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									                                 The Arizona Connection
                       Mission Statement of the Wome n’s Council of REALTORS
                We are a community of real estate professionals creating business opportunities,
               developing skills for the future and achieving our individual potential for success. 
 ARIZONA STATE WCR NEWSLETER                                   April / May/ June 2004                   Vol. 16, No. 2

                   2004 STATE,
                   REGIONAL AND                                                          To All WCR
                   MEETINGS!                                                              Members-

                                          I hope that all of you had a nice Easter.
May 13-16 – WCR National Mid-
Year Meetings in Washington D.C .
                                          I have been traveling around the State visiting the Local Chapters. It
June 24-26 – Joint Regional               has been fun and I have really enjoyed meeting all of the members. I
                                          would encourage you to attend another Chapter‟s meeting and get to
Summer Meeting in Portland, OR
(The PMN Course on Networking             know other members from around the State. Referrals! Referrals!
and Referrals will be held on June
24th )                                    Our next big event, after the midyear meeting in Washington DC, is
                                          the joint Regional Meeting in Portland, Oregon June 24-26. All of the
July 22-23: Summer Governing              National Line Officers will be in attendance. It is really a fun and
Board & General Meeting in Payson,        informational meeting, so I hope you all can plan on attending. There
AZ                                        is a flyer in this newsletter giving you all of the details.

September 15 – Partners Conference        Please mark your calendars for the Summer State Meeting in Payson
in Phoenix                                July 22-23. We are planning a fun night out, a home tour,
                                          roundtables, and Michelle Lind, the AAR Legal Counsel, will be our
October 19-20 – Leadership                luncheon speaker. Her topic is the “AS IS” clauses in the Purchase
Conference in Phoenix                     Contract. We will be having a by- laws change that will be voted on
                                          at the General Membership Meeting. We are working on having a
November 3-7 – WCR National               golf tournament along with the meetings. We will get you more
Conference in Orlando, FL                 information as it becomes available.
December 2-3 – Installation Dinner        We are still working on getting State Sponsors, so if you know of
and “Jump-Start / Quick-Start”,
                                          anyone that would like to be a State Sponsor, please get in contact
(aka „Orientation‟) in Scottsdale, AZ     with Greg Wenzel.
at Chaparral Suites Hotel
                                          The National WCR Strategic Planning Committee has been working
          2004 LCP’s
                                          on updating the National Strategic plan and it will be rolled out at the
  Newsletter Deadline for the
  July/Aug/Sept issue is July             Governing Board Meeting in Washington DC in May. I have read the
  30th. (That will give you an            changes and they are very exciting. After the plan has been adopted
  opportunity to report on the            in Washington DC, I will have it posted on the State Web site for all
  Summer Conference!) All info            of you to look at.
  must be in by that date in order                       Spread the Spirit of Women’s Council!
  to meet the deadline for                                       SALLY BONKOWSKE
  publishing. Thanks in advance                        2004 State Chapter President 928-476-3000
  for your help!
                                                               National Bylaws that would make the position of
                                                               Governor a state office rather than a national office.

                                                               Governors will continue to serve on the national
                                                               governing board, they will be elected by their state
                                                               memberships and serve on the State Chapter
                                                               Governing Board.      This will be voted on in
                                                               Washington D.C.
A very special big Thank You goes out to all the
Chapters and everyone for their participation in the           Karen Kay / Nancy Vitkovich – YOUR National
Retention Contest that Arizona State had going from            Governors
the beginning of the year until March 31 st . It was a
big push near the end and every chapter stepped up to
the plate and did a great job. We now know who the
winning Chapter is for the highest % of membership
renewal. We can‟t say which chapter just yet. That
will be announced in July at the Arizona State
Meeting. We can say that Arizona is at 79,2%. We
are 10.2% higher this year than last and are 5.2%                                      Central Arizona
higher than the National Average. Congratulations                                     Mountain Chapter
We have launched our new contest that runs from 3-
31-04 to 11-1-04. The Chapter with the highest % of
new National Members. So everyone… keep up the                 Greetings from the Central Arizona Mountain WCR
great work and remember… “The Task is to Ask”!                 Chapter!
So happy to hear the great feed back about our Round           We had quite a scare with the Webber fire recently,
Tables that were held in Prescott at our State Meeting.        but the firefighters did a great job of “Backfiring”.
The Presidents and Vice Presidents of Memberships              The news media made it sound like we were going to
had a chance to share with each other. At the VP of            be engulfed at any time. Although it burned quite a bit
Membership Table we handed out & discussed the                 of acreage, it never threatened the town of Pine, and
new VP of Membership “Resource “ Book and shared               no homes or cabins were ever in danger.
information as to various parts of the VP of
Memberships role. At the Local Chapter Presidents              Please say some prayers for all the mountain
table a lot of great ideal were discussed and sharing of       communities for lots of moisture and wise use of the
how things are being done around the state. Look for           forests by the people who use them! They say this past
more Round Tables at our Summer State Meeting.                 one was man-made, caused by a campfire.
Thanks to your vote is has know become a part of the
Standing Rules to hold Round Tables for different              Our meetings have had some excellent speakers and
offices at every State Meeting. Chapters please take           we‟ve gained a bit in membership. Our April meeting
advantage of wonderful things like this around the             on April 20th featured Mary Anne Lanners from First
State.                                                         American Title from the White Mountain area, on
                                                               “Getting Constructive Feedback”.
Our Chapter in Casa Grande is half way there. We
have 10 strong members and are growing everyday.               We are excited about our two fundraisers for this year.
Thanks for being patient and the State is behind you.          Our “500 money necklace” is being raffled off at a
                                                               later date as soon as we sell all five hundred tickets.
Major changes are on the way for the Governors                 The tickets are each $10 and the winner will win the
Position. The National WCR‟s Strategic Planning
Committee is recommending amendments to the
necklace, which is made up of real crisp new cash
bills in various monetary amounts and total $500.

The other fundraiser is a new cookbook that will sell
for ten dollars. If you are a local Chapter President, I                             Northwest Valley
am inviting you to send a recipe to us to be included!                     
Also, we would like to have a recipe from each of the
State Officers as well. But Please hurry as we will            Exciting changes are taking place at the Northwest
soon have a cutoff! Please e- mail your recipe to me at        Valley Chapter! Last month at the WCR/AAR                                        meetings in Prescott, our chapter was presented a
                                                               plaque for its 20th anniversary as a chapter. Can you
We are trying to organize a tri-chapter meeting with           believe it! 20 years in existence and still going strong.
the White Mountain and Prescott Chapters soon…                 The Prescott meetings were well attended by our
more about that later!                                         chapter. In addition to myself, Marion Waters,
                                                               Cynthia Marin, Gary Fullington, Sherry Lee, Vicki
What a GREAT State meeting we had in Prescott! We              Frye, and several of our members attended. Along
are really looking forward to the Summer meeting in            with the meetings and educational classes, we all had
Payson! See you all there!.                                    a chance to do some networking and have some fun.

CAROL LEE – Chapter President                                  Our first meeting at the new location, Arrowhead
                                                               Country Club, was a terrific success, with around 40
                                                               in attendance. Special thanks go to Michelle Bennett
                                                               for organizing the transition of our meeting place and
                                                               Valerie Lamb and Brandy Gurtner for handling the
                     Green Valley Chapter                      front table. And thanks for the support and patience of
                        all our members during this change. We were very
                                                               honored to have the WCR State President, Sally
                                                               Bonkowski, as our guest. The raffle money won at
Our Green Valley Chapter is busy recruiting new                the meeting was generously donated to our charity,
members! Susan Derlein, VP of Membership, gives a              Glendale Family Development Center.
presentation about the benefits of WCR, at every
GVAR new member orientation. We have 3 new                     Membership is continuing to increase-- 21 new
members as a result.                                           members have joined so far this year. Thanks to the
                                                               V.P. of Membership, Cynthia Marin, and Co-chair,
Our current Ways & Means project is in the final
                                                               Cindy Smith, for all their hard work. Don‟t forget to
chapter of a Community Cookbook. We are currently
                                                               participate in our membership contest by bringing a
collecting recipes & invite all to participate. So…
                                                               guest, and receiving extra raffle tickets. The member
PLEASE send your favorite “tried & true” recipe to
                                                               who brings in the most new Realtor members each
                                                               quarter will win a gift certificate to a local restaurant.
We are still planning to do our Christmas Tour of
Homes in December.                                             Our fundraiser committee is diligently working on our
                                                               “Sock Hop”, scheduled for Friday, June 11 th . This is
Hal Myers, Executive Director of GV Assistant                  going to be a really fun event with lots of prizes,
Services, was our guest at the Mar meeting. We                 including a chance to win a week‟s vacation in
presented him w/ a check for $760 from our raffle.             beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Details out soon!
Thanks to all who helped make this a whopping
success!                                                       As you can see, change and growth causes many
                                                               exciting things to happen, and I‟m very pleased to be
See ya in Washington DC!
                                                               a part of it.
RUTH MALABLOCKI – Chapter President                            WILMA PURCELL – Chapter President
                                                               In case you have not heard…Phoenix Chapter's 17th
                                                               annual Fashion Show and Auction will be held on
                      Phoenix Chapter
                                                               November 11th @ the Desert Ridge Marriott. Mark
                                                               your calendars and come join the fun of "Discovering
                Greetings from the Phoenix Chapter!            the Magic"! Chair, Cari Derksen, will be sending out
                                                               more information very soon. Also, check our website:
Membership is definitely Phoenix Chapter's priority! 
Our Chapter has had 25 new members since Jan 1 st .
We are proud to announce that we came in first for             I‟d like to personally invite YOU to attend our next
Recruitment among all the Arizona Chapters! We                 monthly meeting on May 20 at 11:30 to 1:30 at the
earned 355 points and also achieved a 84.77%                   Moon Valley Country Club. (Map on our website.)
Retention rate. And this is how it happened! For the           Our program for that day will be a mini- class,
past three months our VP of Membership, Catherine              "Computer Creativity 101", given by Steve Odart.
Horton, was had a "full house" at her Orientations.            This is definitely going to be a winner! See you there.
And, then, at each meeting she has been inducting lots
of new members. Our special membership contest,                CHRISTINA MAYDANIS – Chapter President
"Your Lucky Stars", has created real competition for
the "B&B Bistro Package to the Ritz-Carlton". Also,
Nancy Carpenter, President Elect, has brought to our
Luncheon Meetings some outstanding speakers who                                           Prescott Chapter
have shared with us valuable resource materials.
Members are seeing the benefits at each meeting and                                  It was great to see all of you at
bringing others with them.                                                           “The Resort” last month. It was
                                                                                     nice so many members from the
Our new website is up and running! We‟ve been
really blessed to have a computer "guru" as our                Prescott Chapter could meet everyone and see how
Technology Chair. Steve Odart, (with Computer                  WCR works on a state level. We are going to try and
MOMS®) has done a great job with our new website,              plan either a tour of homes next year or some activity
updating and enhancing each section and page. Check            for the members. We will keep you posted.
us out at Steve has also
volunteered to serve on the state website committee.           Our May 11th meeting will be very special for us as
                                                               our speaker will be Elaine Richardson "Arizona Real
The Charlotte Kvool Scholarship Committee Chairs,              Estate Commissioner"; we hope to have a full house!
Marian Nelson and Ruth Fairbanks, have recently
revised the guidelines and updated the application             KRISTINE NELSON – Chapter President
form for our local Scholarship award. We have ten
scholarships to award this year to our members. This                   Dimensions of the Chapter Experience
information is all available on the website.                   If you attend chapter meetings…We will help you
                                                               acquire new skills to meet today‟s professional
Our Chapter's participation at the WCR/AAR Mid-                challenges.
Winter Meetings in Prescott was super! We had a                If you make it a point to sit with people you don’t
                                                               know…We will increase your referral business and,
total of 19 members attending these meetings. This             sometimes, become friends for life
also gave us an opportunity to take orders for Self-           If you decide to participate, even if only in a small
Inking Stamps. This fundraising program is being               way…We will help you define and reach your next level
chaired by Jeanette Lansburg. PLEASE NOTE: A                   of achievement
copy of the order form for this stamp has been                 If you keep in touch with other members… We will
included in this newsletter. Just fill it out and fax or       encourage you when you are down and cheer you on
mail it to Jeanette; and, you will receive your stamp          when you succeed.
very promptly. What a great closing gift!                      Submitted by Sally Bonkowske

                                                                                  Southeast Valley Chapter
                      Scottsdale Chapter                                     

                                                                     Greetings from the Southeast Chapter
Our chapter is experiencing a fantastic year so far, and
we've only just begun. We are at a fever pitch                 We have changed our general meeting location to the
working on our major fundraiser, The Scottsdale's
                                                               Dobson Ranch Inn and Resort located at 1666 S.
Bachelorette Fashion Show. It will be on June 9th
                                                               Dobson Road, Mesa (South side of US60 on Dobson).
11:00 AM- 3:00PM at the Doubletree Paradise Valley             Our May 21st meeting has been cancelled due to our
Resort. The Scottsdale Area Association of
                                                               Spring Event scheduled for May 6th.
REALTORS Board members have agreed to be the
models, with Marty Stephens as the Bachelorette. In
                                                               Many of you have called me to ask about our Queen
the past, our own members were the models and it               of Hearts drawing, it was won at the last meeting by
prevented them from inviting guests and enjoying the           one of our newer members P.J. Stratford with Keller
show. So, we are really looking forward to this year.          William Realty. She took home $279.00 (collected
We have Tara Hitchcock from Channel 3-TV as our                during that day's meeting) and the Queen of Hearts
emcee. We have clothes to model from Tommy                     total was $4,299.00. Our next meeting's Queen of
Bahama and Chico's, and shoes from E& J Shoes.                 Hearts total will be $279.00.
 Our charity for this year is Gabriel's Angel, a               The speaker for our April 16th meeting was Elaine
Certified Pet Therapy Team that uses pets, particularly        Richardson, Arizona Department of Real Estate
dogs, to help abused and at-risk children in the Valley,       Commissioner. This was a joint meeting with the
cope with their problems. Tickets are $50.00 or                Superstition Mountain Chapter (Georgie Robertson,
$450.00 for a table of 10. We always have really nice          President).
raffle and silent auction items and will do a 50-50
cash drawing also. I personally invite you to come             The first PMN class in Arizona was co-sponsored
and enjoy. Give me (602-577-0500) or Beth Crotty               with our local Board, Southeast Valley Regional
(480-905-5900) a call, for more information or to              Association of Realtors. We had 21 attendees and
purchase tickets.                                              after all expenses were paid our chapter was able to
                                                               add $1163.75 to our treasury. Most attendees were
Our President-Elect, Jacki McKinney, and I are                 WCR members but we did have at least two realtors
excitedly awaiting the National WCR Convention in              there who were using the class as their elective for the
Washington DC. The hotel is 2 blocks from the                  ABR designation. You can bet we WCR members all
White House. I've never been there, so I am so glad to         tried to sign them up.
be able to attend and to represent my chapter. There
are some really great perks that come with being               Our spring fund-raiser will be history by the time this
involved in the Women's Council of REALTORS. I                newsletter is in print. At the time of this writing,
invite everyone to get involved. It's truly worth the          April 5th, our preliminary figures on our first ever on-
time investment!                                               line auction are showing amounts higher than our
                                                               spring event totaled last year. We still have our
SANDY MAGER - Chapter President                                fashion show and silent auction to go. As you can tell
                                                               we are all very excited about our on- line auction. We
                                                               will share our results with you all in the next
              DID YOU KNOW??
 The Arizona State WCR Chapter has the 5 th largest
        number of members in the country!                      JIMMEE McNEELY – Chapter President

                                                                 Governing Board Meeting - AZ State Chapter
                                                                         Women’s Council of REALTORS
                                                                         Prescott Resort - Prescott, Arizona
                 Superstition Mtn. Chapter                                        March 10, 2004

                                                                I.      President Sally Bonkowske called the
2004 promises to be a very exciting year. Ward                          meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.
Harriman, Education Chairman has provided us with               II.     Jan Mullins, Mentoring Committee Chair,
very informative guest speakers each month. We had                      led the Pledge of Allegiance.
a joint meeting with Southeast Valley April 16.                 III.    Rebecca      Schulte,      Tucson    Chapter
Elaine Richardson, State of Arizona Real Estate                         President, gave the Inspiration.
Commissioner was the guest. We have been invited to             IV.     Welcome by Sally Bonkowske and
participate and are looking forward to the May 6th,                     introduction of Executive Committee.
fashion show and silent auction presented by the                V.      Secretary Liz Echeverria conducted a
Southeast Valley Chapter. We had a few items                            voting roll call; verified a quorum present.
available for bid at the on line auction last month.            VI.     M/S/C approval of agenda.
Ticor Title made a generous donation of a Sedona get-           VII.    M/S/C approval of minutes from the
a-way through Dena Messenger, our Secretary and                         November Meeting in Scottsdale.
escrow officer with Ticor. We are going to have                 VIII.   M/S/C approval of Kris Nelson as
tickets available for sale for a Las Vegas trip soon. I                 Chairman of the Karen Franz Committee
know you will want to get in on that. Tickets will be                   and Vickie Kelly as Co-Chairman of
available at State and Regional Meetings.                               Members at Large.
                                                                IX.     The Audit Committee presented the results
                                                                        of the 2003 audit. Rebecca Bridgewater,
Our Affiliates, REALTORS and board members are
                                                                        Jimmie McNeely, and Jan Erickson
all working hard to recruit new members. We were
                                                                        conducted the audit on January 27, 2004.
very pleased to be in the "A" class in the first round of
                                                                        The audit was clear of mistakes but it was
the        WCR           Recruitment          Campaign.
                                                                        noted that it did not include expenses or
                                                                        receipts from the November Golf
The Governing Board and Membership of the
                                                                        Fundraiser. There was a recommendation
Superstition Mountain Chapter has not faltered once
                                                                        that in the future a running total be kept in
through many of the unexpected changes the first
                                                                        the check register to balance monthly and
quarter of this year. Our officers and Chairs include:
                                                                        make it easier to audit.
Gary Smith - President-Elect; Dena Messenger -
Secretary; Vicki Kelly - Vice President of                      X.      Treasurer Sherry Lee gave the Treasurer‟s
                                                                        report noting the ending balance to be
Membership; Shaw Kelley - Membership Chairman;
                                                                        $10,633.95 after deposits and all checks
Pat Theil - Ways & Means; Ward Harriman -
                                                                        written were reviewed. Discussion noted
Education Chair; George Murphy - Treasurer. Paula
                                                                        that CD sales and expenses needed to be
Lambert, Cheryl Nelson, Jamie Taylor - Hospitality.
                                                                        noted as a separate line item as currently
Thanks so much to our Mentor, Kathy Landis, for
                                                                        they were included under Main Event
helping us along the way! I am very confident that this
                                                                        results. Raffle and Golf Tournament, CD
team is up to "The Task Is To Ask" and " To Do
                                                                        sales, and Angel pin sales should each
Whatever it Takes”.
                                                                        have separate expense/income detailed
GEORGIE ROBERTSON - Chapter President                                   reports submitted in the future from the
                                                                        Ways & Means Chairman. Report was
*************** REMINDER **************                                 filed for audit.
 If you’re inte rested in se rving on a 2005 AZ                 XI.     Linda Berg and Sherry Lee presented the
 Committee, Please Contact Bob Nac hman –                               2004 Budget for approval. It was noted
         Toll-Free: 1-800-575-1868 /                                    there     was     no     Technology/Website
      E-Mail: Bob@Move
                                                                        expenses for last year item to be reviewed

       for 2004. Discussion included the Travel                  Elects from each Chapter and to protocol
       Budget where there were several areas on                  for these meetings at all future State
       the proposed 2004 Expenses for the where                  Meetings. Sue Cartun noted the Standing
       actual numbers were not reported due to a                 Rules could be changed without notice.
       computer error. These lines to be corrected               Karen Kay brought forth the motion to
       from the actual reported data. A suggestion               amend the Standing Rules under 1.
       was made to note the meeting locations of                 Meetings, adding new Section “C” to say
       previous year and current year for Travel                 “In conjunction with all State Meetings,
       Budget for comparison. It was noted that                  Roundtable Discussions shall be provided
       the Governor and Member of the Year is                    by the National State Governors for all
       the same person so travel expenses would                  Local Chapter Presidents, President-Elects,
       be less by one person. Discussion of the                  and VP‟s of Membership.” The proposal
       per diem to certain cities was not adequate               for Roundtable Discussions at State
       but needed to be limited due to the budget                meetings was M/S/C by the board and the
       and the sharing of rooms was an option.                   change will be made in the State Standing
       The Winter Conference 3 day per diem                      Rules. The Governors reported they had
       was discussed and it was decided to leave                 visited all 11 Chapters since January and
       it due to the need for WCR representation                 had put over 1900 miles on their vehicles.
       at AAR Meetings. Referring to the                         Currently Casa Grande has 9 Members at
       Financial Statement, Jan Mullins noted                    Large with Fidelity National Title offering
       there was no expense line for Mentoring                   to pay 50% of any member to join until
       and it was decided the Miscellaneous line                 March 31st , 2004. Both Lake Havasu and
       item to be changed to Mentoring for the                   Sedona had been sent Charter packets with
       amount of $500.00. It was noted the                       the hopes of forming chapters. The
       Membership Retention Reward Contest to                    Retention Contest for Local Chapters with
       the two chapters at $100.00 each had not                  a $100.00 prize has a cut-off of March 31 st ,
       been written or cleared for 2003. The 2004                2004. The Retention goal for the State is
       Budget would need to be revised to include                90% with a National goal of 80%. The
       these        expenses.      The       State               State membership goal is 750 members for
       Installation/Orientation Expenses were                    2004.
       combined and the Income needs to be               XIII. Officer Reports:
       changed to $5500.00 and the Expenses to            Treasurer: Sherry Lee stated she would be
       $5500.00 to be a zero line budgeted item.            strictly enforcing the Standing Rule for
       Ways and Means Budgeted Income to be                 reimbursement of budgeted expenses. Officers
       lowered to $16,710.00 thus raising the               have the new Travel Expense forms to use.
       Total Budgeted Income to $56,525.00.               Secretary: Liz Echeverria had no report.
       Sally Bonkowske noted the 2004 Budget              President-Elect: Bob Nachman reported the
       included an additional 4th State Meeting             first 2004 Quarterly Newsletter went out on
       with an Expense of $900.00. It was M/S/C             time and the deadline for the next Newsletter
       the 2004 Financial Budget be approved                would be April 15th . He noted the commitment
       with the noted amendments.                           in 2004 for a printed Newsletter at a budgeted
XII.   Governor‟s Reports: Karen Kay and Nancy              cost of $1600.00 and an actual estimate of
       Vitkovich, the 2004 Governors reported               $1700.00 with the suggestion the State
       the first Round Table Discussions which              consider eliminating the paper version in 2005.
       included both the Local Chapter Presidents           Bob also mentioned the Luncheon Silent
       and the VP of Memberships from each                  Auction and the Raffle for the Kodak Digital
       local chapter were conducted and a                   Camera with Printer scheduled to be given
       success. Based on the success of the first           away on Friday at the conclusion of the AAR
       meetings it was suggested we include this            Winter Conference. The ticket prices are $5.00
       meeting at all the State Meetings.                   or 5/$20.00. Bob noted he was going to start
       Discussion was to include the President-
   conducting bi- monthly conference calls with          XV. Local Chapter President Reports: Will be
   all the Local Chapter President-Elects to             given at the General Luncheon Meeting.
   discuss any problems and concerns within the          XVI. Unfinished Business: It was noted that
   Chapters. He mentioned he was also the                Technology/Website needs to add a link for
   Mentor for the Northwest Valley Chapter.              Standing Rules next to By-Laws for ease of
XIV. Committee Reports:                                  finding by membership. It was suggested we make
 By-Laws: Sue Cartun noted the newly voted              efforts to enhance the current website. The
   Standing Rule would be recorded prior to the          Phoenix Chapter volunteered the Webmaster
   next meeting and the past updates would be            Steve Odart to serve on the State Committee and
   check on and recorded as required then posted         Jackie McKinney volunteered to serve on the
   to the website.                                       committee in 2004. Rebecca Schulte reported
 Education: Vicki Frye reported the new                 membership difficulty in moving through website
   Performance Management Network required a             and suggested we use FrontPage template.
   new license to be taught as an NAR approved           XVII. New Business: Sheila Espinoza noted the
   class. Both SEVRAR and Hogan School has               importance of the printed Newsletter for
   licensing required.                                   communication. She gave Micky Harris as a
 Marketing: Laura Kovacs was not present.               contact in Lake Havasu for forming a chapter.
 Membership: Karen Kay had no report.                   XVIII. Next meeting will be held on July 23rd in
 National Focus: Kathy Landis reported Sue              Payson AZ at the Best Western Payson Inn, 801 N
   Cartun had been submitted as to National              Beeline Highway, Payson AZ at 10:00 A.M.
   Women‟s Council of REALTORS as                       XIX. Meeting adjourned at 11:50 A.M.
   National Financial Secretary. The goal is to          Submitted by LIZ Echeverria: 2004 State Secretary
   have the slogan, literature and flyers ready to
   distribute in May at the meetings in                          General Meeting - Arizona State Chapter
   Washington DC and to the President-Elects at                     Women’s Council of REALTORS
   the Academy in August.                                           Prescott Resort – Prescott, Arizona
 Nominating: Malinda Barry reported she is                                   March 10, 2004
   actively seeking the names of individuals
   qualified to run for State Office; will be            I.       President Sally Bonkowske called the meeting
   meeting w/ her committee to review by July.                    to order at 12:15 PM.
 Strategic Planning: Joeann Fossland was not            II.      Kris Nelson, Prescott Chapter President, led
   present to report.                                             the Pledge of Allegiance
 Ways & Means: Lana Gialamas was not                    III.     Jimmee McNeely Southeast Valley Chapter
                                                                  President, gave the Inspiration
   present to report.                                    IV.      Welcome by President Sally Bonkowske, and
 Mentoring: Jan Mullins reported there are 7                     introduction of the Executive Committee; also
   Chapters with Mentors and 8 Mentors                            introduced Regional Vice-President Sue
   currently available.                                           Cartun, and guest Ron LeMee from AAR.
 Karen Franz Scholarship: Kris Nelson reported          V.       M/S/C approval of agenda.
   the Karen Franz Scholarship Fund has only             VI.      M/S/C approval of minutes.
   $3478.04 available with her understanding that        VII.     Treasurer‟s Report – Sherry Lee presented the
   the current posted Standing Rules states limit                 State Chapter‟s balance of $10,633.95 –
   of 5 awards per year. Nancy Vitkovich noted                    Report was filed for audit.
   the rules had been changed previously to              VIII.    Governor‟s Report: Karen Kay and Nancy
                                                                  Vitkovich reported that all 11 Local Chapters
   unlimited distributions per year. Sue Cartun to
                                                                  had been visited and over 1900 miles incurred
   verify minutes and report at next meeting.                     in travel with work being done on the Chapter
 Sponsors: Greg Wenzel not present to report                     Excellence Award submissions. All Chapters
   but Sally Bonkowske asked Chapters for                         have been given their books and the first
   volunteers to help collect funds prior to the                  Roundtable Discussions had gone well and
   Summer Meetings.                                               would be continued at the next meeting in
                                                                  Payson per the new Standing Rule. 2003 ended

       with 639 member in the State and 687 at the                        Southeast Valley: Jimmee McNeely
       end of February 2004. National Members by                           reported there was still room in the
       Chapter: NEW Chapters: Superstition-26 and                          PMN class to be offered on March 22
       Prescott-27. Small Chapters: Central AZ-16                          and encouraged signup. The Spring
       and Green Valley-21 Large Chapters (49+):                           Event is to be a Fashion show at
       Sierra Vista-55, Northwest Valley-57, and                           Ocotillo Country Club on May 6th and
       White Mountain-60 Mega Chapter (80+):                               tickets are on sale.
       Phoenix-80, Scottsdale-86, Southeast Valley-                     Central Arizona: Carol Lee said the
       100, and Tucson-149. State Chapter goal is to                       Chapter has a raffle for a $500.00
       have 750 members in 2004. Retention goal is                         necklace of money for a fundraiser.
       90% with a contest of $100.00 to Chapter with                       They are making a recipe book and
       the most Retention by March 31, 2004. Casa                          asked membership for favorites to be
       Grande, Yuma, Sedona, and Lake Havasu are                           included.
       all potential candidates for forming new                         Scottsdale: Sandy Mager reported their
       Chapters this year.                                                 fundraiser will be on June 9th and will
IX.    Officers Reports: Sherry Lee no report. LIZ                         be a takeoff on the Bachelorette show.
       Echeverria no report. Bob Nachman reported                       White Mountain: RJ Erickson reported
       the next newsletter deadline would be April                         they are working closely with the
       15th . Bob is looking for Committee Chairs and                      White Mtn Association to get new
       Officer Candidates for 2005 positions. He is                        members involved.
       mentoring the Northwest Valley Chapter.                          Northwest Valley: Wilma Purcell
X.     Committee Reports:                                                  reported they added 16 new members
             By-Laws: Sue Cartun reported the new                          for a total of 57. They‟re planning a
             Standing Rule and the By-Laws would be                        May fundraiser.
             updated and appear on the website before                   Phoenix: Chriss Maydanis reported 15
             the next meeting.                                             of their members attended the
             Nominating: Malinda Barry is searching                        luncheon. They have revamped their
             for Officer candidate and will report these                   Newsletter and set up a Past President
             at the Summer Meeting.                                        mentoring program. Their annual
             Education: Vicki Frye: all new updates to                     Fashion Show will be held on
             come will appear on the website.                              November 11th at the Desert Ridge
             Ways and Means: Lana Gialamas talked                          Marriott. They         have a new
             about the Silent Auction sponsored by the                     membership drive with a $350.00
             Local Chapters and encouraged all to                          prize.
             purchase raffle tickets for the Kodak
                                                                        Tucson: Rebecca Schulte reports the
             Camera and Printer.
                                                                           chapter has a new website at
             Mentoring: Jan Mullins reported we now
                                                                  . The PMN course
             have 8 Mentors in 7 Chapters and the                          will be given on 3/26 at a cost to
             program is doing well. A meeting of the                       members of $135.00 or $150.00 for
             mentors is to directly follow the luncheon.                   non-members. Golf tourney fundraiser
             Scholarship/Karen Franz Fund: Kris                            will be May 5th .
             Nelson reported $3478.04 in the Fund and
                                                                        Superstition: Kathy Landis reported
             asked for volunteers and fundraising ideas
                                                                           for Georgie Robertson the new
             for the Summer Meeting.
                                                                           President who was not present due to
                                                                           illness. They are planning to
XI.    Education Session Speaker Ron LaMee
                                                                           coordinate with the Southeast Valley a
       presented a Technology class on Emails and
                                                                           fundraiser and Education session.
       Tips for usage including how to protect
                                                               XIII.   Next meeting will be in Payson on Friday,
       yourself from viruses.
                                                                       July 23rd , 2004 at the Best Western Payson
XII.   Local Chapter President‟s Reports:
                                                                       Inn, 801 N Baseline Hwy, Payson AZ at
            Prescott: Kris Nelson reported that at
               the 2005 Prescott Meeting Tuesday
                                                               XIV.    Meeting Adjourned at 2:14PM
               night would include dinner and a
               professional photo session. Also the
                                                                       Submitted by LIZ Echeverria
               Chapter has 52 National members.
                                                                              – 2004 State Secretary




Pam Whitbeck with AAR Retires after 19 Years with the Association:

Congratulations to Pam on her early retirement. We hope you enjoy it as much as we think you will. Our State Chapter
sent Pam flowers in honor of her special occasion. The following note was received by us from Pam:

"To All of My "Friends" with WCR - To say "thank you" doesn't seem quite enough for the beautiful red roses from all of
you, but THANK YOU! It means so much to have your good wishes but especially your friendship. Thank you all for
the years of fun. I love you all, too!" Pam
Is It a Stroke?

This was published in a monthly newsletter where a friend of mine lives and she sent it on. I had never heard
this advice before and hadn't a clue. Perhaps you hadn't either, and would like to file it away in the back of your

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster.
The stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.
Now doctors say any bystander can recognize a stroke asking three simple questions:
* ask the individual to smile.
* ask him or her to raise both arms.
* ask the person to speak a simple sentence.

If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the
dispatcher. After discovering that a group of non- medical volunteers could identify facial weakness, arm
weakness and speech problems, researchers urged the general public to learn the three questions. They
presented their conclusions at the American Stroke Association's annual meeting last February. Widespread use
of this test could result in prompt diagnosis and treatment of the stroke and prevent brain damage."

                                                                ARIZONA STATE OFFICERS
                                                                  COMMITTEE CHAIRS & LCP’S

Office                  Name(s)             Phone/FAX:                      E-Mail
President               Sally Bonkowske     928-476-3000 /   928-476-2436
President-Elect         Bob Nac hman        800-575-1868 /   480-314-4774   Bob@MoveToA
Secretary               Liz Echeverria      480-961-5800 /   480-961-5727
Treas urer              Sherry Lee          623-583-3860 /   623-583-3973
Past President          Malinda Barry       520-744-2605 /   520-744-2504
Parliamentarian         Margaret Glover     520-296-5491 /   520-296-7639

Governor                Karen Kay           480-961-5800 / 480-961-5737
Governor                Nancy Vitkovich     480-206-9634 / 480-759-8223

By-Laws                 Sue Cartun          520-529-5126 /   529-299-9575
Finance & Budget        Sherry Lee          623-583-3860 /   623-583-3973
Education, LTG          Vicki Frye          623-583-2400 /   623-584-5275
Marketing               Laura Kovacs        602-677-5227 /   602-957-2412
Membership              Karen Kay           480-961-5800 /   480-961-5737
National Focus          Kathy Landis        602-493-8424 /   602-867-1449
Nominating              Malinda Barry       520-744-2605 /   520-744-2504
Strategic Planning      Joeann Fossland     520-744-8731 /   775-254-3256
Ways & Means            Louise Ellerbee     480-861-0270 /        

Awards & Recognition Connie Walker          480-986-4172 /   480-380-5163   Homes@ConnieWalkerA
E vents Coordinator   Sindy Ready           480-346-5384 /   602-788-0549
Hospitality           Katy Curtis           480-595-1000 /   480-483-3392
Members-At-Large      Suzanne Matlosz       602-213-0704 /   480-832-2969   geminisue@ms
Members-At-Large      Vickie Kelly          480-560-2195 /   480-396-7508   vk
Member of the Year    Nancy Vitkovich       480-206-9634 /   480-759-8223
Mentoring             Jan Mullins           928-369-4300 /   928-369-4306
Newsletter            Bob Nac hman          800-575-1868 /   480-314-4774   bob@movet
Past Presidents Board Judy Grammand         520-907-6722 /   520-721-9301
Scholarship, K.Franz  Kris Nelson           928-775-0777 /   928-775-3577
Sponsorship           Greg Wenzel           800-677-1884 /   520-507-1895   gwenzel@t
Technology            Sue Cartun            520-529-5126 /   529-299-9575
AAR Liaison           Barb Freestone        602-248-7787 /   602-351-2474

Cent ral Arizona        Carol Lee           928-476-3282 /   928-476-4686
Green Valley            Ruth Maloblocki     520-625-1112 /   520-648-1180
Nort hwest Valley       Wilma Purcell       623-933-6276 /   623-933-5255
Phoenix                 Chriss Maydanis     602-954-9800 /   602-808-9234
Prescott                Kris Nelson         928-775-0777 /   928-775-3577
Scottsdale              Sandy Mager         602-577-0500 /   602-482-6218
Sierra Vista/Cochise    Jean Giuffrida      520-439-3960 /   520-459-4881
S.E. Valley Regional    Jimmee McNeely      480-839-2600 /   480-491-0718
Superstition Mountain   Georgie Robertson   480-288-5151 /   480-288-5353
Tucson                  Rebecca Schulte     520-762-9600 /   520-762-9048   rebecca
White Mountains         RJ Erickson         928-367-4321 /   928-367-0540

                                        Message From Your President-Elect
                       Although the start of my term as State President is over seven months away, I am already
                       busily preparing for what I hope… and intend… to be a great year for WCR in Arizona.
                       It is my full intention to “hit the ground running” on January 1 st , and continue to build on
                       the momentum Sally Bonkowske, her Executive Committee, and all the Standing and
                       Special Committees have created this year.
In March, I initiated a monthly teleconference call, in which this year‟s local chapters President-Elects, and I,
discuss preparations for our roles as next year‟s Presidents. On the calls, we will discuss the strategies necessary
to lead our respective chapters, improving chapter communications, better defining the benefits/value of WCR,
and how to better disseminate that information to current chapter members, and prospective ones as well!
On the preceding page is a list of the State Officers as well as the various Standing and Special committees that
operate on the state level. If YOU have interest in chairing a specific committee, or being a committee member,
in 2005, please drop me an e- mail, or give me a call. Rather than “tap people on the shoulder” to ask them to
take on a specific position, I would REALLY like to see people volunteer for roles they feel they would enjoy.
My goal is to have our entire 2005 team in place by the WCR Summer meetings in Payson.
Lastly, I encourage EVERYONE to attend the Summer meetings in Payson (See the enclosed flyer). Also, the
2005 Installation and “Jump Start/Quick Start” (also known as “Orientation”), will be Thursday evening,
December 2nd, and Friday, December 3rd, at the Chaparral Suites Hotel in Scottsdale. All the rooms at the hotel
ARE Suites, so the $99 room cost can be split in two (or three!), to make it more affordable… and comfortable..
for members to attend. More details to follow on the state web site (, and in the next newsletter!
    BOB NACHMAN – 2004 Arizona State President-Elect / / 1-800-575-1868

c/o Bob Nachman – RE/MAX All Stars
8079 N. 85th Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85258


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