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                 Arizona Trustee Auctions Bidding Services and AZ Trustee Auction Lists

       By Tim - AZwholesaleRE
       Dated: Sep 02, 2009

       Now more than ever there are daily Arizona trustee Auctions. There is an art to these auctions as they are
       out in the heat of the day at the court house steps and understanding the process and feeling comfortable
       will take time.

       AZwholesaleRE is proud to offer regular investors and buyers the leverage to purchase like large private
       investment firms. Arizona Trustee Auctions are held on a daily basis during the week and happen at
       many locations including the Maricopa County Courthouse steps, attorneys offices, and even at the front
       door of the home being sold.

        In Arizona there are 100's of properties every day going to auction. The trustee auctions usually happen 90
       days after a lender issues a notice of trustee sale to the home owner. These auctions are where you will find
       large investors and buyers with millions in liquid cash buying every property they can before the bank
       becomes the owner and lists it for sale with a real estate agent. is one of the companies down there on a daily basis. After numerous
       requests by AZwholesaleRE clients, this service is now made available to all investors and home buyers.
       From small single home buyers to investors who want to purchase large amounts every week can take
       advantage of the Arizona Trustee Auction Bidding Services.

       The service offers updated arizona trustee auction lists to clients, offers research showing home details,
       market values, neighborhood comps, and most importantly arizona trustee auction bidding services.

        Being a new bidder at a trustee auction can be very confusing and intimidating. Some common issues are:
        -Trying to figure out which person is auctioning off what properties at what time of day (there are multiple
       people in different locations of the court house steps reading off auctions faster than you can hear them)
        - Trying to be heard over the "regulars" who are known just by their voice
        - Figuring out what to bid, when to bid, how often, and the bidding lingo
        - Understanding how to be prepared each day for the bidding
        - Understanding the process during bidding, winning the bid, and completing your winning bid, signed
       receipt, etc.
        - Having the funds to pay for your winning bid in full by 5pm the next day.
        - Going up against companies who send 5 to 10 bidders down there to keep the new bidders from stepping
       into the bidding process.
        - Standing in the Arizona Heat for 4-5 hours a day.

        While a few large organizations have recently started offering Arizona Trustee auction bidding services for
       other buyers and investors, their prices are very steep. Companies are known for charging $1000's plus
       5-10% of your winning bid. Not to mention $100's in monthly fee's just to see the Arizona Trustee Auction

        At AZwholesaleRE, we believe anyone should have the opportunity to live the dream without the
       extremely high costs charged by these large organizations. Our clients save over half and have claimed to
       receive double the service. We offer Free Arizona Trustee Auction lists with property info, valuations,
       the note amount in foreclosure, and pictures when available.
        A Premium VIP Service is offered for those who want to create a customized plan of attack. We sit down

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

with the client and find out their investment plan or if they are a home buyer looking for a single deal. We
focus on area, price, and type of properties and do the research to show you the best properties going to
auction so you are prepared to pick your real estate with confidence and have us bid to win for you.

No matter what level of service you request - we are always at the Maricopa County Courthouse Trustee
Auctions and will be your bidding professional.

 Being that this is an Arizona Trustee Auction, a winning bidder is required to pay for the entire winning
bid by 5pm the next business day. A lot of our clients do not have liquid cash on hand to do this. We have
a special service where we obtain a 3rd party investor who pays for the property in cash and lets you
purchase/finance the property into your name through your mortgage banker.

 Get started today and start obtaining properties through Arizona Trustee Auctions. Properties start as low
as $10,000 to over $2m. Residential, Commercial, Land, multi-family properties are all seen at the Arizona
Trustee Auctions.

Now more than ever can you take advantage and purchase Discounted Arizona Real Estate.
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