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                                                                      Curriculum Map - 4th Grade - Social Studies
                                                                                     First Quarter
 1. Enduring     Essential Question 1:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                            Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                 Objective(s)                  Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                        Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources          Essential Vocabulary
                 G.1.4.4                      *I will use a grid map to       *Apply Skills                                             *Textbook: pgs. AR2-AR3,     *absolute location
                 Determine absolute           determine latitude and          Textbook pg. 419                                          H15, H21, 408, & 409         *latitude
                 locations (latitude and      longitude of places.            *Teacher made using                                       *Leveled Readers             *longitude
                 longitude) of places studied                                 Outline Maps pg. 3                                                                     *degree
                 using a grid map
                 G.1.4.14                       *I will use cardinal and      *Teacher made using maps                                  *Textbook pgs. H16-H19       *cardinal directions
                 Interpret a map using          intermediate directions to    on pgs. H16-H19                                                                        *intermediate directions
                 cardinal and intermediate      interpret a map and locate                                                                                           *map scale
                 directions, map scales,        places on a contemporary                                                                                             *map legend
                 legend, and titles to locate   map.                                                                                                                 *map title
                 places on contemporary         *I will use map scales,
                 maps                           legends and titles to
                                                interpret a map and locate
                                                places on a contemporary

                 G.1.4.6                        *I will explain the difference *Outline Maps pgs. 2 & 4                                 *Textbook pgs. R4-R7         *continent
                 Explain the difference         between a continent and a                                                               *www.nationalgeographic.     *country
                 between a continent and a      country.                                                                                gov
                 G.1.4.5                        *I will locate several        *Workbook pg. 94                                          *Textbook pgs. H12-H14       *hemisphere
                 Locate several countries in    countries in each of the 4                                                              *Student Atlas pg. 30        *globe
                 each of the four               hemispheres.                                                                            *            *equator
                 hemispheres                                                                                                            *            *prime meridian
                 G.1.5.12                       *I will explain the purpose of *Students explain purpose                                *Historical - Textbook:       *historical map
                 Explain the purpose of         historical and political maps. of a historical map and the                              pgs. 40, 133, 191, 195, 265, *political map
                 historical and political                                      purpose of a political map                               281, 326, 333, 401, 403
                 maps                                                                                                                   *Political: pgs. H16, 11, 24,
                                                                                                                                        25, R12, R10, R8,

                 G.1.4.13                       *I will utilize the map key to *Teacher made - Historical                               *Historical - Textbook:       *map
                 Utilize the map key/legend     interpret historical and       map using maps on                                        pgs. 40, 133, 195, 265, 281, *key/legend
                 to interpret historical and    political maps.                pgs. 133 and 195                                         326, 333, 401, 403            *interpret
                 political maps                                                *Teacher made - Political                                *Political: pgs. H16, 11, R4-
                                                                               map using maps on pg. 11,                                5, R8, R10, R12-R13,
                                                                               R12, and R13

                 G.1.4.15                       *I will identify and label    *Textbook pgs. R12-R13 for                                *Textbook: pgs. H16,         *political map
                 Identify and label political   political map features        identifying boundaries,                                   R12-13                       *boundary
                 map features: boundaries,      including boundaries,         capitols, and cities                                                                   *capitol
                 capitols, cities               capitols and cities.          *Outline Maps pg. 20 for
                                                                              labeling boundaries,
                                                                              capitols, and cities

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  (continued)    G.1.4.16                         *I will create a political map   *Students create political   *Textbook pg. H16           *political map
 1. Enduring     Create a political map that      that includes titles, a          map of Arkansas including    *Outline Map pg. 25         *map title
Understanding:   includes the following: title,   compass rose and                 title, compass rose, and                                 *compass rose
                 compass rose, legend/key         legend/key.                      legend/key                                               *map
                 G.1.4.11                   *I will explore weather     *Teacher made                           *Textbook: pgs. 7, 18-23    *hurricane
                 Explore weather changes in changes in various regions.                                         *AR ACTAAP Test Practice    *tornado
                 various regions                                                                                pg. 3                       *temperature
                                                                                                                *Workbook pg.4              *weather
                                                                                                                *Quick Study Guide          *climate
                                                                                                                pgs. 4-5                    *precipitation
                                                                                                                *Southeast pgs. 172-177     *humidity
                                                                                                                *Every Student Learns       *equator
                                                                                                                pg. 70                      *elevation
                                                                                                                *Workbook pg. 41            *tropical climate
                                                                                                                *Quick Study pgs. 36-37     *polar climate
                                                                                                                *AR ACTAAP Test Practice    *subarctic climate
                                                                                                                pg. 35                      *temperate climate
                                                                                                                *Midwest pg. 229            *arid
                                                                                                                *Southwest pgs. 308-311     *savanna
                                                                                                                *Workbook pg. 72            *tundra
                                                                                                                *Quick Study pgs. 64-65,    *frigid
                                                                                                                *West pgs. 378-383          *rain shadow
                                                                                                                * Workbook pg. 88
                                                                                                                *Quick Study Guide pgs.78

                 G.1.4.10                         *I will locate major rivers in *Outline maps pg. 2            *Textbook pgs. R6-R7        *physical map
                 Locate major rivers in the       the world including the Nile,                                 *Student Atlas pgs. 6-7
                 world: Nile, Amazon,             Amazon, Mississippi,
                 Mississippi, Yangtze,            Yangtze, Ganges, Volga
                 Ganges, Volga, Rhine             and Rhine.

                 G.1.4.8                          *I will locate major mountain *Outline maps pg. 2             *Textbook pgs. R6-R7        *mountain range
                 Locate major mountain            ranges in the world                                                                       *physical map
                 ranges in the world: Andes,      including the Andes, Alps,
                 Alps, Himalayas, Rocky           Himalayas and Rocky
                 G.1.4.7                          *I will locate the               *Outline maps pg. 20         *Textbook: pgs. R16,    *mountain range
                 Locate major mountain            Appalachian and Rocky                                         R14-R15, 369, 106       *physical map
                 ranges in the United States:     Mountains in the United                                       *United streaming video
                 Appalachian, Rocky               States.                                                       "US Geography: From Sea
                                                                                                                to Shining Sea"
                 G.1.4.9                          *I will locate major rivers in *Outline maps pg. 20           *Textbook pgs. R14-15       *physical map
                 Locate major rivers in the       the United States including
                 United States: Mississippi,      the Mississippi, Ohio,
                 Ohio, Arkansas, Hudson,          Arkansas, Hudson, Missouri
                 Missouri, Colorado               and Colorado.

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 2. Enduring     Essential Question 2:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                              Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                   Objective(s)                  Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                          Instructional Strategies     Materials/Resources          Essential Vocabulary
                 H.6.4.21                         *I will identify Thomas        *Name and explain the role                               *Textbook pgs. 41-42        *purchase
                 Identify the following           Jefferson's role in the        of each individual involved                              *Read Alouds and Primary    *expansion
                 individuals and their roles in   Louisiana Purchase.            in the Louisiana Purchase                                Sources pgs. 62-63          *Lewis and Clark
                 the Louisiana Purchase:          *I will identify Napoleon's
                 Thomas Jefferson,                role in the Louisiana
                 Napoleon, Lewis and Clark,       Purchase.
                 Sacagawea                        *I will identify Lewis and
                                                  Clark and Sacagawea's
                                                  roles in the Louisiana

                 H.6.4.20                         *I will compare and contrast *Draw a map of the U.S.                                    *Textbook pgs. 41-42        *purchase
                 Compare the area of the          the area of the United       and outline the Louisiana                                  *Read Alouds and Primary    *expansion
                 United States before and         States before and after the Purchase                                                    Sources pgs. 62-63          *Lewis and Clark
                 after the Louisiana              Louisiana Purchase.
                 H.6.4.13                     *I will understand how the    *Summarize the process of                                     *Unit 3 Leveled Readers     *colony
                 Understand the transition of 13 colonies transitioned into a colony becoming a state                                     *Read Alouds and Primary    *state
                 the thirteen colonies into   states.                                                                                     Sources: pgs. 28-30,        *ratify
                 thirteen separate states                                                                                                 41-42                       *constitution transition
                                                                                                                                          *Textbook pgs. 195-196
                                                                                                                                          *United Streaming video:
                                                                                                                                          American Geography Close-
                                                                                                                                          up: New England States,
                                                                                                                                          Vol. 1

                 H.6.4.22                         *I will discuss similarities   *Venn diagram of pilgrims                                *Textbook pg. TR49          *tradition
                 Discuss similarities and         and differences among the      and Indians including
                 differences among the            American Indians and           housing, clothing, foods,
                 American Indians and             Pilgrims.                      traditions, and tools
                 Pilgrims: housing, clothing,
                 foods, traditions, tools

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                                                                    Curriculum Map - 4th Grade - Social Studies
                                                                                    Second Quarter
 3. Enduring     Essential Question 3:
Understanding:             Skills                                                                                                            Learning Plan
                     (Student Learning                 Objective(s)                    Assessment
                       Expectations)                                                                        Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources       Essential Vocabulary
                 H.6.4.7                       *I will identify World War I     *Create a timeline of the                              *Textbook: pgs. 206-207,   *civil rights
                 Identify major historical     as a major historical event major events in the 20th                                    318-320                    *segregation
                 events that occurred during   during the 20th century.         century                                                *My AR Workbook            *depression
                 the 20th century (e.g.,       *I will Identify the Great                                                              pgs. 9-10                  *stock market
                 World War I, Great            Depression as a major                                                                   *Read Alouds and Primary
                 Depression, World War II,     historical event during the                                                             Sources pg. 46-51
                 Space Exploration, Civil      20th century.
                 Rights)                       *I will identify World War II
                                               as a major historical event
                                               during the 20th century.
                                               *I will Identify space
                                               exploration as a major
                                               historical event during the
                                               20th century.
                                               *I will Identify Civil Rights as
                                               a major historical event
                                               during the 20th century.

                 H.6.4.8                       *I will discuss how        *Teacher made assessment                                     *Textbook:                 *social
                 Discuss how differences       differences between people                                                              pgs. 202-205, 132          *political
                 between people lead to        lead to conflict.                                                                       *       *economic
                 conflict (e.g., social,                                                                                                                          *conflict
                 political, economic)
                 H.6.4.4                       *I will name the major cause   *Name the major causes of                                *Textbook AR13             *taxation
                 Name the major causes of      of the revolutionary war       the American Revolutionary                               *Textbook pg.131           *communication
                 the American Revolutionary    including taxation, distance   War and give two                                                                    *distance
                 War: taxation, distance,      and lack of communication.     supporting details for each                                                         *revolution
                 lack of communication                                                                                                                            *war
                 H.6.4.5                       *I will identify George      *Assess with SLE H.6.4.4                                   *Textbook R55, pg. 190     *General
                 Identify George Washington    Washington as the lead                                                                  *United Streaming video:   *Founding Father
                 as the lead general in the    general in the Revolutionary                                                            American Heroes George
                 Revolutionary War             War.                                                                                    Washington

                 H.6.4.19                      *I will discuss the causes     *Workbook pg. 17                                         *Textbook:                 *economic opportunity
                 Discuss the causes and        and effects of Westward                                                                 pgs. 191, 80-85            *forced removal
                 effects of Westward           Expansion.                                                                              *Read Aloud and Primary    *resources
                 Expansion (e.g., economic                                                                                             Sources: pg. 97            *religion
                 opportunity, resources,
                 forced removal, unclaimed
                 lands, religion)

                                                                                                                                                                         Revised 07/09
  (continued)    H.6.4.16                        *I will describe how the       *Illustrate and label the                                 *Unit 4 Leveled Readers    *wagons
 3. Enduring     Describe how new forms of       Pony Express and               modes of transportation of                                *Textbook pgs. 80-85       *Pony Express
Understanding:   transportation and              telegraphs impacted            the Westward Expansion                                    *Quick Study pg. 18        *telegraphs
                 communication impacted          Westward Expansion in the      *Primary Sources pg. 66,                                  *Read Alouds and Primary   *railroads
                 the Westward Expansion of       US.                            Question 1                                                Sources pgs. 64-66         *globalization
                 the United States (e.g.,        *I will describe how                                                                                                *Westward expansion
                 pony express, railroads,        railroads impacted
                 telegraphs)                     Westward Expansion in the

                 H.6.4.11                        *I will discuss how            *Workbook pg. 73                                          *Textbook:                 *computers
                 Discuss advances in             technology has advanced.                                                                 pgs.316-317, 85            *cell phones
                 technology (e.g.,                                                                                                        *Workbook pg. 73           *fax machine
                 communications, space                                                                                                                               *telescope
                 travel, medical)
  4. Enduring    Essential Question 4:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                              Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                  Objective(s)                  Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                          Instructional Strategies     Materials/Resources        Essential Vocabulary
                 C.5.4.1                         *I will identify and explain   *Teacher made writing                                     *T.E. pgs. AR18-19         *Founding Fathers
                 Identify and explain the role   Benjamin Franklin's role as    prompt: Identify the                                                                 *founding documents
                 of the Founding Fathers in      a founding father.             founding fathers and their                                                           *Benjamin Franklin
                 writing the founding            *I will identify and explain   role in writing the founding                                                         *John Hancock
                 documents: Benjamin             John Hancock's role as a       documents.                                                                           *Thomas Jefferson
                 Franklin, John Hancock,         founding father.               (Benjamin Franklin, John                                                             *James Madison
                 Thomas Jefferson, James         *I will identify and explain   Hancock, Thomas                                                                      *George Washington
                 Madison, George                 James Madison's role as a      Jefferson, James Madison,
                 Washington                      founding father.               George Washington)
                                                 *I will identify and explain
                                                 George Washington's role
                                                 as a founding father.

                 C.5.4.2                         *I will identify and explain   *Teacher made writing                                     *T.E. pgs. 56-59           *founding documents
                 Identify and explain the        the purpose of the             prompt:                                                   *T.E. pgs. AR18-19         *Declaration of
                 purpose of the founding         Declaration of                 Identify and explain the                                                             Independence
                 documents: Declaration of       Independence.                  purpose of the founding                                                              *Articles of Confederation
                 Independence, Articles of       *I will identify and explain   documents.                                                                           *United States Constitution
                 Confederation, United           the purpose of the Articles    (Declaration of
                 States Constitution             of Confederation.              Independence, Articles of
                                                 *I will identify and explain   Confederation, and
                                                 the purpose of the United      Constitution of the United
                                                 States Constitution.           States)

                                                                                                                                                                             Revised 07/09
  (continued)    C.5.4.4                         *I will examine the            *Workbook pg. 12                                         *T.E. pgs. 56-59              *honesty
 4. Enduring     Examine characteristics         characteristics needed for                                                              *T.E. pgs. H2-3               *responsibility
Understanding:   needed for active               active citizenship.                                                                     *T.E. pgs. 60-61 (honesty)    *courage
                 citizenship                                                                                                             *T.E. 148-149                 *respect
                                                                                                                                         (responsibility)              *caring
                                                                                                                                         *T.E. 200-201 (courage)       *fairness
                                                                                                                                         *T.E. pg. 207
                                                                                                                                         *T.E. 260-261 (respect)
                                                                                                                                         *T.E. pgs. 318-319 (caring)
                                                                                                                                         *T.E. pgs. 416-417

                 C.5.4.3                    *I will examine the meaning *Quiz over United                                                *United Streaming video:      *allegiance
                 Examine the meaning of the of the Pledge of Allegiance. Streaming video                                                 Celebrating America:
                 Pledge of Allegiance                                                                                                    Symbols and Ceremonies
                                                                                                                                         of the United States (The
                                                                                                                                         Pledge of Allegiance)
                 C.5.4.6                     *I will demonstrate proper         *demonstrate flag etiquette                              *United Streaming video:      *etiquette
                 Demonstrate the proper flag flag etiquette for the                                                                      The U.S. Flag: Proper
                 etiquette for the American American flag.                                                                               Rules and Display
 5. Enduring     Essential Question 5:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                             Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                  Objective(s)                  Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                         Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources           Essential Vocabulary
                 G.3.4.2                         *I will discuss the reasons    *formative assessment                                    *T.E.: pgs. 66-71, 410-415    *computer software
                 Discuss the reasons for         for human settlement           *workbook pages                                          *Workbook: pgs. 15, 95        *international trade
                 human settlement patterns       patterns.                                                                               *Transparency: 6,14, 64       *technology
                 (e.g., jobs, climate, family)                                                                                           *Every Student Learns         *rural
                                                                                                                                         Guide:                        *urban settlement
                                                                                                                                         pgs. 26-29, 170-173
                                                                                                                                         *Quick Study:
                                                                                                                                         pgs. 14-15 , 86-87
                 G.2.4.4                         *I will compare and contrast                                                                                          *human characteristics
                 Compare and contrast he         the human characteristics of                                                                                          *early settlements
                 human characteristics of        early settlements and                                                                                                 *contemporary communities
                 early settlements and           contemporary communities                                                                                              *five regions
                 contemporary communities        in the five regions of the
                 in the five regions of the      United States.
                 United States

                 G.2.4.1                         *I will research elements of *Teacher made                                              *Textbook pgs. AR14-15        *culture
                 Research elements of            culture in a community.                                                                 *My AR Workbook               *customs
                 culture in a community,         *I will research elements of                                                            pgs. 17, 19.                  *traditions
                 state, or nation (e.g., food,   culture in a state.                                                                     *T.E. pg. AR35
                 clothing, housing, language,    *I will research elements of                                                            *T.E. pgs. 116-121
                 sports/recreation, customs,     culture in a nation.                                                                    *Workbook pg. 26
                 traditions, art, music,                                                                                                 *Transparency 11
                 religion)                                                                                                               *Every Student Learns
                                                                                                                                         Guide pgs. 46-49
                                                                                                                                         *Quick Study pgs. 24-25

                                                                                                                                                                               Revised 07/09
  (continued)    G.3.4.4                        *I will explain how people      *Workbook pg. 26           *T.E.: pgs. 26-31,          *influence
 5. Enduring     Explain how people are         are influenced by the                                      116-119, 142-146            *adapt
Understanding:   influenced by, adapt to, and   environment.                                               *Workbook: pgs. 6, 26       *alter
                 alter the environment (e.g.,   *I will explain how people                                 *Transparency: 1, 11
                 agriculture, housing,          adapt to their environment.                                *Every Student Learns
                 occupation, industry,          *I will explain how people                                 Guide: pgs. 10-13, 46-49
                 transportation,                alter the environment.                                     *Quick Study:
                 communication, acid rain,                                                                 pgs. 6-7, 24-25
                 global warming, ozone                                                                     *Check the chapter planning
                 depletion)                                                                                guides throughout the book

                 G.2.4.2                        *I will describe the cultural   *Combine with G.2.4.4      * T.E.: pgs. 126-129        *cooperation
                 Describe the cultural          characteristics of diverse      assessment                 *Workbook pg. 29            *wigwam
                 characteristics of diverse     populations in the United                                  *Transparency 10            *sachem
                 populations in the United      States.                                                    *Every Student Learns       *reservation
                 States                                                                                    Guide pgs. 50-53            *powwow
                                                                                                           *Quick Study pgs. 26-27     *confederacy
                 G.2.4.3                        *I will discuss the                                        *T.E. pg. AR 7              *advantage
                 Discuss the advantages         advantage an                                                                           *disadvantage
                 and disadvantages of life in   disadvantages of life in a
                 a suburban area                suburban area.
                 G.3.4.3                        *I will explain how                                        *T .E. pgs. 300-304         *artifacts
                 Explain how communities        communities share ideas
                 share ideas and information    and information with each
                 with each other                other.

                 G.3.4.5                        *I will describe the social     *Workbook pg. 41           *T.E.: pgs. 172-177         *natural event
                 Describe the social impact     impact of natural disasters     *Quick Study pg. 37        *Workbook: pg. 41           *key
                 of extreme natural events      on human and physical                                      *Every Student Learns: pgs.
                 on human and physical          environments.                                              70-73
                 environments (e.g., fires,                                                                *Quick Study Guide:
                 volcanoes, earthquakes,                                                                   pgs. 36-37
                 floods, hurricanes,
                 tornados, tsunamis)
                 G.3.4.6                        *I will research ways my        *Observation of            *T.E. 26-31                 *influence
                 Research ways in which the     school and community can        conservation with rubric   *Workbook pg. 6             *adapt
                 school and community can       practice conservation and       *Students create an        *Transparency 1             *alter
                 improve the physical           how it will improve the         conservation plan          *Every Student Learns
                 environment by practicing      environment.                                               pgs. 10-13
                 conservation                                                                              *Quick Study pgs. 6-7
                                                                                                           T.E. pg. AR32

                                                                                                                                                Revised 07/09
                                                                       Curriculum Map - 4th Grade - Social Studies
                                                                                          Third Quarter
 6. Enduring     Essential Question 6:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                               Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                  Objective(s)                      Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                           Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources        Essential Vocabulary
                 C.4.4.1                        *I will compare and contrast *Every Student Learns                                         *T.E. pgs. 46-52           *government
                 Compare and contrast the       the purpose and function of pg. 20                                                         *Workbook pg. 10 and 11    *republic
                 purpose and function of        the local government.                                                                      *Transparencies 5 and 30   *represent
                 government at the local,       *I will compare and contrast                                                               *Every Student Learns      *democracy
                 state, and federal levels      the purpose and function of                                                                Guide pgs. 18-21           *citizen
                                                the state government.                                                                      *Quick Study pgs. 10-11    *constitution
                                                *I will compare and contrast                                                               *Leveled Readers: Our      *federal
                                                the purpose and function of                                                                Constitution, Our          *legislative branch
                                                the federal government.                                                                    Government, and D is for   *executive branch
                                                                                                                                           Democracy                  *judicial branch
                                                                                                                                                                      *White House
                                                                                                                                                                      *Supreme Court
                                                                                                                                                                      *Bill of Rights

                 C.4.4.2                        *I will compare and contrast       *Venn Diagram list the                                  *T.E. pgs. 46-52           *constitution
                 Compare responsibilities of    the responsibilities of local      responsibilities of local,                              *T.E. AR pgs. AR16-17
                 local, state, and federal      government officials.              state, and federal
                 government officials           *I will compare and contrast       government
                                                the responsibilities of state      *Every Student Learns
                                                government officials.              pg. 20
                                                *I will compare and contrast
                                                the responsibilities of
                                                federal government officials.

                 C.4.4.3                        *I will identify the executive     *Draw branches of                                       *T.E. pgs. 46-52           *executive
                 Identify the three branches    branch of government.              government and list some                                                           *legislative
                 of government: Executive,      *I will identify the legislative   responsibilities of each                                                           *judicial
                 Legislative, Judicial          branch of government.              pg.50                                                                              *Supreme Court
                                                *I will identify the judicial
                                                branch of government.

                 C.4.4.4                       *I will describe the rights         *Workbook pg. 33 writing                                *T.E. pgs. 56-59           *democracy
                 Describe how United States and responsibilities of a              prompt                                                  *T.E. pg. 140              *amendment
                 citizens apply fundamental citizen of a democracy.                                                                        *Workbook pg. 12           *Bill of Rights
                 principals of democracy                                                                                                   *Transparency 6
                 (e.g., people rule                                                                                                        *Every Students Learns
                 themselves, power of                                                                                                      pgs. 22-25
                 government limited by law,                                                                                                Quick Study pgs. 12-13
                 people exercise their
                 authority directly through
                 voting and indirectly through
                 elected officials)
                                                                                                                                                                               Revised 07/09
  (continued)    C.4.4.5                   *i will recognize there are          *refer to AR20                                            *T.E. pgs. AR 20-21        *democracy
 6. Enduring     Recognize that there are  different forms of                   *define vocabulary                                                                   *communism
Understanding:   different forms of        government in the world.             *give example of each form                                                           *monarchy
                 government throughout the                                      of government
                 C.5.4.5                        *I will analyze components *Explain the election                                          *T.E. pgs. AR 16-17        * legislature
                 Analyze components of the      of candidacy in the election process                                                                                 *tax
                 election process:              process.                                                                                                             *candidacy
                 candidacy, primary, general    *I will analyze components                                                                                           *candidate
                 election                       of a primary in the election                                                                                         *campaign
                                                process.                                                                                                             *primary election
                                                *I will analyze components
                                                of the general election in
                                                the election process.

                                                                                BIG IDEA: Arkansas History
 7. Enduring     Essential Question 7:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                              Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                 Objective(s)                   Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                          Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources       Essential Vocabulary
                 H.6.4.9                    *I will evaluate data               *My AR Workbook                                           *Textbook pgs. 8-11        *data
                 Evaluate data presented on presented on a timeline of          pgs. 3-4                                                  *My AR Workbook            *timeline
                 a timeline of Arkansas     Arkansas History.                                                                             pgs. 3-4
                 H.6.4.14                       *I will identify and describe   *Create an Indian village                                 *Textbook pg. AR8          *culture
                 Identify and describe the      the Osage.                      based on the characteristics                              *My AR Workbook pg. 5      *Osage
                 Arkansas Indian Tribes:        *I will Identify and describe   described in the specific                                                            *Caddo
                 Osage, Quapaw, Caddo           the Quapaw.                     Indian culture                                                                       *Quapaw
                                                *I will Identify and describe
                                                the Caddo.
                 H.6.4.15                       *I will identify how influenza, *Explain the causes of the                                *Textbook pg. 191          *influenza
                 Identify the reasons for the   small pox and land              American Indian decline in                                *My AR Workbook pg. 5      *small pox
                 decline of the native          competition led to the          AR                                                                                   *Native American
                 populations of Arkansas        decline of the native                                                                                                *population
                 (e.g., influenza, small pox,   populations of Arkansas.
                 competition for land)
                 H.6.4.17                       *I will identify the areas in    *Teacher made quiz                                       *Textbook pgs. 40, 195,    *explorer
                 Identify areas in Arkansas     Arkansas that were                                                                        AR 8-11                    *Hernando De Soto
                 that were explored by the      explored by Hernando De                                                                   *Read Alouds and Primary   *La Salle
                 following: Hernando De         Soto.                                                                                     Sources pgs. 62-63         *De Tonti
                 Soto, La Salle/De Tonti,       *I will Identify the areas in                                                             *United Streaming video:   *Marquette
                 Marquette, Joliet              Arkansas that were                                                                        Exploring the World        *Joliet
                                                explored by La Salle and De
                                                Tonti.                        *I
                                                will Identify the areas in
                                                Arkansas that were
                                                explored by Marquette and

                                                                                                                                                                             Revised 07/09
  (continued)    H.6.4.3                         *I will examine the historical   *Draw a timeline              *Textbook pgs. AR8-11      *expansion
 7. Enduring     Examine historical              settlement of Arkansas           highlighting important        *Textbook TR65             *expedition
Understanding:   settlements in Arkansas:        Post.                            events occurring in AR        *My AR Workbook pg. 5      *treaty
                 Arkansas Post, Old              *I will examine the historical   settlements                                              *missionary
                 Washington, Fort Smith          settlement of Old
                                                 *I will examine the historical
                                                 settlement of Fort Smith.

                 H.6.4.18                        *I will identify how France      *Teacher made quiz            *TextbooK pgs. AR9-10      *France
                 Identify European nations       claimed authority over                                         *My AR Workbook pg. 3      *Spain
                 that claimed authority over     territorial Arkansas.                                                                     *Europe
                 territorial Arkansas: France,   *I will identify how Spain                                                                *territorial
                 Spain                           claimed authority over
                                                 territorial Arkansas.
                 H.6.4.6                         *I will identify how excise   *Textbook pg. 206                *Textbook AR13             *civil war
                 Identify events that led to     taxes led to Arkansas'        Lesson 3                         pgs. 202-205               *excise tax
                 Arkansas' involvement in        involvement in the civil war. *Review TR45                     *Workbook pg. 47           *state's rights
                 the Civil War: excise taxes,    *I will identify how state's                                   *Quick Study pgs. 44-45    *slavery
                 state's rights, slavery         rights led to Arkansas'                                        *My AR Workbook pg. 7      *union
                                                 involvement in the civil war.                                  *Read Alouds and Primary   *confederacy
                                                 *I will identify how slavery                                   Sources: pgs. 31-32,       *secede
                                                 led to Arkansas'                                               pgs.43-45
                                                 involvement in the civil war.

                 H.6.4.10                      *I will examine artifacts          *Name and illustrate items    *Textbook: AR8, pg. TR62   *artifact
                 Examine artifacts relating to relating to events in              today that will be            *My AR Workbook            *custom
                 events in Arkansas history Arkansas History.                     considered artifacts in the   pgs. 19-20                 *tradition

                 H.6.4.1                    *I will discuss the meaning           *Teacher made                 *Textbook AR18             *motto
                 Discuss the meaning of the of Arkansas' state motto.             *Short written paragraph of   *My AR Workbook pg. 31
                 state motto of Arkansas                                          explanation

                 H.6.4.2                    *I will examine the history of *Teacher made                        *Textbook AR18             *seal
                 Examine the history of the Arkansas' state seal and it's *List components and                  *My AR Workbook pg. 31     *components
                 State Seal of Arkansas and components.                    explain each
                 its components.

                                                                                                                                                     Revised 07/09
  (continued)    G.1.4.2                       *I will locate and describe   *AR Outline Maps pg. 1                            *physical characteristics
 7. Enduring     Locate and describe           physical characteristics of                                                     *Arkansas River Valley
Understanding:   physical characteristics of   the Arkansas River Valley.                                                      *Crowley's Ridge
                 the six natural regions of    *I will locate and describe                                                     *Mississippi Alluvial
                 Arkansas: Arkansas River      physical characteristics of                                                     *Ozark Mountains
                 Valley, Crowley's Ridge,      Crowley's Ridge.                                                                *West Gulf Coastal
                 Mississippi Alluvial, Ozark   *I will locate and describe                                                     *Ouachita Mountains
                 Mountains, West Gulf          physical characteristics of
                 Coastal, Ouachita             the Mississippi Alluvial.
                 Mountains                     *I will locate and describe
                                               physical characteristics of
                                               the Ozark Mountains.
                                               *I will locate and describe
                                               physical characteristics of
                                               the West Gulf Coastal.
                                               *I will locate and describe
                                               physical characteristics of
                                               the Ouachita Mountains.

                 E.8.4.5                       *I will identify Arkansas     *Graphic organizer       *T.E. pgs. AR 24-25      *entrepreneurs
                 Identify Arkansas             entrepreneurs.                pg. AR36                 *My AR Workbook pgs. 23-
                 entrepreneurs                                                                        24

                 G.3.4.1                       *I will examine different *Discussion                  *My AR Workbook          *transportation
                 Examine different types of    types of transportation                                pgs. 21-22               *communication
                 transportation and            between communities in                                 *T.E. pgs. AR 6-7
                 communication links           Arkansas.
                 between communities in        *I will examine different
                 Arkansas                      types of communication
                                               links between communities
                                               in Arkansas.

                 H.6.4.12                      *I will analyze the changes   *Textbook: pg. AR 8,     *My AR Workbook          *explorers
                 Analyze changes in            in Arkansas from past to      pg. TR48                 pgs. 21-22               *treaty
                 Arkansas from past to         present.                                               *Textbook pgs. AR8-11    *expedition
                 present                                                                                                       *missionary

                                                                                                                                       Revised 07/09
                                                                      Curriculum Map - 4th Grade - Social Studies
                                                                                     Fourth Quarter
                                                                                  BIG IDEA: Economics
 8. Enduring     Essential Question 8:
Understanding:              Skills                                                                                                             Learning Plan
                      (Student Learning                 Objective(s)                   Assessment
                        Expectations)                                                                         Instructional Strategies      Materials/Resources           Essential Vocabulary

                 E.7.4.1                        *I will evaluate the choices    *Every Student Learns                                    *T.E. pgs. 72-79               *wants
                 Evaluate the priority of       of economic wants and           pg. 32                                                   *Quick Study pgs. 16-17        *needs
                 economic wants and             consequences of the                                                                      *Leveled Practice              *barter
                 consequences of the            opportunity cost.                                                                        *T.E. pg. 73                   *producer
                 opportunity cost                                                                                                        *Every Student Learns          *consumer
                                                                                                                                         pgs. 30-32                     *opportunity cost

                 E.7.4.2                        *I will analyze how scarcity    *View video, write examples                              *United Streaming Video:       *wants
                 Analyze how scarcity           caused early exploration.       of scarcity                                              Grade 3-5 Understanding        *needs
                 caused early exploration                                                                                                Economics                      *barter
                 (e.g., gold, spices, silk)                                                                                                                             *producer
                                                                                                                                                                        *opportunity cost

                 E.7.4.3                        *I will recognize the           *Textbook Activity pg. 14                                *T.E.: pgs. 3, 14, 28, 49, 51, *decision
                 Recognize and use the          following decision making                                                                76, 78, 111, 118, 200, 265, *criteria
                 decision making model to       model: state the problem,                                                                339, 341, 380, and 402
                 make an economic               list the alternatives, state
                 decision: state the problem,   the criteria, evaluate the
                 list the alternatives, state   criteria, make a decision.
                 the criteria, evaluate the     *I will use the decision
                 criteria, make a decision      making model.

                 E.8.4.1                        *I will discuss productivity.   *Teacher made test                                       *T.E.: pgs. 72-79, AR24        *productivity
                 Discuss productivity                                                                                                    *Workbook pg. 16               *consumer
                                                                                                                                         *Transparencies: 5 & 31        *producer
                                                                                                                                         *United Streaming video:       *human resources
                                                                                                                                         Search productivity, view
                                                                                                                                         AgricultureGrades 6-8 but is
                                                                                                                                         easily understood
                 E.8.4.2                        *I will compare and contrast    *Review pg. 31                                           *T.E. pgs. 28-31               *producer
                 Compare the increase in        how productivity increases      *Summarize United                                        *United Streaming videos:      *consumer
                 productivity when improved     when improved human             Streaming video:                                         - Economics: The               *supply and demand
                 human capital is available     capital is available.           Agriculture                                              Production, Distribution,      *productivity
                                                                                                                                         and Consumption of Goods
                                                                                                                                         and Services: Producing
                                                                                                                                         - Capital Resources and
                                                                                                                                         Factors of Production

                                                                                                                                                                                Revised 07/09
  (continued)     E.8.4.3                         *I will examine how scarcity *Teacher made test                *T.E. pgs. AR 22-23          *Scarcity
  8. Enduring     Examine the impact of           of natural resources affects                                   *My AR Workbook pg. 25
Underestanding:   scarcity of natural             production decisions.                                          *United Streaming:
                  resources on production                                                                        Understanding Economics
                  E.8.4.4                         *I will analyze how capital     *T.E. pg. AR23                 *T.E. pgs. AR 22-23          *capital resources
                  Analyze how capital             resources are used to           *Under Economics at the        *My AR Workbook pg. 25
                  resources are used to           produce goods and               bottom of the page students    *United Streaming:
                  produce goods and               services.                       can create a 2 column table    Capital Resources and
                  services                                                        to organize their findings     Factors of Production

                  E.8.4.6                         *I will describe how profit is *Writing Prompt                 *T.E. pgs. AR 24-25       *profit
                  Describe how profit is an       an incentive for                                               *Examples:                *incentive
                  incentive for                   entrepreneurship.                                              pgs. 147, 389, 407
                  entrepreneurship                                                                               *United Streaming:
                                                                                                                 Economics: The
                                                                                                                 Production, Distribution,
                                                                                                                 and Consumption of Goods
                                                                                                                 and Services: Producing

                  E.9.4.1                         *I will discuss the             *Teacher made test             *T.E. pgs. AR 28-29          *portability
                  Discuss the characteristics     characteristics of money                                                                    *divisibility
                  of money: portability,          including portability,                                                                      *durability
                  divisibility, durability,       divisibility, durability,                                                                   *uniformity
                  uniformity                      uniformity.

                  E.9.4.2                         *I will describe the reasons    *List the reasons for saving   *United Streaming videos : *financial institution
                  Describe the reasons for        for saving money in a           money in a financial           - Saving Money K-2 & 3-5   *interest
                  saving money in a financial     bank/financial institution.     institution                    - How Our Economy Works:
                  institution: interest, safety   *I will describe interest and                                  All About Earning and
                                                  safety in using a bank.                                        Spending Money

                  E.9.4.3                         *I will research the            *Draw an oil refinery and      *United Streaming videos: - *productive resources
                  Research the productive         productive resources that       explain how oil is created     Natural Resources,
                  resources that go into the      go into the production of a     from fossilized plants and     grades 6-8
                  production of a product         product.                        animals                        - Oil Refinery

                  E.9.4.4                    *I will research public goods *Students will list goods and         *T.E. pgs. AR 16-17          *legislature
                  Research public goods and and services that are          services provided by taxes            *United Streaming video:     *tax
                  services that are provided provided by taxes.            from their research                   Economy In and Between
                  by taxes                                                                                       Communities

                                                                                                                                                       Revised 07/09
 (continued)     E.9.4.5                     *I will explain why countries *Teacher made test that
 8. Enduring     Explain why countries trade trade.                        includes E.9.4.9, E.9.4.10,
Understanding:                                                             E. 9.4.11

                 E.9.4.6                       *I will explain benefits of     *T.E. pg. 85 Review,            *T.E.: pgs. 81- 82, AR 24 *specialization
                 Explain the benefits of       specialization and              Question 2 as an Open           *United Streaming video:  *interdependence
                 specialization and            interdependence.                Response                        Economics: The
                 interdependence                                                                               Production, Distribution,
                                                                                                               and Consumption of Goods
                                                                                                               and Services

                 E.9.4.7                      *I will discuss the effect of    *Lesson 2 Review pg. 79         *T.E. pgs. AR 22-23          *supply
                 Discuss the effect of supply supply and demand in a           *Every Student Learns           *T.E. pgs. 72-79             *demand
                 and demand in a              community.                       pg. 32                          *Every Student Learns
                 community                                                                                     pg. 32

                 E.9.4.8                       *I will define inflation.       *Define and explain inflation   *T.E. pgs. AR 22-23          *inflation
                 Define inflation                                              *Teacher made

                 E.9.4.9                       *I will identify imported and   *Students create a map of       *T.E.: pgs. AR 26-27, 143,   *import
                 Identify imported and         exported goods.                 imported and exported           and 414                      *export
                 exported goods                                                goods throughout the world

                 E.9.4.11                      *I will explain how foreign     *see E.9.4.5                    *Leveled Readers             *foreign trade
                 Explain how foreign trade     trade affects daily life.                                       *T.E. pgs. AR 26-27
                 affects daily life

                                                                                                                                                      Revised 07/09

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