Fundraising Ideas in the Workplace

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					             Workplace Fundraising Ideas
Jeans/Casual Day: For a donation of $5,             Manager Job Switch Sale: For an hour, day
employees dress casual on a designated day.         or afternoon.
Or, sell a year’s worth of Jeans Day/Casual
Day privileges for $100, or one month for $25.      Manager Shoe Shine

Team Spirit Day: For a donation of $5,              Cook Off: Charge an entry fee and
employees wear a jersey, t-shirt or cap of their    donation to JDRF to cast your vote.
favorite sports team.
                                                    Golf Tournament, Putting Contest
Clean Out The Corporate Closet: Offer               Or Longest Drive
                 employees the opportunity to
                 purchase excess inventory
              items such as coffee mugs, t-         Personal Letter Writing/Email
             shirts, lap top computer bags, etc.,   Campaign: See the website resources section
with sales benefiting JDRF.                         for sample letters.

JDRF Cardboard Boot Sales: Boots can be             Relaxation Day: Bring in a massage
sold all at one donation level, or each color can   therapist to perform neck and back massages
be sold at a different price point.                 for a donation to JDRF.

Collection Of "Extra Change" Near The               Meeting Or Workshop “Etiquette Rules”:
Register In The Cafeteria or Reception              Fine co-workers a $1 or $5 donation to JDRF
                                                    for arriving late, not turning off cell phones,
Raffle Off Gift Certificates, Tickets, Or           having side conversations, etc.
Prime Parking Space At The Office: For a
donation of a specific dollar amount, donor is      Lunch With The Boss: Employees who
entered into a raffle.                              made a donation to JDRF are entered into a
                                                    drawing for lunch with a top level executive.
Used CD/Book Sale
                                                    Live, Silent Or Online Auction
Food/Beverage Sales: Biscuits,
donuts, bagels, popcorn, muffins, hot               Cook Out: For a $10 donation, employees
dogs, pizza, ice cream, smoothies, etc.             dine of food prepared by other staff members.

Car Wash
                                                    Special Event: If you have a birthday or
Break A Balloon Contest: Buy a dart for $1-         anniversary approaching, host a party and
$5 and throw it at a wall of balloons to collect    ask that guests provide you with a donation to
the prize inside. Prizes can include casual days,   JDRF in lieu of gifts.
prime parking spots, free lunch, gift
certificates, etc.                                  A Day of Silence For JDRF: Accept pledges
                                                    to silence an “exuberant” employee for a day.
Recognition Day: Sell balloons, cupcakes,
                flowers, cards, etc. to be
                  given to a co-worker on a
                  designated day as a show of
thanks or appreciation.

Badge Drawing: Each employee receives a
badge after participating in a JDRF
fundraising activity with a printed number.
Weekly, a number is selected for a prize.

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