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                                 COCHISE COLLEGE
                                 GOVERNING BOARD
                                 REGULAR MEETING

Tuesday, November 9, 1999
Douglas Campus
6:00 p.m.


     1.01    Call to Order

             The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Jan Guy, Board Chair, at 6:04

                       Board Members Present:
                       Mrs. Jan Guy
                       Dr. Randall Groth
                       Mr. Juan Flores
                       Mr. Bob Nelson
                       Mrs. Jane Strain

             Mrs. Guy noted that all the Board members were present.

     1.02    Pledge of Allegiance

     1.03    Adoption of Agenda

             Dr. Nicodemus suggested that the Board consider the following items
             after the Citizen’s Interim:
                 Item 4.01, Consent Agenda
                 Item 3.04, Medical Benefits
                 Item 3.05, Discussion of Medical Benefits

             After consulting with the Board members, Mrs. Guy approved the
             suggested order of the agenda.

     1.04    Citizen’s Interim

             No information was presented.

     (4.01   Consent Agenda*)

             Dr. Groth moved and Mr. Flores seconded a motion to approve the Consent
             Agenda. The Board unanimously approved. MOTION CARRIED. The
             following items were approved:
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                 page 2

              4.01.1      Administrative Support; Appointment *

                          Luba Chliwniak, Dean of Career Programs and Technology,
                          effective November 10, 1999. This is a 12-month position.

              4.01.2      Administrative Support; Appointment *

                          Chuck Hoyack, Douglas Campus Dean, effective November 10,
                          1999. This is a 12-month position.

              4.01.3      Administrative Support; Appointment *

                          Katherine Johnson, VIP/Single Parent Program Coordinator on
                          the Douglas Campus, effective November 10, 1999. This is a 12-
                          month (30-hour/week) position.

              4.01.4      Administrative Support; Appointment *

                          Gary Cross, Adult Education Teacher in Douglas, effective
                          November 10, 1999. This is a 9-month (30-hour/week) position.

              4.01.5      Faculty; Appointment *

                          George Self, CIS Instructor on the Sierra Vista Campus, effective
                          January 4, 2000. This is a 9-month position.

              4.01.6      Classified; Appointment *

                          Shanna Melanson, Business Office Coordinator on the Douglas
                          Campus, effective November 10, 1999. This is a 12-month

              4.01.7      Classified; Appointment *

                          Sally Yoshimura, Secretary on the Douglas Campus, effective
                          November 10, 1999. This is a 12-month position.

              4.01.8      Administrative Support; Resignation *

                          Catherine Knapp, Director of Admissions and Records, effective
                          November 16, 1999.

              4.01.9      Administrative Support; Resignation *

                          Alsontra Daniels, Webmaster, effective November 15, 1999.
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                 page 3

              4.01.10     Sabbatical Leave *

                          Myron (Mike) Jaworsky, Instructor Philosophy/Classics, effective
                          July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2001.

              4.01.11     Resolution Authorizing the Execution of an Agreement
                          for Cochise College EMT Student Education *

                          This is an agreement with the Benson Fire Department for the
                          purpose of providing clinical training for Cochise College
                          Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students, effective July
                          1, 1999 through June 30, 2000.

              4.01.12     Classified; Appointment *

                          Ignacio Arenas, Maintenance Engineering Technician on the
                          Douglas Campus, effective November 10, 1999. This is a 12-
                          month position.

              Mrs. Guy asked Dr. Nicodemus to introduce the new employees.      Dr.
              Montgomery introduced Diane Jennings (approved at the October
              meeting), Shanna Mclanson and Ignacio Arenas. Dr. Hall introduced
              Katherine Johnson. Dr. Michelich introduced Dr. Luba Chliwniak, Chuck
              Hoyack, Gary Cross, George Self, Sally Yoshimira and Kathy Carrillo
              (approved at the October meeting). On behalf of the Governing Board,
              Mrs. Guy welcomed the new employees.

     (3.04    Medical Benefits)

              Dr. Nicodemus reminded the Board that this was an information item and
              did not require Board action. She explained that the information provided
              to the Board compared current Cochise College compensation packages
              (salary scales and medical benefits) to that of other Arizona community
              college districts. She added that the Maricopa district was excluded from
              the comparison due to the skew in salary ranges, and that Cochise College
              Classified and Administrative Support positions were included in the salary
              comparisons using a mid-point range of salaries.

              Judy Dobbins, Director of Human Resources, overviewed the compensation
              study. She explained that the goals of compensation are to 1) retain
              personnel, their knowledge and skills, 2) attract knowledgeable and
              skillful personnel and 3) promote teamwork through compensation equity
              across the various positions and salary scales, using published scales and
              rules for placement. Ms. Dobbins noted that (from the analysis of the data)
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                 page 4
              Cochise College faculty salary schedules are overall lower than other
              Arizona community colleges,

              primarily at the entry levels. There was a discussion of the faculty scale

              Mr. Nelson asked that the College provide a chart that outlines the number
              of Cochise College employees who fall into each of the salary scale

              Ms. Dobbins explained that the purpose of benefits is to 1) comply with
              legal requirements such as Workers Compensation, pension plans,
              unemployment, Health Protection Affordability Act and others,         2)
              recruit and retain personnel, 3) provide fiscal control, and      4)
              increase productivity. Dr. Nicodemus added that the Maricopa district
              was included in the benefits analysis. There was a discussion of the cost
              of employee health benefits as compared to other Arizona community

              Mrs. Strain inquired as to how many potential employees had declined job
              offers due to either the salary or medical benefits. Ms. Dobbins stated that
              there were approximately four individuals in the last three months who
              have declined job offers for this reason.

              Mr. Nelson questioned the cost that each institution pays for health care
              and asked whether the coverage or value was the same as the other
              institutions. Dr. Nicodemus explained that a number of factors such as
              PPO, HMO and geographical differences might determine an institution’s
              health care cost and the value of the coverage. Some institutions choose to
              allocate more benefits for their employees.

              After reviewing the dependent coverage costs paid by Arizona community
              colleges, Dr. Groth asked if the Administration knew what the current
              trend was with regard to paying for dependent coverage. Dr. Montgomery
              stated that although a few other community colleges in Arizona do not
              currently pay for dependent health care coverage, only Western indicated
              they are considering the Cochise College model.

              Next, Dr. Montgomery stated that the insurance committee met for the
              last time on November 5, 1999 and recommended that the College 1)
              remain with United Health Care (previously Partners) and 2) select the
              Choice Plus A-2 medical insurance program plan that is outlined in the
              insurance packet provided by Lovitt &Touché. He then introduced Mr.
              Steve Touché and Ms. Chris Helin, insurance consultants for Lovitt &
              Touché who were hired by the College to assist with the insurance review
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                page 5
              Mr. Touché explained the request for proposal (RFP) prepared on behalf of
              the College. The RFP was sent to 14 major insurance carriers with the
              following objectives: 1) determine whether the health care

              costs with United Health Care was competitive, 2) investigate the
              possibility of offering more than one insurance carrier along with United
              Health Care to employees, 3) investigate the possibility of offering more
              than one type of plan, and 4) restructure the benefits in order to improve
              the current package with little or no direct cost to the College or
              employees. The RFP process resulted in one positive response from United
              Health Care. United Health Care provided a renewal to the College’s
              current HMO plan and several alternatives to that plan, to include Choice
              Plus. The Choice Plus program offers the following additional benefits:
                  Allows employees to seek health care at any one of the United
                     Health Care providers state-wide without requiring a referral from a
                     primary care physician
                  Employees may seek counseling for any type of hardships (i.e.,
                     marriage counseling, financial counseling or other)
                  24-hour, toll-free nurse line

             Mr. Touché commented that ancillary life and disability insurance
             coverages were not part of the RFP process since these are managed
             through an insurance broker. (Lovitt and Touché were not part of the
             original RFP process for these coverages, therefore, do not know if the
             College is prevented contractually from investigating other options.) Mr.
             Touché added that it is the recommendation of Lovitt and Touché for the
             College to investigate other options for ancillary life and disability

             The Board entered into a discussion regarding the insurance committee,
             their recommendation and the health care insurance tiers. The
             recommendation and consensus of the committee was that the College
             select the Choice Plus A-2 health care plan, which was part and partial to
             the recommendation of Lovitt and Touché. The committee was not able to
             form a consensus with regard to which tier the College should recommend
             to the Board.

             Dr. Groth recommended that the insurance committee reconvene to review
             the tiers and provide a recommendation to the Board.           Dr.
             Nicodemus stated that this is a difficult decision for the insurance
             committee because they are not considering the entire compensation issue.
             Mrs. Guy stated that she would also like to know how the committee feels
             about the insurance tiers, but acknowledged that the actual
             recommendation would need to be made by the Administration.

     (3.05    Discussion of Medical Benefits)
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                 page 6
              The Board may wish to discuss this matter in executive session
              pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03 (A)(5); Discussion or consideration in
              order to consider its position and instruct its representatives

              regarding negotiations with employee organizations regarding the
              salaries, salary schedules or compensation paid in the form of
              fringe benefits of employees of the public body.

              Mrs. Strain moved and Mr. Nelson seconded a motion to enter into
              executive session pursuant to the above statute. The Board unanimously
              approved. MOTION CARRIED.

     The Board entered into Executive Session at 7:18 p.m. The regular session resumed
     at 7:53 p.m. Mrs. Guy noted that no action was taken.

     1.05     Standing Reports

              1.05.1      Representative to the AADGB

                          There was no meeting in October; no report was presented.

              1.05.2      Senate

                          Mr. Carlos Cartagena, Senate president, reported that the
                          Senate met on October 24, 1999 to continue the discussion of the
                          merits of converting the Senate from the current format to that
                          of an academic Senate. The members would
                          proceed with a vote at the next Senate meeting. He added that
                          the Senate approved seven new courses as part of the
                          curriculum and also approved five course modifications. The
                          next meeting is scheduled for November 19, 1999 on the Douglas

                          Mrs. Guy thanked Mr. Cartagena for his report and asked that
                          he explain the meaning of an academic Senate.        Mr.
                          Cartagena explained that an academic Senate would consider
                          issues that are of an academic nature, primarily curriculum,
                          rather than internal governance issues.

              1.05.3      Student Government

                          There was no report.

              1.05.4      College President

                          Dr. Nicodemus provided reports on the following topics:
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                  page 7
                           Enrollment Report: Dr. Hall reported that the total
                            unduplicated headcount through October 25, 1999 was 4,264,
                            which reflects a decrease of 6.3 percent. Total FTSE is also
                            down by 11.4 percent. Dr. Hall added that

                             the College is actively involved with seeking ways to increase

                             There was a discussion about the tuition and fee shortfall
                             resulting from continued low enrollments, and how it would
                             impact the College in the next two years.    Dr.
                             Montgomery stated that the tuition shortfall for the current
                             academic year is approximately $350,000.

                           Dual Credit: Dr. Nicodemus shared a news article with the
                            Board that discussed dual credit enrollment. The legislative
                            concern is that the colleges receive funding from this
                            program as well as the high schools. She encouraged the
                            Board to continue to support dual credit enrollment.

                           Strategic Planning: Dr. Nicodemus stated that the College
                            needs to engage in an aggressive strategic planning process
                            and she suggested that, by the close of the spring semester,
                            the College have a foundation that would allow the
                            articulation of a vision, mission and some purposes for the
                            College. She stated that the College must be more inclusive
                            of external constituents in order to engage in discussions
                            that would provide direction for the future the College. Dr.
                            Nicodemus then asked the Board members if they would
                            commit to joining her in meetings with all the governing
                            boards of the K-12 systems throughout the county. She also
                            suggested that the College host several study sessions to
                            invite external constituents to the table with members of the

                             Mr. Nelson inquired as to when the study sessions would
                             take place and what the discussions would include.    Dr.
                             Nicodemus stated that she plans to schedule the meetings in
                             January, February and March 2000. She asked Paul
                             Landrum, Director of Planning and Research, to draft
                             scenarios that would be presented at the study sessions for
                             reactions from the public school governing boards or

                             The Board members agreed to support the President at the
                             study sessions with external constituents.
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                 page 8
                           Board Policy: Dr. Nicodemus thanked Dr. Michelich, Dr.
                            von Destinon and Paul Landrum for meeting on October 30
                            to review Cochise College Governing Board policies. The
                            Board policies are being reorganized into

                             one of the following categories: 1) Recommended for
                             Deletion, 2) Board Policy, 3) Institutional/Legal Policy,
                             or 4) Departmental Policy and/or Procedures. The President
                             recommended that the Governing Board adopt a Policy
                             Governance model. Dr. Nicodemus stated that the College
                             would request the consulting services of Dr. John Levin,
                             Community College Institute Director at the University of
                             Arizona, and a University of Arizona intern to assist with
                             the research and revision of the Governing Board policies.

                             There was a discussion regarding the Board’s involvement
                             with policy decisions relating to issues other than Board

                           County Mailing: Dr. Nicodemus shared with the Board a copy
                            of the Cochise College President’s Report that will be mailed to
                            Cochise County residents. She thanked Alex O’Meara and
                            Catherine Thompson in Creative Services.

                           Dr. Nicodemus provided a brief update on the Benson
                            property. The College will be opening the bids for the
                            contractors on November 16 on the Sierra Vista Campus. Dr.
                            Montgomery and the architects will provide a courtesy
                            presentation for the Benson Planning and Zoning
                            representatives on the evening of November 16. The Benson
                            city inspector agreed to monitor the building process. Also,
                            the Governing Board agreed that the College should install a
                            fence around the Benson Center property.

                             Mr. Nelson recommended inviting everyone who has
                             contributed to the Benson Center or has any association with
                             the Benson Center property be invited to the Benson Center
                             open house or groundbreaking ceremony.

              1.05.5      Financial Reports for October 1999

                          Financial Reports for the month ending October 31, 1999 were
                          submitted to the Board for their review. The financial reports
                          were accepted as presented. A summary is attached.

              1.05.6      Focus Report
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                                page 9
                          There was no focus report.


     2.01     Acceptance of Minutes for October 12, 1999, Regular Meeting

              Minutes of the October 12, 1999 regular meeting of the Cochise College
              Governing Board were approved and entered into record.


     3.01     Consideration of Policy & Procedure Revision, First Reading

              Mrs. Guy noted that there were no comments regarding the revision of
              policies 4202, Recruitment/Selection; 4506, Sabbatical Leave; and 4951,
              Reduction in Force.

     3.02     Revisions to State Board Rules

              Mrs. Guy stated that she and Dr. Nicodemus would address the attached
              draft rules that were created by the State Board staff. She reviewed the
              rules and asked Dr. Nicodemus to have the College attorney review them
              also. Mrs. Guy noted that the AADGB would make a decision at the
              November meeting as to whether the draft rules should be placed on the
              January agenda for a public hearing.

              Mrs. Strain requested that someone inform the Board of the AADGB’s
              decision after their meeting in November.

     3.03     Library On-Line Public Access Catalog

              Dr. Nicodemus distributed a copy of the timeline for the project and noted
              that this item was approved through the budget process.

     3.04     Medical Benefits (considered after Item 1.04, Citizen’s Interim)

     3.05     Discussion of Medical Benefits (considered after Item 1.04, Citizen’s


     4.01     Consent Agenda * (considered after Item 1.04, Citizen’s Interim)

     4.02     Curriculum Changes
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                                               page 10
              Mrs. Strain moved and Dr. Groth seconded a motion to approve the
              curriculum changes as outlined. The Board unanimously approved.
              MOTION CARRIED.

              The course changes will be attached to the permanent record of the regular
              Governing Board minutes and made a part thereof.

     4.03     Bookstore Contract Renewal

              Dr. Groth moved and Mrs. Strain seconded a motion authorizing the
              renewal of the contract for an additional year from July 1, 2000 through
              June 30, 2001. The Board vote included 4 Ayes and 1 Nay. MOTION

              Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Michelich and instructional managers were among
              those involved with the bookstore review. Mr. Nelson requested that the
              College encourage staff to use the textbooks for more than one or two


     Mr. Nelson commended the members who served on the insurance committee for
     their efforts with the employee health care initiative.

     Mr. Flores echoed Mr. Nelson’s sentiments with regard to the insurance committee.

     Mrs. Strain commented on the Arizona Good Government Forum that was held in
     Tucson, Arizona on November 5, 1999. She stated that the forum was excellent.

     Mrs. Guy commended Sheila DeVoe Heidman, Small Business Development
     Center Program Coordinator, for her participation in the Small Business
     Development Centers’ awards luncheon held in Tucson, Arizona, on November 5,
     1999. She expressed her appreciation for being included.


     Mrs. Guy adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:

Ms. Irma Alejandro, Administrative Secretary, Office of the President
Cochise College Governing Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 1999                             page 11

Dr. Randall Groth, Secretary to the Governing Board
ia 11/12/99

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