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Patriotic Animated Web Page Template


Patriotic Animated Web Page Template document sample

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									                                  TRT Share Fair
                                     Summary Information
                     Elementary, Middle and High School
         Web Site Evaluation Tool
         Balls Bluff Elementary School—Joe Paciotti, TRT

         Development of a web site evaluation tool that will help both teachers and students research,
         evaluate, and organize online classroom resources.

         Fast Food Fun
         Banneker and Middleburg Elementary Schools—Cyn Heskett, TRT

         Students will develop a menu based on their favorite fast foods, access the nutritional value of
         the items through the restaurant's website, and enter the information into the spreadsheet.
         Students will write and use formulas to produce the information they need, make three charts
         based on their data, and write a four paragraph report based on their findings.

         All That Glitters...Read & Write Gold for Literacy
         Belmont Ridge Middle School —Elizabeth Cox, TRT and Cynthia Feist, AT
Notes:   This poster session will highlight the reading, writing, and study features included in Read &
         Write Gold software that supports literacy skill development of ESL students and students with
         special needs.

         Oh, the Places We’ll Go (Virtually)
         Belmont Station Elementary School — Peggy Tyree, TRT

         Belmont Station has embarked on an initiative to utilize videoconferencing to learn and interact
         with experts and other students around the world. Students have been engaged, excited and
         motivated about participating in these "virtual field trips". This presentation will share our
         experiences, distance-learning providers, ideas for funding experiences, and research behind
         video conferencing in education.

         Presentation Enhancement...The Elmo Projector!
         Blue Ridge Middle School —Cheryl Conrad, TRT

         The Elmo Document Camera is proving itself to be extremely flexible in our classrooms. Like in
         the days of old, it can project printed text documents from a flat service, 3-D objects, close ups
         of demonstrations, and views from a computer or a microscope connection.

         Stories With A Twist!
         Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School —Brenda Homer, TRT

         The 5th graders will be summarizing a children's story and then making it into a hypermedia
         story with choices for their 2nd grade reading buddies. The final activity will be the 5th and
         2nd graders "reading" the story together.

         It’s My Business
         Catoctin and Dominion Trail Elementary Schools—Dawn Miller, TRT and Beth Sharrett, TRT

         View technology lessons focusing on creating economic mini-books and a project entitled "It's
         My Business" where students develop their own business as they work with economic concepts
         and vocabulary. Picture editing and the creation of business cards is also included.
Broadcast Live For the Morning Show
Cedar Lane and Mill Run Elementary Schools—Jennifer Pavol, TRT and Patricia Smith, TRT

This presentation will show a brief tutorial on how Visual Communicator 2 is used for our morning news show. Visual Communicator is a
powerful tool creating broadcast-quality multimedia videos. See how fifth graders highlight events that are happening throughout the day.

Reading Buddies
Cool Spring Elementary School—Matthew Casto, TRT

This lesson combines students from 2nd and 4th grades. Students work together creating a madlib exercise. Then working in pairs in the
computer lab, they create a form letter based on their answers. Last, these students each enhance the document with pictures using Max Draw
and Photoshop.

A Snapshot in the Day and Life of Technology at Countryside
Countryside Elementary School—Ruth Harper, TRT

Teachers and TRT collaborate daily as they integrate technology into the curriculum to prepare students to think beyond the classroom.

Classroom Management Strategies with the Promethean ActivBoard
Dominion High School—Josh Ajima, TRT

A sample of classroom management strategies using the Promethean ActivBoard and ActivStudio. Examples will be given of templates that
support the core instructional framework at Dominion High School.

It’s My Business
Dominion Trail and Catoctin Elementary Schools—Beth Sharrett, TRT and Dawn Miller, TRT

View technology lessons focusing on creating economic mini-books and a project entitled "It's My Business" where students develop their own
business as they work with economic concepts and vocabulary. Picture editing and the creation of business cards is also included.

Navigate the Multimedia Offerings Available on Web 2.0
Douglass School—Elaine Farrar, TRT

Web 2.0 offers many cool, free, multimedia applications. Check out the options available and chart the course for smooth sailing through the
Web 2.0 waters. You will be glad you did.

Extending the School Walls via CMS
Eagle Ridge Middle School—Michael Speidel, TRT

Using LCPS's Content Management System, a user can develop a Parent Email Database for staff to communicate immediately and effectively with
community, post videos of important parent meetings and effectively integrate the many functions of CMS into classroom lessons. (i.e. Surveys,
Blogs, Podcasts, ExamView, Weblinks, and Homework calendar)

Magnificent Magazine Designers
Emerick Elementary School—Joe Dolansky, TRT

Students work with guidance from the Art teacher and the Technology Resource Teacher to alter pictures of themselves using digital software.
Once these self portraits have been altered, students import their picture into a Photoshop template to design an "Art Magazine" cover to share
with the school during a school wide "Art Show"

Zooing Around in First Grade
Evergreen Mill Elementary School—Dave McGuigan, TRT

First grade students study an animal individually and then create a class zoo. This is a comprehensive project that much of the daily classroom
content revolves around.

Made By Me
Forest Grove Elementary School—Lorri Whiteman, TRT

Students learn to write for specific purposes and style and immediately realize the physical result of creating and writing their own book. Students
utilize the writing process from the planning stage through publication. Research supports the use of publishing materials to expand and
encourage student creativity and writing.
Communication at Freedom High School
Freedom High School—Steve Norman, TRT

FHS is committed to improving communication this year with the community. A second goal is to find a way to showcase the talents and
achievements of our students. My share fair presentation will highlight the different methods used and the role of technology in launching these

Second Grade: How Does Your Garden Grow? Creating a Virtual Garden to Bring the Curriculum to Life
Guilford Elementary School—Beryl Young, TRT

Second grade teachers and the TRT worked together to create animations of plants and flowers growing. The students began with hand drawn
backgrounds which were scanned into the computer and onto the program Max Show. Students then used their knowledge to detail each portion
of the plant growth process, one step per slide, which were later animated by the TRT using PowerPoint and Camtasia. The final animations
were burned to a DVD and shared on the school's afternoon closed-circuit news show.

Fuzzy Slippers
Hamilton and Lincoln Elementary Schools—Katie Neville, TRT

Professional Development, Social Networking and Staff Collaboration can all be done in Fuzzy Slippers. Hamilton Elementary uses edublogs,
wikispaces and nexo to work together and get to know each other better. No after-school meetings required.

Engaging Students with Interactive Response Systems
Harmony Intermediate School—Cynthia Cornwell, TRT

Imagine knowing whether your students achieved your learning goals before they leave the classroom without having to wait until you administer
a traditional quiz or test. Imagine the power a teacher feels knowing what to re-teach and being able to re-teach immediately. Imagine the
confidence a student feels when they know what to focus on when they study.

The Interactive Qwizdom Wireless Audience Response System helps the teacher do just that. See your students gain confidence as they see
their efforts producing more positive results with the immediate feedback afforded by this interactive technology. Students will also be more
engaged in the lesson, especially when presented in an interactive technology-rich format. Interactive Response Systems also save valuable
teaching time by giving teachers data on specific areas of weakness and allowing more time for targeted instruction.

National Board Certification
Heritage High School—Larissa Lemp, TRT, NBCT

This presentation will provide a brief overview and history of the national Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the requirements for
certification, and the technical aspects for which instructional technology personnel within schools can support. From the presentation, each
observer will be able to assess his/her school's current resources to design a plan for ethically supporting future candidates. The presentation will
focus on the opportunity technology resource teachers, coordinators, or specialists have to become National Board certified. At this point in
time, there is no category specifically designed for licensed Technology personnel, but the presentation will show how this barrier can be
overcome, and the methods through which instructional technology personnel, within schools, can complete the requirements for the
certification process.

Project Promethean
Hillsboro and Waterford Elementary Schools—Lori Mullaney, TRT

Hillsboro's PTA purchased a portable Promethean Board for our school. We are now in the process of beginning Project Promethean - a plan to
support staff members who are reluctant to use or intimidated by the interactive white board.

Quilting with Pixie and WebBlender
Hutchison Farm Elementary School—Niki Sabbath, TRT

Every year our first graders present a program of patriotic music and poetry. To accompany this program, each student will create a picture of a
patriotic symbol using Pixie software which will be displayed together to create a patriotic quilt. In addition, the pictures will be put into an
interactive web page presentation using the WebBlender software which will include photographs of the students and patriotic music.

It's a Small World After All…Traveling Around the World with Google Earth
Leesburg Elementary and Frances Hazel Reid Elementary Schools —Julie Prugh, TRT and Sarah Walters, TRT

Pack your bags and see the numerous lesson ideas and examples in which Google Earth can be used in the classroom.
Critter Cam
Legacy Elementary School—Chris Souhrada, TRT

Within the exploration of adaptations, students design a critter cam via a National Geographic's web site. Then students wear the critter cam
(miniDV on a bike helmet) to record how they interact with their habitat.

HTML Desktop
Loudoun County High School—Michelle Nicholson, TRT

Presentation will describe the setup and suggestions for using an HTML teacher desktop.

Using Exam View for Common Assessments
Loudoun Valley High School—Keith Hicks, TRT

Chemistry teachers at Loudoun Valley are using ExamView software to facilitate assessment of all chemistry students. Teachers and TRT develop
the test and lab time is available for students to take the test. Use of common assessments allows teachers to determine how effective instruction
is and to determine which concepts need to be re-taught.

Using the Digital Microscope for Integration...A North Tier Grant Study
Lovettsville Elementary School—Carol Daigneau, TRT

Using the digital microscope, teachers created lessons aligned with state standards to help enhance instruction in the areas of Science and Math.
Marzano strategies and McREL model were used to create graphic organizers, rubrics and lesson plans to go along with their areas of study.
Samples of all material will be provided which can be used by the TRT's with their teachers and students.

Shipwrecked in the Mediterranean
Meadowland Elementary School—Pauline Burkett, TRT

This is an integrated lesson plan for third grade social studies for ancient Rome, Greece, and Mali. It makes use of Google Earth, a teacher created
database in Access, a Pixie activity page, and word processing. It is presented as a "mock reality" problem. Students must use deductive reasoning
to determine origin of a newly discovered ancient ruin.

Mercer Middle School—Ann Seaver, TRT

Students developed PowerPoints describing the phases of Mitosis.

Broadcast Live For The Morning Show
Mill Run and Cedar Lane Elementary Schools—Patricia Smith, TRT and Jennifer Pavol, TRT

This presentation will show a brief tutorial on how Visual Communicator 2 is used for our morning news show. Visual Communicator is a
powerful tool creating broadcast-quality multimedia videos. See how fifth graders highlight events that are happening throughout the day.

Credit Card Awareness—Don’t Get in Over Your Head!
Monroe Technology Center—Alan Jensen, TRT

This is an enrichment workshop for students that teaches them the dangers of abusing credit cards. In the last few years, the targeting of
teenagers and young adults by lenders has increased dramatically. This workshop provides basic knowledge and skills to hopefully prevent
students unknowingly digging themselves into a financial burden that could saddle them with debt for years.

Visual Literacy
Mountain View Elementary School—Pat King, TRT

Teach students to start thinking like producers rather than consumers when viewing and using images. Find out what software and tech tools are
at your disposal when creating lessons that inspire students to think about what they are seeing.

TRT Survival Guide for the Promethean Installation
Newton Lee Elementary School—Barbara Males, TRT

Several hints, tips and documents to help you stay positive and sane while simultaneously checking installations, troubleshooting and reporting
problems, developing and delivering training, and carrying out all your regular duties.
The Making of The Highway Room at PVHS
Park View High School—Beth Walker, TRT

Park View High School was the recipient of $20,000 in grant money from AOL, Lowes and private donations. See how this multimedia room was
created and how it has impacted our school.

Teacher Planning Organized with FileMaker Pro 8.5
Pinebrook Elementary School—Joe Harris, TRT

Using FileMaker Pro 8.5, databases will be showcased that are used with the staff at Pinebrook to help with teacher planning organization.

Change the World
Potowmack Elementary School—Adina Popa, TRT

This year, our students are working on technology projects that help different causes they adopted through websites, public service
announcements, presentations, etc. This presentation will showcase finished projects and works-in-progress.

It's a Small World After All…Traveling Around the World with Google Earth
Frances Hazel Reid and Leesburg Elementary Schools—Sarah Walters, TRT and Julie Prugh, TRT

Pack your bags and see the numerous lesson ideas and examples in which Google Earth can be used in the classroom.

Creating Professional Development Videos
River Bend Middle School—Dean Alnutt, TRT

As part of our continuing efforts supporting Staff Development at River Bend Middle School, we are currently implementing a series of
workshops on Marzano’s identified instructional strategies proven to improve student achievement. To reinforce the cooperative learning
component of our training, we created a video highlighting effective cooperative learning in the middle school classroom.

The goal of this video is to:

1) Develop a refresher activity for teachers that have completed the Cooperative Learning Workshop,

2) Create a new learning activity for teachers new to our building that did not complete the previous cooperative learning workshop,

3) Highlight the exceptional teachers and quality instruction that occurs at River Bend Middle School.

Building Better Instruction With Powerpoint
Round Hill Elementary School—Susan Journell, TRT

How can technology be integrated into research based instructional strategies to improve student achievement? Microsoft PowerPoint is more
than a presentation tool. It is an effective instructional tool to imbed technology into the K-5 Math, Science, Social Science and English SOLs.

Google Earth Map Mashup
Sanders Corner Elementary School—Scott Meisenzahl, TRT

In Google Earth, it is easy to create your own Mashups by creating multimedia rich placemarks and folders. But there are many educational
mashups already created and ready to be downloaded from the internet.

Seldens Landing Elementary School—Katie Evans, TRT

LINKS stands for Lots of Interactive Networked Kids Sites. These internet resources are organized by grade level, subject area, and topic.

Review + Remediation = Results
Seneca Ridge Middle School—Dawn Hagewood, TRT

SRMS teachers use a variety of software and online programs to review content in a way that reaches all different learning styles. Here is a
compilation of our best strategies that teachers use to review for high stakes tests. Students worked in pairs to create a comprehensive review
(20 questions) based on SOL strands. The teacher used a rubric to outline the goals and objectives of the project. Students were then able to
play each other's review games in preparation for the SOL's.
Keep an Open Mind about Writing
J.L. Simpson Middle School—George Magurn, TRT

Use Open Mind to brainstorm a writing assignment.

Extend the Learning Day for ESL Students
Smart’s Mill Middle School—Wendy Cachuela, TRT

Through the use of iPod Nanos students are able to read, hear and watch books that are customized to their level. A NovaTec grant enabled the
purchase of 8 iPod Nanos that our beginning ESL students are using to increase vocabulary, practice speaking and reading books we manipulate
from the Reading a to z subscription.

Photo Story
Sterling Elementary School—Linda Hiller, TRT

What we see teaches us. We tell our own story to others through our words and our pictures. This program will give teachers and students a
new venue to teach, learn, and share.

Groupwise as a Management Tool
Sterling Middle School—Katrina Smith, TRT

Use Groupwise Resources and Calendar for Management.

Open Mind for Organization
Stone Hill Middle School—Bonnie Archer, TRT

Open Mind helps students organize their writing, their research, their studying and their tasks. Open Mind can be used to create an electronic
portfolio and encourages reflection on student accomplishments.

Sugarland Elementary School– Jennifer Amores-Kalich, TRT

The focus is on Staff Development Workshops to support SIOP lesson planning and SMARTboard integration. Through the collaboration of
SIOP-trained ESL teachers and the Technology Resource Teacher, grade level teachers and SPED resource teachers develop interactive SIOP
activities featuring the SMARTboard. The SOL content specific activities incorporate cognitive strategies, build student background and teach
academic vocabulary and concepts.

Technology Resources That Support the Instruction of Federal Holidays
Sully Elementary School—Doug Everhart, TRT

This presentation includes resources that support the teaching of the United States federal holidays for students in grades K- 5. The resources
will include effective instructional strategies, multimedia resources, and web based technology.

Technology Idol
Sycolin Creek Elementary School—Karen Orr, TRT

Technology Idol is a desktop design contest in which the entire school participates. Students are taught elements of good design, given a theme,
and have to create a desktop illustration. The field is narrowed to the top 5 at each grade level, a winner is voted on by the teachers, and the
winning design is placed on that grade's desktop for the month of June.

Going Places with Neighborhood Map Machine
John W. Tolbert Elementary School—Laura Briggs, TRT

With this hands-on program, students create maps of their own neighborhoods, other communities, or imaginary places. As students create and
navigate community maps, they learn challenging concepts such as grid coordinate, location, scale, and compass navigation. Students can
customize maps with pictures, movies and web links; print maps in multiple sizes, or present them in a slideshow or on the internet. Students can
also practice using cardinal directions compare routes to different locations and more with Communities Map Activity Cards.
Sitting Pretty and Reaching for the Stars
Assistive Technology—Judith Schoonover, MEd, OTR/L, ATP and Sally Norton Darr

This presentation will reiterate the need to keep ergonomics in mind when using computer workstations, laptops, and interactive whiteboards.
Accessibility for all users will be emphasized.

Digital Literacy: Adapted Storybooks and More!
Assistive Technology—Sally Norton Darr and Judith Schoonover, MEd, OTR/L, ATP

We plan to showcase information presented in our Lunchboxes of Literacy MLP workshop. Learn innovative ways to provide literacy access to
all students following the Universal Design for Learning framework.

AT Tonight 2: DVD Workshop
Assistive Technology—Christopher Bugaj and Andre Gordon

The sequel to the original AT Tonight DVD workshop. This DVD showcases 5 new movies highlighting technology tips. It is jam-packed with
special features and made in the style of Universal Design for Learning.

A.T.-A-DAY Calendar
Assistive Technology—Christopher Bugaj and Sally Norton Darr

This presentation will describe how the AT-A-DAY strategy calendar was created and how individuals could generate their own "Strategy-A-
Timeframe" calendars.

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