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                             Lead Generation with Web Seminars
                             What You Need to Know to Maximize your Marketing ROI

                             Scott King, ReadyTalk VP of Sales and Marketing

                             We’re entering a unique time in the form of Web 2.0. How do you use this new way of using the
                             web to drive lead generation by joining the conversation with your customers or prospects? In
                             Web 2.0 marketing, the focus is on relationship building and lead generation programs that are
                             more than email and direct mail—they are ways to connect with people. Web seminars, podcast-
                             ing, blogging and other social media programs are going to take an ever-increasing amount of
The quality of leads         the marketing budget pie.
derived from Web
seminars tend to be          What are your goals?
higher than some other       The first question that marketing professionals need to answer when thinking about different
lead generation tools        lead generation programs is, “What am I trying to accomplish?” Is it to:
because you have created     •	   Gain exposure in the market?
an opportunity to develop
                             •	   Build relationships with prospects and existing customers (upsell)?
a more direct relationship
                             •	   Educate customers or prospects about your technology or solution?
with the prospect.
                             •	   Qualify and determine whether there’s a good fit between your company’s solutions and the
                                  prospect’s needs?

                             Most often, lead generation initiatives are focused around these four different objectives with
                             the end result of generating a set quantity of qualified leads. This brief will focus on employing
                             Web seminars as a lead generation tool.

                             Why Web Seminars?
                             The quality of leads derived from Web seminars tend to be higher than some other lead genera-
                             tion tools because you have created an opportunity to develop a more direct relationship with
                             the prospect.

                             If conducting a Web seminar is one of the elements of your program, what are the key success
                             factors you need to accomplish your goals? What are the necessary steps in implementing such
                             a campaign and how does one go from concept to successful reality?

                             When implementing a Web seminar, you must plan, promote, prepare, conduct and follow up
                             on your event. We will touch briefly on the planning, promotion and follow-up stages. Preparing
                             for and conducting your event are major processes that warrant their own discussion. If you are
                             interested in learning more about these subjects, please contact us.


                             Goals: The first step in planning is to ask yourself, “What are the goals I have for this event?” It
                             seems so obvious but when people miss this step, or “wing it,” things go downhill fast, because
                             how do you measure success if you really don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish?

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                         Set budget: Next, set your budget. What is the scale and scope of the event? How many attend-
                         ees are you looking for and what’s the cost associated with producing the event?

                         Determine target audience: Who are you looking to target or otherwise influence with this
                         Web seminar? Depending on your business, you may need to choose among industries. Then,
                         you’ll want to identify the end users and figure out what role they play and their level within the

                         Set date and time: Set the date and time of the event. Tuesdays through Thursdays tend to be
                         best for web seminars between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. They should last no
                         longer than 60 minutes, with time for Q&A.


                         Email: The easiest and most effective way to promote a Web seminar is through email. The more
                         targeted the audience, the better the content, the easier it is to reach them. Take this opportu-
                         nity to build your opt-in subscriber list and develop long-term relationships.

                         Advertising is an obvious way to reach your target audience. Employing ad words is one of the
                         least expensive ways to target a specific audience and advertising in trade journals and associa-
                         tions can be effective as well.

                         Web sites (to include your own, of course) are a great promotional vehicle as well, and the value
                         there comes from your ability to consistently change and update information as needed.

                         Sales team promotion to prospects is another tool to help drive registration for your Web semi-
                         nar. Conduct a Web seminar on a topic of interest to prospects, and use it to start a dialogue and
                         build credibility.

                         Public relations: PR is inexpensive and it enables you to control and convey your message con-
                         sistently to the market and help build your brand awareness.

                         Social media: use blogs, forums and other two-way conversations to reach out to the target

                         Follow up

                         After you conduct your Web seminar, your post-event activities are critical to making sure that
                         you’re successfully conducting a seminar that spurs action. After all, the whole point is to get
                         people to raise their hands and say, “Hey, I’m interested and I think what you have is going to
                         meet my needs. What are the next steps?”

                         Send post event emails: Determine who attended and who registered, but didn’t attend and
                         send emails to each group accordingly

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                         ReadyTalk Corporate Office: 1598 Wynkoop | Denver, Colorado 80202
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                         Rate and distribute leads: Follow up with the people who indicated interest via your call to ac-
                         tion. Nurture the rest of your leads accordingly. Did they sign up for your newsletter? Did they
                         give you information about their interests? Make note of them and prepare to develop long term
                         relationships to develop trust over time.

                         Upload conference data into CRM: Update your database with your new leads and contacts.

                         Promote next event: Use this opportunity to promote future events that are interesting to your

                         Edit, publish and promote recording: Recording an event is critical since statistics show that
                         only 50 percent of registered attendees actually attend the event. The conference recording is
                         also an excellent way of conducting future campaigns with new prospects.

                         Evaluate event performance: Look at what went well, what didn’t and determine the economics
                         of the event using a cost-per-lead type of performance measurement.

                         Looking Ahead
                         If you are serious about boosting your web seminar program, there are many resources to help
                         get you going. Major areas to consider include:

                         •	   Effective virtual presentation skills

                         •	   How to design an exceptional slide deck

                         •	   Best practices for preparing for and conducting the live event

                         Visit us at www.readytalk.com/web-seminar-experts for more resources and helpful

                         About the Author
                         As co-founder and VP of sales and marketing for ReadyTalk, Scott King is actively involved in
                         building ReadyTalk’s wholesale and [resale] business units and oversees sales, marketing, and
                         business development. Scott brings over 25 years of experience in the communications mar-
                         kets. Previously, Scott was vice president of sales for TellSoft Technologies, and during his 15
                         years at HP, Scott was responsible for directing the sales and business development programs
                         for HP’s Media Stream server, Quick Burst cable modems, and LMDS broadband wireless

                         Scott attended the University of Colorado under a cross country and track scholarship and
                         earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. Scott continues to be an avid
                         runner, enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer team, and often rides his bike to work from
                         Boulder to Denver with other avid cyclists from ReadyTalk.

                         www.readytalk.com | 800.843.9166 | help@readytalk.com
                         ReadyTalk Corporate Office: 1598 Wynkoop | Denver, Colorado 80202

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