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									                   Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council
                   City of Woodstock Georgia
                   Woodstock Municipal Complex     103 Arnold              Mill Road

                                        TUESDAY JANUARY 9 2007

                                                       7 00 PM

PRESENT       Mayor   Donnie   Henriques     Council Randy Brewer Liz Baxter Chris Casdia Bob Mueller
Steve Faris   Bud Leonard Staff Jim Gleason         City Manager Rhonda Pezzello City Clerk Richard
McLeod Planning and Economic           Development Director Jim Phelps Building Official Jarvis Middleton
Public Works Director Ric Moss           Police Chief Fran Diedrich Human Resource Director Donna
Godfrey Community        Affairs Director Brian Stockton Senior Planner Eldon Basham City Attorney

ITEM 1          MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY MAYOR HENRIQUES                                                     7 05 15

ITEM 2          RECOGNITION OF GUESTS AND                                PROCL ORS

       A        Special Recognition of Mr        James Stone Police Department Retiree Moss                              7 05 16

       B        Police    Department   Commendation to Officer de la Torre Moss                       7 08 35

ITEM 3          ANNOUNCEMENTS 7 09 53

                    City Hall will be Closed on the following days
                    Monday January 15th for Martin Luther King s Birthday

                    Towne Hall     Meeting       Ward 1   Council Member Brewer                    Woodstock        Library    Thursday
                    January 18th       6 00 pm     7 45 pm

                    Beginning February 2007       Council Meeting and Planning Commission Meetings will
                    Change  from Tuesday Nights to Monday Nights at 7 pm Municipal Court will Change from

                    Monday Nights to Tuesday Nights
                    Planning   Commission        Meeting Change to Thursday January                  11        at 7 pm

ITEM 4          APPROVAL OF MINUTES 7 10 39

                December 19 2006        Regular Meeting      Minutes Pezzello
                Motion     to approve Minutes         Mueller Leonard                    all in   favor except           eM Brewer who
                abstained     motion carried 4 0


                Kathryn    White 7 11 30

Regular Council Meeting   MINUTES
 ITEM 6           CONSENT AGENDA                      7 14 02     Motion to    pull   item F       BrewerCasdia           all in   favor
                 motion carried           Motion to approve items A E                          Brewer
                                                                                         Mueller                all in   favor      motion

         A       Alcohol License
                                      Request          Impacto    Bar       Disco   Pouring           Liquor
                                                                                                      Beer         Phelps

                 Impacto Bar         Disco establishment is located at 9740 Main Street Ste 270 Woodstock GA
                 The applicant s     name is Hyung S Shin Advertisements have been
                                                                                       published in the Cherokee
                 Tribune     The     applicant       has met all      the                      of the Woodstock
                                                                             requirements                                 City   Code of

         B       Alcohol License                            Musashi
                                          Request                     Japanese      Steakhouse       Pouring       BeerlWine       Liquor

                 Musashi Japanese Steakhouse     Sushi Inc is                   located at 12926 Hwy 92 Ste 600 Somchay
                 Keonhothy  is the registered agent                              Advertisements have been published in the
                 Cherokee Tribune and the             applicant    has met all the                        of the Woodstock Code of

         C       Alcohol License                       Aldi Foods
                                      Request                         Package       BeerlWine        Phelps

                 Aldi Inc   b
                            d a Aldi Foods      3 establishment is located at 200 West Village Drive
                 Woodstock GA The Registered Agent s name is Robert C Ochs III Advertisements have
                 been published in the Cherokee Tribune   The applicant has met all the requirements of the
                 Woodstock       City Code ofOrdinance

         D       Resolution       Georgia Power            PSC    Cobb County       vs    Cities   Franchise Fees Gleason

                 Resolution      asking   GMA to     lobby against the recent vote by                the PSC to     charge municipal
                 customers a higher       electricity rate than county customers

         E      Approval     of Mayor      s   Expenses Mayor

                Transportation Expenses and Meals in                the amount of 72 70

         F      2nd Reading         Youth Council Ordinance                Council to be     sworn   in at next   meeting        Godfrey
                7    16 17

                In July Councilman Faris requested that City staff investigate the possibility of creating a
                Youth Council in Woodstock In     August Council instructed staff to pursue the creation of a
                youth advisory council Staff has met with Principal Sebring of Woodstock High School
                faculty advisory Joshua Sailers and three potential Youth Council members to discuss how to
                best launch the project Everyone was
                                                         extremely enthused and eager to start meeting in
                January 2007

                Motion to approve and move forward as is for now and to have
                                                                             staff bring back a revamped
                ordinance to Council for approval to include kids of other schools home school
                Brewer Casdia   all in favor motion carried

ITEM 7          PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS                                  7 23 16

        A       Public    Hearing   and   Approval of Senior Housing            Ordinance McLeod               7 23 16

                This is the               for the adoption of the Senior Living SL Zoning category In
                                 public hearing
                order for  developer
                             a         receive the benefits of this category they would have to apply for

                rezoning and go through the process This will give Council the opportunity to see each of
                these   developments      on   a    case   by case basis
Regular Council Meeting   MINUTES                                                                                                      2
                 Following   the last meeting when this ordinance was
                                                                         presented clarification on how                                           to

                 calculate the affordable housing component was received and the definition was clarified

                 Public Hearing
                 Thais Escondo 7 30 48
                 Brenda Sexton 7 35 08

                 Colby    Misner    7 36 33

                 Motion to table and          bring   another      draft forward                     and take to  Planning        and    Zoning
                 Faris Leonard        all in favor        motion carried            It will be              brought back to       Council at the
                 02 12 2007 Meeting

         B       Public Hearing and Approval of New Zoning                               Mcleod              8 02 13

                 The zoning map for the City of Woodstock has been updated to incorporate the zoning
                 amendments and new annexations to the city since the last official zoning map was approved
                 Also to   incorporate   the latest GIS     parcel boundary information      This zoning map differs from
                previous map considered in 2005                  in that it includes the latest amendments approved by

                Mayor and Council

                Public    Hearing     no one    signed up   to   speak       8 05 24

                Motion to approve the new map as presented       Baxter Mueller   all in                                         favor     motion
                carried Map dated 01 05 07 as read into the record by Richard McLeod

         C      Approval of Resolution Outlining the Future                        jurisdictional
                                                                                   InteJ                         Agreement with          Cherokee

                County School Board Mcleod 8 06 26

                The TAD Attorney s have provided this resolution which outlines agreed upon inclusions in
                the future   Interjurisdictional Agreement          with the Cherokee    County School                        Board The School
                Board is set to vote     on   the agreement at their        January meeting

                Motion to table until 0116 2007             Casdia Mueller                      all    infavor   motion carried

         D      Approval     of   Interjurisdictional Agreement            with Cherokee                  County      Board of Commissioners
                for Use of Senior Bus Diedrich             8 07 17

                Cherokee     County    has    requested   the    use   of the Senior Van for transportation of Cherokee
                County seniors to     and from various activities

                Motion to approve the agreement with one change     term of contract to be a one year

                contract  BaxterMueller    all in favor except CM Faris who opposed    Motion carried
                Council directed      staff to find   out where the money came from that paid                              for   the bus   by   the


ITEM 8          OLD BUSINESS             8 13 38

        A       Purchase of Stormwater Utility Manager Vehicle Middleton                                     8 13 38

                This is for the     approval   for   purchase     of   a   budgeted                 vehicle for the   newly   created and filled

                position   ofStormwater Manager

                Allan   Vigil Ford 20 456 00
                2006 Ford    Explorer 4WD

                Motion to approve        Leonard Mueller            all in favor                    motion carried

Regular Council Meeting   MINUTES
ITEM 9          NEW BUSINESS 8 59 54

        A       Approval for Mayor             to Attend      lCMA Training in North Carolina in February                         Mayor
                 8 59 54

                The   training   will be held     on   February     1 st and 2nd The       City Manager         will also be attending
                and will be driving his vehicle There will be no transportation costs for the                         Mayor     The   room

                cost will be        307 88 for two     nights     plus any meals not included in the conference package
                price of 195 00        The     Mayor   is   now   unable to go but the training was offered to any Council

                Member who would like to attend                   Council Member Brewer and Council Member Mueller

                expressed      an   interest    The title of the     training is        Great Communities and the Politics of


                Mayor unable        to attend     motion to approve this             training for   one   or   more   elected   officials
                Leonard Brewer          all in favor   motion carried

        B       Intergovernmental Agreement with Cherokee County Making the City responsible for
                maintaining Stonebridge Parkway and Hancock Road from Dupree Road to Towne Lake
                Parkway as shown on that certain zoning plan for Avonlea Phase II dated November 3
                2006 contingent upon the agreement stating the City will have concurrent jurisdiction for
                law enforcement along the right of way of Stonebridge Parkway and Hancock Road from
                Dupree Road to Towne Lake Parkway and further that the staff be directed to bring back
                an intergovernmental agreement for council approval to that effect Mayor     9 03 27

                Motion to add to       agenda       Mueller Casdia            all in favor      motion carried
                Motion to approve entering into negotiations for an Interjurisdictional Agreement

                county to remain liablefor any litigation and deed the road over to the City
                Faris Leonard          all   infavor        motion carried

        C       Letter of Support for        Holly Springs Efforts Regarding            HB489 Tax Equity          Mayor

                Motion to add to      agenda      BrewerLeonard              all in favor     motion carried
                Council was in favor         of the City of Canton      s   letter    motion to send letter like Canton           s

                Baxter Leonard         all in favor         motion carried


ITEM 11         MAYOR AND COUNCIL COMMENTS                                  9 15 21

                Mayor     s   Committees

                Motion to add to      agenda      BrewerMueller             all in favor     motion carried

                Mayor Pro tern Steve Faris
                Community Development Baxter               Mueller
                Public Services Mueller    Faris

                Planning Commission Brewer         Casdia
                Employee Pension LeonardIBaxterlBrewer
                DDA    Representative Chris Casdia
                AD Hoc     Community Center Evaluation                  Bob Mueller

                Motion to approve            BaxterlMueller        all in favor       motion carried


Regular Council Meeting   MINUTES
         B       1st Reading      Proration of Alcohol Fees Phelps                      8 15 14

                 Staff has been directed to amend to the
                                                          existing alcoholic beverage fee schedule to include a
                 provision to prorate the fee based on the number of months of the year a new license will be

                 Motion to approve           Faris Leonard             all in favor      motion carried

         C       Resolution       Senior Tax                           Gleason
                                                   Exemptions                           Unanimous Vote Required 8 18 32

                 The Cherokee         Delegation requires            unanimous
                                                                 a                  vote   by Council       before   they   will present   a   bill
                 for enactment

                 Motion to approve the resolution with
                                                       changes by City                                Attorney Effective       Jan 1      2008
                 appraised value not value Brewer Leonard all in favor                                 motion carried 6 0 Unanimous

         D       Resolution       Disabled Veterans Exemptions Gleason                           Unanimous Vote Required 8 22 31

                 The Cherokee Delegation                             unanimous      vote
                                                    requires     a
                                                                                           by Council     before they will present         a   bill
                 for enactment

                 Motion to approve the resolution with
                                                       changes by City                            Attorney         Effective   Jan 1      2008
                 appraised value not value Brewer Casdia all in favor                                 motion carried 6 0 unanimous

        E        Wording of Delegation Bills Discussion City Attorney                              8 23 33         City Attorney     to advise
                 staff on wording for requested legislation

        F       Wrecker Service Contract Clarification Faris Moss                          8 25 10

                Council Member Faris                                         email he received
                                                         reviewing      an                             on     19
                                                                                                              12     06 from Police Chief
                Moss where he raised             some concerns over           the            contract that was on the                       that
                                                                                    towing                                       agenda
                night     Council had       no   discussion
                                                  the matter and voted to approve the contract Council

                Member Faris wanted to allow Chief Moss to have an
                                                                    opportunity to address Council with
                any concerns he may have            so    they   can   be corrected      prior   to   entering     into this contract with       a


                Motion to table       enforcement of contract previously approved until February                              Have      Chief or
                one   of his representatives        to review the        County     s   contract       Leonard Faris           all in   favor
                motion carried

        G       Discussion of Public Works Building Site Preparation Middleton                                8 50 15

                The   parking    and    expansion        of the Public Works
                                                                     facility including a possible City fueling
                station   was   bid   out   Due to the vast amount ofsite
                                                                      preparation that is required staff decided
                to present essentially a Phase I of the site work
                                                                  necessary to produce the ultimate desired site
                A number of elements were delayed and others modified
                                                                             significantly ie concrete parking
                lot to a gravel parking lot to reduce the initial cost Bids were received to
                                                                                                perform the full
                scope and the bids were 1         427
                                                  600   from Normark Properties and 1 736 461 from Jasper

                Staff haspared down the cost to perform a Phase I construction and to maintain the site for
                futureexpansion to the full desired configuration by using Normark Properties bid for some
                elements and city forces for others The cost ofPhase I would then be 538 062

                Consensus for the concept           to   proceed        staff to   continue to get proposed cost and bring back
                to Council for    approval
Regular Council Meeting   MINUTES                                                                                                               4
ITEM 13         EXECUTIVE SESSION                  Real Estate   Litigation    Personnel

                 9 18 08 Motion to       adjourn   into Executive Session      Brewer Leonard   all in favor   motion

                10   57 20 Motion to      adjourn   back into   Regular Session     MuellerlCasdia   Regular Session
                  All in favor      motion carried

ITEM 14         FINAL ADJOURNMENT 10 57 20

                Motion    to   adjourn   Mueller Casdia     all in favor      motion carried

As   approved this 23rd day      of January 2007

Regular Council Meeting MINUTES
                                                      AFFIDA VIT

Personally appeared before me the undersigned officer duly authorized by law to administer oaths
came Donnie Henriques Mayor of the City ofWoodstock Georgia after being duly sworn and

deposes and states on oath as follows

             is Donnie                     and Iam the                  ofthe                                                  I am over
My name                       Henriques                       Mayor                City ofWoodstock Georgia
the age of eighteen years and              mentally competent          to   give   the facts herein        which are based upon

my   own   personal knowledge

I understand that this                                     d with the official minutes ofa
                                       it is being fi                                                   meeting beld by the City
of Woodstock       on       the     rr
                                         day of            t1AuJ J     vc      20   fL1         the     Meeting in accordance
with O c G A 50 14 4 b

I hereby certify that the closed portion of                      the    Meeting      was     devoted to matters within the

exceptions provided by law as indicated below                     choose     one or    ore   ofthe    following exceptions

o          Staffmeetim held for investitlative DurDoses under duties                   or resDonsibilities    imDosed bv law

           Meetintl where the future acquisition of real estate               was   discussed      The   authority    understands that

           any such meeting remains subject to the requirements of the Georgia Open Meetings Act
           O C G A 50 14 1 et seq     the Act fQr the giving of the notice of such a meeting to the public and

           preparing the minutes of such a meeting provided however the disclosure of such portions of the
           minutes     as   would identify
                                                                  or abandoned or                              with respect thereto
           real estate had been        completed   terminated                           court   proceedings

           Meetintl where there is discussion ofor deliberation                UDon    the aDDointment emolovment

           comoensation hirintl disciolinarv action              or   dismissal     or oeriodic   evaluation      or ratintl   ofa

           oublic officer or emolovee
           The  authority understands that the portion of the meeting which involves the authority receiving
           evidence  or hearing argument on charges filed to determine disciplinary action or dismissal of a

           public officer or employee must be open to the public in accordance with the Act The authority
           also understands that a vote on any matter covered by this paragraph shall be taken in public and
           minutes of the meeting as provided in the act shall be made available The authority further
           understands that any meeting held to discuss or take action on the filling of a vacancy in the

           membership of the authority itself shall at all times be open to the public as provided in the act

0          Meetintl in order to consult and meet with letlal counsel oertainintl to oendintl or ootential
           lititlation settlement claims administrative oroceedintls or other iudicial actions broutlht or to
           be broutlht bv or atlainst the authoritv           or anv offICer or     emolovee    or in    which the authoritv         or

           anv   officer     or emolovee mav    be directlv involved         The  authority   understands     a   meeting   may not be
           closed for advice      or   consultation   on   whether to close   a   meeting

D          Meetintl    on    tax matters   which   are   otherwise made confidential bv state law

As   sworn   to this
                       9Ji day             of
                                                         j                   20

                                                                            Donnie                                                        oodstock


My Commission Expires                      p   fY7       0
                                     r i                                                                                           a
                                g    QI                         T                                                                                                                                     fV

                                                       P                                                                                                                                               fVLc
                                                               Called to Order
         7 05 15 PM
                                     iMeeting                                     i
              05 1S PM                p
                                                                     to Jsmes
                                                                    resentation   1 ReH                          Departme nt 3 fyea rs fs eiVice
                                                                                                      rin9 from poiice               o
                                                                                                                             for service   during    recent gas leak
         7 08 35 PM                  iPresentation to Officer de I Commendation
                                     i1a          Torre                           j                                                                                                                              Jch
                                     F                                            1i f
                                                                                                                                         Fr              ii i
                                                        fi                                     n5 j iic cbmmenf Kafhryn wh itEi
                                                                                               j                             ofSerensde                                       Suclt f ivision
                  1 1 PM
                    3ej              it                em
                                                                                  nires hydraulic                                 Hedgewood
                                                                                                                         fluid containers
                                                                                                                     dumped                                     on

                                     1                                            i Property   She reported it to the City Manager who reported it
                                     1                                              to the Police Chief who reported it to Building Official Would

                                     I                                            lUke the site investigated and would like a public apology to the
                                                                                    City and its residents
                                     i                                            I
                                     1                                            1
                                             t                                        i Mayor has         a response                   letter he will    give   her   a copy      of
          7           49
                      13   PM

          r 14              P
                           02 M      Tteni
                                                           s                                  conseiitAge
                                                                                      IAn in favor            Motion carried
                                                                                                                                1tEim i
                                                                                                                              ncIs     pu             MoHo nj y
                                                                                                                                                   iied       Brewe ri5asdia

          7 14 58 PM
                                     I       Alcohol License Requests Applicants recognized and given
                                                                                                               E                                    an   opportunity to speak
                                                                                                        and Impacto                            present
                                         I                                            iMusashi                                         were

                  161       P rJj        li            temSF                              Re
                                                                                      TZ nd sciing                      Yo           CoUhCir c rrBrewer su ggestec that
                                                                                                                                    uth                                                           we
                                         i                                            ichange        language to allow for kids from other schools and
                                                                                       home school kids for the faiL Donna asked if we could put this
                                                                                       off til the end of the school year 16 kids nominated from

                                         i                                                IWoodstock High School wouldn t want to disrupt that

              7 1g         0i
                           pM        1C fvf                         srewer                rooesnii wani t                    o     see                ifstiiifoffiike
                                                                                                                                                       th is       wifthoeu                other
                                         i                                                I children     Would take time to retool it

          7 19             S4   PM            t                                       tDon ns                        te
                                                                                                               stit aHheci               re re
                                                                                                                                          s         city wh o gO E towaii
                                                                                                                                                     iids      to
                                             t                                            lWoodstock Sequoyah Cherokee Christian and Home School
                                         r                                                teM Faris asked the ratio but exact numbers were unknown
                                             I                                            I
                                                                                                      toe investig ate f in rreCommfjiid
                                                                                                       b                                                                  to    bro
                                                                                                                                                                         stfonsbe                 ughr
                  2        F22PM                 l
                                                 Don   na Godfrey                     rrh is                                                                                                    for
                                             l                                                fback  to Council before August                      2007y        to be   implemented
                                                                                                                                               school year       Donna directed to
                                                                                              lall children   before the                 new

                                             i                                                i proceed
           j          2
                      i2S       PM       l                                                      crvfS                            rasiwe erca di to ap prove ancfmove fo rwartias 1s for now
                                                                                               and to have staff                 bring   back a revamped ordinance to Council
                                                                                                                to include kids of other schools home school
                                                                                              ifor approval
              r 2316 PM                                    7A                                  pubiiCHeiiiii g jipprovili                           oifSe orTio usfngOidinance
01 09 0723 01 31

         7 24 33 PM                                          The hardest            part of writing this ordinance for staff has been the
                                t                            laffordability       issue   and how to enforce Used the wording from
                                                             ia municipality           in   Washington          State that had this same issue


         7 28 18 PM
                                iJerry w Council for QualiM Has worked with
                                i Growth
                                                             e   extensive      researching this issue to produce a quality
                                                                                job   on
                                                                                             our   staff   Has done           a    tremendous and

                                                             tdocument The only issue of concern they had was related to
                                I                            tthe density bonuses Not a major do but doesn t feel that
                                                                                                  issue                 this

                                i                            iordinance   encourages builders to     more Other than

                                    i                        lthey are supportive of our ordinance           This is a model

                                    i                        lfor the region and the State
                                    I                        I
                                                              i             has addressed the bonus issue and changed it to 2 3 4
          7 30 32 PM                i                        rStaff
                                    It                                                                                                                                              t

          7 30 48 PM                IPublic Hearing          11           Thais Escondo            Doesn tthink this is             a   complete product
                                                                 yet       Senior Ordinance            Asked that further work be done                            on                it

                                    i                        nhe County is looking     at providing that no younger than 18
                                    I                        iyears old could come and stay with a disabled person Don t
                                                             frestrict entirely to 55 years of age Concerned about
                                    I                            superceding       overlays Doesn t think that it will be

                                                             iappropriate           in all
                                                                                    areas  Gray areas legally that is ambiguious
                                                             IWould     like to see language added that if a builder starts
                                                              I building and gets halfway through and they don t complete the
                                    I                        I project it reverts back to previous zoning
                                    I   it
              j 3S       0S M
                          P                                  T CEj                 Sexto
                                                                                  renda n                      Agrees supe rceding
                                                                                                                   with                                ojaveyr   s
                                                                            of Roswell         in                            and           to          seniors
                                        I                        lCity                   put        place aging                    place        help
                                                                     that want to     stay in their homes

                                                                                              letter read aloud              by    Brenda Sexton                 Has
              7    36 33 PM             1
                                            1                        1
                                                                 i3 Colby        Misner
                                                                 ladditional ideas senior housing shouldn tbe able to reduce
                                                                 lbuffers or being exempt from buffers Terrain should be
                                                                     considered to accornodate wheel chairs types ofelevators
                                                                               in the event of an outage Asked that the vote be
                                        I                        igenerators
                                                                 i tabled to allow for more input  would like a public input
                                                                                on a      Saturday    so   he    can     attend
                                        I                        Imeeting
                  j 3S    P
                         36 M           ifOisc      ussioo       lISomeone coming
                                                                   C McranoeL r
                                                                                              in with      a
                                                                                                                                  sJreatoralria nee
                                                                                                                             to put in senior
                                                                                     existing zoning
                                                                 fcan they
              j 40       37 M
                          P                                      rRiehiircf          stFicetta flthsat is a     zonio
                                                                                                               new g category Tii erefo re
                                                                 Ian  applicant would have to go through tte zoning process
                                            I                    fWould handle like any other rezoning application We have
                                            i                    ifive overlays each one has different applications in
                                                                  relationship to the zoning The way the ordinance is worded
                                                                       zoning does supercede any overlays

                  j 44 43 P M
                                            I   r
                                                                 Tc rvrBaxte r B   uffei a re
                                                                                   g                               t
                                                                                                                   neeaeci              etween i1a
                                                                                                                                        thls ii res                  ltdiaenr
                                                                 tRichard agreed and stated                    they   are     stilt   required in the
                                                                                      Feels it should have the                           buffers as a
                                            I                        jordinance                                                same

                                            i                        i
                                                                         commercial   building would

01 09 0723 01 31
          7 46 09 PM                                                            Mayor                       stated that one of the              dangers of doing              that is that it
                                                                                ctefeats the purpose of the accessibifity of the senior                                                       housing
                                                                                       set the building too far back
          7 46 54 PM              i                                                 Richard stated that as it                          comes     to the Council as a zoning

                                  i                                         tcase                            it wilt be more site         specific and these areas of buffer
                                  1                                         J
          7 47 19 PM                                                        1CM            Very impressed with this ordinance Concerned

                                  j                                         Ithat     supercedes all overlays then the architectural
                                                                                                         if it

                                  I                                         t standards couldn tbe enforced if something was built on Hwy
                                  I                                               Streetscapes setbacks and buffer requirements are really
                                                                            192 that is
                                                                              all       superceded per Richard no the architectural
                                                                            1 standards

            7 49          05 PM                                             h5                                       ha fc ncerns ihaf wou id hange ihe
                                                                                                                    fBrewer                 C                                                     iook
                                      l   l                                             overlay                  districtRichard stated the streetscape could be the

                                      1                                     tsame                                This would have to be a condition of zoning each time
                                      I                                     correct
                                                      u           uun
                                                                            j                                                                     uu      u                                                n   n

           7 50 56 PM                 i                                                 Richard stated the                      wording         may need to be cleaned up to

           7 51 43 PM                     i                                 iTa address the sunset issue                                             if someone starts to build and

                                          i                                             doesn t complete                            n we
                                                                                                                                        put a protection in                   the ordinance

                                                                                jquestion                         for the    City Attorney
                                      i                   u
                                                                                                                                                                        n         u4

                 u          u

           7 53 03 PM                                                           ICM                                  this is
                                                                                                                               a concern         We want the senior                         housing     not
                                                                                                i                   t                             t          i n

           7 54 25 PM
                                  1                                             1
                                                                                jMayor Suggested                                   this be reviewed further                   and

                                                                                lrecommended using       planning commission        the                                           to look at this
                                                                                     have their own public hearing
                                          I                                     land
           7 5 1 8pM
             5                            i                                 TCounc1i agreed thatToo krng atihis furtheFwo                                                          n
                                                                                                                                                                                  urcotb e ib id
                                                                                                                  Member Casdia says there is                                                           this
           7 56 17 PM                         1                                     fCouncil                                                                  a   project waiting                  on

           7 56 53 PM
                                  J                                         J i             CM Faris noticed there
                                                                                                                                       are      no
                                                                                                                                                     specific height provisions                      in the
                                          1                                         fCity CM Brewer stated the scale is vague Does it mean the
                                          j                                         I First Baptist Church or the residential behind the property
                                          1                                                     No official public                         is   required by Planning Commission
           7 58 48 PM                         1
                                              I                                     lbut
                                                                                                L                              hearing
                                                                                                         would like them to take                public input WeVe already met
                                                                                                Motion to table and                        another draft forward and take to
            7 59 26 PM                        i   L                                                     P Faris leonard
                                                                                                                                     All in favor   Motion carried  It will be
                                                                                                brought back            to the Council at the next Council                             Meeting
                                                                        n               i           n                                      0

            8 00 22 PM                                                                  l No one has submitted an application for this but there is an
                                              I                                         interest in building pursuant to thisordinance being adopted

                                              1                                     L
            8        01
                     48   PM                                                            The               four     case     clause for P Z           was for new cases                      not
                                                                                                something            like this that is old business
            s 02 1 3P M                       1 ltem 7Ef                                    rpu hiic Heaiiil g i pproval o New                                Zionl g       Map        Thls             map
                                                                                            1 includes             all annexations         rezoning      since December 31 i 2006

                                              I                                             I

01 09 07 23 01 31
          8 03 24 PM                                                                                   Richard stated there was some                             property next to Beetles
                                                                                               I property                  where the        empty        lot is that was split and was cleaned
                                                                                                                to show CBD
                                                                                               i       up                                   There   was another                   site cleaned up      as     well

             Q                                                                                J                                        p       p
          8 05 35 PM                                                                           iMotion to approve the new                                    map as presented                   Baxter       Muelier
                                     I                                                                 AIl in favor                Motion carried              Map dated 1 5 07                as   read into the
                                     1                                                         i record by Richard McLeod
                                     i                                                         i
                                                                                                       h                                       u        nu                                               u       Un

                                             rtem 7C                                                           Agreement with Cherokee County SchoOl
           8 06 26 PM                                                                          tResolution
                                     I                                                         jBoard Tabled untiJ January 16 2007 Casdia Mueller All                                                             in
                                                                                                       favor           Motion carried
                             4                            u

           8 07 17 PM                iltem           7D                                        Hnterjurisdictional Agreement with                                              Cherokee      County Board       of
                                     f                                                         i Commissioners for Use ofSenior                                                Bus
                                             1                                                 t                                                    u              u       n

           8 08 14 PM                                                                          iAnnuat payment towards gas and vehicle maintenance at a
                                     f                                                         lcost of 1000 use onceprovide insurance a driver They will
                                                                                                              They will
                                                                                               Ibe anowed to     it     a month Staff at senior center
                                     1                                                         1 recommended this amount No limit on how far they can go

                                     I                                                         I
            S 1 ii 1 9 P M                       T                                             TC M         Once
                                                                                                  Breweiwas c                                      mea 1 o60 s yeai was nifenou gh                              to
                                     I                                                         I       cover our               costs     We do need to track                         our   actual costs Jor their
                                                                                                       trips          The term is           January           December                 The    City Manager

           8 12 39 PM
                                                                                              j        Motion to approve the agreement with one change term of

                                         I                                                     fcontract       to be a one year contract Baxter Mueller All in favor
                                                                                                   iexcept Council                     Member Faris who                        was    opposed       Council
                                         i                                                     fdirected staff to find out where                                       the money came from that                 paid
                                                                                                                the bus            by the County
                                         l                                                     Ifor
                       u                                          u       n           4   n                     nn                                                     d

           8 13 38 PM                    lItem       8A                                         J
                                                                                               iPurchase                       ofVehicte for Stormwater                          Manager        Has 5 10
                                         1                                                     imeetings                       a   month for stormwater environmental purposes and

                                     J                                                         J
           8 14 29 PM                    I                                                     iStaff wants to purchase                             the 2006 Ford                     Explorer      four wheel
                                                                                                                       leonard Mueller All in favor                                  Motion carried

                 u               n   uj               u       n       n       n   n           nnu           n   u          u           un

           8 15 14 PM                 ntem 8B                                                          JPro          ration of Alcoholic Beverage                         the ordinance modifies
                                         J                                                                 the existing fee schedule                         This has not yet been reviewed by
                                         I                                                         jthe City Attorney                       Would be reviewed           prior to the 2nd reading
                                                                                                   iWiII affect any licenses issued after                             February 1 The City
                                                                                                   lAttorney reviewed during the                                         has no
                                                                                                                                                                        meeting problem
                                                                                                                                                                                          with it
                                                                                                                               to the change in              paragraph V
                                         I                                                         IPursuant
           8 17 38 PM                                                                               1
                                                                                                   lCM              Casdia asked if           we    need to address the refund issue                             but
                                                                                                   lthere             is   a no     refund    policy  at this time Nothing in the

                                             I                                                             ordinance says they are entitled to a refund so therefore they
                                         1                                                         lare        not per the City Attorney Faris Leonard An in favor

                                         l                                                     1                                                                       P
           8 20 35 PM                                                                                                              value of homestead                          effective    January    1 2008
                                             I                                                     rappraised

           ti 22     0S
                      PM                         r                                             TMotlo r topp rove
                                                                                                         a                                  the resoluiio iw chliing e s                     by c itAttorney
                                             I                                                         las      referenced above                   Brewer Leonard                       All in favor   Motion
                                                                                                        carried 60                  Unanimous
01 09 0723 01 31                                                                                                                                                                                                       4   7
                                                               J                                                                                                                                  y                             p
         8 22 42 PM                                            I                                                           ISame two changes                                              as       above          Motion to approve w changes
                                                                                                                                   Brewer Casdia                                    An in favor                  Motion carried 6 0 Unanimous

                   u   u       nu   n
                                                               I                       n       u
                                                                                                                           I   1                          nnn

         8 23 33 PM                                                    Item 8E                                              Wording of Delegation      Bins an update that while this has

                                                               l                                                           Ibeen passed the office of legislative counsel will assign the
                                                               I                                                            wording He prepared drafts
          a 25 1O P M                                                                                 SF
                                                                                                   nfem                    TWrecke r S ervlce Cont raa         Cfiiarofi ca j Ciiief Moss pre se nted
                                                                                                                                                                              about the               agreement approved                        last month
                                                                                                                           I his                 concerns
                                                               l                                                           I
          a 25         57 M
                        P                                                      T                                                                 No
                                                                                                                                                Tr s peCifi                    criferi aa s to ow tiie venaors are seie cte f ieft
                                                                                                                                                                               c             j1
                                            u          u                                              u
                                                                                                                           lat Chiefs discretion

          8 26 21 PM                                                                                                                   2 OUf  agreement does not require any of these businesses to
                                                                                                                                       be in the City limits or have a storage facility in the City limits
                                                                                                                                       Different from Cherokee County s

                                                                   I                                                       I
                       f                                       I                                                                                                               q                        9          f            q f
                                                                                                                                       At present there                                           3 vendors that we                  use        The contract has
          8 27 05 PM                                               1                                                                                                                    are

                                                                                                                                           been sent to                        a
                                                                                                                                                                               l3       vendors but they have not                               yet responded
                                                                                                                                           its due tomorrow
                                                                   i                                                               j                                                                                                                                            i
          8 28 25 PM                                                                                                           ICM                   Faris has                 no       comment other than                          asking      staff to       bring            bac
                                                                                                                               ja formal recommendation                                    how to address these
                                                                   I                                                                                                                                     on

                                                                   i                                                           1 deficiencies                                 The bond seemed to be of the most concern for

                                                                                                                           ICM Brewer                                                                 a distance           timitation                           than 5
                                                                                                                                                                         suggested                                                              no more
          8 29 30 PM
                                                                           1                                                               miles outside the City limits
                                                                                                                       u       L                          k                         n         u              u                        n                    u         u
                               d        u       uu n       u                               n              nn

          8 31 40 PM                                                                                                           iCity Manager                                   stated             one   of the vendors raised the                      question
                                                                       1                                                       tabout                the 15 minute response time                                                This is not        new              same as

                                                                       1                                                           1in           previous contract Same figures                                                as   well        County fees              are

                                                                                                                               t               different than                    Liability
                                                                                                                                                                               ours                              insurance                 1 million   mandatory
                                                                                                                                               coverage                  County requires                          750 000            Asks for driver to do                     an

                                                                                                                                                                        ofwhat is in the vehicle                                          to the officer First ten
                                                                                                                                   1 inventory                                                                                 give
                                                                                                                                               miles          towing          at no       charge                 same as        before

                                                                       j                                       n   u
                                                                                                                                   L                  h
                                                                                                                                                                                                         u             u   u

          8 34 00 PM                                                                                                                           The                surcharge but it was taken out
                                                                                                                                                     only change was a                                  5 fuel

                                                                           t                                                       lof the new agreement Other than that everything is the same
                                                                           i                                                        as in the agreement Chief Schofield wrote and had in place

                                                                                                                                   iwith the three vendors

                                                                           1                                           n
                                                                                                                                       t                            d     I

           8 34 52 PM                                                      f                                                            Driver certification is a requirement that was added but we

                                                                           I                                                            felt the safety of our citizens was important Also added that

                                                                                                                                       l all city vehicles be towed at                                           no   charge
                                                                                                                                         Been pulling for City for 18 years Master certified This
           8 36 33 PM                                                                      L
                                                                                       David Waldrop Little
                                                                                       River Wrecker Service                           1 contract opens it up for anyone with a pickup truck to tow for
                                                                               i                                                       jthe City The state outlawed a one ton truck years ago
                                                                               1                                                       tShould say light duty medium and heavy duty Cherokee
                                                                                                                                               County               has   a wrecker                   service      advisory board                  Asked the Chie1

                                                                               1                                                           Ito sit down with the board and go over the county s agreement
                                                                               1                                                            Asked Council to table this This is not the same language as

                                                                               1                                                               in the past                    Not a word about what we                                    can   charge   for
                                                                               I   i


01 09 0723 01 31
                                                                                        No                                           was     made to the County s ordinance                              It s   a     25
         8 39 57 PM                                                                                   comparison
                                                                                                                                               are some inconsistencies
                                                                                            page document There

                                                                                        1                                                                                         State Patrol all have
         8 41 21 PM                   lChuck            Peewee      s                       County City of Holly Springs                                and     Georgia
                                      i                                                 J
         8 42 13 PM                   lJerry          Neese Neese                           Towing                    for 40 years AU his drivers he teaches himself The
                                                                                                                     does the inventory on the       not
                                                                                                                                                   cars the
                                                                                                                                                            wrecker driver
                                      fTowing                                           lpolice
                                                                                            he has                   no       business       going through           it The drivers drive                 on

                                                                                        1                                    the time
                                                                                                                                               was 25     minutes
                                                                                                                                                                                       at 15  now

                                      I                                                 1 minutes                       if they run late they ll be afraid                  another wrecker will
                                                                                         be caned Puts his drivers in danger Went over the rates and
                                                                                         what his driver makes on a typical call September 16

                                                                                        lwrecker calls for Woodstock 23 in October November had
                                      I                                                  18 calls Talking about 1000       1500 per month What you
                                                                                            have to invest to                          get the     contract doesn t add up
                                      i                                                 i

                                                                                        t                                                                                                                             h

           S 43t17 P M                r                                                     f            No rge for storage Taken off
                                                                                                         cha                                                                    for compiaints
                                                                                            complaints                         are   going         happen
                                                                                                      nic5eoi        callecffor wrecker afNeese 9f Tu es day sm                                                   one
           S 46 43 P M                        T
                                                                                            couldn tdo it                            second    one     called        wanted ETA                 the officer
                                                                                            came                     back      on    radio and said I ll take the first                   one   that      can

                                                                                                CM Leonard                   safety is foremost Table enforcement of
          8 47 59 PM
                                            1                                               lcontract                  previously approved untif February have Chief or
                                                                                                                       s representatives to review the County s contract
                                          I                                                 lone of h
                                                                                            fLeonardlFaris                            An in favor       Motion carried

                                          l                                                 t

                                                                                                                t         d              u                             n
                                                            u   u   u       u   n   n

          8 50 15 PM                          ltem 8G                                           PubliC Works                        Building    Site   Preparation
               S         4
                        51 1 PM                   r                                     mnmmecHat eji                   ji
                                                                                                                eecfis parking     eedecffor
                                                                                                                                    p ubiic wo rksto  gracfe
                                          F                                                 iout a gravel parking lot The total cost is 538 000 Looking
                                                                                            ifor guidance                            What stormwater is              paying back to general                      fund
                                                                                            iwiU be about   300 000 can scrape the rest together from other
                                                                                                departments We don t know if blasting will be needed
                                                                                                anticfpatedThe cost comes from the grading and size of the
                                                                                            I hill                  We d want to         put the     tanks in at this time for the                       proposed
                                          l                                                 ifuel                   center

                                          t                                                 1
                                          L                                                 i
                                                                                                                                       and the work wasn t             budgeted               but the fuel
          8 55 01 PM                      i                                                 tThe excavating
                                          1                             M
                                                                                            fstation was
          S S6 33 P M                                                                       rcrvfF a rls w ou jcrii ke to seethe
                                                                                                                              exactn                                                        ofwh e
                                                                                                                                                                                           umbers           re tish
                                                                                            I would come from                    tonight justThe vote  concept to      is             for the
                                          1                                                         proceed not on the actual money Staff will also bring back
                                                                                                            costs for a fire training facility and a gun range

                                              I                                             lproposed
                                                                                                                                                                                      u         u

          8            59 54 PM               trtem   9 A                                   iApproval for Mayor to attend leMA training in February Mayor
                                              i                                             ican t attend now eM Brewer expressed interest in attending
                                                                                            jApproval for one of the elected officials to attend
                                                                                                    Leonard Brewer AU in favor                              Motion carried                    Open       to all

           9 03 27 P              X           ritem   9B                                                                            in
                                                                                                jTiitergovernmeiitafAgree m s nt M i ieji                                                 ance ii 3 5r
                                                                                                                                                                                           of Sto                         iage
                                              I                                                     Parkway
                            00 PM                                                                   Th   erepe ndiii g
                                                                                                           is                            Htigatio o           wano
                                                                                                                                                              tecn          inci            th aHiie c
                                                                                                                                                                                           ude                        liY
           9 05                                   T
                                                                                                                      not be liable for any             litigation     costs should                 we   take this
                                              1                                                 iwould
01 09 0723 01 31
           9 06 50 PM                                                               jCMFaris                                  in favor of this to fioc the service
                                                                                                                                                            delivery issue that
                                                                                    jexists                      now           We have both sides of the road via annexation at

                                                                                    jthis                point
           9 oi33 P M
                                   T                                                pS r fBrew                                erwanis                     Co
                                                                                                                                                         ihe unty       to        this
                                                                                                                                                                                  deecf                the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    over C ity

           s OS 04 P M                                                              IVote                        to da
                                                                                                                  a              to
                                                                                                                                  agen               daMtjeiiericasdia Aif iil
                                                                                                                                                                            favor                                Motkii1
                                   Ij                                               j   carried

            S 09 3S P M                    r                                        TCom                              s
                                                                                                         ffiissionersaskecffor to
                                                                                                                          mot                                                    iiiipro ve enteri ng lnto               iir
                                                                                        interjurisdictional agreement
                                                        n       u       u   n                u                   u                 v

           9 10 35 PM                                                               iCounty to remain liable for any litigation and to deed the road
                                                                                    lover to the City Faris leonard All in favor Motion carried
                                   i                                                j
                     u             A                                                                                                                                u

           9 11 02 PM                      tern 9C                                  iLetter of Support

             W                     F  t I
                                   iiof                                                          their efforts to address the tax
                                                                                                                                  fn                      Ift                               t           i
                                                                                                                                                                            issue with the County
                                   l                                                    They are forming joint meetings                                             with the Cities and the County
                                   1                                                ho           determine whether or not there is                                           a   tax       inequity     issue and if
                                                                                    Hhere are what are the dolfar amounts                                                                 Councir   was          in favor
                                   t                                                f of the City of Canton s letter


            9 1 4 35 PM                                                                                      stated
                                                                                                             MayOr                     cannot
                                                                                                                                       we                           w ith
                                                                                                                                                                    proceed pro cess wmlouf
                                   1           H                                u
                                                                                        4n       u   u       n
                                                                                                                              County to participate
           9 14 50 PM              I                                                    Motion to send letter like Canton s                                                  Baxter Leonard                  All in

                                   I                                                ffavor                       Motion carried

           Hf f                    ti                                       r1                                                                                                                                           1
                                   1                                            J
           9 15 53 PM              1                                                IMayor Protem                                      Faris

              j pQ                 I                                            r                                                           p                                                       f
           9 16 18 PM              i                                                    Public Services                                 Mueller leonard Faris

                                                                                                                                                                                                    m s Qa
           F                       F                                            i k9                                                        i i1 g

           9 18 02 PM
            S 1S 0S p Ni
                                   ptem 12
                                                                                j   In           a

                                                                                                                             TExecutivepers o FineClitigatlo n
                                                                                                                             Sess lo o

                                                                                                                                                                                              reai          estste
                           u   u
                                   I                                4
                                                                                    1 Brewer Leonard
                                                                                                                                        All in favoL Motion carded
                                                                                                         u                        uu    J           nu

           10 57 20 PM             litem           14                               1 Motion                         to adjourn into                 regular session              and motion to adjourn
                                                                                                     Jh          D                 M
                                                                                                                                   I        U   r    G   U    A    Un
                                                                                                                                                                   f                  yQ
                                                                                                                                                                                      r     MQ IQD      9gIr i      L

                                       i                                            lfQr                                        9bL

01 09 0723 01 31                                                                                                                                                                                                               7fT

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