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									                                   Integrated Lesson Plan Template
               Teacher Name: Gwen Brouwer                            Title of Lesson Spell own first name
                 Grade Level: PreK Spec. Ed.                        Subject Area(s): Writing
               School/District: Elko County School                   Time Frame to Daily practice
                                District                           complete lesson:

                     Brief description of lesson/unit.

                     By the end of Pre-Kindergarten, students know and are able to attempt to spell own first

                     Use NV State Content and Technology Standards—Include only the standards and concepts
                     that will be assessed using the standard # and description. Your lesson plan should try to
                     integrate technology and at least one other content area.
                     Nevada State Technology Standards:

                     Other Nevada State Content Standards:

                     Writing Content Standard 7.0 : Students write using standard English
                     grammar, usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

                     7.PK.5 : By the end of Pre-K, students know and are able to attempt to spell
                     own first name.
                     Please include objectives that will be assessed during this lesson. You may use Bloom’s
                     taxonomy format. (

                     Students will show knowledge and comprehension of letters, analyze the letters in their
                     names, apply their knowledge of letters by writing their name, evaluate their name by
                     comparing it to a correct writing of their name, and then students can be creative with their

                     How will student learning be assessed? What criteria or rubric will be used to evaluate the

                     lesson/unit? Assignments should align with state/district standards listed above.

                     The student will be assessed, when it has been observed, by the teacher, that the student has
                     attempted to spell own first name.
                List all technology skills and content knowledge needed prior to teaching this lesson.
                The student will need to have prior knowledge of the following: 1) Be able to answer,
                “What is your name?” 2) See photo of self, next to written first name 3) Identify first
                name, without photo 4)Spell their name (verbally or point to letters of their name on a
                keyboard/alphabet chart, if they are non-verbal)

                Briefly describe where the learning will take place and how students will interact with

                others. (e.g. whole group instruction, mini computer lab setting, collaborative group setting)

                Learning will take place one-on-one during student-directed/adult-directed activities. The
                teacher will work one-on-one with the student at the writing table in the preschool

                                         Tools and Resources
                        1 computer
Number of

                        5 computers
                        Lab setting
                        Alpha Smarts or other keyboard device

                “Dr Seuss’s ABCs” by Dr. Seuss, from Broderbund. Grades PreK-1. Makes
                learning words and letters fun!

                Include the title of the website, a short description, and the URL.

       :”Getting Ready to Read with Mother Goose” : A beginning
                literacy program to build skills for a lifetime of learning

                Include any teacher and student handouts that would enable this lesson to be replicated.

                Student’s name laminated on tag board at the top and blank lines under name. The student
                traces over his name, located at the top of the 8 by 11 inch tag board and copies name on the
                blank lines located under his name written on top. Student uses dry-erase markers, so
                student can practice tracing and/or copying name on a daily basis.
Supplies:      8 ½ x 11 inch tag board with name written correctly in writing lines on top,
               and blank writing lines on bottom, under name on top: LAMINATE

               Dry-erase Markers

               Kleenex for erasing
& Books:

               All Aboard for Readiness Skills by Carson and Dellosa

               The Right Stuff to Teach Your Child to Read by Hoffman

Provide all information necessary for another teacher to replicate your lesson/unit. Also, reference your
tools and resources in this section.

During student-directed/adult-directed activities, one of the preschool teachers calls a student over to the
writing table. Using a dry-erase marker, the teacher helps the student TRACE over the name at the top of
the laminated tag board. The student may also COPY name on the bottom. The teacher shows student how
his first letter is capital and goes all the way to the top line, and the lower-case letters go to the dotted line
in the middle. The student receives one-on-one instruction on how to grasp/hold the marker correctly, and
how to start/end the writing of each letter. The student is encouraged to both TRACE and COPY. The
student is also praised for at least trying! Tracing just the first letter would be a good start!
                       Modification for Differentiated Instruction

               The student in Special Education may only be able to trace first letter of

               name. The students will work at their own level. Work on one letter at a

               I have found that these students progress just as quickly as their peers!

               These students go on to write last name and other words!
                    How did your lesson go? What were the positives and what would you change for next
Other/Comments:     time?

                    The students enjoy the wipe-off boards and writing their names! They really try to write!
                    There is also a giant white board in the classroom for additional drawing and writing!

         Used by permission from Project Venture, 1998 Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, Phoenix, AZ

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