip: Reconcile your column header names with SmartTurn. Make
data.                                                                 note of any differences between the column header names in your data
If you delete the sample data in these 3 lines, and include actual    and the column header names in the SmartTurn import spreadsheet.
data in them, that data will not be imported. SmartTurn ignores       Also, make note of any extra or missing columns in your data set.
data in lines 5, 6, 7.                                                Include all SmartTurn column headers in the import, exactly as in the
                                                                      SmartTurn spreadsheet.

4. Import the SmartTurn spreadsheet. When your spreadsheet is complete, log in to SmartTurn
a. If you have a multi-warehouse operation, check up above at the top of the screen to make sure you are in the correct warehouse for the
b. Go to Receiving>Receive Purchase Orders in the navigation panel. A list of POs appears.
c. In the toolbar for the PO list, select    Add Blind Receipt. The Add Blind Receipt screen appears. At the bottom of the screen is a blank
Receipt items list.
d. In the toolbar for the Receipt items list, select    Import. Follow the prompts to browse for the file and complete the import.

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                       Instructions

-------ReceiptItemData Field Names and Definitions---------

Receipt Item fields                            Field Definition and Value Restrictions (if any)
Item #                                         Required: The item master number your company uses to reference the
                                               item description, materials and handling specifications, sales &
                                               fulfillment specifications, & warehouse-specific information. This # must
                                               already be set up in SmartTurn for your import to succeed.

Lot #                                          The lot number assigned to the item.
License #                                      The license number assigned to the item.
Serial #                                       The serial number assigned to the item.
Received qty                                   Required: The quantity received.
Received qty unit                              The unit of measurement (UoM) for the received qty. If supplied, must
                                               match a UoM defined in the item master *for this item* (not necessarily
                                               the Receiving UoM). If left blank, this field will default to the receiving
                                               UoM specified in the item master.
Expire date                                    For perishable goods: Format mm/dd/yyyy. The expiration date
                                               associated with an inventory item. For reference only--the SmartTurn
                                               system will not alert or prompt you when the date passes.

Putaway loc                                    The location where the item is put away upon receipt. If you enter data
                                               here, this location must be configured in SmartTurn and have capacity to
                                               hold the Received qty. However, if you leave it blank, the import template
                                               will automatically consult with the item's item master and look for a
                                               default putaway location. If one is configured for the item, SmartTurn
                                               enters that location. You can change this before you make the final click
                                               to receive the receipt items.

Details                                        Miscellaneous details about the item (up to 200 characters).
                                               (This field is available in the Edit pop-up or if you customize the Create
                                               Receipt page.)
Owner ref                                      The reference field the owner of this item uses for tracking purposes.
                                               (This field is available in the Edit pop-up or if you customize the Create
                                               Receipt page.)

Customer ref                                   The reference field the customer of this item uses for tracking purposes.
                                               (This field is available in the Edit pop-up or if you customize the Create
                                               Receipt page.)

Condition                                      The condition of the item. (If left blank, defaults to "Good".) Enter a valid
                                               (This field is available in the Edit pop-up or if you customize the Create
                                               Receipt page.)

Product ID                                     The VENDOR's ID for the item master.
Override Unit Cost                             The cost of the item, in the Received qty unit.

                                               If left blank, defaults to the Purchase Cost specified in the item master.

                                               (This field is available if you customize the Create Receipt page.)

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                       Instructions

<name of your custom field>                    If you have defined custom fields for business process Inventory, add
                                               one column for each custom field.

                                               The column name must match exactly the name of the custom field you
                                               have already defined in SmartTurn. For each receipt item, enter the
                                               value for the custom field. The value must be a valid value for that
                                               custom field. For example, if your custom field is a list type custom field,
                                               the value you enter must match exactly one of the list options you
                                               defined when you created your custom field.

                                               If you do not add a column for a custom field, its value on the receipt
                                               item is based on the Business Process Details you defined when you
                                               created your custom field.
                                               If you do add a column for a custom field, the value you enter overrides
                                               any default set up in the Business Process Details.

                                               If you are importing custom field information, you may need to
                                               "unprotect" the ReceiptItemsData worksheet in order to add the custom
                                               field columns. To "unprotect" the worksheet, select
                                               Tools>Protection>Unprotect Sheet (Excel 2003) or
                                               Review>Changes>Unprotect Sheet (Excel 2007).
                                               (Custom fields are available in the Edit pop-up on the Custom tab, or if
                                               you customize the Create Receipt page.)

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    53d208aa-ad44-4c43-bcc2-d6bf2239aefa.xls                                                                                            Instructions

-------Tips for a Successful Receipt Item Data Import to SmartTurn---------
► Turn off filters: If you use filters in your spreadsheet to review data, please disable them in the SmartTurn ReceiptItemsData worksheet
before you import to SmartTurn.

► Deactivate Sorting: If you use sorting in your spreadsheet to review data, please disable it in the SmartTurn ReceiptItemsData worksheet
before you import to SmartTurn.

► Freeze Panes: When you review the data you paste into the SmartTurn ReceiptItemsData worksheet, you can use the default Freeze
Panes formatting to examine your data. This tool will help you carefully review the data by showing each record in close proximity to the
column headers and required record information. If you are unfamiliar with Freeze Panes, see Microsoft Excel Help.

► Automate if possible: Consult your accounting software package to see if you can export data in the same format required by SmartTurn.

► Examine twice, Copy & Paste once: To borrow from an old carpenter's rule, make sure your data records are clean and correct before
pasting them into the SmartTurn ReceiptItemsData spreadsheet. This is crucial for handling the data in a way that will prevent overwrites and

► If an upload fails, SmartTurn provides specific error messages: In the event that your data import fails, the SmartTurn system
provides error messages that describe what records are causing the failure. If you have a large amount of records, there could be numerous
errors. SmartTurn provides specific errors messages, based on when in the sequence they occurred. If you correct the errors, and then
subsequent imports fail, you can refer to any new error messages to guide your next corrections.

► SmartTurn can import up to 500 records with this template: Please limit each import to 500 records.

► SmartTurn prevents you from Adding or Deleting rows and columns in the template: SmartTurn has protected the import template
against adding or deleting rows. Paste additional rows at the bottom of the data instead of adding rows. Instead of deleting rows with incorrect
data, fix the data.

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