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									CONCERT                                                  Greetings from API!
                                                         Alliance Publications, Inc. in Sinsinawa and Fish Creek, Wisconsin,
                                                         was founded in 1989 by music educators, Anita Smisek and Joel Blahnik,

BAND                                                     to bring quality music to all. Presently, the API catalogues include the
                                                         music and recordings of more than 200 selected artist-composers from here
                                                         and abroad.

CATALOG                                                  Of special interest are the works of a number of prominent Czech and
                                                         Slovak composers not to be found anywhere else—our specialty. This is
                                                         music from the ‘conservatory of Europe’ representing more than 80
                                                         national artists. All music under contract is listed within although not all
                                                         is published at this time.

Grades 3-4                                               API has a full line of sheet music —Classical and folk music for all ages
                                                         and abilities from beginners to professionals, sacred and secular—for:
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                                   2010 - 2012                      Instrumental Solos and Ensembles
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                                                                                                        ductor and musicians who musically create the fun and spirit of this superb march! A

 Symphonic Band Music                                                                                   perfect encore composition!
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-651 Set $80.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3-4 3>00

           from                                                                                     Dream Song, Mojmâr Ba;rtek
                                                                                                        This concert work features a soloist - flugelhorn, trumpet, tenor sax, or tenor horn -
                                                                                                        accompanied by concert band< a beautiful work to surely appeal to your audiences and
           Alliance Publications Inc.                                                                   musicians who like the big band era sounds.
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-6026 Set $70.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 3>38

                                                                                                    Fanfare and Processional for Symphonic Band, Joel Blahnâk
• Grade 3                                                                                               A flavorful composition in two continuous movements sharing the same thematic
                                                                                                        idea and pulse— Fanfare is in common time, while Processional in cut time. A
A Father\s Dream, John Harmon                    A mirror of the inner currents which flow              superb teaching tool with interesting harmonic flavor, providing a wonderful
     in the mind of a father. A beautiful sentimentally strong solo trumpet melody is                   opportunity for improving listening skills. As with Sousa, dynamics and accents are
     supported by moving lush chords and embellishing woodwinds centered around the                     the musical elements which shape the work. A good concert opener or for use as a
     rich tonality of Db. Midway, a tender dream world is portrayed with moving hues of                 good commencement piece. Very appealing.
     harmonic colorings. The main theme returns concluding the work a full step higher in               Sym Band AP-623 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 2>30
     Eb, thereby providing the feeling of a most satisfying sensitive optimism and joy.
     (Part I from Trilogy for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble - AP-620) 3>25                              Fanfare for Band, Robert James Dvorak
     Trumpet Solo w Sym Band AP-636 Set $95.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3                                           A short, dramatic attention-getter, this fanfare has a rich melodic and harmonic texture.
                                                                                                        It can serve equally well in a football stadium or in a small hall. Medium difficulty.
Adieu for Symphonic Band, Antonân Tuc“apsky;                                                            First written and performed indoors in 1959 for a ways and means project called the
     Adieu isthe first band work of Antonân Tuc“apsky; and is an expression of his departure            |Home Show\ at the J S Morton High School, Berwyn, IL, under the direction of David
     from his native country, Czechoslovakia, under communism. This explains the shaping                McCormick. Sym Band AP-658 Set $30.00 Sc $5.00 Gr 3 1>20
     of prhases with an elastic rubato tempo which carries emotions that are sensitive and
     tender while rendering depth with a technique comfortable for the instruments. The             Festival Fanfare for Band, Robert James Dvorak
     tonal portrait begins with the woodwinds, exclusive of saxophones, and evolves into                Requested for and first performed outdoors at the Music Educators National
      the sax ensemble with sprinklings of brass which then evolve into full tutti in ms. 25.           Conference for the April 1978 opening ceremony, Chicago, IL. Woodwinds, brass
     The work then calms down and comes back to the opening statement which then                        and percussion are all fully engaged in this brilliant ceremonial concert-event-
      evolves into a small extension, and ends quietly in 56 measures with the opening                  opener. The percussion involves timpani, snare, tenor and bass drums, cymbals,
      motive. Extremely well-crafted, this composition carries strong musical impact with               triangle and tom-toms. It\s dynamic! A must do!
      modest technique, a tribute to an extremely gifted composer.                                      Sym Band AP-673 Set $30.00 Sc $5.00 Gr 3 1>00
     Sym Band AP-673 Set $60.00 Sc $10.00 Gr 3 3>30
                                                                                                    Ghost Dance, James D. Thornton
Andante for for Trumpet (Oboe) and Band, Robert J Dvorak                                                Ghost Dance was inspired by the North Dakota composer\s acquaintance with the
     Andante (8>30) Andante is an expression of freedom and joy inspired by the American                great vision of Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux Indian Nation. The work is based
     immigrant spirit finally free to realize its full potential in life.                               upon 4 chants of the Plains Indians which are used |in toto\ as well as in develop
     Sym Band AP-673 Set $95.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 3¶5-Soloist 4>00                                           ment. A work of great impact, drama, and musical significance.
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-629 Set $95.00 Sc $35.00 Gr 3-4 9>45
Andante Cantabile, Tchaikovsky, arr. Karel Be;lohoubek
     An elegant melody by Tchaikovsky is masterfully set for concert winds and timpani by           Good Land> Wau toma, Joel Blahnik                   An environmentally sensitive
     Karel Be;lohoubek, retired bandmaster of the Czech Central Army Band. This arrange                 composition paying tribute to the Native Americans of the Upper Midwest.
     ment is marvelous and possesses all the charm of its original string quartet setting.
                                                                                                        Employs optional Native American drumming, optional creative writing by the
     Intelligent scoring portraying the various timbre of the concert winds with gentle
                                                                                                        students, and pentatonic improvisation. 7¶4 meter plus familiar paraphrases provide
     dynamics makes this composition a work of art by an artful arranger. At a grade 3
                                                                                                        intrigue and drama to this |open work.\
     level, this composition |sings| with true musicianship and appeal.
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-614 Set $70.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3-4 10>00
     Sym Band AP-6001 Set $95.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 3 7>00
                                                                                                    General G. S. Patton Concert March, Otakar Pihrt
Back Talk, Harry Breuer¶arr. James Moyer
                                                                                                        General G. S. Patton March by Czech composer, Otakar Pihrt, is a musical tribute to
     Back Talk dazzled radio listeners when the composer, Harry Breuer, performed it along
                                                                                                        the American forces led by General Patton in the closing days of the European World
     with Chicken Reel on numerous radio shows. This ragtime composition is a virtuosic                 War II Theatre. Patton who was held back from moving forward another 300 miles
     showpiece for the advanced high school or college percussionist. The band is chal-                 was a huge hero to the Czechs. He liberated Western Bohemia and the War ended on
     lenged to follow dynamic markings to allow the soloist to always be heard—all the                  May 5th 1945. The American soldiers engaged in this activity were heros to the
     better to enjoy this work together!                                                                Czechs. The robust character of Patton was known throughout the world. This march
     Xylophone & Concert Band AP-6012 $85.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 ¶5                                          possesses that same energy and if one is attentive one can pick up a bit of the
                                                                                                        American national anthem in the music. Solid in its scoring, this march should have
     Soloist 2>50                                                                                       great appeal to those studying world history. A tribute to a great era in history!
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-614 Set $85.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 4>25
Benignus, James D. Thornton
     Benignus (beh-nee-nyoos), a latin word was chosen by the composer to describe his              Graduation Day, John Harmon                    This is a royal work of ease with a full
     father, Donald J. Thornton, a career instrumental music educator and father of six pro-            richness of sound. It serves beautifully as a processional or else as a relaxed
     fessional musicians, to whom the work is dedicated. It means a kind and generous,                  program work. Technical level is grade 2, yet the effect of a grade 4 sound image is
     fruitful person. Benignus is a clasic chaconne which proceeds through a series of                  easily obtained. From the master pen of John Harmon, the piece conveys a heart
     clever variants, developing and building into a grand heroic finale. An extremely                  filled sincerity and a sense of color which is most appealing.
     wonderful composition.
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-630 Set $35.00 Sc $5.00 Gr 3 2>30
     Sym Band AP-685 Set $80.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3-4 4>24
                                                                                                    Hail to the Border Guards> March, Josef Flegl¶arr. Joel Blahnâk
Castaldo (A humorous ||encore\\ military march), Rudolf Nova;c“ek ¶ arr.                                This transcription for band is majestic! Adapted from the original orchestral work,
    Karel Be“lohoubek A clever adaptation of an old straight-forward march                              Sla;va Chodsku by Josef Flegl. The fanfare motif of the opening two measures
     from 1884 by Rudolf Nova;c“ek, a military conductor in Pilsen and in Prague. There                 (do, mi, so, so, la, so) carries itself cleverly throughout the entire composition. Solid
     is no bold musical slapstick here, just the subtle change which comes from alternat                block scoring with subito dynamic markings grant the work a commanding stature.
     ing meter and tempo by moving back and forth from a march to a waltz. The surprise                 The legato Trio melody flows like honey and, again, subito dynamics provide an ele
     effect brings musical delight to listeners. Czech wit has touched this classic march               ment of intrigue and interest. A dynamic march which is very playable and possesses
     through the pen of Karel Be“lohoubek. Humor has been the survival instinct of the                  great appeal, it celebrates the unique Chod culture from SW Bohemia which borders
     Czech people during the 5 different political regimes of the 20th century (some ele                Bavaria. Hail to the Border Guards is a tribute to these unique people, including 6
     gant & others highly repressive). Sophistication adds to the musical charm of this                 centuries of arranger Blahnik\s ancestors, who bravely stood for their ancient rights
     edition of Castaldo. Bravo for the imagination of Karel Be“lohoubek and to the con                 granted by Czech kings as a |free people\ against the 18th century Austro-Hungarian

                                                                             Alliance Publications, Inc.
     authority which tried to enslave them as serfs. As a courageous people guarding the                changes and layering of textures. This grade 3 composition will surely find its way
     borders, the Chods developed their own distinctive musical culture.                                on concert programs because of its immediate appeal and charm.
     Sym Band AP-653 Set $90.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 3>10                                                     Sym Band AP-643 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 3>50

Hallmark (Suite of Czech Popular Songs), J. Mars“âk ¶ arr. Joel Blahnâk                             Marian Symphony for Band, Joel Blahnâk
     A medley of melodious Czech folk songs originally compiled by J. Mars“âk and now                   A 4-mvt composition which is a free rendering of motives from 3 traditional Marian
     adapted for the American symphonic band for a lively enjoyable musical experience                  hymns—Salve Mater, Immaculate Mary and Hail, Holy Queen. This 12-minute work
     in the style from the |heart of Europe\. Happy joyous music which will make your                   engages 4 percussion parts & timpani which contribute an exciting new expression to
     audience want to dance. It utilizes a 2-pt vocal in which is part of the tradition.                a sacred theme. After a quick opening statement, mvt 2 features saxophone quartet
     Texts are in either English or Czech. Sym Band with 2 SA Vocalists                                 alone with optional vocal soloist. Mvt 3 dwells upon the concept of mystery with
     AP-627 Set $85.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3-4 4>30                                                            mute percussion and glissando trombones. Mvt 4 presents 2 hymns which have the
                                                                                                        option of woodwind choir on a verse, followed by brass choir or just full tutti. For
Huntsman Waltz, (Trad. Bohemian Folksong), arr. Jim Scheuer                                             each hymn, a text of 3 verses is provided for the band or an augmenting choir¶audi
     Huntsman Waltz, arranged by one of Wisconsin\s finest music educators is a delightful              ence to sing in unison. Richly scored, this work is a great expression of beauty.
     expression of ethnic music from the heart of Europe (the Czech lands) brought to                   Sym Band AP-6002 Set $100.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 3 12>10
     America in the 1870s by immigrants from that area of the world who settled in the
     |Heart of America.\ This wonderful engaging melody creates a warm feeling and puts             Millionaires Polka, George C”molâk¶arr. Jim Scheuer
     a smile on the face and taps the toe. Playable by a good high school band, this full               This wonderful energetic work, depicting |millionaires\ puts a smile on the face and
     band arrangement sings itself nicely, playing itself effortlessly. Scheuer\s arrangement           engages the toe to tap besides giving enjoyment because of the beautiful melody line.
     is sensitive, with excellent employment of dynamics, crescendos, and articulations all             Played by a high band, this full band arrangement plays itself effortlessly. Scheuer\s
     which shape the phrase and give a sense of joy to this charming waltz. A unique fea                arrangement is professional, with excellent employment of dynamic contrast, accents,
     ture is that this music may be performed in true wind ensemble fashion with one on a               articulations all which give character to this crafty polka. Excellent design to teach
     part (as a polka or dance band) with a few optional instruments, or may be used full               style. One unique feature is that this music may be performed in true wind ensemble
     tutti band. Excellent!                                                                             fashion with one on a part (as a polka or dance band) with a few optional instruments,
     Sym Band AP-6037 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 4>31                                                    or may be used full tutti band. Fun, fun, fun!!!
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-6038 Set $50.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 3>00
Hunyadi Indulo, Ferenc Erkel ¶ ed. Brian Hughes
     Ferenc Erkel (1810-1893) was a true man of the theatre and the leading figure in nine          O Magnum Mysterium, Tomas Luis de Victoria¶arr. A Mast
     teenth century Hungarian opera. His 1844 work,  Hunyadi Laszlo, was an immediate                   Enjoy a return to the Renaissance through Andy Mast\s arrangement of Vittoria\s
     hit throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Franz Liszt thought so highly of this                   famous motet, O Magnum Mysterium, published in Venice in 1572. The work features
     march that he transcribed it into a massive solo piano work in 1847.  It is a classic              several characteristics of Victoria\s style which included an unusual amount of
     example of the verbunkos folk style indigenous of much of the music of Erkel\s home                chromatic harmonies compared to his contemporaries as well as unusual and abrupt
     land, dance music which became infused in piano and orchestral works of both Liszt                 contrasts. Enjoy an excursion into gorgeous polyphony! Sail on those long phrases
     and Brahms.  Play it on the |slower side\ (m. 108-1112) and let it dance!                          with full breath support and sustained playing!
     Sym Band AP-697 Set $80.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 3 2>30                                                     Sym Band AP-6006 Set $90.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3.5 4>30

I Am the Glad Earth, John Harmon                     A band setting of the SATB song,               Pilgrimage to Compostela, David Resnick                          Pilgrimage opens with a
     I Am the Glad Earth, which enables school and community ensembles to join forces                   stirring unison introduction using the notes of the first theme. After a reflective
     (choral and band) and raise the consciousness of all to recognize our relationship to              interlude, the first theme begins and is then quickly taken up by other »pilgrims.\
     Mother Earth. A delicious sounding ballad with contemporary harmonization.                         A new theme is then introduced with the first theme being used as a cantus firmus.
     Sym Band with Unison or Mixed Choir, optl AP-621 Set $60.00                                        The character of the piece changes as the brass section asserts itself along with
                                                                                                        percussion section solos. The piece comes to a rousing conclusion as the |pilgrims\
     Sc $10.00 Gr 3 3>30 SATB and Piano AP-1395 $1.50
                                                                                                        arrive safely to the sounding of the cathedral bells in Compostela. Since the
     Unison & Piano AP-1585 $1.25                                                                       Middle Ages up to the present day, pilgrims have walked for about 30 days and
                                                                                                        550 miles from the Abbey of Cluny in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain
Into the Smiling Country ¶ Do zeme“ u;sme“vu` Polka), A Tichy;                                          as a spiritual practice. A musical journey worth taking!
     Into the Smiling Country by Antonin Tichy; is an example of the wonderful melodious                Sym Band AP-657 Set $90.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3-4 3>32
     ness of folk band music from the Czech lands. The concert polka form, born in
     Bohemia, provides great joy and a sense of beauty to those who experience it. It is            Polka Pageant, Joel Blahnik
     scored for full symphonic band with both American and European instrumentations.                   Polka Pageant is a medley of 5 well-known Czech polka melodies originally created
     Composer Tichy;, a retired Band Master of the highest order is highly respected for his            for dancing and singing—an arrangement well-suited for outdoor performances or
     musicianship and is an excellent representative of a classical composer applying his               for folks who wish to dance. For the concert use, the conductor may wish to do
     gifts to the folk art, thereby creating a whole new listening sensation! The sophistica            some |thinning\ of the instrumental textures. The original Bohemian polka tempo is
     tion of the arranging and harmonic scoring and counterpoint is refreshing to experi                slower than 2 beats per second (108). For the style to come out, play in a relaxed
     ence. Czech polkas always have texts for they tell a story. Text is provided for solo              tempo, keeping a |tight grasp on the reins!\ This edition incorporates elements of
     singer both in English and the original Czech language, but is optional. Absolutely                Czech humor with |sonic booms\ from the bass drum (to be played in a delayed man
     enjoyable music—fun to perform, listen to, toe tap, dance with a friend, or sit back               ner), minor |tickling\ dissonances, inversion of voicing, and trombone glissandos.
     and relish!                                                                                        Even though traditional in its |blue-print\ form, musicians can enjoy the discovery of
     Sym Band AP-6027 Set $50.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 4>15                                                    musical humor in its performance. This work will also work well as for contest¶festi
                                                                                                        vals in place of the traditional opening march.
Invention No. 2, Joel Blahnik               Listed in Best Music for the Young Band. On                 Sym Band AP-6040 Set $75.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 3 4>30
     state contest lists. A dramatic composition based on a 3-note motif possessing great
     levels of dynamics, contrast, tone color and intensity. A tight composition                    Prelude & Chorale for Solo Instrument & Band,Va;clav Nelhybel
     employing various canonic devices with creative percussion. A perfect tool for                     (VAHTS-lov NEL-hee-bell) Any solo band instrument can be featured in this majestic
     musical analysis and content. Composer considers this one of his best works.                       work with band accompaniment. Based on an old Czech chant, SVATY: VA:CLAVE,
     Sym Band AP-611 Set $60.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 8>12                                                     which Nelhybel used time and time again in his compositions, including his first band
                                                                                                        work, Chorale. Commissioned originally for organ and trombone and later transcribed
Invention No. 3, Joel Blahnik               A two-movement work beginning with a long                   for band by the composer. Elegance of counterpoint and fusion! ||A gorgeous piece!\\
     sustained 3-note fanfare motif which gradually builds as a 32-measure crescendo. It                Solo Instr & Sym Band AP-613 Set $50.00 Sc $10.00 Gr 3-4 3>32
     then explodes into a stirring climax which moves into a quick tempo excursion of
                                                                                                    Shadow Play, Jim Scheuer               Shadow Play is a composition based on gamelan
     witty, playful, musical dialogue with hand-clapping¶pentatonic improvisation. Very
                                                                                                        music from Bali, an island which is part of Indonesia. This work is the type used for a
     appealing! Sym Band AP-604 Set $50.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 6>00                                          Balinese puppet show known as a shadow play. An ideal cross-curricular teaching
                                                                                                        piece, this work in the pentatonic D-minor scale lends itself to use as an
Little Dancer ¶ Mala; tanec“nice (Bolero), Jan Pavel                     Little Dancer is
                                                                                                        improvisational and¶or compositional tool and as a starting point for the use of these
     a well crafted miniature profile of a bolero dance, somewhat akin to the well-known
                                                                                                        scales in indigenous and folk music of many cultures. A minimum of six percussion
     Bolero by Maurice Ravel. As a compact 4 minute work cast with economical
                                                                                                        players is required and are mainly ostinatos. Brass and woodwinds perform Balinese
     technical demands, Little Dancer has a refreshing harmonic flavor because of the
                                                                                                        flute parts and a chant melody as well as some of the gamelan ostinatos and parts
     accidentals in the melodic line which twists and turns in a most interesting way,
                                                                                                        meant to evoke an image of the island of Bali.
      giving the »little dance\ life and energy. It builds towards a climactic ending via key
                                                                                                        Sym Band AP-676 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 6>30
                                                                          Alliance Publications, Inc.

Slavic Miniatures, Joel Blahnâk              A suite in 5 movements employing                      Waltz and Polka Gala for Concert Band, Joel Blahnik
    Slavic (Russian¶Czech) musical motifs in the style of a small symphony. Each                       Waltz and Polka Gala s a tribute to the melodiousness of the wonderful folk band
    movement is a separate entity and may be combined with any other movement.                         music from the Czech lands. Combining the elegance of the waltz and the regality of
    Drama, lyricism, and layering of folk songs provides an intriguing sound spectrum                  the concert polka form, born in Bohemia, this 9>30 concert setting provides great joy
    enhanced with tasteful percussion. ||A major work...outstanding literature!\\ Perfect              and a sense of beauty to those who experience it. Arranger Blahnik approached these
    tool for teaching history and cultures.                                                            Bohemian melodies as |artful\ concert music, which has been a strong tradition now in
     Sym Band AP-615 Set $95.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 3 15>20                                                   the Czech lands since the 1970s. These simple dance forms have taken on a new ele
                                                                                                       gance since that time and bands playing them there find that their audience does not so
Star-Spangled Banner, arr. Joel Blahnik                   (Concert Eb edition)                         much dance to their music, but rather listen and sing along. Blahnik has |dressed up\
    Arrangement for symphonic band in concert Eb which allows the band tone to be                      the music in a semi-classical folk style to the satisfaction of musicians and audience
    vibrantly alive and enables audiences to comfortably sing along. Practical!
                                                                                                       alike. This work is a sequel to Polka Pageant and to Hallmark —previous composition
    Sym Band AP-625 Set $25.00 Sc $5.00 Gr 3-4 1>20
                                                                                                       al arrangements of this style by Blahnik. This arrangement is well suited for outdoor
                                                                                                       performances or for folks who wish to dance. For the concert hall stage, the conductor
Sunrise ¶ Svâtanâ for Symphonic Band, Jan Pavel                            Sunrise is a
                                                                                                       may wish to do some |thinning\ of the instrumental textures. Hidden humor, a strong
    delicate caricature, beginning and building with solo¶soli action in a very sensitive
    and sensible manner. Melodic lines flow weightlessly as early morning rays of sun                  Czech trait, is incorporated into the music. Enjoyable music—fun to perform and fun to
    shine and then combine in intensity as if into a vivid ball of fire. Like vibrating                listen to!!! Sym Band AP-6041 Set $85.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 3 6>00
    rays of light, represented by the opening 3¶4 section to a 2¶4 section and then back to
    3¶4 with modulations, this 3-minute work possesses a beautiful flavor of drama and                 • Grade 4
    sunshine. Excellent contest material.
    Sym Band AP-645 Set $85.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 3-4 3>02
                                                                                                   Abide With Me, Robert Levy
The Premier, Edward Llewellyn¶arr. James Moyer                                                         Abide with Me, a 9-minute work, presents a variety of musical devices around this
                                                                                                       grand traditional hymn. Composer Levy has crafted a most interesting weaving of
     The Premier polka by Edward Llewellyn dates back to around 1940 when similar                      musical motives into a panorama which engages 6 percussion parts plus timpani. The
     works by this composer were published. This xylophone solo accompanied by concert                 band also hums and then sings towards the conclusion of this work. Unlike traditional
    «||novelty\\ piece popular in Vaudeville during the 1920\s. It is to be played in strict           band settings, this work is not straight-forward, but rather a web cleverly designed to
     tempo, except for the cadenzas which are left to the performer\s discretion to vary               present new musical experiences.
    tempo and dynamics. Professional percussionist Moyer provides bands with a taste of
                                                                                                       Concert Band AP-6000 Set $95.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 9>05
    American musical history in The Premier. Gr 3¶5 Soloist 4>00
    Xylophone & Concert Band AP-6013 $90.00 Sc $20.00                                              Adagio for Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jir“â Laburda
                                                                                                       A magnificent work! A musical diamond! It is master-composer LaBurda\s
Three Chorales for Band, James D. Thorton                                                              first experience in writing for symphonic band and presents itself as an incredible gem
    These chorale preludes are diamonds exploring the great variety of instrumental choir              of sensitivity and emotion. It was the composer\s intent to dramatize the color and
    and voicing combinations inherent in the symphonic band. Integral to the realization               warmth of winds. Tenderness prevails. Control of tone and tuning is vital in this
    of these preludes is the graceful handling of musical ideas striving to gracefully |pass           heart-rendering piece by this South Bohemian Czech composer. In our world of winds
    the baton\ to the ensuing ensemble. Chorale I by Bernardo Pasquini 1637-1710 dia                   and percussion, Adagio is a work of significant stature.
    logues between woodwind and brass choirs. Chorale II by Pyotr Tchaikovsky; 1840-                   Sym Band AP-656 Set $90.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 4>30
    1893 features wonderful phrasing. Chorale III by G F Handel 1685-1759 explores var
    ious combinations of instruments speaking in 3¶2 time with a bit more independent              America, My Country, Robert J. Dvorak                        A veritable ||operation
    work. Dynamics and spacing are important ingredients in this setting. These Chorale                goose-bumps\\ composition which uses Taps, the rhythmic and melodic figures of
    preludes do much to enhance tone quality, intonation, as well as musical phrasing in               Yankee Doodle, and America, the Bautiful, as its basic thematic material. Incorporates
    a band. They are romantic and emotive in character and should be appproached                       audience singing and an off-stage choir of trpts and trbns.
    freely and with great artistic liberty! Elegant music!
                                                                                                       Sym Band AP-661 Set $95.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 13>00
    Sym Band AP-684 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 6>00
                                                                                                   Battalia for Band, (8 mvts) H I F Biber ¶ arr. Joel Blahnâk A descrip
Three Marches for Dr. Kabyl, Jan Vic“ar                       (Vihtch-are) (1. General                 tive battle suite written in 1673 employing many unusual sound effects and polytonal
    McCook 2. Pixie 3. Walking Whales in Washington) Three delightful,                                 ity. Highest review from Instrumentalist magazine. Was on WSMA class A band list.
    program`matic pieces for marching band which were composed during a 1999                           Sym Band AP-609 Set $60.00 Sc $10.00 Gr 4 9>30
    Fulbright year spent at St. Cloud State University MN by Jan Vic“ar from the Czech
    Republic. Linked together by the curious history of Dr Kabyl who was an American               Celebration of Praise, Joel Blahnik                 Antiphonal instruments¶choirs are
    enigma, the composition takes on musical characteristics appropriate to the Kabyl                  employed in a development of well-known hymn tunes in dialogue and counterpoint
    personality. The Czech Moravian spirit of wit and the wonderful craziness of Dr.                   with each other. A festive work! Commissioned by Lakeland College for the 125th
                                                                                                       anniversary of the college and dedication of Bradley Arts Center.
    Kabyl lives on via the musical craft of Jan Vic“ar. Each march celebrates the Kabyl
    character with sheer abandonment through singing, whistles, percussion punches,
                                                                                                       Sym Band AP-608 Set $95.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4 8>00
    sparkling dissonances of melodic fragments at 1¶2 step intervals, all creating a
    champagne of sheer musical frolic!! Perfect for marching band satires, encores,
                                                                                                   Christmas Rhapsody (Medley of Czech Carols), arr. Joel Blahnâk
                                                                                                       A very charming and appealing medley of Christmas carols from the area known
    children\s programs, political rallies, and scores of other events, Three Marches will             as |The Czech Paradise\ of North Bohemia in the Czech Republic. 2-part singing
    bring smiles of joy and laughter! Bravo!                                                           either in Czech or English by vocalists or a choir adds significantly, but may be
    Sym Band AP-646 Set $90.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 3-4 6>56                                                   optional. Beautiful melodies with a lyricism that makes the music almost play itself.
                                                                                                       Lots of variety and color in the percussion. A welcome new work for December
Triphonics for 3 Wind Choirs, Czernohorsky; ¶ Blahnâk                                                  concerts! Heart warming! Sym Band & 2 SA Singers, optl
    This effective work is adapted from the Czech Baroque era (1712) choral score by                   AP-607 Set $110.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4                    12>00
    Czernohorsky;. It is scored for the 3 wind choirs of the symphonic band—conical
    and cylindrical brass choirs, supported by the woodwind choir. No percussion. In               Concertino, Evz“en Za;mec“nâk                With this work, history has provided us with
    style of Gabrieli, yet Mozartian. It offers the potential for effective staging.                   a reversal of the common practice of having solo wind instruments accompanied by
    Sym Band AP-605 Set $60.00 Sc $10.00 Gr 3-4 2>40                                                   strings. Za;mec“nâk, himself a wonderful violinist, who also loves the wind band
                                                                                                       medium, rose to the challenge of having a solo string instrument supported by a
Two Biblical Songs for Band, Antonân Dvor“a;k¶arr. Grotenhuis                                          wind orchestra. Clever are his concepts of scoring for the violin so that the weight
                                                                                                       of the winds compliment and provide accoustical space for the solo violin. They
    This is a band arrangement of two of the most famous of Dvor“a;k\s cycle, Biblical
                                                                                                       serve as punctuation and provide an interesting texture against which the violin can
    Songs for Soloist and Piano—God is My Shepherd and I Will Sing New Songs of
                                                                                                       dance. Cast in 3 movements—Preludio, Blues & Finale—Concertino has an easy
     Gladness. Accessible music which broadens the repertoire for wind bands and                       jazz character. It is the conviction of the composer that string instruments can also
    acquaints musicians with the breadth of this world-class composer\s works and gives                create a jazz atmosphere even when the solo part keeps its classical style of tech
     local sax soloists opportunities to shine.                                                        nique, accents and virtuosity. Premiere was in Prague 1999. A most ingeniously
    Alto Sax Solo & Band AP-668 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 3 4>15                                         conceived composition!
                                                                                                       Violin w Sym Band AP-640 Set $80.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 10>00
                                                                             Alliance Publications, Inc.
Concerto for Trombone and Band, Robert James Dvorak                                                long crescendos that give rise and power to the music. Perfect for outdoor functions and pro-
    While serving in the US Military Band stationed at West Point, NY, Sergeant Robert             cessionals. No tricks, fine harmony and solid scoring Tempo \112\. A winner!
    Dvorak discovered a book about the ancient Roman army in the Academy library.                        Concert Band AP-6007 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4 2>38
    Fascinated by descriptions of the brass and percussion instruments used regularly in
    war and peace times by the Romans, he wrote the Concerto for Trombone and Band                 Little Humoresque¶Mala; humorestic“ka, Zdene“k Luka;s“
    to depict Roman soldiers on parade. The ideal soloist for this concerto would be a                   Luka;s“]\ 3-minute |firecracker\ work for clarinet and bassoon soloists with chamber band
    strong player capable of producing tones that would do good service to Wagner\s                      ensemble is a humorous work—Luka;s“ last work for band written in Jilove; cottage in
    operas. Mahler\s symphonies, or to the Richard Strauss tone poems. Perhaps using a                   2006. It was inspired by the image of a restless little vixen and a naughty little hedge
    bass trombone might be considered. The music should not be played too fast. The                      hog having sordid desires chasing her and all before the eyes of a little band playing at
                                                                                                         the castle with the aid of the little warriors of God. (A reference to the Hussites castle
    Roman soldiers carried over 200 lbs. of armor on their bodies and military drums
                                                                                                         in Tabor). Typical Luka;s“ humor! It was was premieried by Col. Va;clav Blahunek and
    kept them marching at a steady tempo as they traversed the mighty Roman Empire
                                                                                                         the Prague Castle Guard Band at the Rudofinum for the March 2009 Prague Premieres
    approximately forty miles per day! The solo trombone begins the work< it ends
    with a rousing finale. Sym Band AP-666 Set $80 Sc $20. Gr 4 5>00                                     Festival.   AP-6023 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4                  2>15

Easter Sunrise for Concert Band, Joel Blahnâk                                                      Little Concerto for Wind Band¶Koncertnâ miniatura, Jan Pavel
    Easter Sunrise is an 8-movement work in the form of a theme and variations based                     Little Concerto is a 2 minute excursion of technical delight and musical wit. Meter
    upon the familiar Mode I plainchant Easter Sequence, Victimae Paschali Laudes.                       alternations of 6¶8 to 8¶8 provide interest, variety and life to this brilliant gem.
                                                                                                         Interesting soloistic flurries are supported by tasteful 4-part percussion
    Each movement depicts an element of the Easter Triduum. Besides playing tutti,                       writing. Inventive canonic interplay provides direction and the development of clear
    families of instruments, eg. saxophone trio, percussion, woodwinds and brass have                    melodic ideas. Elements of chromaticism provide motion and emotion. Little
    their own movements thus providing a rich variety of tonal color to the elegantly                    Concerto is a kaleidescopic work filled with changes of motion and meter, making it
    beautiful and powerful work.                                                                         a most worthy musical tour de force. Very appealing. Perfect for a contest opener,
    Sym Band AP-679 Set $85.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 17>34                                                      midway in a program for »spice,\ or as a program closer. Clever composition!
                                                                                                         Sym Band AP-644 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4                          2>13
Florentiner March, op. 214, Julius Fuc“âk¶arr. Joel Blahnâk
    This terrific march has been edited by Blahnik to bring to the fore the authentic              Nostalgia, Amy Dunker                Nostalgia begins in a Coplandesque style and
    Czech style of this musical gem based on his conducting of the work in the Czech                     looks back nostalgically on the good parts of the era of the 1940s in America.
    Republic many times in recent years. Fuc“âk, as a Czech, is thought of as a parallel to              Concert Band AP-6031 Set $80.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 9>00
    America\s Sousa. Under the Austrian-Hungarian regime, Fuc“âk spent most of his
    professional residency as bandmaster in Hungary. He had as his teacher in the                  Overture for Symphonic Winds & Percussion, Jir“â Laburda
    Prague Conservatory none other that the legendary Antonân Dvor“a;k whose daughter                    Overture is the Mvt 1 of Symphony No. 2 for Symphonic Wind Ensemble and
    became Fuc“âk\s wife. A gifted composer in many forms of music, it is this brilliant                 Percussion by Laburda which received its world premiere by the Indiana Winds
    march for which he is best known throughout the world. Enjoy!                                        Symphony, Charles Conrad, conductor, on October 8, 2005. It is a companion to
                                                                                                         Adagio (mvt 2) and Scherzo and Finale (mvts 3&4). Laburda has crafted wonderful
    Sym Band AP-691 Set $0.00 Sc $0.00 Gr 4 0>00
                                                                                                         musical diamonds of sensitivity and emotion. It was the composer\s intent to portray
                                                                                                         the color and warmth of the winds. Tenderness and clarity prevail. A bright tempo
From Tender Stem, Joel Blahnik                   A sensitive artistic work for symphonic
                                                                                                         energizes this opening work of Symphony No. 2. A work of its own worth.
    band employing a »band within a band\ concept designed for high school
                                                                                                         Sym Winds & Prcn AP-652 Set $100.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 6>25
    performances with the optional opportunity of having junior high and elementary `
    band students perform together. Perfect for festivals and year-end concerts where all
    musicians from a community can combine in a work of musical substance. A one-
                                                                                                   Pater Noster for Symphonic Band, Jacob Handl ¶ arr. J. Blahnâk
    movement work in 5 sections of two alternating tempos—slow, fast, slow, fast,                        A masterpiece of polyphonic music from the pen of 16th c Slovenian composer,
                                                                                                         Jacob Handl, who spent most of his life in Prague. This band edition challenges
    slow—including unison singing, provide the work with drama, depth and beauty. A
                                                                                                         all players to ||sing through\\ their instruments because of the independent melodic
    composition of dramatic impact employing active percussion!
                                                                                                         lines typical of Renaissance counterpoint. The work may be performed by full
    Sym Band AP-626 Set $80.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 2 & 4 8>55                                                   band alone or in any of the following chamber music combinations> WW Choir,
                                                                                                         Sax Choir, Brass Choir, Brass & Sax Choirs, or Brass & WW Choirs.
Fugue and Variations in F, Jan Pavel                                                                     Sym Band or Instl Ens AP-639 Set $65.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4 3>09
    A technically brilliant work which would challenge any top wind band. The work
    reminds one of the opening of the Overture to the Bartered Bride by Smetana, with
     the constant flurry of 16th notes.....dazzling technic!! This concept along with a
                                                                                                   Pax Vobis, Julius Fuc“âk¶ed. Jaroslav Zeman
                                                                                                         Pax Vobis, op. 281 by Julius Fuc“âk is a richly scored funeral march for symphonic
     wonderful chromatic theme gives real character to this piece which was originally
                                                                                                         band. Fuc“âk, commonly known as the Czech Republic\s |John Philip Sousa\ was an
    composed for piano. In this fashion, a bit of Bach is reflected but with a more daring
                                                                                                         incredibly gifted musician who raised the military band to a high concert band activity
    theme and development. The highly crafted 4>40 work is a |musical tour de force\ of                  during the Austro-Hungarian regime of the19th and 20th centuries. As a professional
    technical and fugal development. Percussion writing is modest, because of the nature                 bassoonist, he wrote a great deal of chamber music. Classically trained (Antonân
    of the music. Smart, smart music!                                                                    Dvor“a;k was his teacher at the Prague Conservatory), Fuc“âk applied his musicianship to
    Sym Band AP-6664 Set $85.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 4>40                                                      the required military duty and developed the classic |European March.\ Since his con
                                                                                                         cert band music is unknown in the West, this work should be of great interest. It is the
Green Bay Packers\ Fight Song, arr. Joel Blahnâk                          A |quick-step\                 work of a self-motivated genius who knew what he wanted to do and did it. Pax Vobis
    arrangement perfect for a time-out at football or basketball games or as an |energy                  is a solid work full of tonal colors done with an elegant craft and regal in its rendering
    rouser\ at other festivities. Published in grade 2 and grade 4 formats which may be                  of dignity. The march lies in ABA form, common in the European tradition. In the
    performed together allowing younger musicians to join the high schoolers! Perfect                    Czech Republic today, Pax Vobis serves as the official funeral march played for
    Pep Band material!                                                                                   all state funerals by the Czech military and police bands.
    Sym Band AP-624-4 Set $25.00 Gr 4 0>32                                                               Sym Band AP-6025 Set $85.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4 5>30

Heroic Overture for Concert Band, John C Harmon                                                    Scherzo & Finale, Jir“â Laburda
    Written in memory of all who gave their lives to help others on the fateful day of                   Scherzo has two themes—the first is a light and playfully graceful march while the
    9-11-01 at the World Trade Center in New York City. This work highlights the                         second, played by the clarinets and bass clainets, is more introverted and thoughtful.
    majestic nature of the heroism displayed by the generosity, including life itself, of so             A broad middle section introduced by the trumpets and horns brings us back to a
    many people attempting to rescue the victims of this national disaster. It concludes                 restatement of the first two themes and a brilliant coda based on the first theme. The
    in a gentle calm legato style filled with a reverence before mystery experienced with                Finale begins with a mysterious, slithery melody that gradually leads through several
    in tragedy. Sym Band AP-682 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4 3>30                                           short episodes to a grand and triumphal theme that will characterize the remainder of
                                                                                                         the work. (These works are mvts 3 & 4 of Laburda\s Symphony No. 2 for Concert
Liberation March ¶ Osvobozenâ, Oldr“ich Semera;k                                                         Band.) The Indiana Wind Symphony presented the premier performance of this inter
    Composed in 1975 by Semera;k to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ||liberation of                esting addition to the serious band repertoire October 5, 2005, Charles Conrad, cdtr.
    the Czech city of Plzen\\“ from the Nazis by the Allied Army, this work was never                    Concert Band AP-677 Set $110.00 Sc $30.00 Gr 4 11>30
    performed during the communist era and lay dormant until Joel Blahnik discovered it.
    Working with the composer, Blahnk endorsed its publication and conducted its pre               Sinfonietta Fanfare, Leos“ Jana;c“ek ¶ arr. Joel Blahnâk                       This classic
    miere on May 5th, 2005 at the 50th anniversary Liberation Concert in Plzen, Czech                    fanfare from Sinfonietta was destined to be written for band. Originally composed in
    Republic. Liberaton March is in ABA form with a solid sense of freedom and uplifti                   1926 as The Soldier\s Symphony, Jana;c“ek changed the title to A Military Symphony
    ing joy. It is solid tutti scoring with an excellent mellow B section having wonderfully             for its premiere at a Sokol Festival in Vienna. Perhaps this was because Jana;c“ek was

                                                                            Alliance Publications, Inc.
    a flaming patriot and drew his creative energies from Czech subject matter.                   Valse di Ballo, Jir“â Laburda
    Sinfonietta employed winds and percussion more than strings and was an example of                 Completed in 2005, Valse di Ballo is a miniature set of waltzes in the tradition of the
    Jana;c“ek\s finest instrumental writing. Since the original orchestral opening fanfare            great Viennese works by Strauss, Waldteufel and others. It begins and ends in the key
    was scored for nine trumpets, transcribing it for the wind band took a bit of study               of F with the same waltz melody. There are four intervening waltz episodes, each in a
    and imagination. The spirit and power of the fanfare remain even though there                     different key and with a different feel to the orchestration. The Indianapolis Youth
    may be a slight change in timbre. The strength and nobility still prevail in this                 Wind Ensemble under Charles Conrad, premiered this work to whom it is dedicated,
    rousing rendition.                                                                                October 9, 2005.
    Sym Band AP-683 Set $80.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4-5 2>45                                                  Concert Band AP-681 Set $85.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 4>45
Six Ceremonial Fanfares, Joel Blahnik                   Fanfares scored in marching
                                                                                                  Waltz for Concert Band, Pavel Rabas
    band style from 8 - 60 seconds in length. Usable for concert or outdoor ceremonies.
                                                                                                      A unique composition! a waltz which does not feel like a waltz! There is not the tradi
    Very effective with varying styles. Can be performed by brass and percussion alone.
                                                                                                      tional feeling of ONE, two, three, ONE, two, three. but rather the experience of regal
    Sym Band AP-612 Set $20.00 Sc $6.00 Gr 4 2>00                                                     concert music set in 3¶4 time! This elegant 5>17 musical work would be an ideal concert
                                                                                                      piece for high school band festivals —a work so different than anything else written in
Sla;va! A Celebration for Band, Joel Blahnâk                         A composition in 3
                                                                                                      America for schools bands. The music is lyrical, moving in fine horizontal lines which
    continuous movements—Callings, Contemplation and Celebration, dramatically
                                                                                                      is supplemented with arpeggios in upper woodwinds. It is well-contoured with dynam
    profiling rainbows of timbre. Based upon a 4-note motif, Slava! is a compelling work              ics and phrase markings and for variety, some solo, soli sections. Few pages of the
    completely riveting the listener\s attention with its variety of alternating, stunning,           score are full tutti, hence a lot of instrumental coloring is presented.
    musical textures. Wonderful program opener¶closer providing bold tension and                      Sym Band AP-6036 Set $70.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4+ 5>17
    release.    Sym Band AP-619 Set $80.00 Sc $15.00 Gr. 4-5 8>00

Suite for Band, Guy A Kelpin                A highly imaginative, creative, five-move
    ment work based on the characteristics of gods from Greek mythology—Ares, Pan,
    Hermes, Morpheus and Apollo. The piece is a survey of several methods of 20th-
    century composition, including serialism, polytonality, use of church modes, mixed
    meters, and a creative approach to instrumentation. These techniques, used as
    resources to capture images inspired by the mythology, bring about Maestoso,
    Adagio misterioso¶ Tempo di Panic¶Adagio, Vivace scherzando, Largo misterioso,
    and Vivace.
    Sym Band AP-631 Set $125.00 Sc $20.00 Gr 4-5 17>00

Territories for Band, Dan Maske                     A lengthy introduction begins this four
    section-work where each one acts like a movement, or unique musical territory.
    Three of the territories are governed by their own theme while the final one uses all
    the themes, either working with each other or against each other, as if rulers were
    dueling with rivals in their respective territories. This work, commissioned by
    Thomas Dvorak and the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Junior Wind Ensemble, was
    premiered in October at the 1998 Wisconsin Music Educators Association\s
    Conference in Madison, WI.
    Sym Band AP-650 Set $145.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4-5 8>00
The Knight\s Arrival, Dan Maske (Fanfare for Winds and Percussion)
    While exhibiting exciting statements in the brass and percussion, this work uniquely
    features the woodwinds in a fanfare setting which is extraordinary! A work
    commissioned by Frederick Schmidt and the St Norbert College Wind Ensemble and
    premiered at the 1999 Wisconsin Music Educators Association Conference.
    Sym Band AP-649 Set $75.00 Sc $15.00 Gr 4-5 3>00

The Rising Cathedral, Robert Dvorak
    The Rising Cathedral was written in 1943 while the composer was stationed with the
    USMA Band at West Point, NY. It was first performed by Louis M B;laha. conductor
    of the JS Morton High School band in Cicero, IL, Dvorak\s alma mater. The music
    describes a mysterious mythical cathedral rising slowly from the waters of a lake.                                        Fast Service
    The giant bells gradually become louder as each player helps to bring the magic
    cathedral to the surface. It\s an interesting program work that especially young people                                       Call
    will enjoy playing. (Concert Overture)                                                                                  608-748-4411x124
    Concert Band AP-675 Set $95.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 6>00

\Tis of Thee, Robert J. Dvorak                                                                                                       Fax
    Based upon an old Scottish tune used in march form by British and American mili
    tary music units since pre-Revolutionary War days, this composition was composed
    for the 1976 Bicentennial year and premiered by Christopher Izzo in Macomb, IL
    with the Western Illinois University Wind Ensemble and later with the All-State
    Wind Ensemble in New York. Enjoyable for players and audience alike, it is ideally
                                                                                                                             Order on-line
    suited for concert programs. Light-hearted throughout, it remains buoyant from                               
    beginning to end.
    Sym Band AP-663 Set $80.00 Sc $25.00 Gr 4 5>00
                                                                                                                            VISA, MasterCard,
Trilogy for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble, John Harmon                                                                           DISCOVER and
    Trilogy, consists of three independent works—Secrets (7>34), A Father\s Dream                                    American Express Cards accepted.
    (4>14) and Rustic Dance (7>30). It is a scintillating challenge from John Harmon,
    known as »»Wisconsin \s gentle poet of jazz\\. As a trilogy, contrasting moods are
    wonderfully portrayed by this master composer. It was premiered by the famed
    trumpet soloist, Bobby Shew, with the Verona High School Symphonic Band. An
    ideal work to feature a professional soloist giving your ensemble a 20-minute musi
    cal journey. Trumpet Solo and Sym Band AP-620 Set $250.00
    Sc $50.00 Gr 4-5¶ 6 Trp 20>00


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