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									                                     Consignment Agreements - Dealers Instructions

These instructions are for professional dealer consignments only. Individual consignors and private parties should visit our
store where we will be happy to explain the terms and conditions of our agreements, and assist you in filling out our forms.

Please carefully read these instructions, then carefully read each agreement form before attempting to fill it out. Most, if not all, of your
questions will be answered simply by carefully reading the instructions and each form. Then, fill in all the information you can
accurately provide. Please print legibly. Contact us at or (210) 592-8786 for assistance with
any item needing clarification or negotiation.

Do not sign any agreement until all blanks are filled in and you are completely satisfied with all terms and conditions as stated. When
completed, we will provide you with a signed copy of any and all agreements and inventory forms.

Dealers should follow this procedure for each consigned item:

    1) Examine each item for damage prior to consignment. Make any repairs you wish, or include a description of the damage
         when listing the item on our form. It is our policy not to conceal known damage of the items we offer for sale. We will also
         inform our customers if an item has been beneficially reconditioned in any non-obvious way.

    2) Clean, polish, ultrasound and/or steam each item. Your items will be presented to our customers in the same condition in
         which you present them to us.

    3) Bag or box each item separately: individual ziplock bags are preferred. If you are using one of our supplemental Consignment
         Inventory Forms, please write the line item number on each bag or box in indelible ink.

    4) Write a short but accurate description of each item on our form. You may wish to include information about repairs or
         reconditioning you've preformed. Usually, your descriptions will be used to verbally describe your items during an auction, but
         they will not be available to buyers in print. Buyers' invoices will state only brief descriptions such as "gold ring" or "bracelet".
         Do not use adjectives such as "beautiful" or "breathtaking": please be technical and accurate, describing only karats, carats,
         cuts, styles, etc. Remember: buyers will have plenty of time to preview your items before they buy.

    5) If you are consigning items for retail sale ("RC" on our Consignment Agreement), a reserve amount is required. Determine the
         dead net price that is acceptable to you for each item, and indicate it on the form. If your item is sold, you will receive the
         actual sale price of the item, minus our commission percentage, provided that the net amount you receive is not less that your
         reserve amount. Do not include our commission in the calculation of any reserve amount your specify. No reserve fees are
         charged for "RC" consignment.

    6) If you are consigning items for sale at auction ("AC" on our Consignment Agreement), a reserve amount is optional. The same
         procedure for calculating the net amount you receive applies to "RC" and "AC". Again, do not include our commission in the
         calculation of any reserve amount your specify. "AC" reserves are generally lower than "RC" reserves. Reserve fees may
         apply for "AC" consignment, but such fees are usually negotiable.

         A word about "RC" and "AC" reserve amounts: A reserve amount is truly the lowest possible amount that you are
         willing to accept for an item, not your fantasy price or even the amount you believe the item is "worth".

         We always will try to get you more than your reserve amount! Remember: the more you make, the more we make, so
         we're motivated to work hard on your behalf. Please be realistic in specifying reserve amounts. We reserve the right
         to refuse items with unrealistic reserve amounts.

         Nothing kills your sale and destroys an auction faster than plentiful and unrealistic reserve amounts. If you don't
         already trust the marketplace to fairly value your items, please consider observing an auction or two, or consign only
         a few items with no reserves in order to "test the water", before becoming an active consignor.

    7) If you are consigning items under our "Spot+ Program", complete each line with each item's metal, purity and weight in grams.
         Estimate and subtract the weights of all non-precious metal components of all items. Spot+ is available only for items
         consisting only of gold, silver or platinum. Colored stones and/or small diamonds may be included, but only the value of the
         precious metal will be considered in calculating the "spot" price. If you want compensation for any component of an item
         beyond that item's precious metal value, please consider it for regular consignment ("RC" or "AC", above), not for Spot+. An
         item listed for Spot+ is automatically assigned a reserve amount of 100% of that item's refined precious metal value.
         Calculation of your share of the sale price is detailed in the "Spot+ Consignment Agreement".

    8) If you have a formal written appraisal of an item, please include a copy with your completed forms. Black out any identifying
         information that you don't want to make public. Local, recent appraisals with photographs are best. Copies of your appraisals
         will be made available to interested buyers, and generally will help to sell your items and increase the sale prices.

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