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					Business Assistance Programs
The City of Avondale is committed to supporting the businesses within our community. Your existing,
expanding or relocating business is a valuable asset to Avondale. Businesses like yours provide jobs, services,
and a tax base that enhances and preserves our city’s quality of life. Below is a list of local, regional, and state
business assistance programs.

Site Selection
The City of Avondale can assist companies with identifying available sites. The City works closely with the local real
estate brokerage community to provide the most up-to-date information on availability of sites. The City also has
an extensive database on available land sites, and on-going relationships with local developers and landowners.
Development Review
The City of Avondale provides excellent customer service throughout the development process and works closely
with companies to ensure that project reviews are done in a timely manner. The City Development Services
Department is committed to working with businesses on planning, zoning, and permitting issues.
City of Avondale Commercial Infill Incentive
The commercial infill incentive was created to encourage development of commercial uses through reduced fees
and other incentives in city areas which are vacant or otherwise underutilized.
Building permit and plan review fees
Eligible projects within the commercial infill incentive districts shall receive a waiver of 50% of the building permits
and plan review fees established by the city council.
Sales Tax Rebates
All eligible new businesses within each commercial infill incentive district can apply for a rebate of all sales taxes
paid to the City of Avondale for .75% of the taxable sales generated to the business in the commercial infill
incentive district, up to a maximum rebate of $5,000 annually and subject to the criteria set forth in Ordinance
Workforce Development
The City of Avondale works closely with the Maricopa Community College District to assist companies with their
workforce needs. The Arizona Workforce Recruitment and Job Training program provides short-term customized
grants for the training of net new employees. The program is administered in coordination with training providers
such as community colleges, private post-secondary institutions, trade schools, or the applicant itself. The program
funds up to 75% of total eligible costs, with the company contributing the other 25%. Recent awards range from
$300 to $1,000 per employee.
IT (Information Technology) Tax Credits
Available to businesses as a 50-50 match for training up to 20 employees in IT skills during calendar year. The set
aside is capped at $5,000,000 with half the fund earmarked for corporations (S, C, LL), and the other half for sole
proprietorships and partnerships. The per-employee tax credit cannot exceed $1,500 and if the total number of
qualifying applications exceeds the capped amount, the per-employee credit will be reduced proportionally.
Accelerated Depreciation
Businesses with class 73 and 74 personal property may qualify for a four-year accelerated depreciation. This
accelerated depreciation reduces the full cash value of the property by 40% the first tax year, 56% of the
scheduled depreciated value the second year, 72% of the scheduled depreciated value the third year and 88% of
the scheduled depreciated value the fourth year. In year five, the schedule reverts to the original level.
Economic Strength Projects (ESP) Grants
ESP grants are available for the construction of transportation infrastructure directly related to new or
expanding development projects. Matching funds are required. Please note: due to State budget constraints,
the 2009 ESP grant round 09-1 will not be able to be funded. As a result, the scheduled round 09-1 has been
Sales Tax Exemption
Arizona exempts the sales of machinery used directly in manufacturing from both the state transaction privilege
and use taxes.
Commercial Solar Energy Tax Credit Program
An Arizona income tax credit is offered to businesses that install one or more solar energy devices in their
Arizona facilities. The tax credit is equal to 10% of the installed cost of the solar energy device not to exceed
$25,000 in credits for one building in a single tax year and $50,000 total credits per business per tax year. Tax
credits can be used to offset Arizona income tax liability; any unused credit amounts can be carried forward
for a five-year period. The tax credit is available for tax years beginning from and after December 31, 2005
through December 31, 2012. Tax credits are authorized on a first come, first served basis, according to a
priority placement number issued by Commerce. Senate Bill 2429, which established the Solar Energy Tax Credit
Program, also provides a personal property exemption on solar energy devices used for the production of solar
energy for on-site consumption.
Western Maricopa Enterprise Zone (WMEZ)
The WMEZ program provides New Job Tax Credits and Reduced Property Taxes for Manufacturers to qualifying
companies that create jobs and do business within an enterprise zone. New Job Tax Credits are income/premium
tax credits up to $3,000 for each new job over a 3-year period, with a maximum of 200 new jobs per taxpayer in
any given year. Reduced Property Taxes for Manufacturers are reclassification of real and personal property for 5
years of reduced taxes –a savings of about 40% to 60%. This reduction applies only to primary property taxes.
Motion Picture Production Tax Incentives Program
The Motion Picture Production Tax Incentives Program, administered by the Arizona Department of Commerce,
focuses on promoting the motion picture industry in Arizona by providing tax incentives to qualified motion
picture production companies that are primarily engaged in the business of producing motion pictures, have
a physical office and bank account in Arizona, incur Arizona production costs of at least $250,000 in a twelve-
month period, and employ a certain percentage of Arizona residents. Incentives include transaction privilege
tax exemption for machinery, equipment, or tangible personal property; job printing, engraving, embossing, or
copying; leases or rentals of lodging space; catered food, drink, and condiments; and construction contracts.
Income tax credits are based on expenses in Arizona directly attributable to the production and can be used to
offset Arizona tax liability. The tax credits may be used, sold or transferred; unused tax credit amounts may be
carried forward for up to five taxable years.
Small Business Capital Investment Tax Incentive Program
“Angel Investment Program”
The Angel Investment program aims to expand early stage investments in qualified Arizona small businesses,
including rural, bioscience, or other qualified small businesses. The program provides tax credits to investors who
make capital investment in small businesses certified by the Arizona Department of Commerce.

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